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VOTED BEST ARCADE GAMES JANUARY 1991                                                  
 1. Kick Off 2                     14.19 %      
 2. Wings                           6.47 %    { 
 3. Lotus Espirit Turbo Challenge   5.80 %   [\]
 4. Nitro                           5.56 %   [\]
 5. Stunt Car Racer                 5.22 %    } 
 6. Indianapolis 500                4.81 %   [\]
 7. Turrican                        3.73 %    } 
 8. Super Offroad                   3.23 %   [\]
 9. Shadow of the Beast 2           2.98 %    } 
10. Twintris                        2.65 %    } 

VOTED BEST ADVENTURE & STRATEGY GAMES JANUARY 1991                                                  
 1. Operation Stealth              9.20 %       
 2. Sim City                       7.99 %    {  
 3. Supremacy                      6.31 %   [\] 
 4. Pirates                        5.29 %    }  
 5. Dungeon Master                 4.64 %    }  
 6. Populous                       4.18 %    }  
 7. Leisure Suit Larry 3           3.81 %    {  
 8. Indiana Jones 3 Adventure      3.62 %       
 9. Legend of Feargail             3.62 %   [\] 
10. Cadaver                        3.06 %   [\] 
    Lost Patrol                    3.06 %    }  

VOTED BEST ONE-PART DEMOS JANUARY 1991                                                  
 1. Scoopex - "Mental Hangover"             20.62 %            
 2. Cryptoburners - "Hunt for 7th October"  16.19 %    {       
 3. Red Sector Inc. - Cebit '90             15.53 %            
 4. Angels - "Coppermaster"                  4.14 %   [\]      
 5. Vertigo - "Vectors 4 All"                4.14 %    {       
 6. Anarchy - "Phantasmagoria"               3.76 %    }       
 7. Kefrens - "Keftales"                     3.01 %            
 8. Anarchy - "Smoker"                       2.73 %   [\]      
 9. Anarchy - "Madness"                      2.07 %   [\]      
10. Dual Crew - "Yum Yum"                    2.07 %    {       
11. Paradox - "Freddy's Back"                1.97 %    }       
12. Rebels - "Coma"                          1.88 %    }       
13. Scoopex - "Cromium"                      1.88 %   [\]      
14. Phenomena - "Vectormania"                1.78 %   [\]      
15. Cryptoburners - "Materialised"           1.69 %   [\]      
16. Razor 1911 - "Vertical Insanity"         1.60 %   [\]      
17. Dual Crew - "Vitsippe Hater"             1.31 %   [\]      
18. Silents - "Blue House"                   0.94 %    }       
19. Cascade - "Rising"                       0.84 %    }       
20. Alcatraz - "The Power"                   0.56 %   [\]      

VOTED BEST CODERS JANUARY 1991                                                  
 1. Slayer / Scoopex               25.51 %       
 2. Delta / Red Sector Inc.        15.70 %       
 3. Tec / Cryptoburners            10.04 %    {  
 4. Promax / Kefrens                7.97 %    }  
 5. Kreator / Anarchy               5.98 %    }  
 6. Metallion / Kefrens             3.82 %    }  
 7. Corsair / Angels                3.18 %    {  
 8. Thomas Landsburg (Tomsoft)      2.07 %    {  
 9. Sulky Fella / Vertigo           1.83 %    {  
10. Mr.Gurk / Phenomena             1.59 %       
11. Psycho / Budbrain               1.51 %    }  
12. Freddy / Paradox                1.35 %    }  
    Kaktus+Mahoney / Northstar      1.35 %    }  
14. Einstein / Upfront              1.11 %    {  
    Heatseeker / Cryptoburners      1.11 %   [\] 
16. Hornet/ Alcatraz                0.95 %   [\] 
17. Dan / Anarchy                   0.71 %   [\] 
    Nomad / Genesis                 0.71 %   [\] 
19. Bird / Brainstorm               0.63 %   [\] 
20. Exolon / Fairlight              0.55 %    }  

VOTED BEST GRAPHIC ARTISTS JANUARY 1991                                                  
 1. JOE - Scoopex              18.28 %        
 2. Reward / Scoopex           16.61 %        
 3. Dr.C / Red Sector Inc.      8.25 %    {   
 4. Dark / Red Sector Inc.      6.78 %    {   
 5. Golem / Anarchy             5.99 %    }   
 6. Havok                       4.32 %    {   
 7. Diablo / Budbrain           3.73 %        
 8. Madonna Freak / Crionics    3.14 %    {   
 9. Rico "Beanbag" Holmes       2.75 %        
10. Tobias Richter              2.65 %    {   
11. Mikael Balle / Silents      2.26 %    }   
12. PGCS / Alcatraz             2.16 %    }   
13. Terminator / Tristar        2.06 %    {   
14. Zak / D-Mob                 1.67 %    {   
15. C-Dryk / Demons             1.37 %    {   
16. Red Devil / Silents         1.17 %   [\]  
17. Milkshake / Kefrens         1.08 %   [\]  
    Mystik / Anarchy            1.08 %    {   
19. Marvin / Anarchy            0.98 %   [\]  
20. Jim Sachs                   0.88 %    }   

VOTED BEST AMIGA MUSICIANS JANUARY 1991                                                  
 1. 4-Mat / Anarchy (RSI?)           16.07 %    { 
 2. Romeo Knight / Red Sector Inc.   14.92 %    } 
 3. Uncle Tom / Scoopex              11.45 %    } 
 4. Walkman / Cryptoburners           8.90 %      
 5. Jesper Kyd / Silents              6.26 %      
 6. Firefox / Phenomena               2.55 %    { 
 7. Bruno / Anarchy                   2.22 %    { 
 8. Codex / Razor 1911                1.64 %    { 
 9. Maestro / Kefrens                 1.48 %   [\]
    Nightlight / Kefrens              1.48 %      
11. Diablo / Budbrain                 1.13 %   [\]
12. Chris Huelsbeck                   1.07 %    } 
13. Bit Arts / Red Sector Inc.        0.98 %    { 
    Grubi / Brainstorm                0.98 %    { 
15. Danko / Phenomena                 0.94 %    } 
16. Beatmaster / LSD                  0.90 %   [\]
17. Delorean / Vertigo                0.82 %   [\]
    Einstein / Warfalcons             0.82 %    } 
    Mantronic / Warfalcons            0.82 %   [\]
20. Sebastian Lentfert                0.70 %   [\]

VOTED BEST DISK MAGAZINES JANUARY 1991                                                  
 1. Zine - Brainstorm                    47.48 %             
 2. Cracker Journal - Alpha Flight       10.84 %             
 3. D.I.S.C. - Level 4                    9.99 %             
 4. Stolen Data - DCS/Tristar/Anarchy     6.06 %             
 5. Hack Mag - D-Tect                     5.97 %    {        
 6. Smooth Criminal - Dual Crew           4.35 %    {        
 7. Fourth Dimension - Cryptoburners      4.09 %    }        
 8. Newsflash - Newsflash UK / UGA        2.47 %    }        
 9. R.A.F. Mag                            2.22 %   [\]       
10. The Sentinel - Euphoria/Dictators     1.96 %   [\]       

VOTED BEST REAL MAGAZINES JANUARY 1991                                                  
 1. CU Amiga                 12.80 %          
 2. The One                   9.60 %          
 3. Playboy                   6.86 %          
 4. Amiga Format              6.58 %          
 5. Amiga Special             4.48 %    {     
 6. Dator Magazin             4.30 %          
 7. Ace                       4.02 %    {     
 8. Amiga Computing           3.93 %   [\]    
 9. Norsk Data Magasin        3.11 %    }     
10. Computer & Video Games    2.74 %          

VOTED HOTTEST SWAPPERS JANUARY 1991                                                  
 1. Horizon                     13.52 %   [\] 
 2. Paradox                      8.45 %    {  
 3. Angels/Genesis/Defjam        6.85 %   [\] 
 4. Skid Row / Valhalla          6.00 %    {  
 5. Scoopex                      5.53 %    }  
 6. Dual Crew                    5.07 %    }  
 7. Cave                         3.47 %    }  
 8. Vision                       3.19 %       
 9. Anarchy                      2.15 %   [\] 
    Brainstorm                   2.15 %   [\] 
11. Amaze                        2.01 %   [\] 
12. Kefrens                      1.97 %   [\] 
13. Flash Production             1.87 %   [\] 
    Rebels                       1.87 %   [\] 
15. Image                        1.59 %    }  
16. Red Sector Inc. / Tristar    1.40 %   [\] 
17. Warfalcons                   1.22 %   [\] 
    Wizzcat                      1.22 %    }  
19. Ecstacy                      1.12 %   [\] 
    The Untouchables             1.12 %   [\] 
    Zenith                       1.12 %   [\] 

VOTED BEST UTILITIES JANUARY 1991                                                  
 1. XCopy Pro                17.91 %         
 2. DPaint III               17.29 %         
 3. Noisetracker 2.0          7.04 %    {    
 4. Diskmaster 3.0            6.10 %   [\]   
 5. Seka 3.2                  5.63 %         
 6. Diskmaster 1.4            5.47 %   [\]   
 7. Masterseka                5.16 %    }    
 8. Protracker                4.06 %   [\]   
 9. Devpac 2                  3.99 %    }    
10. Cygnus Ed Professional    3.67 %    }    

