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                                         yep, a new demo from byterapers...    it is week 2 in 1991 so let me say this:   happy new year to all of you out there reading this scrolly.   i'm jtp as you already have guessed.  this demo is called   - landscape -  (you must have noticed that from the screen) and all credits are also shown above this scroll.   i guess i'll have to type something because no-one has sent me any texts.  first the instructions.  pressing the left button you can change between this and the other page. the other page is not vector-calculated fractal mountains. of course there are calculations but they are not vectors. i simply scaled the polygons, that's it.  polygons are then filled and moved to 3 bitplanes. i had a hidden line formula in the routine but i took it away because it wasn't useful in this kind of a demo.    the demo is not new, i made it (if i remember right) on january 1990, but it might have been made in november 1989.  it's old and now in december 1990 i only added the logo and this page.  of course i made the filling a little bit faster.  it isn't really a fast, i think there are many guys who can make it faster. i accepted this and i did not even try to make it smoother.    let's change the technical data to something else...        are you waiting for greetings ???     no way, this demo won't have a thing called greetings-list but i can say this:   greetings to all people who think that they deserve greetings from byterapers.   was that clear ???   do you feel that we would greet you ???  if you feel so, you are now being greeted!!!      i may write some personal messages later but not now.   as some have noticed, byterapers are reformed and we try to make a somekind of a comeback to scene.  or... we made it, at least somehow.   as i told, this demo is over a year old, and when we talked about the rebirth, grendel remembered this and asked me to release this.  it was easy because there was so little to code, everything was ready.    our life seems a better now, new music-collections are coming etc. (number 7 has been released, 8 is ready and i think some-one is coding number 9.   and rumours say that the tenth is also planned)    new demos are of course coming, python makes something, co-operation demo will come someday, boys in the australia code something...    it seems very good for us nowadays.  i personally am out of coding for next months.  my school ends and i have my exams left in march but i'll be back in april with something.  i have two projects going on now and they may be completed some day.   everyone who saw my party-demo, -the beginning-, must admit that the vectors were really slow.   i have now made new routines and they are a lot faster. i have thought of releasing the beginning again because of the code and the music also bugged.  the reasons for the slow vectors were simple. i hadn't any kind of a hidden-line formula and also i made a stupid mistake with waiting the blitter. now they are fixed.   i have also planned a game and now i have two different ways to make a game.  the game will be an adventure and i have to choose will i make a game like faery tale or use my another idea with vectors.   the time will tell that but i'm rather sure that i make a game after 1-2 demos.    huh !!! the messages i promised early are the next subject.   messages ????   from me to whom?    first, welcome to group heatbeat !!  after i heard your music in rapiad, i was shocked.  it was really good. it's good to have you in our group.  turtle too, you make good music!     python will make a demo someday or...???    i'll help, you know. the sources you asked are finally here, with this.  i guess you have waited many weeks for them.   dr.doom of actors:    i know i'm lazy but with you it's always the same.  you are always the last who gets his package back but i try to send much faster from this on.  you'll get all (b)-stuff direct from me immeadiately they are released !!!   jugi perfect...  i heard that you've changed groups and i don't know where you are now.  kuis kirjotukset, painaako jo paalle???      hehehe, ei mullakaan!!   mitas kauppiselle kuuluu ???  ryomitaan 6 viikkoa hangessa, valilla juostaan ja syodaan hernesoppaa.   tajuan jos sua v-i-t-u-t-t-a-a  !!!     but anyway - be happy and smile.  greetings to cherry too, is it lonely now ?? alone at home with rat and computers ???   life is life, you can't change it.  enough talk now, i must do something useful instead of writing this.  press the left one and enjoy the landscape.  bye bye from jtp of byterapers.               a real pain in your arse - byterapers                                 (b)