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*- (C) CSA/Byterapers Inc. 1989. -*

                                                                                                                                      oh yeah!                                                                                                                       2 sinus scrolls, 672 blits every frame!!!! beat that! well...nice coding csa is speedhead writing ! first of all some fucks to the lame sandstrom of mute101!  hehee nice logo marmor ! kick that sandstrom...i speedhead  have done most music and written most scrolltexts on amiga!! mezzys to supply team(hello blitz! where are you ! beware  that ya aint gone back to c64 scene !) horru do karl xii of groovy bits ! gor en amiga demo (mobile rap fran c64an)  paraniomia ! hur var skolstrejken ,rektor ! hey unique  hyva demo..time is now 04.55 ! grendel the legend ! osta puhelin ! mezzy from csa to python ! thanx for the xmascard mezzy from me (speedhead) ala tekee trainereita ! 5011 of triad ! make a demo well my fans ! time for some bullshit...oh shit i cant come up with the shit from the bull called ferdinand ! eh.. lilla ferdinand..mein name ist hitler kerpis dich .. deutchland fur die deutschen ... boing bumtshaczk hehee..mouse in the ball please insert disk in drive and mouse in the monitor and the computer in the soapbubble and now people   laugh  ! ha ha haaa...   brother numsy in hell and brother dolle in the kitchen !  hehee this is english humor . my name is gabrieljackchrispeteronnytonydaniel !! you really think that this is so cool .. no i dont think is a dog! bcoz this is a cat . what a cat in the light of fari ! are you still there reading this nice text and listening this muzzak ..which includes skrats ... hakan ... speedheadlaugh ... new bass ... and other stuff ! pirttari osta amiga ja tee demo meille ! hjulsta lamer slang c64an for fan! speedhead speedhead speedhead  heheee  nice or what !!!  la la laa this music goes like this la laalala ! kraftwerk the model is cool music ! bla bla bla blaaah ! bullshit i hope you are still there  coz you are there i know that !you are in the twilightzone ! i can see you ! ooops.... look this ....... . . . .... ... ......   cool !  n o   t h a t   w a s   n o t   c o o l    now    this    must    stop    now        the end         no end here     yes     no       yes!!!  no !!!!   yes !!!  no !!     yeeeeeees!    nooooooooo!    yyyyeeeessssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1   ok     the end    really!   yeees   ok   the end   what   !   ok   the end     .         ..       ..  stop that fucking text now lamer !!   ok    the end      is this or !!!     the end              

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            oh yeah!!                                                                                                 b y t e r a p e r s  sends greetings to some people like subway ! paranoimia ! vision factory ! alpha flight ! flash pro ! kefrens ! the supply team ( blitz ? where in hell are ya' ..  beware that ya' aint gone back to c64 scene ! ) ! blackmonks ! trilogy ! scoopex ! s451 ! phoenix ! spreadpoint ! darklight ! the force ! silents ! setrox ! fairlight ! digitech ! arcane ! factor 4 ! quicksilver ! phantasy ! xmen !  unique ! exudus ! triad(old) ! razor ! band ! avalanche ! ns ! sargon ! karl xii ! dcs ! and everybody whos worth of a greet.....      dial the byterapers board binary link at 416 663 5199 (9600)     for swapping write to: golem,     klovervagen 5,      175 43 jarfalla,      sweden