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    MUZZAX 5    

          MUZZAX           e       TEXTS        ePOSITION 04e    EQUALIZER    ee
                    eCOUNTER  3Fe1:kkkkkkkkkkkkk  ee>*ABJECT........SPEED-HEAD e
*F1 - WELCOME       ePATTERN  10e2:kkkkkkkkkkk    ee  DEPECHEMIX....SPEED-HEAD e
 F2 - CONTACT       eLENGTH   35e3:kkkkkkkk       ee  GREAT MISSION.SPEED-HEAD e
 F3 - CREDITS       eSPEED    06e4:kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkee  HEART.........SPEED-HEAD e
 F4 - GREETINGS     gfffffffffffjfffffffffffffffffhe  LONELY NIGHTS.SPEED-HEAD e
 F5 - STORY2        e                             ee  MYSTIC HOUSE..SPEED-HEAD e
 F6 - BULL          e                             ee  NEW POWER.....SPEED-HEAD e
 F7 - MESSAGES      e                             ee  QIX...........SPEED-HEAD e
 F8 - NORMAL TEXT   e                             ee  REBUBBLE......HOTSHOT    e
 F9 - BULL 2        e                             ee  MOON DANCER...JUGI       e
 F0 - STORY         e                             ee  SAGOSTUNDEN...POLO       g
fffffffffffffffffffflffffffffffffffiffffffffffffffhe  TAKAFUU.......SPEED-HEAD e
   CODING BY CSA    eMUSIC 00.00:00eTOTAL 00.00:00e

  (f1)        muzzak 5 !  another serie of the legedary collection !  fans!   enjoy it.....muzzak collection 5 by byterapers....      to be continued......        

  (f2)      if ya want to trade with byterapers , then contact some of  em ..... j.kalabakas ,askebykroken 18 ,16370 spanga ,  sweden or call 4687609469 (ask for johnny (p.s please not at themidle of the night . eh amiga get )) ...   or golem at kloverv.5 , 17543 jarfallan , sweden .... or an another guy at  b. hardestam , magisterv.2 , 16353 spanga or dt at kulmakatu 48  , 74100 iisalmi , finland ... or python at sinipiianpolku 5 , 60150 seinajoki , finland  .... or jet info pro /fantasy at 70 burgby ave , brampton ontario  , l6x 3a4 , canada ...... or grendel only for strategic and r.f.g games at pohjolankatu 6b16 , 74100 iisalmi , finland ..... no lamers signed     byterapers  

  (f3)        the credits !    coding by csa  ..    graphix by speed-head ....muzaks by polo .. hotshot .. jugi and speed-head ...  spreadings by !   arrowkeys for select muzak press return !!  f1-f0  for  scroll-texts  !   muzaks are for puplicdomain use !    see ya      speed-head               

  (f4)     byterapers ... yeah byterapers sends their specially greetinx to bamiga sector 1 - kefrens - tst & tartan - blackmonks  - northstar - scoopex - crionics - flash - fairlight -  complex - freedom force & amiga industries - phoenix - silents x-men .....normal greetingx to lazer - undertakers - lowbreakers - electronic artists - ivory - wizzcat - deadline - hithickers  - phase 101 - chaos megabeth - storm - avenger - ecf -browbeat  - ipec elite - accession - starhawks - excel uk - defjam - rats - command tm - fraxion - vision - cartel - multiplx - nonstop  - impact - tfs - amiga get - s451 - digitech - gate - patootie - accept - ghostriders - bonesbridge - bastardsquad - beyond 2000 - d:mob - avalanche - setrox - foundation - thorax - escape -  neutral dance - clones - m.fields uk - panthers - beathoven - ........ now the legendary greetings goes to triad and purebyte .... some greetings also to aze - trinity - karl xii - leader and  my s c64 greetz goes to contex - illusion -dcs - action - fairlight - pulsar - crazy - galaxy ... that was all the  greetings ... signed          byterapers  ......   

