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          yo fans ! speed-head bidz ya welcome to this demo !     credits:
 code by csa - logo by jugi - muzak by speed-head .. some personal heys
 to:  ghostriders (really nice demo) - aze of epsilon/wot (do you like the sti
ckers and the stuff i sent you) - vision 1(pigman nice food , drugs , money
 , etc etc..) - ddt/crimecrew(thanx for the speed-head logos) thats all from
 (me) speed-head!         pista alkuun
  in the time of falling... while the red army was running over the civilization.
the ultimate lamers decided to rule the world. they called themselves 
'x-men', the number one crew in russia. with their relations to the communist
leaders, they forced the forces of communism to rush over the borders or
western free world in order to rule all! to be the no:1 in the world!!!!
 their crusade continued, germany falled under the red flag, france falled, europe 
falled. only in the northern part of europe a small group of coolers had 
their power high enough to resistance the red army conquering the world....
 the  byterapers  were there, fighting back to the red army under 
control of the ruskian farters x-men...  the charge of x-men continued... months
after months.... but the front line was kept!  finally, everything was 
ready for counterattack. the x-men's lines were planned only to attack, 
not to defend. the battle raged for days and the dust finally falled down. 
some shadows just moved in the middle of dust. they came nearer.. they came out.
and they were:  the byterapers inc. presenting their newest intro, after the 
final battle to save the world from the red, communist ruling. x-men were beaten,
 their evil plan to rule the world was at the end. no chance anymore, 
byterapers were still existing - ready to push back all their tries to 
conquer the world... and... ready to start the final charge to clear the 
world from the dictatorship of    x-men     ...  here is crazy   p o l o  of by
terapppers ha ha ... dr star did not want to write anything into this scroll te
xt. he had no inspiration at all!!! or what there is one marmor man here at thi
s party... we wanna pa-pa-pa-pa-party!!! spiid-heed says that he is my idol but
 so it is   not not not ! ! !  i am spiid-heeds idol!!! now i get my revenge...
allright lets go over to my special greetings. my special greetings to: big mam
a (hi muumio!!) , marmor (du are mormor!!) , spiid-heed (yello been!!) , mr.z (
abzdefghijzklmznopz) , olop si lamerrrr!!! , asc si redoc ydoolb a , rats rd si
 r-eppa-ws , susej kcuf!!! , perkele schrollie lopppppppuuueh!!!! the end...
amiga lords - fuck fuck kcuf kcuf !!!! ahh schoenen feelinghen!! g-r-e-n-d-e-l
ho ho ho - when grendel competes with an gremlin in smell the grem dies!!!!
thats allmoust all folks... huvaa yotaaa ... nyt ... nyt ... pakko !!!! ...**
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