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yo man!  here's a litte messagebox from the party in arendal autumn 1991... it was organized by imp-998 and razor 1191!  ...  and floppy is on the keyboard....   arendal is a fuckin' strange town... lotsa nerds driving around in shining, valuable skodas...  if you want a bimbo you need to have some sort of a mechanized transportation veichle  like a car, moped, motorbike, or for instance a scooter! . and the disco was really cool. saturday night - just people talking and drinking yellow liquid. if you're living in a sulibatium arendal is the town!  well c.u. l8r!   ..............     hi, ho, my man !! this is the mighty mr.nobody and i would like to wish myself welcome to cinefex designs...         here comes a little report of what we experienced in downtown arendal friday night.... actually we discovered that the main event of the arendalers is to drive around on a car park in their enourmously lame cars... they were typical raaners. They had gigantic dices hanging in their mirrors and they looked fuckin' awful. and when they had driven around 4 a while, they just stood there chatting about lame things. actually we have the car park-driving-record. we took approxomately 7 circles on the car park while we were almost laughing to death at those 'raaners' it's pretty lame, isn't it ?       well..... i suppose that's it from me today... ceyah ! bye... yo, this is octoplex/vision (too fucking cool to care!)  as you can see ive joined vision!.    well, heres some messages to some dudes:         wico/classic and madcap/spirit: Well, hope to drive with ya to the party in denmark this winter.         lamer wiz /xxx crew:   well, fuck off and die lamer!     floffy/slime effeks:   cool message box, die slow man!            lameblaster/fishion:    lamer!               and all lamers i know!    cya assholes!                     hyia!!!    mindblaster occupying the dirty keyz...   ok, here we are at the lamer pardie in arendal!   this pardie could have been cool if more people had shown up, and less lamers!!!  like the one with the cap!    hmmm...   i just love to bull people!!!   so what we're going to do is ......   hmmm... some messages to some people   octoplex/vision... hmm....  lamer too!!!   welcome in vision my friend!!!   hope you'll have a cool time! --- flash/vision... so odd tore!  you left us to buy smoke!  wot a shame! --- floffy/slimefex disign... bye bye baby!!! --- raider/motion... nice t-shirt i bought from u!  stay cool! --- blazer/motion... cool demo morten!  hang on!! --- jawbreaker/razor... nerd, nerd, nerd etc... you're game looks ok, men romskipet ditt faar en helvetes luftmotstand haha!!! --- buskemannen/new wave... cool lametro???  stay cool!!! --- bold eagle/new wave... hey little man???   hello to you to! --- crapman/fucking nerds... gratulerer med seieren i twintris compoen!  hvor blir det av p0lsa du lova meg???   din kuk!!! --- madclock/motion... hvordan gaar det med fjortisene dine???  haaper du faar gnagsaar paa snabben!!!  ha,  krafverk rulez!!! --- wiz/bakslepp... huba, lamer!!! --- pal/razor... your graphics are just fine!!! keep it going! --- dj devil/motion... klipp deg aa faa deg jobb haha!!!  ok no more mezz...    still some hours until the democompo...  i've already seen some demos and some of them are quite good!!!, but also many lame productions... like a fuckings to wiz's parents for creating such a ugly creature!!!  (octoplex!)...                        well, well........ this is mr. coolly of fantasyriders writin' to you... date:29.september  time:2,30     the demo-contest is started...           ............ restarts.............**************************************           CINEFEX DESIGN           **                                    **         presents to you...         **                                    **         Party Message Box          **                                    ***************************************The credits...                        --------------------------------------Music........................... B.I.TLogo........................... DexterCode & fonts................... Floppy--------------------------------------                                       Press right mousebutton to flip page       FOR YOUR INFORMATION:                                                 1.You can exit by pressing left mouse!2.You can shift page with the right     mousie.                             3.The releasedate of this program is:             29-9-1991                 4.Mr.Nobody & I(Floppy) left Wizzcat    to join Cinefex Design.             5.Some fame guys and (not fame guys?)   have written something in the scroll  below (consider reading it!)        6.Alle raanerne i Arendal er avhengige  av poelser med ketchup,sennep og      stekt loek.                                                                  MISSING - grey male cat missed!    --------------------------------------An old lady reports her dear beloved  cat. It responds to the name "Swante" If anyone find this cat, please reportto the Cinefex stand.                                                       