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 Fread this!!     recently there has a coma intro appeared but it was not made by any COMA member!    in the text the treacl and panic party was fucked off ... we have nothing to do with this!!  but we know the culprit and he will bite the dust very soon [...]      btw there were some changes in our group ... stranger and reverse were kicked out. tomcat rejoined us after a boring month in betrayal and we got many new members ... and now some special messages to some very special guys ... pinhead of anarchy [nice phonecalls]. martin s. [you are one of my oldest and best contacts ...]. dartagnan of axis [watch out for our co-op demo ...]. spider of d-tect [great hack-mag !]. booker of COMA ch [thanks for so many phonecalls]. dr.psycho of COMA sf [thanks for long letters !]   ... now prepare for the latest COMA memberlist [in abc order] ... in germany ... aljechin [coder!]. amok [hq.swapper]. cato [coder]. control [swapper]. dave tough [gfx]. disaster [swapper]. general [swapper]. lawbreaker [sysop]. mad butcher [coder]. mission [coder]. mr.l [swapper]. slugger [modemtrader]. tomcat [musican]. tom copper [gfx.swapper]. tracer [swapper]. tripex [swapper?]. zorba [gfx.swapper] ... and in finland ... amigaze [gfx]. darxon [gfx]. defron [swapper]. dr.psycho [sysop.swapper]. elwood [coder]. gazer [coder]. junior [coder]. kid frost [swapper]. ruler [swapper]. soy [sfhq.swapper]. stalker [musican]. topaz [musican] ... in uk... jedi [ukhq.modemtrader.swapper.coder.trainermaker] ... in norway ... alva [gfx]. chatman [nhq.modemtrader.swapper]. dr.feelgood [coder]. hellraiser [coder.gfx.swapper] ... in sweden ... mr.doom [swapper] ... and in swiss ... antifast [modemtrader.swapper]. booker [chhq.modemtrader.swapper] ...  hey. are you still there?  we have a member in the usa. too. but we do not know his name yet!   that means 38 hardworking [?] guys ...  ok. this was the lot and the text restarts now !        

     bbs - intro    
      credits :     
mission     -   code
tom copper  -    gfx
topaz       -  music
tom copper  -  fonts
    high society    
 dr. psycho of coma 
   22.00h - 7.00h   
 pleasure  paradise 
 ++ 49-(0)591-64755 
 P case of d-tect P 
 ++ 49-(0)40-xxxxxx 
 lawbreaker of coma 
 3 lines  -  300 mb 
watch out  for other
COMAT boards in this