VOTED BEST PACK DISK MAKERS JANUARY 1991                                                  
 1. Flash Production       8.90 %           
 2. Amaze                  8.11 %   [\]     
 3. Kefrens                7.22 %    {      
 4. Digitech               5.04 %    }      
 5. Alpha Flight           4.64 %    {      
 6. Horizon                4.54 %   [\]     
 7. System 5               4.05 %    }      
 8. Scoopex                3.75 %    }      
    Wizzcat                3.75 %    }      
10. Cytax                  3.46 %   [\]     
11. Rebels                 3.36 %    }      
12. Anarchy                3.16 %   [\]     
13. Brainstorm             2.27 %   [\]     
14. Pussy                  2.17 %   [\]     
15. A.C.U.                 2.07 %    }      
16. Impact Inc.            1.78 %   [\]     
17. Dexion                 1.58 %   [\]     
    Network                1.58 %   [\]     
19. Zylon / Alpha Flight   1.48 %   [\]     
20. Magnetic Fields        1.38 %   [\]     

VOTED BEST GROUPS JANUARY 1991                                                  
 1. Paradox                     15.32 %    {   
 2. Red Sector Inc. / Tristar   14.59 %    }   
 3. Scoopex                     14.25 %    }   
 4. Skid Row / Valhalla          9.19 %        
 5. Angels/Genesis/DefJam        8.39 %    {   
 6. Kefrens                      7.99 %    }   
 7. Anarchy                      4.39 %    {   
 8. Cryptoburners                3.39 %    {   
 9. Brainstorm                   1.99 %    {   
10. Silents                      1.66 %    {   
11. Phenomena                    1.53 %        
12. Quartex                      1.39 %    }   
13. Rebels                       1.26 %        
14. Razor 1911                   1.19 %        
15. Vertigo                      0.93 %   [\]  
16. Classic                      0.86 %   [\]  
17. Flash Production             0.79 %   [\]  
18. United Forces                0.59 %   [\]  
19. Budbrain                     0.53 %    {   
    Dual Crew                    0.53 %    }   

VOTED BEST ALBUMS JANUARY 1991                                                  
 1. Depeche Mode - "Violator"                  6.72 %           
 2. Public Enemy - "Fear of a Black Planet"    4.06 %    {      
 3. Metallica - "...and Justice for All"       3.80 %           
 4. Snap - "World Power"                       3.42 %           
 5. Iron Maiden - "No Prayer for the Dying"    3.29 %   [\]     
 6. Jean Michel Jarre - "Waiting for Casteau"  2.91 %    }      
 7. AC/DC - "The Razors Edge"                  2.66 %   [\]     
 8. ZZ Top - "Recycler"                        2.28 %   [\]     
 9. MC Hammer - "Please Hammer Don't Hurt'em"  2.03 %   [\]     
10. The Charlatans - "Some Firendly"           1.90 %   [\]     

VOTED BEST SINGLES JANUARY 1991                                                  
 1. MC Hammer - "U Can't touch This"      7.98 %              
 2. Metallica - "One"                     7.32 %              
 3. Depeche Mode - "Enjoy the Silence"    3.58 %    {         
 4. Snap - "Ooops up"                     3.42 %    }         
 5. AC/DC - "Thunderstruck"               3.09 %   [\]        
 6. Iron Maiden - "Holy Smoke"            2.93 %   [\]        
 7. Dr.Alban - "No Coke"                  2.44 %   [\]        
    Guru Josh - "Infinity"                2.44 %    }         
    Snap - "The Power"                    2.44 %    {         
10. Happy Mondays - "Kinky Afro"          1.95 %   [\]        
    Jon Bon Jovi - "Blaze of Glory"       1.95 %   [\]        

VOTED BEST MUSIC VIDEOS JANUARY 1991                                                  
 1. Madonna - "Justify my Love"          7.94 %   [\]        
 2. MC Hammer - "U Can't Touch This"     6.31 %    {         
 3. Metallica - "One"                    5.23 %    }         
    Paula Abdul - "Opposites Attract"    5.23 %              
 5. Genesis - "Land of Confusion"        5.05 %              
 6. Peter Gabriel - "Sledgehammer"       4.87 %    }         
 7. Michael Jackson - "Thriller"         4.69 %              
 8. Laid Back - "Baker Man"              3.79 %    {         
 9. Dire Straits - "Money for Nothing"   3.06 %    }         
10. Madonna - "Vouge"                    2.88 %    }         

VOTED BEST MOVIES JANUARY 1991                                                  
 1. Die Hard 2                20.09 %          
 2. Total Recall              16.26 %          
 3. Robocop 2                  4.97 %    {     
 4. Gremlins 2                 4.88 %    {     
 5. Die Hard                   4.30 %    }     
 6. The Naked Gun              3.73 %    {     
 7. Hunt for the Red October   3.44 %    }     
    Ghost                      3.34 %   [\]    
 9. Lethal Weapon 2            2.00 %    }     
10. Pretty Woman               1.81 %   [\]    

VOTED BEST MEGADEMOS JANUARY 1991                                                  
 1. Budbrain Megademo                       30.10 %
 2. Red Sector Inc. Megademo                16.24 %
 3. Kefrens Megademo VIII                   14.05 %
 4. Crionics - "Neverwhere"                  5.83 %
 5. Brainstorm Megademo                      4.74 %
 6. Alcatraz Megademo 4                      4.37 %
 7. Wizzcat - "Trashcan"                     4.01 %
 8. Flash Production - "No Brain, No Pain"   3.64 %
    Cryptoburners Megademo 2                 3.64 %
10. Cult Megademo 2                          1.82 %

