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        =-> WELCOME <-=         
  How nice of you to stop by!   
 Welcome to this little product 
   brought to you by CONTROL.   
Now,  in order to avoid any form
of  desperate  hammering  on the
keybord to find the exit-buttons
I will now give you the complete
guide  to  this  little  baby of
      =-> INSTRUCTIONS <-=      
Pressing:                Result:
Left-button         Page forward
Right-button       Page backward
Both-buttons                Exit
        Simple isn't it?        
Before  we  continue,  I  should
inform you that the instructions
written   above  are for  right-
handed  people only!  That means
that if you, our dear reader, is
left-handed  should get somebody
else  to  change  pages for you.
Ask your mum or dad!            
        =-> CREDITS <-=         
Yep, lets take a quick glimse at
the   names,  who  somehow  have
contributed  in  the  making  of
No problem code.......Sidewinder
Vector? stuff..............Evade
Simple graphics............Antex
Add. graphics.............Sniper
Random notes............Scorpion
Your host..................Antex
Co Host (Kighoste?).....Scorpion
  CONTROL - Solitary Drinking!  
   =-> TABLE OF CONTENTS <-=    
Here  is  the list of the things
you should read in this issue.  
Article:                   Page:
Official Fan Club.............05
Inside News...................08
Messages & Greetings..........14
Last Words....................40
So,   what  is  this  production
about,   anyway?   Well,  as  my
underdeveloped personality can't
stand the risk  of  being acused
of trying to get famous starting
a  new diskmagazine, I will not,
and  I repeat will NOT, classify
this production as a diskmagazi-
ne!   So, what is it actually we
are  dealing  with  here?  Well,
since  it is not a diskmagazine,
a  messagebox, an advertmagazine
and  definitely not just another
poor    intro,    what's   left?
Actually I think I will classify
this as nothing more than merely
an info-corner.                 
So,   what  will  you  have  the
pleasure of reading here?  Well,
we will give you the latest news
and  inside  information  of the
CONTROL  posse organization.  We
will  give  you detailed addy's,
where  you will be able to write
to  us  for  any  matter  (well,
almost).  We will have greetings
and   messages   to  all  (well,
almost)  of  our friends.  Also,
as  this  is our first issue, we
have a  special  offer  for  YOU
from my personal PR  Department.
Don't  miss  it!  In fact, don't
miss out anything!              
Well,  with  these  few lines of
introduction  I guess we are all
ready  to  go on and explore the
forth  comming pages of literary
So  just  go on now and seek the
information   your  mind  is  so
hungry  to  get!  I promise you,
that    you    will    not   get
     (What a crap ending!)      
     - Dares where others don't!
         (Tør hvor andre tier)  
   =-> OFFICIAL FAN CLUB <-=    
As  it  appears that my personal
PR  Department  have a few words
to  say to all of you, I suggest
that  we take a short commercial
         Make way for:          
  The Antex Fan Club Worldwide  
   Exclusive licence given to   
  the CONTROL posse for use in  
      their "Info-corner".      
Have  you always felt that there
was something  missing  in  your
life?  Do you miss JUST that one
final piece which would make the
puzzle   that   is   your   life
complete?   Do  you  spend  your
time  searching  for  the higher
realms of enlightenment,  unable
to fully achieve them?  Have you
been wandering in the dark until
this  very  moment, feeling that
you simply cannot keep it up for
much longer?                    
Then  rejoice  with  the rest of
the  globe,  as we rush forth to
hail  the  new messiah!  Our 500
employees  are  at their toes to
answer  your  desperate  cry for
help.   Pick  up  the  phone and
dial  +45-75528240  and  behold,
you  too  shall  hear the devine
voice of MASTER ANTEX!.         
        Subscribe today         
    or we'll blow you away:     
  The Antex Fan Club Worldwide  
          Ekkodalen 17          
          6000 Kolding          
If  we hold your subscribtion in
our  grubby, sticky hands before
the twentyfirst of  June you are
sure to get a copy of the ninety
minute   audio   cassette   tape
entitled:  The Master clears his
throat after having been licking
stamps     for     approximately
thirtysix  hours  and coughs his
intestines   into  a  fat  proof
paper   bagie  situated  on  the
table  just  about  eight inches
away  from  his right hand which
by  the  way  is  in  very close
proximity  to  the  fire escape.
Plus  the remarkably short, wide
screen   format,  dolby  stereo,
logic surround, chromium plated,
block   buster  video  cassette:
AUCH!   featuring  Master  Antex
hammering   away  at  a  shitty-
brown,   air-enforced   envelope
from Pro Pac with a wide variety
of  different power tools and/or
fueldriven    jacks   of   every
thinkable shape and size!       
