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         next on bat channelg  old stuff.  you see a demo made between may july 1990, but not released before. thanks to the efficiency of byterapers, its release was first delayed, then cancelled, again delayed until it is out now. remember routines you see are over half a year old, before you start shouting  that is lame!   the single performances of this production go forg  hassan for routines and 1 object   proton for assistance and other objects   turtle for noise   graphics by mr. sex       there are finally coming more products from the byterapers assembly line, that has been shut for so long. when a group is 4 or 5 years old, the activity is getting down. it is time for a new try! first we get all old things out and then start making new ones.  meanwhile some members will get kicked, and rest activated, so maybe we will see a active and productive byterapers in future.    yoursg  grendel of byterapers.  if you want to contact  us   that will be hard enough. but try at    merit,  pl 15,  59100 parikkala,  finland.  if you want to know something about the group, or even interested in joining please write to    python   sinipiianpolku 5  60150 seinajoki  finland or call   358  64  142 442 eero    thanks for your interest.  next the least interesting of all  greets. list is months old, and third of names was deleted.  we, grendel and proton, are not active anymore so dont laught if theres dead groups listed.   bye.       accession    amaze    armada    aurora    beyond force    bloodsuckers    brainstorm    byterapers fan club    cascade    cave    complex    crusaders    cryptoburners    cult    disknet    doom    dual crew    elite    excel u.k.    fairlight    fraxion    gate    hypnosis    ibb    image    imp 666    ipec elite    kefrens    lazer    megadeth    microwave    neutron dance    nukebusters acu    omicron    pure byte    razor 1911    rebels    red sector    scoopex    silents    subway    tarkus team    the force    the law breakers    triad    tristar    vision    wizzcat    zerodefects    zodux 3