        @1Hubba Hubba !     @2Welcome@1 to another edition of the ever so popular
@3Crusaders@2 Euro Chart @3Top Ten@1       This time the scrolltext will feature part
two of the also very popular @2Cyberpunk@1 story about @3Ken@1, so stay tuned for
that after the usual amount of information.   First some small messages from
me.    Well the most important message from me would be that our board, the
one some of you would know as @2"Home Sweet Home"@1 just got a @3US Robotics HST
@2Dual Standard@1 modem so I guess you could say we're joining the Hi-Speed club.
Numbers ? Here they come     @3HST@1 users call   @3+47-6-810864@1
@3+47-6-810864@1           Ordinary @2300-2400bps@1 users call    @3+47-6-810881
             +47-6-810881                 The number for @2Golden Gate@1 is
        @2+47-42-46718        +47-42-46718    @3See you at the board guys !!!
¶         @3OH!@1  Look, there's Waldemar. @2Hi, Waldermar!  So you decided to drop
by this time too ? @3 Hope you're not still angry about loosing your job! @1
If you don't mind we'd like to get on with the scrolltext....@1
After christmas our Elite board, The @3Crusaders Golden Gate@1 will also get
their HST modem. In the future we will probably set up a mail network between
the two boards too. Then I would, as usual to say a big hello to all users of
our boards.  The months has been a bit record breaking. Not that I began
smashing all my LP's or anything, but we had like 3 new users every day !
If you're a user at our HQ board you have to log in at least once every eight
months or your record will be deleted. We expect even more users now with
the @3HST@1 modem and the total number of users today is @21003.@1  ...and that's
quite a bit if I may say so!  You have probably heard lots of shit from other
groups about our boards, but why not check it out for yourself ? They're only
a phonecall away, and they're both open @224hrs a day.@1    Now I guess it's time
for some important messages from the EuroChart administartors. Stay tuned for
part two of the story about Ken after the break....
     .... Zooooooooom!!  Guess who is here??  Yep, yep,
calm down everybody!!  This is once again @2Bustman@1 knocking on your front
door, asking if you want to buy some graphics.  So, do you want to improve
the graphical layout of your productions??  @3Yes, I know!!  @2Some of you groups
out there already have excellent graphicians.  But you people are not my
target concerning this advertisement, I am talking about all you groups that
do not have that good graphicians.  Or, simply, you do not have graphicians
at all.  So if you want to get a logo for your group, a charset, a picture
or whatever then just let me know.  @1Just give me a note and I will fix it
for a reasonable price.  When ordering, remember to state exactly what you
want.  This way you can be more sure¶ on what you get, and we will avoid a lot
of problems.  @2Also remember to state how many bitplanes, which size if it is
a matter of charsets, and the resolution.  The more details you can give, the
better.  I will charge in new and unformatted quality disks, price depending
on the size of the work.  Ok, do you feel this is something for you and your
group??  Then let me know.  You can contact me at the following address, at
any time.  Just drop a letter with your request at this mailbox...
@3BUSTMAN/CRUSADERS     @1-@3     MYRDALSKOGEN 379     @1-@3
     5095 ULSET    @1 -@3     NORWAY
@1... ... Gee, I have just finished off the graphics for this
issue of our popular @2Eurochart@1.  I hope you readers are satisfied with my
work, I should tell you that I really put my soul into it.  Hmm, let us change
subject.  I think I will finish off with some very special regards to my cool
friends around.  Since I have stopped making all those freeked out pack-disks,
I have also stopped greeting my dear contacts.  I think some of them deserve
to get a snort of busemenner when I am at this scroller.  If you are missed
then tough luck.  @2When I say very special regards, I mean @3VERY@2 special.
handshakes fly this time to...     @3CYTAX@1  -  Hi @2Zico@1!!  Thanks for those cool
letters, mate!!  Really hope you enjoyed that Norwegian girl-mag I sent you,
I had to buy a completely new one.  Also I quick hello to my as ever as great
fellow @3Terminator-X@1.     @3EUPHORIA@1  -  Hello @3Hans@1!!  Your letters are the most
outstanding!!  I always look forward to them, your letters are worth more
than twenty short-lettered contacts.  Also a hello to @3Barrax@1, thanks for those cool
phonecalls, dude!!  Your English is extremely good for being a guy far away
from Finland.     @3BRAINSTORM@1  -  Yoho @2Axel@1!!  @3Zine@1 is really the best disk-mag
around @2(up till now. Ed.)@1, no doubt about it.  Thanks for your nice letters, and keep my graphics
in mind when it comes to your charts in @3Zine@1.     @2REBELS@1  -  Hi
@3Jake@1!!  Your
pack-disks are so cool!!  Just keep that work up, mate!!  Just too bad I could
not come to the @2Dexion@1-party.     @2DEXION@1  -  Hello @3Trix@1!!  Well, as I said,
too bad I could not come to your part¶y.  Anyway, thanks for your letters, nice
knowing you.    @3PMC@1  -  Hallo der du er, @2Flush@1!!  Ok, enjoy this issue of our
unbeatable @3Eurochart@1.  I guess I will meet you at the party held by
and @3 Theatre@2, so see you there.     @3NETWORK@1  -  Hello @2Yoghurt@1!!  Ja, her har du
en liten hilsen!!  Looking forward to travel with you to the party.  Talk with
you tomorrow I guess.  Thanks for the news.     @3NO LIMITS@1  -  Hallo i luken
@2The Genius@1!!  Meet you at the @3Network@1 and @2Theatre party@1, I guess you are
coming.  See you there, mate.     @3VERTIGO@1  -  Hello @2Apache@1!!  Did you know
that you are holding a record??  When you wrote to me for swapping, you wrote
a letter on two full A4 pages!!  All other people that have written to me do
not beat your record.  Really cool, I must say.     @2ANARCHY@1  -  Yoho and hello
@3Teeze@1!!  So, when is next issue of @2Stolen Data@1 ready??  I am waiting for it,
mate!!  Also a hello to the guy in the UK, @3Raistlin@1.  Well, too bad about the
logo I was going to draw for you.  I have still not done it, you know.  I will
just  have to put myself together and do it sometime.     @3TRIANGLE 3532
@1 -  Hi
@2Zark@1!!  Here is a little hello to you too!!  Nice pack-disks of yours, as
always.  Enjoy my graphics and the rest of this @3Eurochart@1.  Too bad we had to
cut down on the disks, but I could not afford it.  I hardly have money these
days.     @3ABSENCE@1  -  Yahoo!!  Finally, here is a hello to you two guys living
here in my neighbourhood, @3Quest@1 and  @3Goofy@1.  I guess I could say that since I
talk to you every single day, I have never found it necessary to give you a
special message or so.  But anyway, here is a greet to you too.  Keep up your
work with the graphics, but remember that only practise makes master.  Also a
hello to some of the other dudes in @2Absence@1 that I met at the Arendal-party.
I think one of you had the name @3MCS@1, am I right??  Nice chat.     To the rest
of @2Crusaders@1 I can only say that it will be cool seeing all you fellows and
guys again at the forthcoming party by @3Network@1 and @2Theatre@1.  Hello to
and @2Madman@1, guess we will meet at the party.  Hopefully I will also meet our
member up there in the north, @3Excalibur@1.  ... ... That was it for the special
messages.  Pretty much, eh??  Shit, the clock is now an hour past midnight and
it is school tomorrow. And I have not even done all my homework!!  Double
SHIT!!  Who the heck invented sleep??  I could have killed him.  This is the
end for me...  See you around in another scroller sometime...  So long... ....
..... Back to Dr.Outtasight:          ¶
There we are. Now that you've read all the important messages and got your
coke and your potato chips and your best chair our, relax and lean back and
just enjoy the story about Ken, part two. If you've missed part one, it's on
a music disk from a group called @2Abusive@1 which was released 01.12.90, or you
could just download it from our boards under the filename @2KEN1.LZH.@1 Now back
to the story      Last time we left Ken, he had just brough back his brand
new cybernoid model - a girl to be exact. After getting all the boxes in to
his room without his mother noticing anything, he started opening the first
box. It was the one with the head, and the head module. She sure was pretty,
but that's not the only reason for Ken buying this cybernoid, or Replicant
as some people called them. The name came from some early models made by
freaked-out genetic designers back in year 2020, which constantly
malfunctioned and caused harm and death to humans. They were taken out of
production and nowadays one had to have a license to manufacture them. And
all models had to go through certain goverment inspections. This of course
added a lot to the price.  Ken took the head out of the box and sat down
to have a real good look at it. Suddenly he heard someone outside his door
and he quickly dropped the head back in the box. Before he could close it,
his mother yelled "What on earth are you doing !?  And what's that ???"
"Ehrm..." Ken was in a bit of a situation now. He had promised his mother
that he would use his saved-up money for a new aero-bike and not for a
cybernoid model! "Hi mom. This is Tanisha. Roger's new cybernoid. She's
really funny. Do you want to hear her speak ?" Ken knew that his mother
hated everything that had to do with cybernoids, and the box with the head
was right in front of her, so this was the best way to get her to leave
the room - she once had a date with one and she didn't notice that he was
a Replicant before it was too late. "NO!" his mother yelled, seeing the
head with the cables sticking out of the neck, and she slammed the door
behind her. "I'm going over to Sally. Don't stay up to late Ken" his
¶mother shouted from the kitchen. Great! Ken was alone. He removed the
transportation brackets and began to open the other boxes with legs, arms,
and the main body. The battery was in a box of its own and after opening
it he had the complete cybernoid in parts spread across the floor of his
room. Ken didn't need an assembly manual - he had watched the techincians
for hours at the computer shop, and now it was time to assemble his own.
All the connectors fitted snuggly into their slots and in just a couple
of hours the cybernoid was assembled. Without noticing it Ken had been
fumbling around with a naked body. Very human like and very perfect in
every way. Ken had never seen a completely naked girl before, except for
all the dirty video disks they used to watch over at Collin's place. He
was amazed that this body was even more pretty than the sex-model they
used in dirty videos. Ken snapped out of his trance and rushed over to his
mothers bedroom to find something she could wear. If his mother saw a butt
naked girl lying on his bed she would really freak out for sure. He brought
back what he thought would fit. He put the clothes beside the cybernoid on
the bed and left the room with the remote control. He closed the door behind
him and pressed the power switch.         All he heard was the small beep
from the remote control, but he decided to wait a bit longer. Shit. Something
must have gone wrong. The guys at the computer shop had probably ripped him
off and sold him a bad model.    He reached for the door handle and turned
it. Just as the door opened he could hear someone moving on his water bed.
He quickly shut the door again and tip-toed over to the chair by the kitchen
tabel. "Hello?" a smooth voice sounded from behind his door and Ken didn't
know if he was dreaming or not. He had never actually been so close to a
droid that just had woken up before so he studdered a bit "Eh..Eh..Ye-Yeah?"
"Would someone mind coming in here and help me a bit?" the smooth voice
sounded again. "Ehrm..well, ok.." ¶Ken didn't imagine it to be so hard to
speak to a droid. This was just like trying to ask a girl at school out for
a date... maybe even harder... Ken slowly opened the door and looked accross
the room over to his bed. The clothes were still lying on the bed, but the
droid had moved to under the sheets. All he could see was her head above the
sheets. She had a perfect tan and her skin was much more human now that the
bio-mechanisms had started. "Hi." she said "Who are you?" "I-I'm Ken. I just
bought you" "Oh, well.." she said "Let's get started with transfering my
software. I'm feeling a bit empty-headed". She pulled out a small optical
cable from her purse which came with the model and connected it to the back
of her head under the long, slightly curled black hair. Ken reached out for
the cable and their hands touched. Her hands were warm, just like a human
being...She stopped. She knew Ken didn't have the greatest experience with
Replicants. If this wasn't romantic, nothing was..  Ken pulled the cable
over to the EISDN slot in the wall and plugged it in. The droid slowly put
its head back on the pillow and closed its eyes. What happened now ? Ken
hadn't seen this before, and he picked up the manual from one of the boxes
to see what she was doing. "The basic software will be transfered free of
charge blah-blah-.. Do not interrupt software transfer blah-blah..." There!
"While transfering the basic software, the PX-1600 will close all life
functions. Please stand by while the transfer is progressing. The complete
transfer, depending on the amount you have ordered will take approx. 1-2
minutes." Well, that wasn't such a long time. Ken was glad he wasn't paying
for the transfer. Optical hi-speed transfers on the EISDN network wasn't
exactly cheap, all though Roger probably could fix a a Red Box for him so
that he could transfer software free of charge.    Suddenly her eyes opened
and she turned to him and smiled. "That's it." She removed the cable and put
it back in her purse. Ken didn't exactly know what kind of software he had
ordered with the droid, but it was probably the standard package - 5
languages, household utilities, diagnostics and so on.. "You must be about
16 years old so I guess you should turn your head the other way while I
dress." she said. While Ken was loo¶king the other way she quickly dressed
and after jsut a minute or so she was finished. "It's ok now. You can look.
Well, what do you think? Just like you wanted?" she smiled again. "
Sure. Yepp. Just like I expected" Ken studdered. "Awf. It's quite painful
to be closed down and switched on again like this. All though I don't have
the pain sensors of a human beeing I do have the ability to feel some forms
of pain. By the way, what's your name ?". She stood up and walked towards
him. "I'm Ken. Ken Miller. It's really Kevin, but all my friends call me
Ken." He fealt it was a bit easier to speak to her now. "So Ken. I have
received a lot of information about you from the central informations
system so I know most things about you already, but I would like to add
something to my records. Like what kind of food you like, what you do for
fun, and so on.. Tell me about yourself." She sat down on the chair beside
him and took his hand. Ken told her all about himself.      They must have
been sitting like this for at least 4 hours when Ken heard the front door
open. "Sssshh. I'ts my mother. Be quiet. She thinks I'm sleeping" "Ken!
are you still up?" his mother yelled. She must have seen the light from
under the door. "Well, I was just going to bed" "Is that droid still here?"
his mother asked. Tanisha looked at Ken. She realized that Ken hadn't told
his mother that he had bought a complete cybernoid model. Many grown-ups
had one or more cybernoids, but it was rather seldom that a 16 year old kid
had one. Tanisha stood up and opened the door. Ken's mother was on the edge
of brain close-down. In front of her stood a girl, or rather a female
cybernoid who was wearing her clothes and coming out of her own sons room.
Ken knew that this had to be the end. His mother wouls surely have him
terminated tomorrow morning. Tanisha closed the door behind her and left Ken
sitting in his room by himself. She pulled out a chair and helped Ken's
mother on to it. Ken could hear them talk., but not exactly what they
were talking about, but it had to be about him.. Every now and then he
could hear his mother screaming "I don't want a Replicant in my house!"
       The time had passed 04:00 when Tanisha opened the door and when she
and Ken's mother came in to his room. They sat down on the bed. "You could
have told me that you were going to buy a Replicant, Ken. But we have come
to an agreement, Tanisha and I. She's going to do some of the household
things around here, so that I can start working again." "Hey, that's great
mom!" "Tanisha better sleep in the guest room I think. Come Tanisha, let's
get that spare bed out of the storage room for you. Replicants didn't
actually sleep like a human did, but they closed down their life funtions
and recharged their backup batteries during sleep. All though the cybernoids
didn't run on electricity, the central nerve computer system had a battery
backup unit just in case. Their bodies consumed food like any normal human
beeing, and got energy from that. Ken wanted to stay up and talk about him
self all night but Tanisha followed his mother out the door. "Good night
Kevin. Sleep well. Dream sweet dream and come up with a name for me. Tanisha
is just my model name.." "Good night¶ ....Tanisha" See you in the morning....
@3PHEW !!!@1 That's it of the story for this time.    I really hope you don't
expect this story to be a @2Stephen King@1 or a @3William Gibson@1 thing ! I'm not
a very good writer, but scrolltexts must contain a certain amount of text
so what could be better than an exciting story like this... The next part
of the story will be available on the the next issue of the @2EuroChart,@1 so
stay tuned for that.  It will also be available on both our BBSs under the
filename @2KEN1.LZH@1, @2KEN2.LZH@1 and so on... So if you don't receive the
EuroChart regulary you can get it there, or get someone with a modem to get
it for you.      My name is @2D@3r@2.@3 O@2u@3t@2t@3a@2s@3i@2g@3h@2t@1, and
I thank you for reading the complete contents of this scroller.
    Until next time !   What do you say to a gorgeous girl walking past you
on the street.....

