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     experiment  -  experiment  -  experiment  -  experiment  -  experiment  
-  experiment  -  experiment       welcome to yet another music disk from the
 crusaders !  this one is called * experiment       released on thirteen of 
november        this loader was coded by * doctor claw     logo by * yster    
 music by * dr.awesome     fonts by * the dragon         this old tune is 
called * ten feet away     .......     when logo speeds up, press mouse button
 to start the demo.              press ctrl to pause this loader !!                 ..............................................................................
......................                                   - - - - - - - - - - -
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
         all coding by doctor claw of crusaders               

                  \experiment                                     citizens of 
the world - rejoice !              as of today, a new chapter of mankinds 
history has begun               this one man, who has boldly passed the edge 
of the universe             who has set you free from your deepest fears      
       shall forever be known as             \the crusader                    
\yyaaaawn !    oh, no - not another dead boring music disk from the crusaders !!!
     yup, once again we have come to bring some boogie to your butt   -  to bring
 the swing to your thing    -   to give you those eargasms  you have been longing
 for since the last time !  this music  disk is titled \'experiment'.      here's
 dr. awesome at the keyboard at the moment, so sit back, y'all - pour up  some 
coke, light up a fag, turn the volume up to maximum and beyond,  and just let 
those bumps and beats bring you far into the next  dimension !!!   wowzers! i 
think maybe i should try making a career as a  poet !!!   nah - let's quit this 
bullshit and get down to business  - it's time for the 'who-did-wot' credits, 
here goes*     music by \dr.awesome and \el cubo.    (i bet that surprises you !)
   .....   coding by \dr.claw    ..... graphics by \yster       and appearing as 
 special guest graphic artist * the one and only   .... \dr.c of tcc-red sector  
   thanks a lot to you mate - brillant work !    in addition  to these, there are
 a few people we would like to thank for their  support, or in one way or another
 helping us with this project ....  thanks a lot to*   all members of crusaders -
 of course including our  british member acid and our member in the  usa * 
savatage  ..... also great big thanks to spadge - 17bit  (hehe  i know you like 
to be mentioned on our stuff).  thanks to kaktus-mahoney  for the brilliant 
noisetracker.  right, that's it as far as the  thanks go - now onto something 
else.  if you want to contact  the crusaders, write to this address*      
\crusaders           \fetvn. 81/         \1/00 fetsund      \norway           or 
call the crusaders bbs at      \(norway) - 6 - 81 08 81     or    \(norway) - 6 -
 81 08 64.        the crusaders bbs now supports approx.  600 amiga maniacs from 
 all around the world - three nodes - two fully operated 24 hour telephone  lines
 and a vast range of amiga software.  in other words, a whole lotta  fun!  ok 
guys that was the end of the 'official' part of the  scrolltext, from now on it's
 pure bullshit, so read on!  dr.awesome signing  off, i'll hand the keyboard over
 to someone else (whoever can get to  it first!)  boom !   scratch !   blast ! 
....   after a rough fight, i managed to  get my fingers on this marvellous 
keyboard  of a brand new amiga 2000.  you see, zeb has just borrowed quite  a lot
 money to afford this computer.  well enough is enough ...   this is rusc. i have
 a confession to make *  o.k, i know i haven't  produced as much stuff for  my 
group as i might could (and should).  there are many reasons for this, but i have
 to admit that i'm a bit too  lazy... well, to make a cure to  that, i'm working 
on a huuuuge graphics  project at the moment, that is to be released 01.01./0 - i
 hope, anyway...  it's going to be a mind-blowing visual ecstasy beyond all 
senses !   big words...  we have to wait and see. o.k. this was the  commercial, 
here comes a story from 'the big coke-hunt' that took place  earlier today*  i 
was to pick up el cubo, dr.shitface and dr.awesome  at their homes, so we all 
could get to 'the house of the crusaders'  to complete this music disk. 
immediatelly after dr.awesome got his  body into the car, he began to shiver and 
shake in abstinent spasms...  he hadn't got his daily dose of coke, and now his 
mental situation was  getting really serious. we had to get some of that 
dark-brown,  sweet, sparkling liquid he was longing to fill up his soon-dried-out
  stummach with ! ignoring all kinds of speed-limits, red lights or old ladies  
