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Don't install! This is not a virus.code by CSA / Byterapers

arrow keys & return to select music               f1-f10 for scroll texts       
daehzum..........(speed-head)                     f1 - welcome text             
realistic........(polo)                           f2 - info / credits           
mixx.............(speed-head)                     f3 - releasing date: 3/4-1989 
psychosynth1.....(polo)                           f4 - special greetings        
just died........(speed-head)                     f5 - normal greetings         
8880 bytes.......(polo)                           f6 - messages                 
iruiru...........(speed-head)                     f7 - normal talk(?)           
ultima...........(speed-head)                     f8 - bullshit 1               
c64..............(speed-head)                     f9 - bullshit 2               
gamlo............(speed-head)                     f0 - contact                  
it's a sin.......(speed-head)                     (c) csa / byterapers inc. 1989

 #f1#        yo fans ! welcome to    byterapers muzzax 1 !      hope you like this. specially the you better change scroll-text b-coz this one will end soon...bye bye fans !!! signed: speed-head of byterapers                

 #f4#     oh! it is so hard to send specials but here we go... : triad (still going strong) - fig - accession (hei ukot!) - zwullo/scoopex - ghostriders(who do you - ddt of crime crew - newline(mormor and c.o) - deathstar -  - epsilon  (ja det luktar gott!) - wow - megaforce( rest in peace! snyft) - x-men(also hi to cccp)  - the band - defjam - razor 1911(send stickers) -  - black monks - phalanx - beastie boys - doc - pure-byte - northstar/fairlight(send me soon zike) -  freedom force   please no hard feelings ! signed : speed-head !     
 #f10#    for contact write and send a disk to(speed-head) :     j.soderqvist                  avingegrand 17 , 4tr         163 62 spanga               sweden       and lamers to hell !!!  

 #f8#    yo fans ! speed-head here..what a feeling , yes it is feeling sun is shining and sky is blue and it is dark in my room!! but wait , sun is shining and there is dark..hmmm..well what the fuck ! who knows what is dark(really) b-coz in hell ! there it is dark !! hell is where lamers go and visit and die hard...i am eating my fingers! it is irrevoeable to get back what you eat...retain is what people can do some can not do it! oh ! i am sorry i someone have seen our intro in patras collection , b-coz it do not work so good there (miksi laitoitte sen sinne , olisitte ottanut pois ne tehdet) oh! some finnish ..i hope you like it! but of-coz it looks a bit strange for you! eller hur... oh shit it is so dark here in my room , suddenly it was dark , god some light please !!! oh shit ! i think god did not hear me so light, be happy! yes yes and yes i dont think that someone is reading this text ! no i think i am the only one who have written a scrolltext that nobody have ever read (hey you have read this) congratulations   , yeah ! you re cool .. i must go now soon back again ......... i am back after 4 days , writing this bull ! it is bull you are reading am i right or left ..up or down ! yes this sure is bull (bla bla) do not be grazy for this text...polo had not the time to make muzaks so there are more of my muzaks ! hmmmmmmm!!!! is this scroller slow or what! yes..ok today i got just two letters !! one from zwullo and one from a new group! csa got some problems with coding this , trackloader( i think) got some errors ! so if you hear something grazy it is not the music , it is something else!! like in our intro there were a little error , i just came in to the music ! csa is coding like hell now...trying to find the error or shall we say bug!! messy to bug(how do you like these muzaks!) we in byterapers have now very good collections ...muzak and demo collections...very high quality !  send your demos yo us , so we can put em on our collections ! grendel you were here in stockholm again did you have nice time in denmark! (booze) mezzy from grendel ! lamelords die ! hahaa... now i must see if csa have fixed the bugs! oh shit , there is still bugs ! fucking error terror ! we searching for more members to join us ! coders , swappers and crackers !   well...the clock is now three , hehee ! must something today !! i wanna food ! now csa is fixing , he takes traps off and fixing the irq , soon there is no irq left ! he takes superstage from the code when it loads ... ok. i must stop now this fucking nice text ....oh guru please do not come now ... speed-head taking off         end    end    blaaaa blaa    aaargh   atsassaa                  

