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Intro by MacGyver 1990

+++ Are you the Copper, or why do ya read this +++

+++ Hey ?? RUN the Intro to read the Scroller...and throw away your Newzap or a-/c-Monitor !!       macgyver and larry of crazy boys !! write to : postlagernd 500   8302 Mainburg     the last adress was false !! this disk was spreaded by macgyver of the crazy boys !    sound by macgyver - scroller by larry - rest by genesis !    greetings to genesis  -   mr.magic  -  bca (bavarien computer assosation)  -  harry  -  jones  -  ccy  -  ttc   and all i have forgotten (sorry) !!  well we (crazy boys) and bca made a together . if you need new stuff for the amiga or the ibm pc then write to : crazy boys and bca         postlagernd 500             8302 Mainburg  !! write soon !! we send you our new list !! well genesis maybe i am lame but i dont have any time to code a intro so fuck off ! hello nicole !! special note to ttc : hello trainermaker ! yes your trainer is great ! but the scrolltext is really bullshit !!!!! you want me to stop writting shit . i think that i dont write any shit !! well now i make my own trainers and cracks !!        now a larry special joke : treffen sich zwei keiner kommt (hahaha) (mac : absoluter scheiss witz )    and now macgyver special greetings  to lka...bka...and all other i...... !   well now special greetinx to all our friends in 5...and of course the secret service (especially to james bond 007 !).   the greatest flight simulator is out  :  f 29  retilator !!  if you need this great game the write to crazy boys !!   now i think this is all for today !!! so buy a lutscher and fuck offfffff !   pu endlich fertig ( mit den nerven ) !                                           p.s.: we spread disks only for fun !                    SERVUS                                              press left mousebotton to continue !!!!!       For Fanclub Information:    postlagernd 500   8302 mainburg        macgyver - larry - garfield of crazy boys !!!  -----------------------------     

  macgyver - larry - garfield  

  macgyver - larry - garfield - genesis  
+++  THE END +++