P.S:    The  organizers  of  The
Antex fan club are planning on a
huge trip to Denmark exclusively
for  its  foreign  members.  You
will then get the chance to take
part in the anual tribute to the
master, which is held in Kolding
again   this   year.    At   the
entrance of Antex's home we will
draw  straws  to see who gets to
spend  an evening:  "licking the
star of a star!"                
A  similar  trip  for the Danish
members   only   is  also  under
preparation. Further information
will  be  sent out as soon as we
have  finished  our negotiations
with   Carlsberg   Breweries  to
supply  us  with  the  nessesary
nourishment throughout the whole
Signed  on  behalf  of The Antex
Fan Club Worldwide staff:       
      =-> INSIDE NEWS <-=       
Welcome  to  this little article
where   you  can  read  all  the
latest news about your favourite
persons   giving  you  spiritual
Recently  he  was  taught how to
put  up  tiles  in  his kitchen.
But  unfortunately  we  have  no
idea  of how he managed, when he
had to do it by himself.        
MUNK & KRIS:                    
They  are currently working hard
to  achive  valuable information
about  the  Danish Armed Forces.
They  have  therefore joined DAF
in order to work undercover.    
He  has  recently  supplied  the
CONTROL  posse with a new little
member.   Until now the baby has
shown  no particular interest in
computers,  but  we  are sure it
will come!                      
He  recently  humiliated himself
as  he  went skating (on ice) in
front  of a huge crowd.  Word is
out  that he only fell once, and
that  he  has  no broken legs.  
He  has  just started practising
on  his drivers licence.  We are
all  hoping  that  this will not
have  any  influence  on the car
insurance premiums.             
He  must have done some terrible
things in a previous life, as he
obviously   tries   to  beg  for
forgiveness   writing  the  word
"Priest"  in  almost  all of his
modules. WE forgive you!        
Our   private  swimmer.   People
says  he is able to swim, but we
all  know that he is just trying
to  immitate a yellow submarine.
Atleast  he  has a bigger sister
with no broken legs?!?          
CONTROL -                       
     Now something is happening!
         (Så sker der noget)    
       =-> JOKE TIME <-=        
A  man  rushed  into  his  local
newspaper  office.   "Quick, can
you  help  me?   I  want  to put
something in the paper," he said
to     the     counter    clerk.
"Certainly,  sir,"  he  replied.
"What  is  it  you want to say?"
"Its  great news," continued the
man  exitedly.  "After ten years
of  trying  my  wife is having a
baby."  "I  see  sir," continued
the calm counter clerk, "and how
many insertions?" "God knows.  I
lost count in 1987!"            
"Whats  it  like  being an egg?"
the young chick asked his father
the   rooster.   "Not   all  its
cracked   up  to  be,  son,"  he
replied.   "You  are  only  laid
once,  it  takes  four  and half
minutes  to  get  hard,  and the
only  person to sit on your face
is your mother."                
Is sex better than cannabis?  It
depends on the pusher!          
A  man  staggered  into  a  pub,
clutching  his  throat, his eyes
half  closed.  "Give me 3 double
gins  and  tonics!" he gasped as
he  collapsed  against  the bar.
The  barman  poured  the drinks,
and    watched    with   growing
curiosity  as  the  man  quickly
downed  all  3.   "What  was all
that  about?"  he asked at last.
"I have just experienced  my 1st
blow job," the man replied.  "Oh
I  see,"  the  barman  chuckled.
"celebrating  are  we?" "You are
joking,"  the customer grimaced.
"The  gins are to take the taste
Two lawyers were getting dressed
after   an   energetic  game  of
squash   when  one  noticed  his
companion   struggling   into  a
wasp-waisted  corset with parti-
cularly   alluring   suspenders.
"Good  Lord,"  said  the  first.
"This  is  an unexpected side to
your  character.   How long have
you  been  wearing  that?" "Ever
since  my wife found it down the
back  seat of my car," the other
said glumly.                    
Suzy   and  her  boyfriend  were
indulging    in   some   outdoor
lovemaking when she suddenly sat
up,  frowning.  "David darling I
do  wish  you  would  go  to the
opticians    soon.    Why?"   he
asked,  bemused.  "Because," she
replied,  you've been eating the
grass for the last 5 minutes!"  
Student:  Excuse me, Sir, What's
your opinon of my essay?  Tutor:
Absolute  crap!   Student:   OK,
but let's hear it anyway!       
What's  black  and yellow, lives
underground  and eats stones?  A
black   and  yellow  underground
What  do  newspapers  and  wifes
have  in  common?   Most married
men  have  one  every day but if
they  don't get it, they try and
steal their neighbour's.        
Did  you  hear the one about the
queer  shepherd?   Well, he kept
mountain-goats!     (hhm!    You
should  try  pronouncing that to
get full effect.)               
Why  are swappers never sexually
down?   They've  always got some
licking to do!                  