 #f9#     the second bullshit ! yes , speed-head here again! the errors are founded ! great , there was some errors in this muzak collection before but now it is ok!  fan , det snoar inte nu langre , haftigt inga svenska tecken i fonten ... det ser ganska haftigt ut med eng-svenska eller hur...vai mita juntit tykkaa kun ei ole kaikkia kirjaimia siita ! ok. now i am back with some english again.. i must go and drink coffee (kaffe ,kahvi) off you go it is dark out there , moonshadows and cats are howling like hell....yksi kaksi two three...ett tva tre... frivol your time , exhale it now ...get a excuse for me  if you think i need it..soon coming from us !  fan-demo   wow thats great , we got a eminence soon ....we are working on a cool project wich maybe will be ready soon... so be ready if something will emerge up ...roll up, roll up for all the fun of the fair.step this way , visit speed-head! see magic,marvel,beasts..hold your breath at the sight of our high wire step this way for the show of a me ! no lamers...bomb em .batmaaan destroy em ok. people here some normal bull.... shit , fuck , lamers greetings to , credits , contact me , hahaha , bla , demo cool , cool , action etc etc etc ... rock n wrestle...turbo esprit ..heavy on the magik...jeesus dead..yes about two thousand years ago...alterego...visitors are coming to visit you , in the dreams the twilight zone ...beyond your minds...shadows knows have not seen your dream yet , but soon you see it...remember  , be carefull out there....may the amiga be with is coming,windows flying all over the house...mirrors with blood and your own face inside the mirror...marmor do you read this...fernandez are you still awake..hoffi ootko tehnyt uusia demoja...back to time ......just after the holocaust you would not think anything else could go wrong now would you! there you were sitting peacefully in your cellar, trying to have the nervous breakdown you have earned and the next thing you know youre setting out through the portals to stop the evil one rending asunder the fabric of creating.some days nothing goes right...warning this text maybe could damage your social life i know , i am grazy ...speed-head of byterapers taking off... . . hate atari.. sir martin of the link ..send me soon....   oh...    end now .... zeitungsausrib mit der klagerin amiga angeblich million dollar fordert...nackt auf dem korridor ok fans its end of bull 2 now...      bye                this is not newer ending story ... so bye bye        .        the end      .                     .           .       

 #f6#    hey !  if you hear some bugs in the muzak ! that is a code-bug ...i repeat ! if there is errors in the muzak , that is a code , disk or some other bug !!!  jeeeesus  , may the forces be with the music ! many of my fans say that i (speed-head) am the best muzak-man on the it true !! well.... my fans like my muzaks and thats good...these muzaks are for puplicdomain use , so if you want you can use em or write to me and you will get more muzaks , cool or what ! mezzy to aze/epsilon (you can join us if you want and take some of your friends with you! always cool demos and sendings .lasse ! ) razor 1911(send soon and stickers) dope(we are my disks ) tfs(australia) send me ,man! overload(sikamies ootko syonyt paskaa paljon) zarex(no party time) the band (keep on cracking) newline(thomas alias fernandez jag koper inte din printer! fan skicka snart) freedom force(cool demo) karlstad was nice ! or what do s.o.s think about karlstad someone stole some computers and drives and a digitzer! ydex (you lost your best members , hmmm , going to die! ) the gurus (hope you like what you see and hear ) triad(cool dudes , mr.z , 3d , 5011 and the rest of em ! ) triangle(use the logo we did for you at the party) the cracker(cool man , was it your digitzer wich were stolen!! shit life is hard ) ddt of crime crew(mikael , haftiga bilder..send soon) x-men (party time koko ajan , yeah thats cool , viinat esiin puukot naamaan , silmat kiinni ) phalanx(nice demo) and the ..well.. end of mezzys. muzaks are cool as hell ! listen    to em ..    bye from speed-head !    i had to write these text by myself ! polo got no time , working ...  but who cares life must go on ...   end   i said end . . ..... ..               
 #f3#    releasing date: 3/4-1989.    

