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              1. Stunt Car Racer
              2. Battle Squadron
              3. Hard Drivin'
              4. Shadow of the Beast
              5. Kick Off / Extra Time
              6. Persian Gulf Inferno
              7. Cabal
              8. The Great Gianna Sisters
              9. Fighter Bomber
             10. X-Out


           1. It Came From the Desert
           2. Future Wars
           3. Sim City
           4. Indiana Jones 3 - The Adventure
           5. Leisure Suit Larry 2
           6. Populous
           7. Empire
           8. North & South
           9. Elite
          10. Rings of Medusa

           _ VOTED WORST GAMES MARCH 1990 _

                1. Bloody Afternoon
                2. Postman Pat
                3. Predator
                4. Moonwalker
                5. APB
                6. Ziriax
                7. Crazy Shot
                8. Sol Negro
                9. PowerDrift
               10. Licence to Kill

          _ VOTED BEST DEMOES MARCH 1990 _

          1. Red Sector MegaDemo
          2. Scoopex - "Seven Sins"
          3. Rebels - "Vectory"
          4. Fairlight - "SnurkelScroller"
          5. Red Sector - "Follow Me"
          6. Fairlight - "My Room"
          7. Phenomena Bike Demo
          8. Critical Promo Demo
          9. Spreadpoint - "Wooooooow"
         10. Dionysus - "Poogy in Space"


              1. Seka
              2. XCopy
              3. DPaint 3
              4. DiskMaster
              5. NoiseTracker
              6. Imploder
              7. Cygnus Ed Professional
              8. PowerPacker
              9. Kefrens IFF Converter
             10. Pseudo Ops VirusKiller 2


                1. Cracker Journal
                2. Zine
                3. NewsFlash
                4. D.I.S.C.
                5. Smooth Criminal
                6. Animate
                7. News On Tour
                8. Stolen Data
                9. FunDisk
               10. Amiga News


           1. The One
           2. Amiga World
           3. Dator Magazin (Scandinavian)
           4. Commodore User
           5. Amiga Format
           6. Amiga Spezial (German)
           7. Amiga Transactor
           8. Commodore Computing International
           9. Playboy (!)
          10. Amiga Magazin (German)


            1. Romeo Knight / RSI
            2. Walkman / IT
            3. Chris Huelsbeck
            4. Allister Brimble
            5. Fred Hahn
            6. Blair Zuppitich / Phoenix N.Z.
            7. Uncle Tom / Scoopex
            8. Time Traveller
            9. Danko
           10. D-Mob


                1. Digitech
                2. Flash Productions
                3. Top Swap
                4. Alpha Flight
                5. Setrox
                6. Slipstream
                7. D-Tect
                8. A.C.U.
                9. U.G.A.
               10. Telstar


                1. Vision Factory
                2. Top Swap
                3. Paranoimia
                4. Brainstorm
                5. Cave
                6. Northstar
                7. Setrox
                8. Oracle
                9. X-Men
               10. Accumulators


        1. Graphics from "Space Ace"
        2. Graphics from "It Came from the Desert
        3. Rico "Beanbag" Holmes
        4. Graphics from "Shadow of the Beast"
        5. J.O.E. / Scoopex
        6. TCC / RSI
        7. Dark Lord / Wizards Inc.
        8. WEB
        9. Graphics from "Battle Squadron"
       10. Graphics from "Dragon's Lair"

         _ VOTED BEST GROUPS MARCH 1990 _

               1. Red Sector Inc.
               2. Vision Factory
               3. Paranoimia
               4. Quartex
               5. Defjam / CCS
               6. Scoopex
               7. Phenomena
               8. Oracle
               9. Trilogy
              10. Accumulators

        _ VOTED BEST ALBUMS MARCH 1990 _

    1. Jean Michel - "Revolutions"
    2. Guns'n'Roses - "Appetite for Destruction"
    3. Rush - "Presto"
    4. Aerosmith - "Pump"
    5. Motley Crue - "Dr. Feelgood"
    6. Front 242 - "Front by Front"
    7. Marilllion - "Season's End"
    8. Phil Collins - "...but Seriously"
    9. Fish - "Vigil in the Wilderness of Mirrors"
   10. Depeche Mode - "101"

         _ VOTED WORST ALBUMS MARCH 1990 _

   1. Jive Bunny - "The Album"
   2. Jason Donnovan - "Ten Good Reasons"
   3. Prince - "Batman"
   4. Madonna - "Like A Prayer"
   5. Rick Asshole [ "Whenever you Need Somebody"
   6. Tanita Tikaram - "The Sweet Keeper"
   7. Little Richard - "Stronger"
   8. Alice Cooper - "Trash"
   9. Rolling Stones - "Steel"
  10. B-52s - "Cosmic Thing"