P.S.We found an overdriven cat on the     pavement that fits the description    really good, except for the hard      fact that it does NOT respond to      the name, and has a very strange      behaviour. It lies all day on the     back while it stares into the air.                                                                            The Russian Nazi Party reports that   they have lost their leader. He was   last seen in the eastern wing of the  Nazi main-building. A spokesman of theN.P. sais that a green fly supposedly should have flown into the building   that day and made a total mess of all their common sence and he believes in a miracle. Stand together as brothers and support tha magnificent communism!                                                                                                                              JUST KIDDIN!                          ------------                                        -Mr.Nobody  Cinefex are at a copy-party,          Dexter, BIT, Floppy, Fallos and                               Mr.Nobody!                                          We are writing shit on homecomputers,  just to show we are no losers!                                             Drinking coke and acting cool,         dream about sex and not the school!  Our brains are fed with hex,           and Floppy says he hates Octoplex!                                         Two new members in one small day,      Mr.Nobody and Floppy, can it be much  worse, I hear you say!                                                     JAMBALA DUDES!!!                      Dexter Is kicking some words....      First I got a question for...                    Zniper / Motion            Are you still active as a modemtraiderafter a phonebill over 10000 NOK.???  Hehehehehe..    Well, didn't your     bluebox work  ???????????????????     Good luck with your new group Zniper. And now a message to the asshole      called :  Slash / ex.Axe......        Why are you allways talk shit about   your "Friends"?.??...   Get a autofireon your fuck'n zipstick ......        See ya around asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                !uoY fO llA iH                                                        HOW TO MAKE A BLUE BOX reel 1         -----------------------------     Simpy take a box of fishballs, the    Bjellands fishballs have a very high  quality. Open it, and eat the balls.  Then you're ready to start assembling.Paint the box blue(any contrast will  work, then glue the chips,dips and    dorks inside the box. Close the box   Then you use a drill to make 2 nice   holes in the box. Sooner or later you have to put the telephone cable troughthe hole, so you'd better do it!           TO BE CONTINUED ON THE NEXT PAGE!Blue box reel 2                       ---------------                       Then connect it to the phone. YOU HAVEMADE YOUR FIRST BLUEBOX!                         CONGRATULATIONS!                                                 You need the following:                 1  Bjellands luxus fishballs         30  8520 CIA chips or potatochips      4  74z74 97 Mhz D-viper               3  74s92 0.5 Mhz F-bit manipulator  1-2  dl blue paint                    250  NKR(send it to Cinefex Drammen)                                                                                                                    And now   *****              ********           **  **             *******            **   **      **       **              ** ***                **              **   **      **       **              **    **     **       **              *******      **       **    Ask dr.   *****    *   ****   * ***  *                                                                                                                                                         Beethovens Inner Talent                     helps you through your problems                                                                            Dear B.I.T!  You see, my cat has had  bendel-worms, and I am afraid i might have got bendel-worms in my "organ".          PLEAZ! Heeeeelp!                                            Fallos                                        Oh,Fallos you PIG!  You must ALWAYS   remember those little rubby-things!!    -and also remeber:                  Cats like to be schratched simoult.!! PS:I am quitting this "dear"-shit now cause i wanna sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep                               B.I.T                                                                                                                                                           ******    ***  ****  ****  ***   *   **   **   **  * **  * **  *  **   *   **** **   **  * ****  ****   *****    **   **   **  * **    **       **     **   **   **  * **    **       **     **    ***  ***  **    **       **                                            Have got the great pleasure to say:                                                  T H E   E  N  D