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             U       bye bye  SC VL                                          

  MU       Vbros    SR     QG  is back on trilogy/vf - party with a new production !  made for the demo-competition to catch a good rank @@@@ but we think that at this time its not enough for you ?!? $we are getting higher#J      WP lets reach the stars * * *Y           OK look  %left^X      Zand %right^D       Xand to the memberlistZ  :   bon (driver-swapper)     Wdruid (soundwizard)K      falcon (new graphic-pixeler)      Pgilli (masterswapper)O      hawk (swapper hardware-freak)      hotfreezer (cool introsound!)       UknightV- rider (beerkiller!)      lord mc crack {bootcopy}      ozone (logo)   T     PWsage (dpainter)KO    splasher (spreader)      U        tom   VSSSSL  G(coder)      bros finland (send graphics and sounds)      uniquefront (fauler sack)I        if you want to buy the latest stuff then write to plk a 012371   6434 niederaula         or want to swap or can paint good graphics then write to plk a 012368    6434  niederaula             wanna have some greets ??? F   Chere they are ~~~ {  a to z  } ~~~         N abyss - aces - the band (norway) - beastie boys (hi kevin *cool wa ?*) - black tech - cascade - cps - doc (hi tracer great contact ! hallo michael no 1) - deathstar - escape - frantic - freestyle "uk - freedom force (nice megademo) - {hcs 4220} - hitech-ydex X- kefrens - megapower - northstar - powerslaves - quadlite (tach zeronine) - Cred sector - seven up crewD - savory - the silents -X steel pulse (hi ralf thanx for the cool game !) - Zthe link (wait for megademo) - tristar (jens*arno) -  the law breakers (car repaired dirk ?) - Ftng fun factory - Ntsk and acc (go on with your good work) - unicorn - W   vision factory (hello arnd and christian) K- warfalcons - Uworld Vof wonders (hi derek) - zigag -   *** @@@ ***     text    SR                 QG  written by  - bon - gilli - and knight rider -             all coding made by P   tom     Othats all for this time !!!    - end of text -      H       C