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    "#"#"#"#"#"#"#"#"#       &      \ "#"#"#"#"#"#"#"#"#    power on!   \
"#"#"#"#"#"#"#"#   let's go!  \ |||||||||  you guessed
it!  dr|awsome  \ is back to tear your speakers off the wall!  welcome to  'back
2 base'\ a new era of soundtracking|  released at the rawhead/suppliers/bros
copyparty 24%26 feb 1989|  credits|||||  music>   dr|awsome  \ ||||  coding> 
dr|claw    \ |||| both of these fine± furry dudes are members of |||
 crusaders  \ |||| if you still haven't figured it out± you can choose tune by
pressing f1%f7|  like i said last time>  if you are listening to the music on
your monitor± reset your amiga   n o w   and don't boot this disk until you have
the amiga connected to a stereo system!!!  this disk is pd and may be freely
copied|  you may also rip music from it± but don't forget to give me credits
for it ||||||  |||||  ok± that's it for the normal messages± now let's go on
with some major bullshit talk± as usual|  the thing i hate most about making
music disks± is that i have to type the scrolltext± which always ends up like
a stinking pile of shit|  who cares   i mean± only very very few of you will
ever read this crap anyway!  i start off with the following strange message>
don't contact me for swapping± lamer or not!  i already have enough swap
contacts± and too much swapping takes too much time± and i won't have time to
put muzak together|  but you could always get in touch with me on the
crusaders bbs± if you have a modem|  the crusaders bbs is open 24 hrs a day±
and the number is |||||||  {write it down!} |||||||  {norway} % 6 % 81 08 81
\||||||  if you don't have a modem>  buy one!  if you can't afford one>  too
bad!  and here's a message for all other groups in europe who have bbs's>  we
have tried to call up at least 30 bbs's that we have read about in demos etc±
but none of them ever works!  either someone picks up the phone and says
'hello '± or no%one answers± or the line is always engaged± or the number is not in
use!  if any groups out there has a bbs that really works± please call us up
on the crusaders bbs± so we could sort out these problems ||||||||  ok± the
complete greetings list will come at the end of the scrolltext± but here are
a few special thanks to people who i think deserve them ||||||  first of all>
hi beranek!  thanks for letting me use 'this isn't my day'± one of the best
norwegian songs i've heard in a looooooong time!  |||||  second± a major hi to
johnny niska in 'norsk dator' % thanks for giving me promotion!!!  |||||  to
dr|claw>  thanks for the coding!  |||||  to all the guys in rawhead± suppliers
and bros for holding this copyparty!  i hope there will be more of them!  ||||
to my main man dr|  m|d|  cub>  thanks for ||||  eh|||||  uh |||||hmmmmm||||
well± thanks!!!  ||||  special hello's to>  bloodsuckers {& mr|wiz!} % clones
{& brainbreaker!} % action force {& scorpy!} % atrox {& zyr!} % mr|hyde
{ya' still with with us out there } % morons {& dude!} % the disk fixer
{still lonely, or what} % network {& lix!} % subway {& bug!  hawdya like the
"#"#"#"#"# music}
% red sector {& dr|soft!} % supervisors {& daniel!} % 7th heaven {& lord
x!} % sanxion {& wally!} ||||||  ok that's it for the special &'s and
thanks|  full normal greetings list will show up later in this scroll|||||||
|||||| i will now leave the keyboard to dr| m|d| cub| here he comes |||||||
hi± folks! i am temporarily back in business± on a fortnights leave from the
royal norwegian airforce witch has occupied me for the last 6 months|  but i
have all the same put together some pieces of muzak|  mostly in cooperation
with my good friend dr|awsome± but!!! watch out for my wintermusic disk|
probably due to release at this copyparty| well± that about wraps it up for
now|  see yall! |||||| yups± i think we are ready for the greetings now| hold
on± here they come||| $the crusader$ greet|||||| 7th heaven %
academy % accession % action force % alex d % alpha flight %
amigavision % anm % atrox % avirex % axion % bab % black cat % bloodsuckers %
bonfire crew % bros % cascade % cci % clones % cosmos % ddc and
tsv % deathstar % the cartel % dexion % digitech % dire fist %
disknet % dsc % ecc % eoa % epsilon % fab % fbw % flash % freedom
force % ghost % gogo inc.  % ghostriders % highspeed % horizon
creators % ikari/tri%dos % imp 666 % impact and phisto % it %
juke % lazer force 2001 % the link % the lizards % magnetic
fields % megastars % nemesis % network % network 23 % networks %
new order % the nibble team % noise % northstar and fairlight %
npa % otranen % overload % phallanx % protech % pvc % ratsucker
randolph % raw deal % rawhead % razor 1911 % red sector % rising
force % sad and noc % sanxion % scc % schiff % share and enjoy of
megaforce uk % sisters of mercy % softchecker % 5%star % tam %
tat % tdw % team x % tmd % top swap % triad % triangle % tron %
ttn % tww % vf and byd % vision one % vortex 42 % wizzcat %
xtended architecture % and to all we might have forgotten!!!
||||||| and this is where the scrolltext ends| hope you have
enjoyed the last 15 minutes !!!!!!!