@3 JANUARY 1ST, 1990
@2Welcome@1 to the very first EuroNews!
Through  the EuroNews we will bring
you  the  latest  news  and rumours
from  the  scene,  some  smalltalk,
letters   from  EuroChart  readers,
some jokes and some text parts from
the  EuroChart,  like  "Thanks  and
messages"  etc.   These  text parts
have  been moved into the EuroNews.
This   is  not  supposed  to  be  a
diskmag  - just a little supplement
to  the  EuroChart.  We hope you'll
enjoy it!

°@1This issue of the EuroNews consists
of the following sections:

@3* This page
* Credits/Prices
* General Info
* News 1
* News 2
* Letters and messages etc.
* List of voters
* Jokes
* About The EuroChart
* About The EuroNews
* About The Gallery
* About the DiskBack Service
* Advertisements
Click on the arrows, bottom right
of the screen, to move around the
@1The  credits  for this issue of the
EuroChart are as follows:

@3Organizers.....El Cubo / Dr.Awesome
Code........................El Cubo
Music .."Now What???" by Dr.Awesome

@1Vote-counting slaves:
Dr.Awesome,  El  Cubo,  Lazerbrain,

@2Contact address:@3
        Crusaders EuroChart
        Po.Box 45
        N-1474 Nordbyhagen
°@3The  Crusaders wish to @2deeply@1 thank
the  following  persons, whose help
has   made   this   issue   of  the
EuroChart possible:
     Guardian / United Forces
           Zany / Savage
     All the guys in Brainstorm
          Joker / Network
        Gonzo / Flash Prod.
           Yoghurt / Network
         Al Capone / Zeus
      TTV / Perfect Illusion
         Turmoil / Scoopex
       Prot Killer / Zenith

@3                       Cont. --->
°@1     Amiga Wizard / Megalight
          Mole / Anarchy
      Swapperjack / Euphoria
        Mutant / Warfalcons
A million thanks to each and every
            one of you!
And  a  very  special  @2HI!@1  to @3Boba
Fett  of  Elite  Inc.@1  - who's been
with  us  from  the very start.  If
there's  such a thing as a "veteran
voter" - it's him.  @3Thanks mate!@1

@1The   prices   for   the  different
services we offer are as follows:

Voting for the chart...........Free
Using the DiskBack Service...1 disk
Placing an advertisement.....1 disk
Picture in The Gallery.........Free
@1That's right - this is the Official
Crusaders  EuroNews  -  the   News-
section of the EuroChart!

First  of  all,  the Crusaders wish
you  all  a  happy  new year, and a
good 1991 for all Amiga freaks!

@2         What you see is a


@2            EuroChart!!

°@1In addition to the Charts
themselves, you now get:

- The EuroNews (This part)
- The Gallery !

The  three  parts  will  be more or
less integrated.  You will see that
when  you  quit  from the EuroNews,
you  can either Quit to CLI, or get
back  to  the  EuroChart.  In other
words,  the  charts  are  still the
most important thing here!

No, we're not turning the EuroChart
into  a  disk-mag.  Not yet anyway.
There  will  not be any articles in
the  EuroNews,  no  interviews,  no
coding  lessons  -  just  the news,
that's it.  (Oh, and some jokes..)
°@1Some  of  the  text  parts from the
EuroChart   are   moved   into  the
EuroNews section.  The EuroChart is
now ONLY the charts - all the other
stuff is in here, like the "Thanks"
section,  and the "About EuroChart"
section  and  so  on.  We have also
introduced  a  "jokes  section" for
those  interested.   Maybe  in  the
future, we will add a little to the
EuroNews.   Let's just see what the
future brings, shall we?

@2Controls:@1   See  those  4 arrows at
the  bottom of the screen?  See'em?
Got'em?   Good.   Now, the left and
right  arrows will take you through
the   current   "section"   of  the
EuroNews.   For  instance,  this is
the  "General  Info"  section.  For
the  next  section,  click on arrow
°@1down,  and  there  it comes.  If
you  press  @3HELP@1 or the right mouse
button,  you will be presented with
a  little index, and you can choose
section from there.

®þ@3NEWS 1ST JAN 91
Before  you start reading the news,
please  note  that some of them are
just  rumours - we do not guarantee
that  they  are  all true.  We just
tell  you  what we've heard.  Well,
off we go then..

It  is heard from BitNet that a new
soundchip  is  being  made  for the
Amiga.   It  is  called  @3"Mary"@1 and
will  be a replacement for "Paula".
The  chip  is supposed to offer @3"CD
Quality  Sound"@1  with  8  channels.
Musicians  -  get  your  teeth into

@3ProTracker  v.1.1@1 - released at the
@3Theatre/Network@1  party, x-mas 1990,
or a few days later.

Some members of @3Rare UK@1 have joined

@3Soundtracker for the PC!
Dr.Awesome    had    the   doubtful
pleasure      of     trying     out
"Screamtracker"    for    the   IBM
compatibles.  He reports quite good
editing   and   it  was  very  user
friendly,  and  it  DID  give you 4
°@1channels    of   digitized   sound!
However, the sound quality was less
than good, it sounded as though you
had  made  your own loudspeaker out
of some cardboard, and played on it
whilst  holding it under water.  In
other   words,  totally  unuseable.
Might  be worth a try, just for the
sake of a good laugh.

There is also a ripper available.

@3Disco with Noisetracker!

@1Some  guys  in Finland held a disco
with  only Noisetracker music!  Our
contact  Johannes  Norrmann reports
that  about  300  people showed up,
the  music  went  down well, and it
°@1was  a  success.   Some of the most
represented  musicians  got  paid a
little  part  of  the income.  Well
done  guys!   Who  wants to take up
their idea and do the same thing in
their home town?


@3Cult Norway@1 has split up.  @3Electrix@1
and three other former members are
starting a new group.


@3System 5 Norway @1are looking for
more members.


°@3Golem @1and @3Bruno@1 left @3Gate@1 and
joined @3Anarchy@1.


@3Mystik@1 left @3Reaktor@1 and joined


@3Camelot@1 left @3Theatre@1 and joined


@3Static@1 left @3Paradox@1 and went back
to @3Rebels@1.


°@3MadMan@1 is a new coder in @3Crusaders@1.

@2            Welcome!

@1Yet another new diskmag has emerged.
It is made by @3Exult@1 and is called
@3"Jolly Roger"@1. It uses both
english and german language..


@3  ENO@1 is a new coder in @3Crusaders@1.

@2            Welcome!

°@1The  former  @3Paranoimia@1  leader got
out  of jail in the end of November


@3Scoopex special update:
Some   rumours   have   been  going
around,   saying  that  @3Scoopex@1  is
dead.  This is @2not@1 true.

@3TMB@1  of Scoopex and some members of
@2Pulsar@1  had  a  car crash and spent
some  time  in  hospital.  They are
back  on  their feet and Scoopex is
alive and kicking!

Musician  @3Uncle  Tom@1 has left @2Razor
1911@1 and gone back to his old mates
in Scoopex.
°@3Photon,  Uno,  Judas and Invid@1 left
@2Phenomena@1 and joined Scoopex.

New Scoopex modemtrader in Austria:


@3Swapperboy@1    of @2Crusaders@1   has
completed  his  military  duty time
and  is now ready, able and willing
to  swap  more than ever.  He would
like  to get back in touch with his
old  contacts and he also wants new
contacts.  He can be reached at:

            Fetvn. 819
            1900 Fetsund

°@2     Zine #8@1 will be released

         @315. January 1991


@3Funky Guru@1 is a new graphics artist
in @2Crusaders@1.

@3             Welcome!



