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B2P  once in the world ruled completely by lamers there was only a few of real coolers. some of
 them used to party, some not. but in all cases, they were just themselves,
having really good time. their favourite motto was like  svenska flicka vara
 toppen, ligga sangen suga snoppen.  that group was from finland. they had
 rosen up from deep shit to fame, to the no1 there. they
were called as the byterapers, and once again they present, while suffering
 from serious brain damages and mental problems, something which will
 make the world thinking again if it all has been worth it. the perfect
 example of pure..  something..  shortly...
S4PB2    byteB1rapers    B2       present a new intro      credits   Sf
  coding by  FSf         Icsa    F       Pgraphix by F         Ipolo    F 
         Pmusic by  F         Ispeed head F          S5PB2 
greets to all contacts of grendel who are too deep of
alcoholism to be remembered now
 .. no.. greetings to the refreshers, biiira, atari to hell
 and so on.. speed-head taking off ...over to pollo alias polo tapping on this
machine (my lady) , aaaammiga , drm.. dr star is tired !!! he just wants to
sleap sliip and slap... he is playing with an old plastic bag, body bag!!!!
r.i.p.p - rest in peace at party - azuk kusmax si tesb - tesbin jag har tappat
!!! hm! jakk heder bulentz genzz och ar en turjiskt metborgare... this makes no
sense , no senzei , allright . clock is now 06.66.66 . over to speed-head. spee
d-head is mad about thiz because i am writing his name such as spede-hede,spiid
-heed,saatanan paska,paasta kirjottaaaa!!! - nuha: speed-head on the line....
i am tired of this party already , i have been here just some hours !  
grendel is somewhere with hoffi and 5011/triad...i am getting old . b-coz
 i can not write so fast as before..time passes     end from speed-head...# # #
 this is a lot of bullshit!!! look at the faces ones moooooore... -    # # # 
i am getting bored to write shit and such a smell!!! it is better to smell thez
e # # # ... c s a ... is going to release new stuff such as muzzax collection,
new demos ,intros etc. etc. byterapers intl. inc. csa. hiv. 71. aik. dxf. javla
 krage!!! cp cp cp cp det aer en soen jaevla musik - yesterday i could not writ
e schrullen texthzen because i am writing about censouououred things!!! we enjo
y e.t , alf , camaro , ulf ... - speed-head cant look ahead in thiz schrull -
there is toooo much violence in the end ... ha ha haa haaa haaaaa    the laugh
is going in the tempo and beat of the intro!!!! fast is here .... yes..saodjd
djdj  no no grazy ... nobody reads these grazy texts just some lamers ..
i hear uggly music from someone in this room ... really cp-music..!   
time is 2:15 08 of the year 1989 and mars and   end of polisen kommer fan
 nu maste vi sluuuette !   faaan javla snut   end of jolly - text

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