(This is my favourite one. -Ed) 
What  happens  if  a  jew with a
hard-on  walks  into a wall?  He
breaks his nose!                
What's  the  difference  between
jews  and  pizzas?   The  pizzas
don't  scream  when put into the
What   do   you   get   if   you
crossbreed a jew and a gipsy?  A
street full of empty shops!     
Why   aren't   there  any  black
skiers?  Their lips explode when
they reach the tree limit!      
What's  written inside a negro's
lips?     "INFLATE   TO   TWENTY
What   do   you   get   if   you
crossbreed a negro and a monkey?
aren't that stupid!             
Ok,  that  is  all for the jokes
this  time.  Please bear in mind
that  we have absolutely nothing
against jews and negroes.  Well,
there  is  actually  not much we
can   do,   in   case  you  feel
offended.   Maybe  we could next
time make some jokes about white
       All jokes typed by       
       Scorpion / CONTROL       
   So blame him, if you don't   
       understand them!!!       
      =-> MESSAGE TIME <-=      
Ok,  I  think  it is time for me
(Antex)  to  send a few messages
to  my  friends and contacts out
  Messages from Antex/CONTROL:  
         All contacts:          
There  has  recently  been  some
mess  about  which  group I have
joined.   Well, as you can see I
have NOT joined MEDICINE or S!P.
I  left  ORIENT  about  1  month
after   The   Party  3,  Herning
together  with  Scorpion  and we
have now both joined CoNTRoL.   
       Adder of X-TRaDe:        
Hello  Steffan!   Thanks for the
reply.   I  hope  we will have a
very   long  and  cool  swapping
time.  Stay calm!               
      Al Bundy of JeWeLS:       
Hej  Allan!   Tja, du munker vel
rigtig  derovre  i  "Waterless".
Jeg  håber  vi  vil mødes engang
med årene.  Ses!                
     Avenger of MaD eLKS:       
Nice  to be in contact with you.
Always   nice   stuff  and  fast
replies.   Stay  cool  my Finish
         Axel of oZoNe:         
Hello  there  my French mate!  I
have  not heard so much from you
lately.   Have  you  stopped all
your  swapping activities?  Hope
to  hear  a  few  words from you
         Bird of iRiS:          
Hej  Kaare!   Held  og lykke med
dit nye team. Vi ses jo nok igen
på  et  eller  andet  tidspunkt.
Indtil da, forbliv kølig!       
     Blaster of eReMaTioN:      
Hello  there  my  french  short-
letter-writer!   I hope you like
it in your new crew.  See you!  
       Bross of MoVeMeNT:       
Hi  Thomas!  I have not heard so
much  from  you lately.  I heard
that  you was kicked out of MVT!
Hope  not,  though!  Well, write
me soon, ok?  Stay cool!        
       Candyman of SoNiC:       
Hej Jeppe!  Så mødtes vi endelig
i Herning!  Hmm...  Jeg har ikke
hørt  fra  dig  siden  selvom du
lovede  at skrive snart!  Nå, du
må  hygge  dig, og skriv så lige
snart, hva'?                    
        Centurion of ?:         
Where  are  you man?  I have not
heard  from  you  for  ages!  In
case  you are not dead, write me
soon, ok?                       
       CDLQ of TRaNSoNiC:       
Hej  Christine!   Held  og lykke
med din nye chart!  Jeg håber vi
snart  får  nogle ting at se fra
jer!  Indtil da, stay QUEENny!  
       Clash of aLCHeMy:        
Hi Are!  Well, I don't even know
if  you  remember  me!   If not,
does  the  name  "LICENCE"  mean
anything  to  you?  Well, I just
wish  you  would write me a cosy
letter sometime.                
          Condor of ?:          
Hej  Mikkel!   Trist  med Razor,
men  jeg  håber  du finder en ny
gruppe  snart!   Indtil da må du
jo  munke  helt  vildt  til dine
Folkeskole fester!  Hehe!  Håber
vi  ses  igen til et eller andet
       Core of DiSaSTeR:        
Hej  Brian!   Jamen,  det var da
også  på  tide  du  fandt dig et
andet  handle.  Ønskesedler reg-
ler!   Jeg  håber snart at se et
eller  andet  fra  DST.  Too bad
about your CeBit trip!          
    Crown of CRyPToBuRNeRS:     
Hello  there  you  French  vodka
drinking  Finn!  Thanks for your
reply.   I  hope  we will have a
great  time  swapping!  Tell me:
Are  Finnish  girls  better than
     Cyber Bug of BaLaNCe:      
Hi  there!   Well,  I  have  not
heard  from you lately, you lazy
Israeli insect!  What are you up
to these days?  Write soon!     
       Dalmak of STeLLaR:       
Hi  Tony!  Well, you are getting
more and more lazy!  Always nice
demos  (intros)  from  you crew!