@1Now  follows  some  news  from  the
Danish  scene,  as collected by our
news   correspondent   in  Denmark,
Gonzo of Flash Productions:

°@2Flash  Production@1  has  got  a  new
danish  member,  from  the  (dead?)
group  @2Arcane@1.   He  is  running  a
19200 baud modem.


@1A  rather  unknown  gfx.artist  has
recently  joined @2Kefrens@1.  He calls
himself  @3Slash@1  and he comes from a
danish  group  called @2Daniax@1.  He's
definitely  going  for  the  danish
top,  and  draws  some  of the best
gfx.    in   denmark  for  a  loong


°@3Gonzo@1  of  @2Flash Production@1 (Coder)
and  @3Maestro@1  of @2Kefrens@1 (Musician)
has  finished  their  jobs on their
new  game.   Now  they  only need a
graphician,  and that will probably
be Slash of Kefrens???


@1A danish guy, which name are not to
be  mentioned  yet,  will  join  an
american  softwarehouse  @2Innerprise
Software@1,   to   do   a   game   as
maincoder.    Innerprise  S.   have
made games as @2Battle Squadron@1, also
produced by danish people...


°@1Some  members  of @3Kefrens@1 has left,
because  they  felt  that there was
not  much activity left in Kefrens.
Some  other members has been kicked
out,   because   they  didn't  make
anything,  so  maybe  everything is
okay now???


@1The  danish TV2 game @2HUGO@1, produced
by '@3Silverrock Productions@1' are out
in the shops now.


@3Mayday@1  of  @2Paradox@1 has stopped all

°@3Bruno@1   and  @3Wraith@1  of @2Gate@1  have
joined @3Anarchy@1.


@3Tip@1, @3Maze@1 and @3Color@1 left @2Dual Crew@1
and joined @2Phenomena@1.


@3T.M.D.@1 left @2Firecrackers@1 and joined

®þ@3NEWS 2
Graphics artist @2Tobias Richter@1 (See
Crusaders  slideshow  on  two disks
from  September '90) will produce a
professional Star Trek video movie,
using @3only@1 Amiga animations!

Rumours  say @34-Mat@1 has left @3Anarchy@1
and   joined   @3Red  Sector@1.   OTHER
rumours  say that these rumours are
bullshit and that 4-Mat is still in
Anarchy.   We  don't  know  what to

°@1Here's quite an interesting story
picked up from BitNet. An Amiga
owner was visiting a computer show
and wanted to have some fun with
an Apple MacIntosh salesman. The
conversation went as follows:

@2Question:  How many colours can the
Mac display?
@3Answer: 16.7 million

@2I  know that's the palette, but how
many can it actually display?

@316.7 million.

@216.7 million on screen at once?


@2At what resolution?

°@31024 by 768.

@2That  gives  only 786.432 pixels on
your screen, so how can you display
16.7  million  colours with 786.432

@3Well, um, that was theoretical.

@2So,  for  the  4th  time,  how many
colours can it actually display?

@3256, but out of the 16.7 million it
can chose from.

@1New topic:

@2How  many  expansion  slots does it

°@2Why so few?

@3Because,  most  users  have no need
for  them,  and  the  computer  has
everything built in.

@2What is built in?

@3Video,   HD   controller,   floppy,
networking ability, modem.

@2How would I add memory?

@3Use the expansion slot.

@2How would I add a fax?

@3Use the expansion slot.

@2How would I add an accelerator?

°@3Use the expansion slot.

@2How  would I enable it to record on
video tape?

@3Use a Genlock.

@2But  don't  I  need  an NTSC signal


@2How would I get that?

@3A card in the expansion slot.

@2So where would I put the Genlock?

@3In the expansion slot.

@2But the NTSC card is already there.
°@3You'd   have   to   purchase   more
expansion slots.

@2What is the internal modem like?

@31200 or 2400 baud.

@2Does   it   have   level   5  error
detection   and   data  compression
built in?

@3Not yet.

@2But I want my modem to have these.

@3Well, you can't have it.  (Salesman
getting very angry by now)

@2Does the Mac multitask?

@3Of course, using Multi-Finder.
°@2Can you show me?

@3Sure, no problem.

@2Can  you  show  me  how to format 2
disks at the same time?

@3Hum, let's try.


@3Guess it can't do that..

@2But  you  just  told  me  it  could

@3It  does,  there  must be something
wrong with the drives...


°@13  groups  are  arguing  about  the
rights to the name @3Frantic@1.  One in
Germany,  one in Finland and one in


@3Bit  Arts@1  has  left @3Red Sector@1 and
joined @3Proton Ltd.


°@3Heatbeat@1  has  left  @3Sector 4@1  and
joined @3Byterapers@1.


@3Starfader/Vision@1  has  changed  his
name   to  @3Mellow  Dee@1  and  joined

@3Zapotek@1   is   a   new  swapper  in

@3             Welcome!


@3Brainwave@1 and @3Sun Connection@1 ripped
a  whole  demo, including all code,
graphics  and  music  from @3Addonic@1,
°@1and  credited  themselves  for  the
work that Addonic had done 5 months

@3Intec@1  is  a new graphics artist in



@3Nuke@1 and @3Cosmos@1 are two new members
of @2Anarchy UK@1.  Both musicians.


@3Raistlin@1  and  @3Pioneer@1 left @3Anarchy@1
to do school work.

°@3Anarchy@1  put  up their first board,
called "@2Provication@1".

        Call @3+46 392 22084


@2X-Ray@1  has left @3 Gate @1and joined @3PMC
(Pure Metal Coders)@1.


@2Timewalker@1  of  @3Cult@1 has joined @3PMC


@2Space   Ace @1  of  @3Cult@1  has  formed
@3Euphoria Norway@1.

°@2Octoplex@1  has  left @3Gate@1 and joined


@1Most  of  the other members of @3Gate
@1have  also  joined @3Anarchy@1.  @2Intec@1,
@2Funky   Guru @1  and  @2Zapotek@1  joined


SwEinstein@1,  @2Skeletor@1,  @2Beast@1,  @2Mad
@1and  @2Youghurt  (ex.   Acidman)@1  all
left @3Cult@1 and joined@3 Network@1.


@3Cult Norway@1 are almost dead.

°@3Cycron Norway@1 is reborn.


@1Some  members of @3 Acidforce@1 and some
other guys formed @3Hektic@1.


@3RAF@1  is going to arrange a party in
Holland, February 1991.


@2Xion@1 of@3 Gate@1 left the Amiga scene.

°@3Euphoria @1  and  @3 Dictators @1 are  no
longer in cooperation.  They've had
some  unsolved personal problems in
connection with their diskmag.


@2Stranger @1  left @3 Adept @1 and  joined


@3A.C.U.@1 is dead.


@3Exult@1   has   got   a  division  in
Belgium, called @2Lyzanxia@1.

°@1The  Crusaders  WHQ board is now up
and  running  with  a  US  Robotics
14.4K/V32   Dual   Standard  modem.
Call +47 6 810881 or +47 6 810864.


The  oldest  still active group (at
least   that's   what   they  say),
@3Byterapers  Inc@1.   making comeback!
A  lot  of  changes  has  happened:
@2Merit@1    (Swapper)   joined.    New
Australian   section  (@2Mogwai,  The
Control    &    Birdzone@1)   joined.
@2Heatbeat@1   (musician)  and @2Deewzei@1
(coder) joined.  Non-active members
are   kicked  out.   9  members  in
Finland,  5  in  Sweden  and  3  in
Australia.    17   active   members

°@3Adept  Sweden@1 is dead.  All members
joined @3Horizon@1.


@3Protracker  version  1.1@1 from @2Amiga
Freelancers@1  was  released  at  the
Network/Theatre  party, X-mas 1990.
New  functions  include  a  sampler
screen    much    like    that   of
Audiomaster,   but  faster,  a  2nd
setup-screen,  BPM  tempo  control,
and loads of other goodies.  To get
a copy of it, send 2 disks to:
@3         Amiga Freelancers
           Bekkelivn. 10
           2010 Strommen
@1...and they will send one of the
disks back to you with PT1.1.

þ@3To all  voters:  @1 For the last time:
Do  @2not@1  put your votes as text
files,  pictures,  or  in any other
way  vote  on  disk!!   Write  your
votes  down  on  PAPER or print out
the  text file!  We will ignore all
votes  coming in on disk.  We don't
have  the  time  for  that  kind of

°@3To all DiskBack Service users:
For  the last time:  If you want to
use  the DiskBack Service, it COSTS
ONE DISK, so don't just send us one
disk  -  send  TWO.   If we receive
only one disk from you, we will NOT
return it.


@3Mick of Daniax:
Sorry  we  got  your name fucked up
last  time.   Hope  we got it right
this   time!    It  doesn't  matter
whether  you  write  1,2,3  or just
group1,  group2,  group3 and so on.
They  will  be  given  3,2,1,1,1...
points after the order in which
°@1you   wrote  them.   We'd  like  to
include  some  more  crazy sections
like  you  mentioned,  but we don't
have  any more time to spend on the
counting.  Sorry.


@3Clash  of Paradox@1 had some thoughts
about  the charts, about the voting
etc.   He  thought  that maybe it's
not such a good idea that everyone,
even total lamers, can vote for the
EuroCharts,  because  many  of them
might  vote  for  something totally
out  of date, maybe even crews that
don't longer exist etc.

Well   Clash,  in  one  way  you're
right,  if  only the "elite" voted,
the    charts    would    be   more
°@1up-to-date.   But  who  are  we  to
judge  who  can vote and who can't?
We  can't  sit  and  say  "You  can
vote..    You  CAN'T  vote  because
you're  not  cool  enough...  You..
hmmm  you're  almost cool enough to
vote but..  no..  And this dude can
vote,  but  this  one can't..." You
get  the  idea?  For this reason we
think it's better that everyone can

Clash/Paradox  would  also  like to
see  a "Best intros" chart...  well
we  will  think  about it - for the
moment,  let's just settle with the
fact  that  Paradox  is undoubtably
Nr. 1  on  this  chart.  We   don't
think  anyone  would  disagree that
Paradox  is  the  Number  One intro
group in the world.

