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                        THE DEFINITIVE RIPPER'S KIT                         
                      ©1996 Carnage - By Zebedee & Kei                      
                             Released 10-Mar-96                             
  A    Exotic Ripper v2.22         Music ripper                          GDE
  B    FImp v2.34                  File imploder                         N/A
  C    FSplit v1.04                File splitter                         GDE
  D    Jack The Ripper v1.36       Rips 56+ types of modules             DOC
  E    Perverter v1.10             Module converter                      N/A
  F    Pro-Wizard v2.11            Module converter                      GDE
  G    Prodigy v1.5                Music ripper                          N/A
  H    Prodigy.amos v1.5C          Music ripper                          N/A
  I    SmartPlay v3.10             Module player                         DOC
  J    TrackDOS v1.11              Disk R/W utility                      DOC
  K    XFD                         Data decruncher                       DOC
  L    XFDLibInfo v1.01            Display supported crunchers           DOC
  M    XFDList v1.00               Display files and cruncher used       DOC
  N    XPK                         File cruncher                         N/A
  O    Rippers Guide               The manual that's all about ripping   GDE
        Use CTRL to load the program, ALT to view the documentation