Keep  up  the  good work!  Write
sooner or later (Ok, probably   
later I guess. Hehe!).          
       Darren of SCooPeX:       
I  hope  you like it in your new
crew,  mate!   Always  nice  and
fast  sendings from you!  I hope
to meet you at a party sometime!
       Decaff of TaLeNT:        
Hi   there!   How  are  you,  my
Norwegian  modem  freak!  Always
nice  to  hear  from  you,  so I
guess there is not much to write
here anyway!  See ya!           
      Deceiver of DeCNiTe:      
Hello  there!   Your pack is for
sure  one of the coolest around!
Just keep on sending them to me!
I  love  them, ya know!  Hope to
see a new demo or intro from DCN
soon!    Keep   up   your   fast
sendings!  See ya!              
        Dick of DaMoNeS:        
Hi Tatu!  Yep, always a pleasure
to get something from you!  Just
keep   on   jammin'  with  those
awesome wierd letters.  Are your
crew  planning  any  releases in
the near future?  Send soon!    
     Diesel of RaZoR ¹9¹¹:      
Hi  Mats!   It is always nice to
hear from you, even though it is
not  as  often  as  it could be!
But   I   guess   it   is  quite
understandable.  You seem to  be
quite  busy   drawing   graphics
for future Razor projects.  Hope
to  meet  you  again  at a party
somewhere!  Write soon, man!    
    Dire of THe DaRK DeMoN:     
Hi Nicolai!  Always cool letters
from  you, even though I someti-
mes  have  a hard time trying to
figure   out  your  handwriting.
Nevermind,  I  hope  to get that
phonecall  you  promissed  me  a
while ago!  Remember?  Hopefully
we will someday meet!           
      Double R of iNTeNSe:      
Hi there my only Spanish friend!
Not much to write to you actual-
ly.   Your  letters  are  always
welcome!  See ya!               
      Dr.Poison of ViXeN:       
Hej  Jan!   Tja, der gik jo godt
nok   lidt  tid  inden  jeg  fik
skrevet  til  dig.   Vi fik da i
det  mindste  en  lille  snak  i
Herning!   Jeg håber at høre fra
dig snart!                      
       Drain of oBLiVioN:       
Hej  Morten!   Jeg  hører  du er
startet   med  at  swappe  igen!
Hmm...   Hvorfor faen har jeg så
ikke  hørt  fra dig?  Den sidste
intro  fra OBL fik jeg af Kaare!
Nå,  jeg  håber du giver lyd fra
dig,  og  ellers  må vi jo se og
mødes et eller andet sted!      
       Drain of MaNiTou:        
Well,  it  sure  has been a long
time,  since  I  heard  from you
last  time!   Have  you  stopped
swapping?   Well, send me a cosy
letter soon, ok?                
         Duke of aBySS:         
Hi  Markus!   Well, through time
we  have certainly swapped a few
x-rated   pictures!    The   S&D
charts  are  getting  better for
every  issue.   Hope to meet you
     Eldorado of eReMaTioN:     
Well, it sure has been some time
since  your  last sending!  What
happened?    Have   you  stopped
completely?   Well,  send  me  a
letter soon, ok?                
      Equalizer of CHRoMe:      
Well,  you  surely  have  slowed
down   your   sendings   lately.
What's  up?   Hope  to  see  the
promissed musicdisk soon!       
       Erectus of ReTiRe:       
Hi  Knut!   Well,  actually  not
much  to  write, but to tell you
to write soon!                  
        Evapor8er of ?:         
Hi  there!  I hope you will find
another crew soon!  Nothing else
to write, but send soon!        
        Exciter of DCS:         
Hi  Ingo!   Well, I just hope to
hear  from  you soon!  Maybe you
can  tell  me  if  Ikari/DCS  is
still alive!  Anyway, send soon!
       Exumer of SaNiTy:        
Hi   Thomas!   Thanks  for  your
reply.   Your new packmenu looks
great.   It is somehow different
than all others.  Anyway, I hope
we   will   have  a  great  time
swapping.   Say hello to Jurgen,
        Fake of eQuiNoX:        
Hi  there my friend!  Too bad we
didn't  meet  in  Herning!   And
since  I  didn't  go to TG'94, I
wonder  if  we  will  ever meet!
Anyway, always nice to hear from
you.  See ya?!?                 
    Fashion of STaTiC ByTeS:    
Hi Andreas!  It was nice to meet
you  in Herning!  The SCALA demo
looked   nice.    Well,  atleast
until  I got the "Sorry, no AGA"
message!   Any  new  productions
from STB comming up?  Send soon,
        Fate of ouTLaWS:        
So,  you  finally  found another
crew  to  join?   Outlaws  looks
pretty  cool,  so  I hope to see
some  kickin'  productions  from
you  in the near future!  Always
nice and fast sendings from you!
Keep it up!                     