  (f5)       welcome to another amazing story by me    speed-head  .. lets begin    once upon a time there was a guy called the link !  hmmm..he was thinking how to do a nice demo !  thinking and thinking .. but with no success  .. one day link woke up and saw a demo on his computer !   oh my god !  is this true ... yeah yeah and yeah !  a demo from god !  and now link was looking at his computer and smiling ...but then suddenly he saw his own face in the tv !  what the fuck is going on here !  he was screaming ... help! help ... then he just died ...poor little link !  that stupid lamer .. now folks some laugh    ...   hahahaaa haah ahhhe  hheeehiihiihhoohoohoho hahhhaehheedsa therekhrhlinkhfjdhfdjhflamerjfjjfjjjjfkkjdjskfkjfhcncieffhfbitforbitfhjhdsfhjsfelamehfhdjhfjhsksuperdatadjjfkdkslenvc faaaan nu e det sluuuut har i det har lille scrollyn i det har lilla demmostartion.. bye bye   fa fa faaaans  !      

  (f6)            hello ya all out there . this is writing this cool or is it booring ??? i hope it s not booring !!! lets send some messages to some friendly groups like northstar (waiting for your mega demo , sorry we won t be in your copy party , thats a  pity i think .) kefrens ( thanx for contacting me . nice megademo ...) ..... hello rector in wich group are ya now ????? we will hopefully have a copy-party in the x-mas hollyday . i hope to see all famous hackers there..... hopefully there wont be a single  lamer (like amiga lords ) .... who knows ???? heaven knows !!!!!hello grendel .! strategic games rulez eh ... keep on boozing  hello speed-head !! keep on runing and muzzaquing ... hello  csa ... keep on coding hotcoding to the muzzax collections ... hello polo keep on boozing and muzaquing ..... can somebody tellme why there was a byterapers sticker in the toilet of viking line mariella ?? was ist das (viking line mariella ) ??? das ist eine  boat wich goes from finland to sweden and from sweden to finland to sweden to finland to sweden etc... thats the story so far .... yours .....

  (f7)     messages  ..speed-head here ! time has gone and it have been nice for me ..bcoz of no swapping ..hehee !  mezzy to wizzcat .. nice muzak you got in your demo..same that we haved in our second demo ! but ok. well got no more to say ...just a mezzy to the world of hackers ... we are going to release 4 muzzak collections thiz year and a jubileum muzzak collection next year !!  if you dont have our 4 other muzzakcollections .. the you should have em ! nobody have ever done so many muzzakcollections than we good good spreaded well done and so many muzzaks in every collect ! so we re  cooool ... am i right ..   yeeeees  .. pum  pum pum  kaikki suomalaiset .. byterapers is the best vai mita deathstar .. kotikaupinki demmu oli vittumaisesti tehty ...hyi helvetti ...  booooze yeah !  grendel   eiko olekkin kesy collection ... indiana jones  ... bloooodsuckers ! hahaa haa still alive or...   gurp gurp who is me in brain or what do you think about my brainsaretheycoolbudjasdhndsnorthstarhfjdsfhjtriadhjfhdsdyeuewkjebyterapersdkkdfdjitdkasdlhfairlightldahjhhahaldsalkdkefrensdjdaksodandk  cool or what     maaaan !  yeah yeah yeah ... i think i iiii i th th think !!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaargh   auuuu auuu hahahahaaaahaahhaaaahhaahahhaaa !!!!!!!?????!!!?!?!?!!?!!,,,,..guitar in hell hhell hhhheeeel   depeche   jaaaaarre    leffe 321987321001382938   well my fans time to stop writing ...  end end end nedndne

