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 hello lamers!! this is it what u've been waiting for rather long time
yes,the first amiga-demo from action force/byterapers inc. is now alive!
credits for this very d-mo goes as following..... coding by crusher ,
logos by apollyon , this font by me (crusher) , music by our new member
from norway called walkman,welcome dude!!!      action force's member status is
on amiga... crusher (coding,graphics,swapping),mr.x (coding),walkman (musics),apollyon
 (on amiga graphics,starting to code,on 64 graphics,coding,swapping)  
  on c-64... devil (our leader(?),swapping,coding,graphics,composing (in the future)
it's time for some hiphobbs!!!
 (only to action force-contactz)    4th dimension - abnormal - antrax - axion - blaze - bloodsuckers -
cascade france - cable'n'skyscraper - crack force five - freedom force/sunriders
- highspeed - mirage - orion - scaip - sub zero - team x - the floppies
- the gang - tsh - wings of tomorrow - stack'n'x-men   as u all saw there's
not very many groups in our list,but who cares??    now devil takes over till
i've eaten something...... joo... this is the first time i have a honour to write
some text for a amiga demo!!!  time is now about seven pm.!!  crusher's dog
just visited here and licked apollyon's .....  i'm out of inspiration!! so i wrap
now!!   wrap in shit! sorry, wrap time is here to stay!! (d) devil 1988      
     allright it's me again (crusher..) i won't write anymore so i'll ask apollyon
if (s)he's interested in writing some text......    ofcorse i'm interested in
writing.... but,ooh shit i've awful headache.... i don't know what to write...
now here came a purelamer guy called pekka oinonen....he left right away,
he couldn't stand us... (i wonder why??)
oorait... that's all i can create now!! wrap time calls! (a) apollyon...
yuba yuba now the scrolltext will restart so... wrap in peace!
 (c) crusher 1988...