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      LOADING         DECRUNCHING   2222             it's alive!  \                            it's all over                 you      \                          and you    \                          and you!   \                             we all need it...            it spreads out like pure hell             it's...               bacteria   \         \ @4 @5 @6 @8 @: @@ @: @8 @6 @5 @4                 no, that's not the name of a new group..       it's the name of the latest music disk from                 crusaders   \                                    @:                     yup, we've finally done it - after months of delay and loads of bad luck, it's here before your ears -                >bacteria<            by      \                 crusaders   \                 the credits are..    music by:   \                   @4dr.awesome  \                 and             @4fleshbrain  \                  code by              @8el cubo    \                 graphics by                  rusc     \                         as usual on our music disks, here's dr.awesome at the keyboard - i'm supposed to write some bullshit again..   first of all, let me take this opportunity to send warm welcomes to our new member:             @6  bustman    \               a fine graphics artist who used to be a member of "errors" but is now a true crusader.  ok let's get on with a few instructions..     well, this thing operates pretty much like any other stereo system, so just play around a bit with the functions and you'll soon get the hang of it.  fast forward, rewind, music search, volume, balance, bass- and treble controls, dolby noise reduction - it's all here. in the meantime, why not entertain you with some of the problems we had to go through to get this disk out..  i'm sure you'll get the point if i just mention things like             disk corrupt!             diskdrive fucked             graphics being changed again and again and again - just to make the coder's life as miserable as possible... just to mention a few problems we've had... well forget about all that sad stuff - now it's               @6here            for you all to enjoy.                @4  hold on - i just thought i should mention that here in norway we eat a lot of pizza!            # see?  that was me (dr.awesome) in front there having a bite at the local pizza restaurant, and in the background you could see zuggly doing his best to beat me.              we really hope the music is 'satisfactory'. please check out the works of my new mate and fellow musician               @4fleshbrain              he's got his own very personal style - i guess either you like his stuff, or you simply don't... personally i think his work is wonderful... oh and then there's me of course - i do hope some of you like my latest songs...              we've made this disk 'rip-free' that means unless you have a little knowledge of cracking, you cannot rip any music from this disk. (and i have yet to see quartex crack a music disk!)  we've done this simply because we're getting tired (at least i am) of other groups using our music without giving any kind of credits or even mentioning the name of the composer. but this doesn't mean we won't let other people use it at all - we just want some sort of control over it. so, if you like either of these tunes and would like to use them for your demo or whatever, no problem, just contact the crusaders and we will gladly send you the music. (see? we're not that big assholes anyway..)                       ok now i think it's time for us (me) to send away some personal thanks to those we appreciate... first of all hello and thanks to all of crusaders, and especially our two freshest members,    fleshbrain!   and     bustman!                 well fleshbrain has been with us for a while and become a natural part of crusaders now, but bustman has just joined us.. hope you'll like it bustman!!             eyup goes to my mate spadge, alias martyn "jimmyboy" brown, who is doing a terrific job running newsflash.           when are you going to hire me for newsflash man??            :-)               big helloes also to paul 'acid' harris - a supportive friend of us.    i want to send some biiiig thanks to the best swapper in the universe, pioneer of setrox who just kept on sending me those cool packages, even though i didn't send anything to him for a loooong time. well pioneer, i've quit swapping and don't really have much to send except our own productions etc..  thanks for keeping me in mind!          hello to our good friend garfield and his new girlfriend (sorry, forgot her name :-)               special thanks to dr.c of tcc-rsi for doing some x-tra cool graphics for us in the past (and future?) thanks a lot! and just let us know if there's anything we can do...               big hello to my mate aka of x-men finland and thanks a million for the supah-cool x-men cap you gave me. I've modified it a little though! i've attached one disk-box on each side of it, so I can carry my disks with me all the time! Is that cool or what? Now I can keep all my most important disks right above my ears. I wear my disks!       hello and best-of-luck-wishes to the guys in cryptoburners - sorry about how things ended up at the copyparty, it looked like it was going to be a great party and we were really looking forward to spending 3-4 days in drammen. well, good luck with your case(s) against those fuckers at bj and t-data.      hello and thanks to all the guys turning up every day on the crusaders bbs, we can mention names like the moose, garfield, wiseguy, xxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxx, and of course also the rest of the users (about 800 of them)      hello to the guys in phoenix new zealand, for some cool phone calls etc. i haven't heard from you guys in a while, though. are you in trouble with New Zealand Telecom or what?   also hello to my old mate sly in new zealand - which group are you in now anyway? you change groups more often than my grandma changes her underpants.  hehe just kidding...   well further helloes to marc 'panther' of chaos u.k. - sorry i couldn't keep in touch with you but you see i'm far too busy for swapping!        ok, now follows a list of names - friends and other persons who i appreciate and who are of some importance to me, here we go...               aerosmith           alan parker           andreas gorzinsky           anette westerhaug           bjoern holth           bravestarr           brownmark           bustman           chevy chase           clint eastwood           copper           dan aykroyd          dina lyse           dr.claw           dr.outtasight           dr.shitface           ecs           eddie murphy          el cubo           eloy           everyone at kvaerner engineering a.s.           excalibur           fleshbrain           frank roger eid           genesis           haakon ueland           ingrid westgaard           john belushi          john cleese          kaktus and mahoney           lazerbrain           marillion          martyn jimmyboy brown          michael palin           mr. mikael gorbatchov          my mum           olav v, the king of norway            paul harris           prince            richard pryor           rik mayall          robert palmer           roland technology           ron fonteine           rowan atkinson          rune 'rusc' schou           rush          saga grill and pizza bar           savatage           sir clive sinclair           st.paul           stanley clarke           stein rune korneliussen           sten bech           steve hogarth           steven spielberg           swapperboy           switchblade           the coca cola company           the guys in foxtrot             trine saether           trond westgaard           wendy and lisa           yster           zeb           zuggly           7-eleven                                   ........ phew!   that was some list, eh?                    Well, I guess it's time to wrap it up now.  El cubo at the keyboard now.  I sure hope you have enjoyed this disk, 'cause i've put a lot of work into it.  If you'ld like to contact The Crusaders, you can write to                    Crusaders,            Ovre Raelingsvei 80 b,    2000 Lillistrom,         Norway.                             That's about it for  now.  remember: Keep your nob up and your balls shiny!                   Crusaders - We brake for nobody.