  (f8)      this is a normaltext or..speeeed-head here .. always me !   well..i have done most muzzaks on amiga now ... i have done a new seka assembler and a new soundtracker ..tsuj gnikoj...! what the hell .. hmmmmm  polo where are you !  polo katso kelloa ettet myahasty tunnilta .. tezbin ..missa bulent on .. proooth  nigrospritiuals mene katsomaan ulos ..aaaahh ihanaa lunta leijuilee ..kahvit esiin .. christer vahan oli ennen huono halonen kaljat esiin ... gremlins   mosissi oooops   space ! trapped in space .. haddock gor lite latar mika mixu tee demo .. juokse lujaa .. seppo on kova treenari wai mitta ..yeah .. this is quite cool.. jugi tee vahan normaalempia musikkia ! ..gnarp   soon a big byterapers party..yeayeaye amiga is alive ! .....huuuhhuhuhuuhuhuhuhuhuuhuhuhhu proroororeoreskjfksdjf normal text hmmm!  no no no grazy !   speedhead speedhead speedhead speedhead  sppppeedhead   aaa aa  a  a a no nonononono  mono mono mono  ei viivaa  the end      no  nofdsifjdsfjsdl  ok ...sssssstop    

  (f9)        i show you the excess of the tensta..the excess of the belly dance in abu dhabi and the excess of the everlasting night in rinkeby ..are you ready for the sensation del a len stick leave him..the gorilla..leave the jungle of tensta full of piranhas and follow father excess..!!! speed-head lives in stockholm...alla gothenburg bonder ..skaneee...varmland...sorry for not having the swedish oe ok..... dt of teamx ...jaevla slumbarn ...hahaa  bonde hahaaa ! ...ho ho ho ..ok. youre cool men du trodde att jag inte sprang i finnkampen...trodde att jag bara heter speed-head pa skoj men  so e  det du e cool...i m listening to puplicenemy ...well i prefer jarre and depeche mode...peace pass..piiip..auuuauuu ..step...piiip..auauuuaauuu...piiip ..citysouls piiip two ...make some noice...too black too strong ...haahaa yee animal..puplicenemy number one ...haaa  ..d...yeee ...too yo..brothers and sister come on...turn it fans !!! ...haa banana tommy onko kiva kayda koulua haahahaaaaaaa piiiiip   see ya all some where in hell....or in twilightzone         speeeeeeeeeedheaaaaaaadddddd. . .  .   .     .    

  (f10)      speeeed-head  here  ... and while the wicked city of byterapers was consumed by fire..speedhead watched ... the little bit of human left in him sad...but the computer had done its job .its passengers would get home .. it was time to do what computers normally do when they finish a job... close down .. but speedhead was not only a computer... there was the virus element .... it wanted life.....there was the human fragment and hopes.. hopes of what   ..a life without purpose logical task to be carried out....the computer won out ..decided.. it relaxed the images that it generated to fill in the missing parts of the humans body..itceased monitoring the functions and just stopped....funny though it ...felt...funny       the end   aaaargh...we want evil.. no pain.. fattar du len ..ok a letter to speed-head from some lamer ....hey speed-head !   id very much like to swap the latest stuff with you..ive enclosed one disk..if you dont want to swap with me..please return my new stuff is workbench...joystik ...mouse...monitor...two diskettes...soundtracker1 and soon coming deluxe paint !!   hahaa what a lamer...... ....well fans ! got to go and get some food i nam nam.. i my mouth...ooops i see heaven in my eyes ..ha haa haaa so what man..this is a joke! batmaaaan batmaaan !  aciiid aciiiiid !  n o  m o r e  w o r d s   thats my game    i know youll get it all the same...........
               em              ek              ekm             ekk             ekkm            ekkk            ekkkm           ekkkk           ekkkkm          ekkkkk          ekkkkkm         ekkkkkk         ekkkkkkm        ekkkkkkk        ekkkkkkkm       ekkkkkkkk       ekkkkkkkkm      ekkkkkkkkk      ekkkkkkkkkm     ekkkkkkkkkk     ekkkkkkkkkkm    ekkkkkkkkkkk    ekkkkkkkkkkkm   ekkkkkkkkkkkk   ekkkkkkkkkkkkm  ekkkkkkkkkkkkk  ekkkkkkkkkkkkkm ekkkkkkkkkkkkkk ekkkkkkkkkkkkkkmekkkkkkkkkkkkkkke