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         }}} CHRONOS BOARDS }}}         
 Abnormal Brains IHQ    ++39-2-4581032  
 Dark Star GHQ          ++49-821994227  
 Digital Network AHQ    ++22-22-593388  
 Labyrinth CHQ          ++41-91-574138  
 The dreaming city USHQ   708-932-0293  
 Hole In The Wall WHQ     313-667-1791  

            chronos is proud to present: -- locomotion trainer...     trained by zany and intro coded by one-o-one... call to our boards!!!! cu l8r and see ya soon in anther chronos production                                                          

t parts of the messy !!!     (alphabit*s text is coming up now...  (hey pino !!!! next time look for spelling errors and correct them !!!!)    and here*s the first intro from chronos... what do ya think about... but let*s see how we can go on !!! well... oh yes let*s write two words about our crew: after high-tension*s death we tought that the time was come to make an incredible crew as this as is !!!! of course some people that were  our enemies before startig with chronos are here again because the lame boys will be lame for ever without know what they are and what they want for all their life... (hi fashion lair!) by the way, here we have time to present you our official members: alphabit,shadowman,one-o-one,gab!,mick,jurgen,the nightmare,iceman,climax,repoman,elric,zany,exxodus,van gogh,dj minus,,overscan,triad,shockwave and timescape (-----------)     now it*s time to explain to you what we will make in 1991 !!!! at the first our magazine now famouse in all the world called *electric guyz*, then our *superchart* !!!! then we will make some cracks and some releases... also a lot of demos will be made by our coders to try to win the demo chart in all the world... some numbers of *demenzine* will surely come up but the coolest thing of the year 1991 will be our copy-party with brainstorm in switzerland containig demo-competions and lots more !!!!!     with this demo we wanna say to you our best wishes for christmas (anche se un po* in ritardo)and for a happy new year in the hope that some lame guyz will die in this year !!!!! (re-hi fashion lair!) at this point i hope also that some other guyz will be quiet,  because we don't want to re-start old wars !!! by the way... for the 1991 we projected to open new chronos hq*s around the world...  for first two others in italy but the other*s place will be a mystery !!! but, are there some greets in this demo.... yeah only a few !!!!! in random order (as my memory kicked them out) we say a big hello to: ibb and zero defectz (make pace please !!) - quartex (yo tomcat and shark... about pizza....) - amitech (wrong choice  bluelight !!) - fairlight (hoping our pseudo-collaboration will be a cool thing !!!!) - resolution 101 (a big hi to the new soldier nikeman !!) - ghostly spreaders (our compliments for your usa whq !!) - brainstorm (yeah !! we will make the number one copy party of the amiga history !!!) - zippex - classic - paradox - skid row (hey raj/hawk thanx for your cool conferences and don*t fuck so much with the italian girls (hihihi!!!)) - cougar&merlin k (no more words !! we talk to much, hehe !!!) - mr.irq/winky/bobnix/flagman (hey flagman lascia in pace tatiana o alphabit ti spacca la faccia (vai gabibbo) hehehe !!!) - little star (mhmhm what about simulmondo...) - amiga world (thanx again for your cool originals !!!) - aggressors (this is a very cool name !!) - powerslaves (yooo jan are you alive !!!) -- and all the others... (we don*t know, we*ve forgotten...)if you wanna contact us you must call one of this bbs's... (in a-z order)...  abnormal brains 0039-2908-48185 *italy* --- chronos hq 708-966-4135 *usa* (of coz) --- labyrinth 0041-9157-4138 *switz* --- the dreaming city 708-932-0293 *usa* --- turtles power 0041-2248-5274 *switz* ... or contact directly one of our members !!!! ok !!  i stop writing this little scroll -)hihihi(- now and resay to you merry christmas and a very happy new year (make a lot of fucks !!!) bye boys see you on the next chronos productions !!!             puuuuuhhhhh !!!!!! finally i*ve made it !  here is one-o-one back !!!! first...sorry for this shitty intro, but *un balzo di tensione* destructed my hd-controller and the 110v/220v convertor of my hst modem !!! so i had to rewrite in this two days nearly the whole intro (670 lines of code....) so a really big hello must go to   e n e l (grazie di cuore, mi avete proprio fatto un bellissimo regalo per natale.....) if you wanna contact me (only as coder) to swap hints, routs (or something like that...) leave me a messy on one of the chronos euro-boards !!!!!  right now (11.19 a.m.) i*ve no inspiration about other contests for this scrolly....  so i stop right here..... good byte !!!!       ---- the end ----         


 locomotion trainer        chronos group  is proud to              present you on 27.02.91...