        Fear of DeSTiNy:        
Hello   Tor!    Well,  not  many
sendings  from you lately!  Wake
up, and write me soon!          
       Fizban of CoMPaCT:       
Hello  there  my Norwegian coder
friend!   Hmm...   I  wonder  if
your mum uses "Timotei" shampoo!
He, just a little joke.  Hope we
will meet sometime!             
      Flowerchild of iRiS:      
Hej  Jens!   Jeg  håber  du  vil
sende  mig  nogle  flere af dine
moduler!   Synd vi ikke mødtes i
Herning, men vi ses jo nok på et
eller andet tidspunkt!          
       Foxtrot of ReBeLS:       
Hej Martin!  Har du helt droppet
ami'en,  eller  leger  du stadig
lidt  med  dit modem?  Jeg håber
at  høre fra dig sådan inden alt
for længe!                      
       Frame of MeDiCiNe:       
Hi  there,  mate!  It was really
nice  to  talk  with you at TP3!
Your   new  group  looks  really
promissing.    Thanks   for  the
ascii  logos,  but  you forgot a
letter  in  the  big one!  Maybe
you  can fix that til next time?
Send soon!                      
      Garbitch of HuMaNe:       
Hi  Juha!   Well,  haven't heard
much  from  you lately!  Are you
asleep?   If  so,  wake  up, and
send me a letter soon, ok?      
          Grapic of ?:          
Hej  Morten!   Nå,  du  må  vist
hellere  se  at  finde dig en ny
gruppe,  hva'?  Ikke så meget at
skrive,  så  du må hellere hygge
dig gevaldigt!  Ses!            
       Growl of FaNaTiC:        
Hej  Kim!   Hmm...  Jeg har ikke
hørt   fra  dig  siden  "Orient-
dagene".  Send mig et brev eller
slå på tråden, ok?              
       Gurgle of RaM JaM:       
Hi  Mauro!   Your  new  packmenu
looks  nice, especially the logo
in  the  bottom!   I always look
forward to the next issue of The
Charts!   Stay  cool, my Italian
       Gyufi of FaCuLTy:        
Hi  Gyurko!   It  has  been ages
since  I  heard  from  you  last
time! Have you stopped, or what?
Send me a letter soon, ok?      
      Hawkeye of KeFReNS?:      
Hej  Jacob!  Mega lang tid siden
jeg  hørte noget fra dig!  Er du
overhovedet   aktiv  mere?   Jeg
håber  du  sender  mig  et lille
brev, helst inden jul!          
     Hijacker of eX.oRieNT:     
Hi  Lars!   Nice  meeting you at
TP3!   Too  bad  Orient couldn't
stick together!  I hope you will
find another crew to join, which
shouldn't be so hard, as you are
a cool coder!  See ya!          
         Ikari of DCS:          
Hi  there!   Well, haven't heard
much  from you since you contac-
ted  me!   Have  you stopped all
mailtrading,   or   what?   Hope
you'll send me a letter soon!   
   Inmate of HaRDCoRe DeSiGN:   
Hi  Pontus!   Well, I don't even
know  if  you  are still in HCD!
Anyway,  it  was  a cool time in
Orient.   Too  bad  it ended the
way it did!  Hope to meet you at
a party somewhere again!        
     Janitor of BLaCK JaCK:     
Thanks for contacting, and sorry
for  this delay, but as you see,
I have been quite busy in my new
crew.  Lets have a cool swapping
time, ok?                       
       Kasai of DeLiGHT:        
Hej  Michael!   Hmm...   Jeg har
ikke    hørt   fra   dig   siden
september  93!  Er du helt holdt
op  med  at  swappe,  oder  was?
Håber at høre fra dig inden jul!
      King Arthur of TMG:       
Hi  Tom!   Well,  haven't  heard
much  from  you  lately!  I hope
you    haven't    stopped   your
activities!  Send soon, man!    
          Lex of NoVa:          
Hi  Torbjorn!   Always  nice  to
meet you at a party!  I hope the
comming   musicdisks  from  your
crew  will  be  great.   Maybe a
little  intro  coded  by  you is
comming  too?  Anyway, I hope to
hear from you soon!             
      Limbo of RaZoR ¹9¹¹:      
Hi  Tomas!   Too  bad  we didn't
meet  in  Herning, but I hope to
meet    you    somewhere    else
sometime!   Always  nice to hear
from you!  See ya!              
      Lowkick of WiZZCaT:       
Hi   Patrick!    Well,  you  are
slowing down these days!  It has
been a long time since your last
letter!   Hope  to hear from you
       Masque of CaLiBRa:       
Hello Jari!  Always nice to hear
from  you,  my  friend!  Any new
productions  from  your  crew in
the   near   future?   Hope  so!
Anyway, write soon!             
