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 a 'B+B Dezign / BRONX' production 1995 
This game's a conversion from an old C64
     game with the same name...         
 First 30 levels from the original game.
  Sorry, but we are boored to play it!  
Code and Graphics ............... MALICE
Music ......................... DJ JONES
Original 'MAGIC FIELDS' ......     CREAM
This little game is coded in 1992,      
Release date is 1995, after AGA fixing..
 Clear the area via pressing on fields. 
 Fields in a 'PLUS' shape will change.  
 If there's a field, it will disappear: 
 If not a field will appear.            
  F1: Pause game     RMB: This screen   
     -----> FIND CHEAT MODE <-----      
       CHEAT MODE #1 ACTIVATED          
  You will now have INFINITE TIME!!!!   
      (Try to find cheat mode #2)       
       CHEAT MODE #2 ACTIVATED          
This is not a real cheat mode, it works.
To clear area in EVERY level; do this:  
Start from top line, if there's a field;
press the same-coloumn-area of the lower
line. Do this until you reach the bottom
now go to the top line, doing the same  
with the upper area.                    
Keep doing this up-to-down-to-up job to 
find yourself an easy way out!!!!