     1. Technotronic - "Pump up the Jam"
     2. Sinead O'Connor - "Nothing Compairs 2 U"
     3. Technotronic - "Get Up"
     4. Phil Collins - "Another Day In Paradise"
     5. Aerosmith -"Love in an Elevator"
     6. Depeche Mode - "Personal Jesus"
     7. Madonna - "Dear Jessie"
     8. Black Box - "Right on Time"
     9. B-52s - "Love Shack"
    10. Prince - "Partyman"


    1. Kylie Minogue - "I Wouldn't Change a Thing"
    2. Bros - "Too Much"
    3. Prince - "Batdance"
    4. Soul II Soul - "Get Alive"
    5. Technotronic - "Pump up the Jam"
    6. Madonna - "Like a Prayer"
    7. Milli Vanilli - "Blame it on the Rain"
    8. Janet Jackson - "Rhythm Nation"
    9. Sidney Youngblood - "If only I Could"
   10. Jive Bunny - "Swing the Mood"


     1. Alice Cooper - "Poison"
     2. Prince - "Partyman"
     3. Laid Back - "Baker Man"
     4. Michael Jackson - "Smooth Criminal"
     5. Technotronic - "Get Up"
     6. Madonna - "Dear Jessie"
     7. Peter Gabriel - "Big Time"
     8. The Cure - "Fascination Street"
     9. B-52s - "Love Shack"
    10. Belinda Carlisle - "Leave a Light on"


     1. Bros - "Too Much"
     2. Prince - "Batdance"
     3. Sidney Youngblood - "Sit and Wait"
     4. Soul II Soul - "Get Alive"
     5. a-ha - "Stay on These Roads"
     6. Fine Young Cannibals - "Good Thing"
     7. Prince - "Kiss"
     8. Kaoma - "Lambada"
     9. Lil Louise - "French Kiss"
    10. After Seven - "In the Heat of the Moment"

           _ VOTED BEST MOVIES MARCH 1990 _

            1. Back to the Future II
            2. Leathal Weapon 2
            3. The Last Crusade
            4. Ghostbusters 2
            5. Black Rain
            6. A Fish Called Wanda
            7. Die Hard
            8. The Naked Gun
            9. The Abyss
           10. Sea of Love


             1. Batman
             2. Jaws 3
             3. Rambo 3
             4. Police Academy 6
             5. Delinquents
             6. Cobra
             7. Bad Taste
             8. Sex, Lies & Videotapes
             9. Evil Dead
            10. Moonwalker

One sunny day, when Superman] was flying across the
skies, he suddenly noticed that he had a hard-on. He
really was in need of a good fuck, so he desperately
looked for a suitable object to satisfy his needs.
Suddenly, Superman] caught sight of Spiderwoman]
lying naked on the beach with her legs spread out.
"That's the one!" Superman] thought, "But what
if she won't let me in?? Well, she won't notice
anything if I use my hyper-speed!" ..and so he did.
After Superman] had finished his "job", Spiderwoman]
said: "Funny.. for a second there, I could swear I
had an extra weight on me!"
Then the Invisible Man], lying on top of Spiderwoman]
commented: "Well, I have no idea what it was, but I
feel a hell of a pain in my ass!!"

 [ [ _Joke sent in by: AXA of X-MEN   ----> Thanks!_

Why does Mrs. Thatcher always wear barbed wire underwear ...??
          ????                     {{
{She doesn't.  It's a joke !{!{!{
HIIIEEAAH!     {The Crusaders{ are back !      Important: Don't stop reading
this scroll, because later on there will be messages etc. to lots of people.
Even though you don't know any of us, there might be a message to {you{ - so
read on !!    Ok, first of all - please welcome our new member :    {F{ L{ E{
S{ H{ B{ R{ A{ I{ N   -  a really outtathisworld wonderful musician. {
Fleshbrain{ was not in any group before he joined us - he's from Turku,
Finland and he makes music for a living. His band's 2nd LP is out soon. If the
sound from your {Amiga{ is turned on, you're enjoying one of his pieces right
now. This one is called {"{P{o{l{a{r{C{h{a{s{e{".  We needed another musician,
because Dr.Awesome is now doing more game music and El Cubo is more dedicated
to programming. Anyway, {WELCOME{ to the gang Fleshbrain !!!    Ok, now an
important message to all graphics artists:  {The Crusaders{ are looking for an
{excellent{ graphics maker who is very productive. We can offer you membership
in a group with great friendship, a group that wants to have loads of fun and
doesn't take itself too seriously. If you're good at graphics (logos,
pictures, fonts...) send us some examples of your work. {ALL{ disks will be
returned. {Promise!{    Anyway, as you all can see, we're here to bring you
the latest results from our bi-monthly votes-collection called {"{T{h{e{
O{f{f{i{c{i{a{l {C{r{u{s{a{d{e{r{s {E{u{r{o{c{h{a{r{t{ T{o{p{-{T{e{n{".   If
you haven't seen it before, here's just a few words explaining what it's all
about...   Every second month we collect votes from hundreds of Amiga users of
all kinds, {c{o{l{o{u{r{s{ and ages, and bring you the results on a disk that
will be distributed to about 500 Amiga groups/users all over Europe.   What's
different about the {Eurochart{, is that everyone can vote, not just a few
selected groups.   Since we started this back in November 89, we've had a
steadily growing number of votes coming in. Now it's almost too much, but just
keep sending them votes - we love it! Soon we'll need a person on full-time,
just administrating and counting the votes!   In the {Eurochart{ there's
voting about lots of Amiga- and non-Amiga things, and of course the well known
"Joke of the Month". We have been considering printing more than one joke each
time because loads of jokes are being sent to us and we think many of them are
good enough for the chart. Maybe next time there will be 5 or more "Jokes of
the Month". Another idea might be to present some more jokes in the
scrolltext. That's what we'll do this time - next time who knows ?    You've
probably noticed that the EuroChart has changed a bit since we first started
doing it. This is thanks to all the useful hints and positive (ehem, and some
negative..) critisism we have got from you readers. We really appreciate this!
In order to keep the chart interesting, we will always listen to our readers
and consider your ideas etc.  So keep them coming ! We're quite sure there
will be more changes in the future, but we can't think of everything
ourselves, so please help us! Both positive and negative critisism, ideas etc.
are very welcome.      Ok, to anyone who might be interested (probably
no-one...) here's the complete Crusaders memberlist as of March 1st
1990....    {The Crusaders{ are:  (a-z)