tryin' to cross the street, we rushed to the nearest 24 hours automatic  bank, so
 he gould get himself some money to pay for the coke. ( nothing's  free in this 
world, you know. ) well, i parked the car at a  bus-stop, hoping that the bus 
wouldn't appear for the next minute or so.  dr awesome tumbled out of the car, 
jumped up to the bank-computer,  got his money out, and ran back to the car. he 
opened the door, and  just as he placed his ass on the seat, the bus appeared ! 
i got the  car in motion, just to get my ears blowed out of my head because of a 
 horrible, glassbreakin' scream from the back of the car. dr.awesome  hadn't got 
his feet inside yet, so that one of his feet was still placed  in front of the 
rear wheel, and now it was under it! when my ears  recovered and dr.awesome 
managed to assemble all pieces of his body inside  the car, we headed off to the 
nearest coke supplier and bought no  less than 8 litres of our favourite drink. 
at last dr.awesome  turned back to normal condition, (well, except for his 
swollen foot  and some black rubber on his shoe.)  and we could continue our 
sunday-trip  to the crusaders-party.        .... hang on ! .... there's more 
bullshit  to come as i log off for now and hand over the keyboard to ......*  
\el cubo !    yes, it's me. after having finished my military services  i'm back 
on the amiga-scene full time.  its not a totally awful  feeling, being able to do
 whatever i want whenever i want with  whoever i want.  seems like this turns in 
to one of those immensly  long scrollers.  i seriously doubt that anyone will 
ever read this part  of it, so i'm considering calling it off.  ..... word up ya 
!!! dr. awesome  is back to type some more . (i bet that thrills you!) man, what 
a  shitty little piece of scroller el cubo was able to write! well  i guess it's 
not easy - but with practice you can in fact just let the  bullshit come out for 
hours and hours!  hey, i just had a great idea -  maybe we should take in a 
member as a full-time scrolltext writer!  that would be something! if you're 
interested in becoming the  official crusaders scrolltext-writer, contact us - 
with  samples of your work of course, so we can be sure to get the right person  
for the job. to qualify for the job you have to be able to write  long 
scrolltexts in good english (that means no germans or finns !!!!  heheh harf 
harf )  no, of course this is just a joke - i mean who would  want to be a 
full-time scroller-writer anyway !!!  ok, while  we're at it i would like to take
 the opportunity to tell you a little  about some other crusaders project going 
on right now.    first of  all there is of course the first issue of the 
'official crusaders  eurochart top ten' which will be released 1st of november 
1/8/.   look out for it!   then, there is our first megademo, which we are 
working  on, but we haven't decided a release date yet - i guess we better  finish
 it first !   ...and finally we have the 'elm street slideshow'  with some 
outasight pictures and awesome (!) music too.  we're hoping to get this finished 
by 1st of january 1//0. (if our lazy  son-of-a-sausage graphics man 'rusc' can 
find the time to spend about  an hour each month on the pictures !!! (you see, 
this guy  isn't exactly supah-fast !!!!) yaaawn ....  well this is getting  
boring, so i think it's about time we stop - before you end up as a  nervous wreck
 !   so that's it folks we truly hope you enjoy the music and  we'll see you next 
time !!!  bye\bye\bye\bye\!!                                                      

 crusaders present a new music disk ||        

 welcome to another 
crusaders production
this new music disk 
     is titled      
 it was released on 
thirteen of november
      music by      
    and  el cubo    
      coding by     
     graphics by    
  and introducing   
a special guest star
       dr. c        
of tcc in red sector
he made the terrific
   purple planet    
    thank you !     
   the greetings    
  are in a-z order  
  here they come..  
  aces . pirahnas   
    action force    
  amiga industries  
     the band       
      the bozz      
     the cartel     
    crowded house   
defjam . spreadpoint
     flash prod.    
     flash team     
   freedom force    
 garfield and beate 
      the gate      
 guardians of doom  
     the giants     
       imp 666      
  magnetic fields   
       mr. power    
 northstar . silents
      phaze 101     
   red sector inc.  
   sae of scoopex   
    silver hawks    
spadge seventeen bit
     supply team    
     syntax 3001    
     tartan army    
      team-x uk     
      top swap      
 trash and top boys 
   vision factory   
    visual arts     
      x-men uk      

this demo is a piece of coding done by doctor claw of the crusaders....  
 contact : Dr.Claw,Landskronaveien 139,2013 SKJETTEN,Norway