 #f2#    info   use arrow keys and return to select muzaks and f-keys  for different  scroll-text ..easy! loading decrunching! ok...   credits - coding by csa ...graphix by polo...muzaks by polo and (me) speed-head...spreading by speed-head...text by speed-head...well you think that i write speed-head everywhere b-coz i am the one who is writing here we go    polo    polo  csa   grendel   hoffi csa   c s a   polo what about that   !  rockstar keep the good work , crack like hell ...when are goimng to buy an amiga ... would be nice...was this a info scroll...ok.  

 #f5#    normal greetings(alpha order) to : academy - accession - acid - alcatraz - alpha flight - amiga force - amiga industries - assasians - avalanche - axenon - bamiga sector one - beastie boys - blaze - bloodsuckers - bwb - creators/sunriders - crime crew - dead zone - deathstar - defjam - doc - dominators - dope - epsilon/w.o.t - fac - fantasy - fasion - fat agnus - fig - first wave - floppies - freedom force - freestyle uk - ghostriders - happy cracking crew - highspeed - hotline - ibb - ipec elite - it - level 4 - mad monks - master crew - megaforce(rip) - megatron - mci - microwave - neutral zone crackings - new bencor brothers - new image - newline - new order - northstar/fairlight - octagon - odyssey - online - overload - phalanx - pretenders - pure-byte - razor 1911 - rising force - sargon - sos - team x - tfs - the amiga team - the band - the gurus - the prophets - the supervisors - the silents - the wizard - thorax - trax crew 1993 - trazion - triad - triangle - the supply team - unicorn - vision 1 - vortex 42 - x-men - hi-tech/ydex - zarex - zodux - world of wonders and all others....        

 #f7#    que... this is a normal egassem. doggymeal. hello b-men  nice to talk to i mean grendel our boss and mr.rockstar i was a sick psychopath. wow wow splash. . . it is meee polio polis polo. tip tapping on the floor. h this may be a message dexus trois. is messing ar round and i am going to zap.n.crunch him with telifona c onection. like my tunes. aj aj aj ... cp-party ..polo is it. the real thing is poloj oj ..enjoy polos art..  sieg polo. sieg polo. der led nerg howdy buddy bobbo pc1 cp1  these songs by polo on this disk is really cool. but one comment about my songs. point 1. they could not have eno ught samples - because diskspace was in hard pressure... 2. i had to make them fast  3. not many of my best songs are included... but thats allright to me... at least my  mighty graphix are in. so watch out for new   ...graphix  and tunes from  - big .p - you know how why and not. so relax man. so hey teacher talk to me.- about what.- war  - why.- because to many peo ple pleshia has d. i. e. d.  ha ha ha harakiri - so what say who - say polo in the... city crew - telephone call - called rapers a la cardelas think about what you have been reading a slotprint with  no real normality... whats that fucking noise... it is s peed-head and csa watching t.v. in our living room.....  y. a. a. - youths against alcoholica... for fan... okie  dokie... so take a hikkke and get a bike a la chicken brainiors worries man... because i am from  b. r. o. n. x. - - - i am leaving thy machine to speed- head...  speed-head iz joinig the speax clupp...hi fans. my best personal regardz 2  ...jason ehm  and   and...   just a joke it was not my fan speed-and a body part...   i have to take thiz seriously. camaro - hen rik fatso -  ulf - fuck... great artdesigning is my game... i had - a - in artworks... i am born with it... i was born in the  s.f.a - faaan micke - u.f.o. i buksan minnn...        ok over to speed-head !!! yes , i am here ! it is snow ing like hell...this tv got a nerwouserror .i can not see what i write now... so it not buy goldstar  diskettes ...they are bad as hell..ugh.. the right style why ..shit i can not what i write now isee what i writing.. huh verry xmas this text is quite normal or is it abnormal ..think twice bugs are founded ... good    what camaro in this text    a very dangerous word , which can fix your mind      camaro    oh shit   triangle logo was bad !!!       well   reading    still ...  ooops     what to write  that is a question of time and that kind of shit ...    casio logo   in the paper  was really  bad  lame  3d   editor    computer mon   really lame     i made a monitor to c64   for  a long time ago...on amiga i maybe do  a  monitor. the best coders are karsten obarski  and    timo  ... no more   text  end