°@3Tricky T of Genesis:

@1Thanks  a  lot for the nice picture
you  sent us.  We might use it some
time in the future.  I hope it's ok
if  we  take out the Crusaders logo
and  use  only  that, ok?  Anyway -
why didn't you vote for the charts?


@3Proxt of Cave...

@1...wrote  us  a  nice letter with a
few  questions  etc.   We'll try to
answer them here:

@3How   do   we   handle  the  votes,
calculate the results etc.?

@1We have developed a special program
°@1for  helping  us  keep track of all
the  percentages etc.  All we do is
tap  in  the  votes (mostly we just
tap  in  numbers),  then we use the
program   to  generate  the  lists,
including   percentages  etc.   and
just include them in the EuroChart.

@3How many vote sheets do you get for
each issue?

@1For  the  Nov-90  issue, we counted
402  votes.   For  the  Jan-91,  we
estimate  the  number to about 350.
(We   write  this  before  counting
them, see?)

@3How  many use the DiskBack Service,
after  you  started  to  charge one
disk as payment for it?

°@1For  the  Nov-90  issue,  there was
about  90  DiskBack  users. The way it
looks  now,  there  will  be about 100
for the Jan-91 issue.

@3Who takes care of sending all those
disks  back  to people with the new

@1We  do.  (i.e.  El Cubo, Dr.Awesome
and Lazerbrain of Crusaders)

@3Hope  the  answers  are satisfying.
Also, thanks for the ideas, the one
with  "best  stuff" is quite a good
one.   But the EuroChart is growing
quite big now, and it takes quite a
bit  of  time  to  do  changes like
this.   We  will  think  about  it,
°@2TCB   of  Pussy@1  wrote  to  us  and
pointed  out  that  we  should  not
place    @3Flash    Prod.@1    in   the
Pack-disks   chart,   because  they
don't make packs any more.

First  of all TCB, it is @2not@1 we who
put  @3anyone@1  in  any of the charts.
It  is  the hundreds of voters - so
tell them, not us!  Is there really
someone  out there who @3still@1 thinks
that @3we@1 decide on the charts???
In   that   case,   you   have  not
understood  what  the  EuroChart is
all about...

Second,  as  far  as we know, Flash
Prod.    are   still   making   the
@3"Evolution"@1 packs.

Thanks to Pussy for spreading vote
sheets for us!
°@2A  little  message  to @3Anarchy@1, the
authors of "@1Stolen Data@2":

Great  mag  -  we  think  maybe you
should  double check what you write
in   it,   though.    For  example,
@3Dr.Awesome@2   is  not  a  member  of
@1Walkman@2...  In fact, Walkman is not
a  group  -  he's  a  guy.  Second,
@3Grubi@2 is not a member of @1Crusaders@2.
He's   a   member   of @3Brainstorm@2.
Third,  @1Alcatraz@2  is spelled with a
C,  not  with  a K.  We found these
mistakes    ONLY   in   the   "Best
musicians"  charts...   You  have a
neat mag, but you should take a bit
more   time   proof   reading   and
checking     information.  Keep  on

°@1To @2Alliax@1 in France:

Thanks   for  your  votes  and  the
letter.  No, I was not in France in
                 Signed: Dr.Awesome

To @2Maestro / Kefrens:
Thanks for sorting out a few "bugs"
for us. If you see any more of'em -
let us know.

To @2Swapperjack / Euphoria@1:

We  really  do  appreciate that you
spread   vote  sheets  and  collect
votes for us, but please note a few

°@31)@1  All  the  votes  you  collected
looked  more  or  less like 20 guys
had  been  sitting in the same room
and  voted  for  eachother, and for

@32)@1  Can you please tell your voting
friends  that  we do not find their
"humourous"   voting   very  funny.
Either  they vote properly, or they
don't  vote  at  all.  Counting the
votes is one *shitty* job, and when
we're  in  the  middle of this, the
last  thing  we  want is poor jokes
like "Best single - Beethoven" etc.
etc.   etc.  It's wasting our time,
and we didn't even laugh once.

We  know  that it really isn't your
fault  -  and  we DO appreciate you
helping  us.   So the message above
is   really  more  to  your  voting
friends, than to yourself.
@1This  section contains the names of
all  the  voters  for this issue of
the  EuroChart.   We  wish to thank
each  and  every  one  of  you  for
taking   part   -   the   EuroChart
wouldn't  be what it is without all
of  you.  Don't forget:  Next issue
1st  of  March - all votes welcome,
as usual.

If  you  expected to find your name
in  the list, but can't find it, it
is possible that your votes arrived
too  late.  In that case, they will
be  counted for the next issue.  To
those who voted on-line on our BBS:
Unfortunately   we   had  a  severe
disk-crash and the votes were lost.
We're  sorry!
°Ok, here goes the voting bunch:

