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i'm not responsable,...   i'm not...    i'm arkel  go&enjoy whith this little music&pictures show     thanks to 
First of all I (DR.PAT) will take the keyboard for some messages...  I would like to welcome our 5 new members   
MR HYDE  BOBGUN   DEF46   SKRULL   MAD(PACIFIC LAND)   welcome in our team...     CHRYSEIS is now contactable at  
BP 274    5000 NAMUR1    BELGIUM       BP 7     1080 GANSHOREN (BRUXELLES)   BELGIUM      BP 4  6200 CHATELET    
BELGIUM    you can also connect our BOARDS     RANGER BBS +32-(0)65-33-94-26 (FROM 8 PM TO 8 AM)   BLACK KRYPT BBS 
+32-(0)81-22-XX-XX (OPEN 24/24H)   I give now the key to my friend and permanent guess in the endless serie of 
CHRYSEIS productions...   ARPEGIATOR  BYE   DR.PAT SIGNING OFF        ...Whoops,welcome to this amazing slide...  
That's the result of about 5 minutes of Hardcore Work :-)    ...  By that guy who provided me (Arpegiator) with 
his superbs pictures ! The credits 4 this Chryseis Production are: Coding & Scanning By  Arkel,  One Interlace 
logo  By  Dyonisos and  Music By  Arpegiator/Fusion !!! Try to connect the closest bed u'll find, by that way, 
you're going to appreciate the Smart Arkel' Dezign :) ...      After What i would like to greetz my best friend 
from the scene and from outtathere : First greet is for my actual neighbour : Akira - How is going with ...     
Patricia ... Hope we'll all take pleasure with her after the meeting (i think about my boths first :) - Hi to 
Dr.Pat & his girlfriend called Anne ?! Oki Now it's time for sum musicians i know :  Old Bjorn A. Lynne (Nice 
chat with U on Home Sweet Home Dude ) - Audiomonster ( Hi Raph ...      What's new with Florence ? )   -   Nuke 
( Ooopps .... Still Funk your english Dust )  - Hi to My Favourite Sysop : ULI/ Sp (Thanks For your regularity 
and still maintaining my account in live)... End ofcredits !!!  Oki,  What do you phink of the Music ...  Hope it 
will be approved by the 7 to 77 years People :)  That's not a Scroll Disk so i will end my part and let the Keyz 
to UNIX... Signe off by Arpie ...   Yop ! Here is UNIX speaking.... It's time to describe the  APOCALIPTIC atmosphere
 of this internal party ...        HHHHAAAARARARGG !!      BUURPSS...                        I hope Mad martigan & 
Arpegiator have just come back on EARTH !  MMHH... BBBUUUURRRKKK  !!   So, I want to great someguys :   MR HYDE 
for his shower and his out of order lavatory  (tanks AKIRA !), thanks to ARKEL for bugs making in my little mad 
gerbing intro... I want a RENDEZ-VOUS with the predicator ARPEGIATOR... NICE prediction but are you realy sure 
that my dog will take a roket and go on the moon ?      I hope that your tinkerbell will soon come in BELGIUM !  
DO not forget to call us for the celebration.. married with a tinkerbell... why not after all !!!  Special greets 
to LUDUS from FPMS....!     OK it's now credits time...  CHRYSEIS REGARDS are flying to  JUNIOR and all members 
of FUSION     BLACK ANGEL and MR SOLO        ULI/SP      METAL IMPACT BBS(thanks for ami-x support)   and finally 
to all the guy who make that amiga is a so nice computer see you soon in another production  CHRYSEIS 17-07-92