     McGreen of aBSoLuTe!:      
Well  well, it surely has been a
heck  of  a  long  time  since I
heard  from you last time!  Have
you  completely stopped all your
swapping activites to concentra-
te   on  your  music,  or  what?
Anyway,  I hope to hear from you
       Mercus of FaNaTiC:       
Hi  Jarmo!   I  hope you will do
fine  with  your new crew.  Hope
to  see  another production from
your team soon!                 
     Messerschmitt of S!P:      
Hi Robert!  Your crew seem to do
fine!  Atleast you gain a lot of
members  around Europe!  Hope to
see  some nice productions soon!
See ya, mate!                   
        Mop of aLCaTRaZ:        
Hi there!  Well, congratulations
on  your  new  mag!   It  really
kicks  ass!   I heard you joined
Essence  to  work  on  their new
mag!   Why?  Is it just rumours,
or what?  Anyway, always nice to
get  a  sending  from you.  Nice
letters  of yours!  Hope we will
meet some day!                  
     Mystra of SToNe aRTS:      
Hi  Kjell!   I tried to hunt you
down at TP3, but I failed!  Hope
to  see  another production from
you soon.  Send soon!           
      Mythral of CeNTuRa:       
Long  time,  no  see!   Are  you
still alive, or have you stopped
your  swapping activities?  Hope
to get a letter from you soon!  
        Netrunner of ?:         
Hi Mikko!  Well, I hope you will
find  a  nice crew to join soon!
Maybe  you  can  do  a  logo  or
something   for  us?   Hope  so!
Anyway, see you soon!           
      Nighthawk of ReBeLS:      
Hejsa!   Tja,  du  må  undskylde
dette  lamme  delay,  men som du
kan  se,  har  jeg haft rimeligt
travlt.   Hvornår  får  vi nogle
produktioner  at   se  fra  jer?
Snart,  håber  jeg!   Anyway, Vi
ses jo nok engang!              
        Nivek of ViSioN:        
Hi  Jerker!   Good  luck in your
new  crew.   I  hope to see some
cool  productions from you soon!
Always  nice  to  hear from you!
Do  send  more  of your modules!
Of  course  I won't spread them!
OK, see ya!                     
      Oden of RaZoR ¹9¹¹:       
Hi  there!  Thanks for replying!
I  hope  we  will  have  a great
swapping  time!   Also I hope we
can  meet  at a party somewhere!
See ya!                         
       Orion of MiRaCLe:        
Hi!   Well,  you  can't say that
you   are  one  of  the  fastest
swappers  around.   Is  it  that
hard   to   work   on   Eternal?
Anyway,  I hope to hear from you
       Pace of MeDiCiNe:        
Hello  Roger!   Well, long time,
no  see!  Good luck with MED.  I
hope   to   see   some  stunning
productions  soon!  Hopefully we
will meet somewhere!            
     Painmaster of WaRTeC:      
Hi  there!   Well,  you  are for
sure   not  the  swapmaster!   I
haven't heard from you for ages.
I  kinda  miss  your short notes
and hot modem warez!  Send soon!
        Passion of KGB:         
Hej  Gert!   Hmm...   Det  er jo
ikke  meget man har hørt fra dig
på  det sidste!  Er du overhove-
det aktiv mere?  Skriv snart!   
       Pearl of PaRaSiTe:       
Hej Martin!  Tja, vores swapping
er   vist   ikke  noget  af  det
vildeste.  Et stort delay, eller
hvad?   Nå,  det  er der jo ikke
noget at gøre ved!  Har i fundet
ud  af  noget  mht.  at joine en
anden   gruppe,   oder?    Skriv
          Pervi of ?:           
Well, not many words from you in
the  past  few  months!  Are you
asleep,  or what?  Hope you will
write me soon!                  
         Prick of S!P:          
Hi  Mikko!   Have you heard that
it is actually possible to get a
penis  extension?   Personally I
don't  need such operations, but
maybe  you  should  try  it out!
Nah,  just joking!  Hope you are
doing   fine!    You  should  be
forced to write more often!  See
       Pride of MoVeMeNT:       
Hej  Palle!  Jeg har hørt, at du
er  blevet  sparket  ud  af MVT!
Hvad  er  nu det for noget fisk?
Nå,  jeg  håber  ikke  du mister
lysten  til  at swappe, og så må
du  jo  se  at  finde  en  anden
gruppe!  Ses!                   
     Rainman of FLaTLiNeRS:     
You   are   not  so  fast/active
anymore!   What  happened?   Are
you   too   busy   with  school?
Anyway,  I  hope to get a letter
from you soon!                  
      Ravager of MaNiTou:       
Hi Peter! How are you my Austra-
lian  friend?   Well, actually I
haven't  heard much from you for
quite  some time!  What's up?  I
hope to get a letter soon!      