@3            006 / Dynax
@2                ABU
@1       ACBS / The Powerhome
@3      Access II / Nukebusters
@2        Adam / Strike Force
@1           Adder / 69ers
@3           Adec / Rebels
@2              Airmax
@1     Al Capone / Amiga Empire
@3         Al Capone / Zeus
@2        Aldur / Strikeforce
@1         Aljechin / Exess
@3              Alliax
@2     Alpha / Warriors of Time
@1     Amiga Wizard / Megalight
@3          Anders Andersen
@2           Anjum / Khan
@1       Anome 68000 / Zenith
°@3          Anoy / Scoopex
@2         Armageddon / Gate
@1          Armin / Supplex
@3       Arrakis / Brain Wave
@2         Arvice / Genocide
@1         Asix / Megalight
@3        Attax / Elimination
@2        Aviator / Technique
@1         Aztek / Cultists
@3     Backlash / Golden Eagles
@2     Bakerman / Fizz&Bakerman
@1         Barrax / Euphoria
@3         Big Al / Ecstacy
@2      Big Pat / Black Corsair
@1           Bigfoot / NC
@3            Bjorn Alnes
@2      Black Adder / Megatech
@1      Black Hawk / Nova Inc.
@3 Black Ninja / Barna Byte Busters
@2       Black Ninja / Odissey
@1      Boba Fett / Elite Inc.
°@3         Bobo / Cops 2000
@2          Bomber / Amaze
@1           Bommber / I-G
@3              Bopski
@2    Brainbug / Jamie Principal
@1         Brutus / Hypnosis
@3         Buckaroo / Celtic
@2        Bustman / Crusaders
@1         Byte / Megalight
@3           Captein Fizz
@2       Carlos / The Vectors
@1         Carrie / Beatbane
@3        Chico / Nukebusters
@2           Chin / Zylon
@1          Chip / Unicorns
@3        Chopper / Cultists
@2           Chris / Iris
@1        Chrome / MegaLight
@3         Chumar / Trinomic
@2     Chunkei & Izzy / Abnormal
@1       Cinclant / Freelance
°@3          Clash / Paradox
@2         Color / Phenomena
@1          Conan / Celtic
@3        Copper / Crusaders
@1       Creator / Strangers
@2         D-Traumer / Iris
@1          D.N.V. / Mirror
@3          DF0: / Erosion
@2           Dam / Damists
@1           Dan / Anarchy
@3         Darkman / Mirage
@2       Darkranger / Triplex
@1    Death Bringer / North Star
@3          Der Hm / Image
@2        Devil / Exotic Men
@1     Diddle / Red Sector Inc.
@3        Djengis Khan / Yak
@2           Doc / Erosion
@1             Dr.Ahmed
@3      Dr.Jekyll / Spaceballs
@2    Dr.Kamikaze / Digital Gnus
°@1          Dr.Stein / MCM
@2      Dr.Shitface / Crusaders
@3              Dragon
@2        Dragon Fly / Exult
@1     Dream Demon / Darkstar UK
@3         Drifter / Vertigo
@2          Druid / Aurora
@1          Druid / S.S.C.
@3           Druid / Vega
@2           Duke / Klugs
@1           Duke / Zaxon
@3        Ed 209 / Exotic Men
@2            Eero Raunio
@1         Electron / Savage
@3          Epic / Scoopex
@2          Exact / Spectre
@1        Ezekiel / Scrapers
@3          Facet / Vision
@2      Falcon / T.D.C./R.A.F.
@1      Fast Eddie / Innercity
°@3         Fengus / Prologic
@2        Filippetto / Amaze
@1          Fireball / Gate
@3         Firecode / Amaze
@2         Floyd / Trinomic
@1            Flush / PMC
@3        Foxhound / Euphoria
@2         Frantic / Synergy
@1               Fuzz
@3           Genesis / IMX
@2         Ghother / Demons
@1         Gizmo / Megalight
@3          Goofy / Absence
@2           Goofy / Iris
@1        Graginzy / Mistral
@3      Gremlin / Punisher Crew
@2        Gremlin / Pussy SF
@1           Grinzo / DMS
@3     Guardian / United Forces
@2       Gunslinger / Absence
@1              Hacker
°@3           Happy Warrior
@2     Harvey / Magnetic Fields
@1          Hawk / Perseus
@3        Hellraiser / Poison
@2       Highwayman / Ensignia
@1           Him / VoxDei
@2           Ian / Ecstacy
@3        Index / Warfalcons
@2       Indi / Jones Company
@1           Indy / Abase
@3   Iron Maiden / Rebels Finland
@2           JBG / Cyclone
@1          JBM / Dual Crew
@3          Jack / System 5
@2     Jack The Ripper / Avatars
@1          Jaffa / Angels
@3       Jazzcat / Warfalcons
@2         Jean / Chromance
@1     Jens / Flashlight Design
@3     Jester / Red Sector Inc.
@2     Johnny Romance / New Art
°@1          Joker / Erosion
@3          Joker / Network
@2          Jonah / Unicorn
@1          Knight / Bronx
@3    Kreator & The Edge / Photom
@2     Kreourse / The Outer Mark
@1         Larry / Euphoria
@3          Loffy / Clones
@2         Lord Helmet / PMC
@1        Louis / Fraud Squad
@3   MCS & Champ Design / Absence
@2          Mac / Euphoria
@1          Mad / Euphoria
@3         Maestro / Kefrens
@2         Mage / Andromeda
@1         Marco / Sidon MKS
@3         Marcus / Anthrox
@2        Maverick / Asphyxia
@1       Maverick / Intuition
@3          Maxpax / 69ers
@2     Mega Bandit / Bytebusters
°@1       Merlin / Darkstar UK
@3      Mery the Sweet Dreamer
@2         Metaica / Savage
@1           Mick / Daniax
@3    Micro-pal / Jamie Principal
@2               Miga
@1        Mightymuz / Spectre
@3        Milkshake / Kefrens
@2       Mindblaster / Wizzcat
@1          Mole / Anarchy
@3          Monotof / Storm
@2         Mr.Crook / VoxDei
@1       Mr.Doom / Magic Lords
@3      Mr.Mad / United Forces
@2              Mr.Miga
@1       Mr.Taxfree / Hipower
@3        Mutant / Warfalcons
@2         Mystik / Anarchy
@1          Nifer / Dazzle
@3              Nimrod
@2         Observer / Wings
°@1          Octoplex / Gate
@3         Onyx / Strangers
@2          Optima / Doxos
@1             Outrager
@3       Overlord / A.O.F.C.F
@2           Oxygen / Vega
@1        Ozwald / Intuition
@3          PGCS / Alcatraz
@2           Pacman / Exit
@1       Pate / Brain Collapse
@3              Patrick
@2        Paulic / Possessed
@1              Perseus
@3        Phoenix / Time Code
@2          Pinhead / Amaze
@1          Playboy / Acid
@3     Powerfreak / Amiga Empire
@2     Powerslave / Amiga Empire
@1     Princeps / Desaster Area
@3       Prizyqr / Armageddon
@2       Prot Killer / Zenith
°@1           Proxt / Cave
@3       Pseudosoft / Reaktor
@2          Quest / Absence
@3           Qwo / Anarchy
@1          Rainman / Exess
@3         Raster / Anthrox
@2        Raster / Dual Crew
@1       Rat Jack / Megalight
@3     Red Devil / Pendle Europa
@2        Red Devil / Silents
@1          Ride / Scoopex
@3          Rocket / Curse
@2          Royal / VoxDei
@1          Samir / Zenith
@3       Savage / Bytebusters
@2        Saviour / Pussy SF
@1       Sensor / Proton Ltd.
@3        Shade MC / Euphoria
@2         Shagan / Asphyxia
@1             Sidelight
@3           Sixx / D-Mob
°@2          Sledge / Adept
@1           Snake / Zeus
@3         Snooker / Demons
@2         Snoopy / Level 4
@1     Snowbird / United Forces
@3          Sonic / Defcom
@2           Sooga / Cytax
@1               Steve
@3              Stinger
@2          Stinger / Cave
@1         Stoneman / Maffia
@3        Stormlord / Imagine
@2          Stu / Mirage UK
@1      Swapperjack / Euphoria
@3          T.M.D. / Blitz
@2            TCB / Pussy
@1        TEB / Megatech Inc.
@3          THC / Equinoxe
@2           Tama / Cycron
@1         Tandy / Euphoria
@3           Tellus / Gate
°@2     Teltta / Blue Vector Int.
@1        Tequila / Megalight
@3       Terminator X / Cytax
@2        Teyssier / Primeur
@1        The Beast / Bionic
@3         The Cook / Triad
@2       The EC Man / Absence
@1      The Master / The Power
@3      The Predator / Twilight
@2   The President / Megatech Inc.
@1         The Scum / Image
@3         The Surfer / Next
@2       The Viking / The Bass
@1     Tiren / Pillu-Crew Italy
@3         Tom / Byterapers
@1   TomCat / Cyborg Power System
@2       Tommy "Chip" Ebbesen
@1     Torsomace / Phychopatics
@3    Trax / Z-dream/Alpha Flight
@2     Tripper / Digital Designs
°@1           Trix / Dexion
@3         Turmoil / Scoopex
@2        Twilight / Starline
@1              Tyrant
@3       Tyrone / Strike Force
@2          Vulgar / Venom
@1           WDO / Chrome
@3           Warlord / IMX
@2        Whiplash / Erosion
@1               Wiry
@3         Wrack / Megalight
@2            XOR / D-Mob
@1        Yannic / Universal
@3      Yeggman / Untouchables
@2         Yoghurt / Network
@1           Zany / Savage
@3          Zap / Beatbane
@2          Zap / Magalight
@1       Zark / Triangle 3532
@3          Zibe / Darkside
°@2           Zico / Cytax
@1           Zorba / Exess
@3          Zozo / Majic 12
@2        Zuggly / Crusaders

@1    Once again: Thank you all!
®þ@3JOKES !
@2You  are  most  welcome  to send us
cool  jokes  for  the next issue of
the   EuroNews.    The   more,  the
@3Here we go:
The female teacher asked the class:
"Does anyone know why cows have
such funny faces?"
After some time, little Ken says:
"Wouldn't you have a funny face, if
you had your tits squeezed twice a
day, and only got fucked once a
- What's the name of Santa's

- Mary Christmas..
°@3There was a worm eating the leaf of
a watercress in a little pond.
A bird lands nearby, sees the worm,
gets closer, but decides to eat the
worm when the worm has got a little
tastier  after  eating some more of
the leaf.
A  cat sees the bird and decides to
eat  it.   The  cat gets closer and
closer  and  sees  that the bird is
watching  the worm.  It waits a bit
longer   and  eventually  it  jumps
towards the bird.
It is a near miss and the cats ends
up  in  the  pond.   The bird flies
away.    The   little   worm   gets
underneath the leaf.

What do we learn from this ?

The longer the foreplay, the wetter
the pussy gets.
°@1- What's  the favrourite x-mas song
  in South Africa?

- That's easy - "White Christmas"..
"And  how are we today?" the Doctor
asks  the  patient  one  day at the
"Well,"  says  the patient; "by the
way  you look and I feel, we should
both be dead!"
A  man  was  out  driving  nearby a
farm.   He  suddenly  saw a chicken
jump  out  in front of his car.  He
tried   to   stop  the  car  but...
"SQUASH!"  The  man  picked  up the
chicken  and  rang  the doorbell at
the  farm.   The  farmer opened up,
and  the  man  said  "Is  this your
chicken   Sir?".    "No"  said  the
farmer, "..mine aren't that flat."
°@1The  wife  to her husband:  "I made
that  soup after a receipt I saw on

The   husband:   "Really?   Well  I
better go see what's wrong with our
antenna then..."
This one happened in Canada:

In  an  indian  village  the people
asked their meidicine man what kind
of a winter will the next one be.

The medicine man studied the nature
and told the people that the winter
would   be   very  cold  and  long.
Indian  women went to the mountains
to  collect  wood  for  the  coming
°@2The  medicine man wondered, will it
really  be  that  bad a winter.  He
went  to  city  met and asked them.
"The  winter will be very bad", was
the immediate answer.  "How can you
tell   that  so  sure?",  asks  the
medicine  man.   "The  indian women
are    collecting   wood   in   the
mountains", was the answer.
How  many  cops  does  it  take  to
change a light bulb?

10.   One to change the bulb, and 9
to write the report.
How many programmers does it take
to change a light bulb?

None. It's a hardware problem.
°@3Two  gays  were  walking  down  the
street  when another gay passes by.
The one gay says:

"That guy is a real good fuck!"
The other one replies:
"No SHIT!"
The first on says:
"Well hardly any....."
Did  you  hear  about  the  Swedish
parachute, it opens on impact.....
To all girls:
What's  the  dumbest part of a man?
His  prick.   (It's  got no brains,
its  best friends are two nuts, and
it  lives  right  next  door  to an

°@2Best@3 joke this time:
A guy entered a bar he'd never been
to  before.   He  noticed  a monkey
sitting  by  the  bar,  but  didn't
really  think  much  about  it - he
just  wanted  a beer, so he ordered
one.   The  monkey  kept looking at
the  guy  and  when the guy got his
beer,   the   monkey   seemed  very
interested  in it.  It kept staring
at  the  beer,  and  this  guy  was
beginning  to  feel  a  bit awkward
about  it,  but  tried to enjoy his
beer anyway.

After  a  while, to the man's utter
surprise,   the   monkey   suddenly
pulled   out   it's   "willie"  and
urinated  in the beer!  The guy got
furious  of  course,  and asked the
°@1bartender     who     owned    this
godforsaken  monkey..   "The  piano
player  owns  him,  he's over there
playing  right  now." the bartender

The  guy  walks  up  to  the  piano
player and says:  "Hey, do you know
your   monkey  just  pissed  in  my

"No",  says  the piano player, "but
if  you  hum a few bars, I can fake

@2Here's  the most disgusting joke we
have  received  this  time.  It was
sent by Genesis of IMX Australia:

°@3-  What's  the last thing that goes
through  a  baby's  mind  when it's
being raped to death?

- A dick.

@2What can we say? Gross.

