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  yo everybody over here and everybody over there! here's jean lying on the keyboard!.... first of all i'm forced to give the credits of this incredible kewl intro, so here they go:  coding by boomby and goophy, gfx by silkie and music by tope. that's it, and now let's talk about chromance. probably you know, that some time ago skc and i left chromance to join the fuckin' no.1 in hungary: cerberos.... as we were the main members, chr amiga had to die. i gues nobody cares, coz it was totally lame. you should ask now: what will happen to the best mag? i mean gridpoint observer. be happy, cause i can say, that it will live as a cerberos release in the future, and chromance will write the 64 corner 'corner only mr.wax hahaha!'. anyway we will release it very soon and will send it to your mailbox, so hang on!!!        another subject. i want you to know, that we will organize a party at the beginning of the summer, in june 1991, with my x group chromace. so if you are interested to get an invitation or order our papermag or just to swap legal wares, or for any reason, then bravely pick up your pen and write to: cerberos       letet 103       pf 701       1399 budapest       hungary   ! and always remember only pd wares, coz i am sick of games and utils! also you can gimme a call: plus  36  11  200  772......  i wonder if somebody still read this, but if you do, then you will get the greetx and messages now, so hang on:          23 celsius 'liked your last deno, but i gues it's better not to force the plus4!!', absence, accuray, addonic, alive, alpha flight, analog, anarchy 'hi pinhead! it was your best step in your scene life!', avatars, beastie boys, beyond force, bloodsuckers, brainwave, byterapers, cave, chromance, chrome, cyberiad, decay, d mob, doxos 'bonjour optima! comment ca va?', dual crew, dynax, ecstasy, elite, energy, errors, euphoria, flash production, horizon, image, imp 666, italian bad boys, live act, majic 12, mirage, mystix 'yo bandit! remelem megkaptad amiket kuldtem!', network, odissey, phenomena 'what about the mags?', powers of pain, pure metal coders, pussy 'something wrong with yar address!', ququ alpha crew, rebels 'yo vinny! are you in rebels now or where? anyway why didn't you call me as you promised last time???', savage, scoopex 'yoppa tmb! sorry for not sending back your discs! hope to see you soon in wien!', soc.brigade 'sorry for not joining you, but i gues crs is not so far away, like you, and was easier to reach!', stubble, subway 'hi mark! thanks for your patience with that damned interview, but finally we made it! also thanx for supplying with news!', symbiosis, system 5, them, transcom 'salut scorpie! merci bien pour les mags!', troon, trygon, unicon, vega, vertigo, zero defects, zeus, zylon of alpha flight ok and no more! must finish writtin', so god bless you all, and good luck!! jean says later!                  hey are you still here? why don't you press the mouse????