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i cant find scrolltextfile                       

                yo dudes!  jean on da keyz... here you are, the newest cerberos release. just an intro, but this time i got only this poor stuff to spread! next time you will get more and cooler productions from us, so hang on, and expect some really nice demos!!!  if you wanna contact us for swapping pd warez or for any reason, then write to this address           cerberos             letet 103             pf 701             1399 budapest             hungary or gimme a ring at                  plus 36 11 200 772             our golden greetx are flying to the followings   23 celsius, absence, accuray, addonic, alive, alpha flight, analog, anarchy, avatars, beastie boys, beyond force, bloodsuckers, brainwave, byterapers, cave, chromance, chrome, cyberiad, decay, d mob, doxos, dual crew, dynax, ecstasy, energy, errors, euphoria, flash production, horizon, image, imp 666, italian bad boys, live act, majic 12, mirage, mystix, network, odissey, phenomena, powers of pain, pure metal coders, pussy, ququ alpha crew, rebels, savage, section 8, scoopex, shining, soc.brigade, stubble, subway, symbiosis, system 5, them, transcom, troon, trygon, unicon, vega, vertigo, zero defects, zeus, zylon of alpha flight   that was all, so i will leave you now, coz its too late in the nite. ok  god bless you!    jean says later!!!!