@3Here's one that was submitted to
our board, by Shady of MegaExpo:

@1Ok,  there  was  this  old  bum, ya
know.   He  walked  from  house  to
house and tried to bum things (like
bums  do).  Anyway(s), one night he
came  upon  a  house and knocked on
the door.  A farmer opened the door
and  asked  him  his business.  The
bum  asked  for a place to stay for
the  night,  and perhaps some food.
The  farmer was willing to give him
°@1food  and shelter in the barn.  The
bum  then  asked  if  he could stay
inside,  perhaps  on a sofa or even
better  in a bed as he had this bad
back,  ya  see.   Well,  the farmer
agreed   after  a  long  period  of
thinking.   The  bum  could stay in
the  farmer's and his wife's bed if
he  promised  not to fuck his wife.
The  bum  agreed  to do so and came
inside.   They  ate supper and went
to  bed.   The  wife was already in
bed, so the bum dropped next to her
as the farmer was still downstairs.
The  bum  lay  there  for  a  while
before    he    forgot   his   good
intentions  and  fucked the wife of
the  farmer.  After he finished the
farmer   came   up   and  they  all
slept...  The  next  day the farmer
called  from  downstairs to the bum
°@1to  come  down  for breakfast.  The
bum  then  had  a  sudden  sense of
regret  for  doing  such  a hideous
thing  to a good man's wife, so the
least he could to do he thought was
to  clean her up.  As said as done,
and  then  he went downstairs.  The
farmer  looked  at  him frowned and
then said to the bum:  "Hey, didn't
I   tell   you   not  to  touch  my
wife????".  Well, the bum said that
he   had  so,  but  he  was  mighty
curious  about how the farmer could
know   he   banged   his   wife????
"Well,"  said  the  farmer,"ya see,
you  got  little  white maggots all
around  your  face,  as my wife has
been  dead  in  bed  for  over  two
°@2That's the end of our Jokes section
for  this issue.  If you've heard a
good  joke lately, why not share it
with   the  rest  of  the  EuroNews
If  you're an old EuroChart reader,
you've probably read this a hundred
times  before,  so just skip to the
next  section,  ooOOrait!   All new
EuroChart fans, read on...

The  EuroChart  is  different  from
other  charts,  because everyone is
invited  to  vote  - not just a few
selected groups.  It doesn't matter
if  you're a leader of a big group,
or  just  an average user, everyone
can take part in the EuroChart, and
all votes are treated equally.
°@1The people behind the EuroChart are
@3Crusaders@1, located in Norway.  Main
organizers    are   El   Cubo   and
Dr.Awesome, but with good help from
the  rest  of  Crusaders,  and guys
from  other groups too.  (Check the
"Thanks" section)

The  votes  are  counted  every 2nd
month,    and   the   results   are
presented  in a "demo/diskmag-like"
program.  You've just been watching
it,  before  you  entered into this
section, which is the EuroNews.

The   EuroNews   and   The  Gallery
sections  are both integrated parts
of  the  EuroChart.   Also on these
sections,  everyone  is  invited to
take part.
°@1If you want to send your votes, any
news,  a  joke  or  a photo for The
Gallery, send it to:

Crusaders EuroChart
Po.Box 45
1474 Nordbyhagen

Votes,  news,  jokes and photos are
always welcome!

@2A few hints for the voting:
You  don't  have  to have a special
EuroChart  voting  form.   You  can
write  your  votes  down on any old
piece of paper.  One guy had ripped
out  a  page from the phone book...
another  guy ripped off some of his
°@1wallpaper  and  voted  on it.  (PS.
This is TRUE!)

The  EuroChart  is now a SCENE ONLY
chart.  That means, no more entries
such  as "Graphics from 'Beast'" or
"The   coders  of  'Elite'".   Only
persons  from  the scene will be in
the Charts.

When  you  vote  for  more than one
group/person/whatever,   then   the
first one you write down will get 3
points,  the  second  2 points, and
all  thereafter  1 point each.  For
example:    "Red  Sector,  Paradox,
Scoopex, Angels, Kefrens, Skid Row"
-  this  would give 3 points to Red
Sector,  2  points to Paradox and 1
each to all the others.
The idea behind it all:
@1We  always  thought that one of the
most  interesting parts of the many
disk-mags  was  the  "News  & Info"
part.  So we decided to introduce a
little mini-diskmag, with ONLY this
part.   After working with the idea
a  bit,  we  decided  to include an
"Advertisements"   section   and  a
"Jokes" section as well.

We will gladly accept any news sent
in  by our readers.  Also, for this
reason,  we  can  not  go about and
check that every news item is true.
So we'll take our precautions:
°@3*@1   News   or   messages  that  are
insulting   to   other   groups  or
persons  are  not welcome, and will
not   be   printed.    We've   been
"burned"  on  this  before,  and we
learned our lesson.

@3*@1  Some  of  the news presented are
just stuff we've heard, and we pass
them   on   to   you.   We  do  not
guarantee  that everything is true.
We can't possibly check everything.

@3*@1   Not-so-serious  news  are  also
accepted  and  welcome.   Let's not
get  too  serious,  and forget that
it's   all   supposed  to  be  fun.
@3The  Gallery@1  is an integrated part
of   the   EuroChart.    For  every
release  we will bring you pictures
of various guys from the scene.  Of
course, we don't want to print only
pictures  of  ourselves,  so anyone
interested  in  having their pretty
face   displayed  in  The  Gallery,
should  dig  up a photo and send it
to us.

@3You   don't  have  to  worry  about
digitizing etc.  Simply send us the
photo  and we will take care of the
°@2Group  photos are best - collect as
many   members  of  your  group  as
possible  and  get a picture taken!
If you have a cute girlfriend, send
us  a picture of her, and watch her
face  when  she sees herself on the
screen!   In a program from Norway!

@3We're  sorry  to  say that we don't
have   the  capacity  to  send  the
photos  back  to  you..   so if you
send  us  a photo, you will not get
it   back.   (Unless  you  use  the
DiskBack  Service, in which case we
will send it to you with the disk).
We hope you can live with this.

@1If  you send one photo with several
guys  on  it, remember to write who
is  who on the photo - For example:
°@1Left  to  right:   Dode  1, Dude 2,
Dude  3  etc.   We  will  not use a
picture  if  we don't know who's in
If  you  would  like to receive the
EuroChart,  The  EuroNews  and  The
Gallery  directly  in your mailbox,
immediately after the release date,
then do the following:

@3*@1  Write  down  your  votes for the
EuroChart on a piece of paper.

@3*@1   Write  your  name  and  address
clearly on a 3.5" disk.

@3*@1  Pick  up  one more fully working
3.5"  disk  to pay for the DiskBack
°@3*@1 Send your votes and the two disks
to the EuroChart address.

@3*@1 Wait for the goodies to appear in
your mailbox!

@2A few "rules" to follow:

@3*@1  You  can @2not@1 send return postage
instead  of  the  extra  disk.  The
DiskBack  Service  costs  one fully
working 3.5" disk.  This covers the
postage  @2and@1  the  work we put into

@3*@1 If you send us an unuseable disk,
you  get  the  same  unuseable disk

@3*@1  If you send two unuseable disks,
you get nothing back.
There    are    very   few   actual
advertisements   this  time,  since
this  is  the  first time we've had
them.  More ads will turn up later.

If     you    would    like    your
advertisement    printed   in   the
EuroNews, just send us your ad on a
disk.   We  will  keep  the disk as

@2Follow these instructions:

@3*@1 Use a text editor, not a word
processing program

@3*@1 Max 35 characters wide

@3*@1 Max 22 lines tall
°@3Here's an example:

*                                *
*@3     F3-KEY STILL WANTED! @2      *
*                                *
*@1 Anyone who has an extra F3-key @2*
*@1 should immediately send it to: @2*
*                                *
*@3         Dr.Awesome             @2*
*@3         Kroken 9               @2*
*@3         2010 Strommen          @2*
*@3         NORWAY                 @2*
*                                *
*@1 I'll give you an F5-key and a  @2*
*@1 can of prize-winning Norwegian @2*
*@1 beer in exchange!              @2*
*@1                                @2*
*@3 P.S: Anyone interested in      @2*
*@3 swapping keys?                 @2*
*                                *
°@3Note!@1   An  advertisement costs one
disk @2and@1 the DiskBack Service costs
one disk.

So, if you want to use the DiskBack
Service @3and@1 place an advertisement,
you  should  send  us  3  disks, of
which  we  will  return  1 with the
latest  EuroChart  + EuroNews + The

We    might    give    away    free
advertisements  to  those  who have
helped us a lot with the EuroChart.

Right,    here    are    the    few
advertisements we have this time...
*                                 *
*           @2A M I G A@3             *
*                                 *
*   @1  F R E E L A N C E R S @3      *
*                                 *
*@2     We need more coders ! @3      *
*                                 *
* Would you like to be a member   *
* of Amiga Freelancers, the group *
* behind "ProTracker", contact    *
* us!                             *
*                                 *
* Amiga Freelancers               *
* Bekkelivn. 10                   *
* 2010 Strommen                   *
* NORWAY                          *
*                                 *
****                           ****
**       @1Wanna swap with@2         **
*                                 *
**      @3C@2 R@1 U@3 S@2 A@1 D@3 E@2 R@1 S@3  ?@2     **
****                           ****
****                           ****
**  @3Swapperboy@1 of Crusaders@2      **
*   @1has completed his military@2    *
*   @1duty time, and is collecting@2  *
*   @1contacts!@2                     *
*                                 *
*  @1Swapperboy/Crusaders@2           *
*  @1Fetvn. 819 @2                    *
*  @11900 Fetsund @2                  *
*  @1NORWAY @2                        *
*                                 *
** @3Elite only, please!@2           **
****                           ****
-                                 -
-@3         A B U S I V E @1          -
-@2        ---------------@1          -
-@3  We're looking for both members@1 -
-@3  and contacts! Get in touch@1     -
-@3  with us at:               @1     -
-                                 -
-@2       Mr.Techno/Abusive@1         -
-@2       E6 89589         @1         -
-@2       8520 Ankenesstrand @1       -
-@2       NORWAY               @1     -
-                                 -