        Remix of DeViLS:        
Hello  there!   Well,  have  you
completely  stopped your activi-
ties?   Hope  to  hear  from you
       Rocket of ViRTuaL:       
Where  are you???  Haven't heard
a single word from you for ages!
Pull out your finger and ship me
a cosy letter!                  
       Saturn of ViRTuaL:       
Well,  I  guess  you should read
the  message  for  Rocket!   The
same things goes for you too!   
    Sculpture of FuTuRa P.:     
Hi  Mika!  Well, you too seem to
be dead!  Wake up, and send me a
       Slime of MeDiCiNe:       
Hi  there!   Your  new  packmenu
looks really cool.  Well, I hope
we will meet sometime!  See ya! 
        Spexx of eXTaCy:        
Well,  it  sure has been quite a
while  since  your  last  letter
reached  my  mailbox.   Have you
moved  to  Sweden  now,  or  are
still  in Finland?  Hope to hear
from you soon!                  
       Spot of aCCeSSioN:       
Hi  Samu!  Good luck in your new
crew.  The last intro was really
nice.   Hope to see more produc-
tions soon!  Write soon!        
    Suhu of BaNaL PRoJeCTS:     
Hello  Juha!  Always nice intros
from  Banal!   I  really hope we
will  meet  someday!   Lets  see
some   bigger  productions  from
your crew!  See ya!             
    Symph O'Nee of WiZZCaT:     
I  haven't  heard  much from you
lately,  my  friend!   I  talked
with  Beathawk  at  The Party 3,
and   he  said  that  he  really
didn't  know  if  you were still
active  or not!  I hope you will
send  me  a  cosy  letter really
     The Master of SiLeNTS:     
Hej Rene!  Jeg håber snart i får
stablet   det   "Gathering"   på
benene,  så  vi  kan mødes!  Tak
for  grafikken til min packmenu!
Jeg  venter  spændt på jeres nye
trackmo-ting  +  andet  guf!  Vi
snakkes ved!                    
   The Trader of iNVeSTaTioN:   
Hi  Jacek!   I  heard  that  you
started  a new crew called Fear!
Good  luck with it!  Somehow you
should be forced to send me more
often!  See ya!                 
        Thor of NuaNCe:         
Hi  Jurgen!   Thanks  for always
nice sendings!  When is the next
release  from Nuance comming?  I
hope we will meet someday.  Btw.
say hello to Thomas aswell!     
     Two Amigos of WiZZCaT:     
Hi  Servitor!  Well, rumours say
that  you  have quitted swapping
and  the  scene.   I talked with
Beathawk at TP3, Herning, and he
said  that he had not heard from
you  for  ages (neither have I)!
Well,  hope to get a letter from
         Ufo of oRieNT:         
Hi  Daniel!   Well, I don't even
know   if   you   are  still  an
oriental!  As you can see I have
now  joined  CTRL,  so  I really
don't care about Orient anymore.
Anyway,  always nice to meet you
and  the other ex.Orient guys at
a  party!   It  shouldn't  be so
hard  for  you  to  find another
crew,  as  you are a really good
graphician.    Ok,   send  me  a
letter soon!                    
  Vampire of "The Real Life":   
Hi Sanna!  Yep, as you can see I
am  still  pretty active in this
godforsaken  business!  Have you
ever considered returning to the
scene?   Never  mind,  I hope we
can  still stay in contact, even
if  it  happen  that I decide to
stop   my   activities   aswell!
Anyway,  hope  to  hear from you
       Walker of aLCHeMy:       
Hi  there!  Hmm..  Thanks for da
game,  but it didn't quite work!
Any  productions  from your crew
in  the  future?   Hope so!  Ok,
maybe we will meet someday!     
         Zak of aVaLoN:         
Hello!    Always  nice  sendings
from  you,  my Norwegian friend!
Hope  to  see  some more produc-
tions from AVL.  The last track-
mo was kinda cool!  See ya soon!
       Zenit of CoMPaCT:        
Hi!   Nice  to  talk with you in
Herning!   I really hope to meet
you  again  at some party!  Your
toolboxes are very cool.  I like
them!   Hope  to  see  the  next
issue of LOVE soon!  Stay calm! 
         Zenox of Dai:          
Hi  there, my lazy pal!  You are
simply  getting  too  lazy these
days!  Wake up, and send me more
often!   Hopefully  with  a  new
production from DAI soon!       
       Zinko of KeFReNS:        
Hej  Jack!   Jeg  hører  du  har
joined  "Tango brødrene", men nu
er   tilbage  som  Keffer!   Jeg
håber  du  har fået mit brev, og
snart  skriver et af slagsen til
mig.   Ellers må du jo hygge dig
indtil  vi ses på et eller andet
Well,  how about that!  Actually
a message to all of my contacts!
I really hope you appreciate it,
because it took  me  a heck of a
long time to write them!        
