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yeeeeeaaaaaah         bros        SSSONSSSSSSG is back with a  new introOand a new sounddisk ...  Ithis time we present you the lastNninja sounds . J.they were made by a.starr and i hopeONthatKwe are the first who present them ...O by the way if you wanna contact bros on amigaJthen write to :     bon/brosON       plk a 012370  M  SSSSSSSG      6434 niederaula         or          gilli/bros        plk 063828 a      6430 bad hersfeld 1        west germany...     the credits for this intro  :   all coding by    tom    Jlogo by  N ozone    scrolltext by knight riderO    music by    bros finnland   .....  Nif you are a good graphic or music artist you can contact us on the same adresses .Othis sounddisk was hopefully spread onONtheHworld of wonders party ...    the greetingsOare going to    ...  ass    Jackerlight     abyss     accession   MON  beastie boysF    bamiga sector one  J  bcc     cascade G   dream warriors   O d.o.c.     fairlight     kefrens     megaforce     omega crew     powerslaves     pioneers    I O N  quadlite/hiFzeronine     radwar/hi berndG    r.b.b.     Ored sectorJ    r.d.a.p.     steel pulse    seven up crew     sunriders:send the disks back     subway     tetragon  MN tsk crew     the law breakers     tng/fun factory     thrust     the band norway   O world of wonders/hi vitex and cop shocker J    the members of bros are  ...    bon     gilli     knight rider     ozone     road warriors/hawk and animal ON    robocopF  H and bros finnland     and a lot of 64 membersG.... O   cul8r