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       Contact Byterapers Inc for
           elite mail trading

        Merit/(B)      PO BOX 15
       51901 Parikkala    Finland

      Credits for this small intro

        Code & music by Heatbeat
             Gfx by Jay Jay

        Call our board in Sweden

            K l o n d y k e
        + 4 6 - 8 3 6 - 9 3 9 3

            Byterapers Inc.

          a pain in your arse

                                            Press right mouse to stop this scroller, left to exit...       Heippaderallaa
freaks out there!!! It's your friend Heatbeat writing and presenting you
his first intro ever! This is only 10k long and I think it's going to be
used with our modem imports later... I coded this little poor thing
in 3 days, just for fun. It's now 23.12.90 and I just finished the coding
about 15 minutes ago. I phoned Grendel and JTP and we deciced to release
this on the same disk with JTP's Fractal-demo. Well, they haven't seen this
yet, but they promised we can release this... heh... I hope this is good
enough for them... Well, anything is good enough after JTP's Two Windows-demo
;-)         Plop... It's time for a couple of personal messages... I don't
have a lot of contacts and I'm always looking for more... My address will
appear later in this scrolly, but now some mess's...       A very special
Lakritsi-tasting-thank/hello-and/or-whatsoever must go to Dr.
Outtasight/Crusaders for being my best pen pal ever! I really can't wait
for the next Eurochart/Euronews where I can see his ugly digitized face...
Also hip-hoppade to El Cubo for that strange chat one night some time ago,
do ya remember matey...? Too bad I'm out of modem now, becoz of
you-know-why...     The second personal message is really a personal message
because it goes to the loveliest girl in the world: Sanna Villanen...
I Love You!!      Oh, sorry this is getting too personal... Let's get back
to the standard boring scene-related greetings... Sorry, I don't have the
updated Byterapers greetingslist, maybe you should look from the JTP's demo,
I think you can found it there... I have only a few contacts myself...
Some special PLOP's from *me* must go to the following people I know...
TTV/Perfect Illusion, Dr. Psycho/Pussy, Dick/Cult, Dr. Outtasight/Crusaders, 
Hyde/Complex, Zedy/Savage, Murk/Sonic and all the guys I have written last
week but have got no answer yet because of the christmas mail (or because
my sendings were so lame...)  Yup, I'm not a swapper. I can't even think
about such thing... Composing, sleeping and eating takes so much time, that
I don't have time to even 'swap' my socks... ( *They smell sooo lovely once
again* ) Oh, one more thank I have to send: a big thanx must go to the local
loosers here in Kajaani for letting me steal a lot of their disks so easily!
:-)    Here comes my addy... Contact me for swapping weird goodies like
chocolate and used tea bags or whatever...     Heatbeat/Byterapers   *  
Antti Mikkonen   *   Kuikanhuuto 1 as 13   *   SF-87250 Kajaani   *  
Finland   *     100% reply to all cool guys and 200% reply for those
who write a long, romantic letter...             Let's wrap this shit...
I think you have been listening to this awful future composer tune for too
long... I hate it, it's the worst tune I have ever made... Aniwaiz,