    Messages typed March '94    
 (Sorry, if some are outdated!) 
CONTROL -                       
  Fordi Dansktoppen ikke er nok!
          (Hej Pearl!)          
     =-> GREETINGS TIME <-=     
  Make way for the "official"   
       greetingslist from       
ABSOLUTE        -        McGreen
ABYSS           -           Duke
ACCESSION       -           Spot
ALCATRAZ        -            Mop
ALCHEMY         -         Walker
AVALON          -            Zak
BALANCE         -      Cyber Bug
BANAL PROJECTS  -           Suhu
BLACK JACK      -        Janitor
CALIBRA         -         Masque
CENTURA         -        Mythral
CHROME          -      Equalizer
COMPACT         -          Zenit
CRYPTOBURNERS   -          Crown
DAI             -          Zenox
DAMONES         -           Dick
DCS             -          Ikari
DECNITE         -       Deceiver
DELIGHT         -          Kasai
DESTINY         -           Fear
DEVILS          -          Remix
DISASTER        -           Core
EQUINOX         -           Fake
EREMATION       -       Eldorado
EXTACY          -          Spexx
FACULTY         -          Gyufi
FANATIC         -         Mercus
FLATLINERS      -        Rainman
FUTURA PROD.    -      Sculpture
HARDCORE DESIGN -         Inmate
HUMANE          -       Garbitch
INTENSE         -       Double R
INVESTATION     -     The Trader
IRIS            -           Bird
JEWELS          -       Al Bundy
KEFRENS         -        Hawkeye
KGB             -        Passion
MAD ELKS        -        Avenger
MANITOU         -          Drain
MEDICINE        -           Pace
MIRACLE         -          Orion
MOVEMENT        -          Pride
NOVA            -            Lex
NUANCE          -           Thor
OBLIVION        -          Drain
ORIENT          -            Ufo
OUTLAWS         -           Fate
OZONE           -           Axel
PARASITE        -          Pearl
RAM JAM         -         Gurgle
RAZOR 1911      -         Diesel
REBELS          -        Foxtrot
RETIRE          -        Erectus
SURPRISE PROD.  -  Messerschmitt
SANITY          -         Exumer
SCOOPEX         -         Darren
SILENTS         -     The Master
SONIC           -       Candyman
STATIC BYTES    -        Fashion
STELLAR         -         Dalmak
STONE ARTS      -         Mystra
TALENT          -         Decaff
THE DARK DEMON  -           Dire
THE MAGIC GUILD -    King Arthur
TRANSONIC       -      Christine
TRSI            -      Hellrazor
VIRTUAL         -         Rocket
VISION          -          Nivek
VIXEN           -     Dr. Poison
WARTEC          -     Painmaster
WIZZCAT         -        Lowkick
                    Symph O' Nee
X-TRADE         -          Adder
INDEPENDENTS    -          Pervi
    Special greetings to all    
         in SILENTS DK!         
       =-> ADDRESSES <-=        
 For coding & joining matters!  
     Sidewinder of CONTROL      
        Michael Jonassen        
         Fuglebakken 44         
         DK-7600 Struer         
 For coding & joining matters!  
        Evade of CONTROL        
         Jesper Olesen          
      Falkevej 50, Lejl. 8      
         DK-8800 Viborg         
  For swapping & pack-support!  
        Antex of CONTROL        
          Danni Hansen          
          Ekkodalen 17          
        DK-6000 Kolding         
  For music & little swapping!  
      Scorpion of CONTROL       
       Steffen Nicolaisen       
           Samsøvej 7           
        DK-3140 Ålsgårde        
For graphics & joining matters! 
       Sniper of CONTROL        
        Rasmus Aggerholm        
      Hasselager St.vej 8       
       DK-8361 Hasselager       
    This could be your addy!    
  Contact us for joining, now!  
  We need especially a highly,  
   motivated graphician, but    
     everybody is welcome!      
   Send samples of your work!   
 All addresses are in DENMARK!  
          (Of course!)          
     Phone numbers, please!     
         No late calls,         
  nor any chance of phone-sex!  
       =-> LAST WORDS <-=       
Well,  with  the  first issue of
this  little info-corner of ours
finished and out on the streets,
I  am  now able to lean back and
enjoy  the  result.   I hope you
have  enjoyed  scrolling through
these  pages  of literature.  If
not, I suggest that you write to
me stating your oppinion.       
I  must say that it was really a
time  consuming  job  to type in
the   previous  pages  of  text.
Time I easily could have used on
something  else  like  sleeping,
wathing  tv, doing homework etc.
Issue 2 is planned as a "retire"
issue   in   about   4-5  months
released  just before I join the
 Future releases from CONTROL:  
 Trance Mission  - trackmo      
 Amatory plays   - packserie    
      ???        - musicdisk    
    And a couple of intros!     
          (of course!)          
That's all for this time...