     {Bravestarr{ (Spreader)
     {Copper {(Coder)
     {Dr.Awesome {(Music)
     {Dr.Claw {(Coder)
     {Dr.Outtasight {(Sysop Crusaders BBS)
     {Dr.Shitface {(Coder)
     {ECS {(Spreader)
     {El Cubo {(Coder & a little music)
     {Excalibur {(Coder)
     {Fleshbrain {(Music)
     {Lazerbrain {(Spreader)
     {Rusc {(Graphics)
     {Savatage USA {(Spreader, graphics)
     {Swapperboy {(Spreader, currently in the army)
     {Switchblade {(Coder)
     {Yster {(Graphics)
     {Zeb {(Hardware support)
     {Zuggly {(Coder)

          Ok, that was the memberlist (first time ever presented I
believe!).  If anyone not on this list claims to be a member of The
Crusaders, he's a liar.  But, as we mentioned, we're looking for another
graphics artist so if you want to join us, send us some examples !  (You
can use the address given in the opening screen of this EuroChart.)

Yes well correct me if I'm wrong but now I think it's time for some good
old-fashioned scrolltext bullshit.  This scroller will unfortunately not
include a complete greetings-list, but there will be a few personal helloes
and messages - so read on!  First:  congratulations to {Scoopex Finland{ on
the "7 sins" demo.  {Great{ piece of work, and congratulations {Uncle Tom{
for the wonderful piece of music in that demo.  At the time of writing this
scroller, we haven't started counting the votes yet, but I should think
that Scoopex will probably do very well on several charts, because they
have excellent coders, excellent graphics and excellent music.  Maybe they
will even show up on the "Best groups" chart??  Congrats and thanks to both
{Newsflash UK{ (Hi Spadger!) and {U.G.A.{ (Hi Ron!) for offering us
something a little "different"!  Congrats to {Setrox{ who are VERY active
with trainers etc these days and to their supah-cool spreader {Pioneer{ who
keeps sending that stuff every single day.  Our deep deep personal thanks
to {Rico "Beanbag" Holmes{, who I understand is doing some graphics for us
right now.  And the same goes to {Dr.C{ of {RSI{ for making some really
cool graphics for us.  Thanks a lot mate - we really do appreciate it, and
if there's ever anything we can do in return...  Congratulations to
{Brainstorm{ for the very nice disk-mag "{Zine{".  Congratulations to {Al
Brimble{ for the "Showtune" piece - very good indeed!  Deutche hallo's to
{Garfield und Beate{ - our best German friends - the love birds!  Ey Up's
to those wicked guys in {BSS{ ({B{ritish {S{wapping {S{yndicate, isn't it?)
Your "oooOOO it's Mental TOO" disk was sort of bittersweet (?) but at least
we had a few (very) good larfs!  Loved the animations!  Congrats and thanks
a lot to {Kefrens{!  Not only did they give us the wonderful {Seka 3.2{ but
now also another vital tool - their {IFF converter{ is the best so far.  We
should have more guys like Kefrens around!  Special helloes to {Phoenix New
Zealand{ who usually sit under the trees and make phone calls!  And finally
of course a million thanks to those who have showed their interest by
voting for the {Eurochart{.
         Well ladies and gentlemen it looks like that concludes the
scrolltext for this time.  Let's hope you find this issue of the EuroChart
interesting and we in Crusaders are looking forward to seeing you again in
the next issue!  Remember - keep your pants up and your shoes clean - Until
next time :  Bye bye {