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YOUR FRIEND SCATTERGOLD STRIKES BACK WITH ANOTHER STUNNING PACK....       Keep on reading to enjoy some SPECIAL GREETINGS...           The one and only makers of this crap are : ORLANDO (who coded this ) and CHESTER (who designed and drew the graphics).                                                           Here the instructions : Use mouse, cursor keys, joystick to select and left mouse button, joy-button, return or f-key to load the desired program. (Joystick selection is quite useful for gamers, also because it's not as easy to select with, as with the other methods...                As I don't know the SPECIAL greetings of all my other friends in BRAINSTORM, I'll only send mine to :  AMAZE (Bomber), ANGELS (Garp and Gun), DUAL CREW (Stookie), CYTAX (Sooga), IMAGE (Der HM), PARANOIC (TRS), ARCANE (Blutch), VISION (Stingray), UFO (Guardian), SKID ROW (Terminator), SUBWAY (Slayer), and to:  PARADOX, GENESIS, CAVE, SCOOPEX, BYTERAPERS, CRYPTOBURNERS, RED SECTOR, TRISTAR, TARGETS, LIGHT, FRANTIC, TIW OF SAE, BRAIN WAVE, and to:  MY MOTHER, MY GIRL-FRIEND, MY CATS, MY BIRDS, MY DOG, MY SYSTE, and to ALL THE WORLD !!!  and a VERY VERY SPECIAL GREETING TO MY FRIEND SMITHSON (EX-SCOOPEX, EX-RSI+TRISTAR) WHO QUITTED THE SCENE A FEW WEEKS AGO.... GOOD LUCK FOR  THE FUTURE.       One more thing to write :         END OF TEXT                                                                                   THIS IS ONLY THE ADDRESS SCROLLER FOR ALL OF YOU WHO WANTS TO GET IN TOUCH WITH THE SO      THE SO WHAT ??         THE SO        y FAMOUS                  xBRAINSTORM     SHOULD WRITE TO           BRAINSTORM      s        P.O.BOX 71      s         1162 ST PREX     s        SWITZERLAND     s         AND DO NOT FORGET TO SEND YOUR WORK FOR ZINE TO         BRAINSTORM     s       P.O.BOX 2      s        4148 PFEFFINGEN   s        SWITZERLAND      s    I HAVE TO SAY ONE MORE THING     TEXT RESTARTS.....                         

          F1 METAL DEMO                BY BRAINSTORM                   
          F2 HEAVY BALL                BY BRAINSTORM                   
          F3 WATER DEMO                BY BRAINSTORM                   
          F4 TECHNOLOGICAL THREAT      BY BRAINSTORM                   
          F5 ANOTHER DREAM             BY BRAINSTORM                   
          F6 SOLID COMMUNICATION       BY BRAINSTORM                   
                            BEST OF 1989-90                            
                     SELECTION DONE BY SCATTERGOLD                     

                     Code by Orlando ­ Design by Chester 

                             pack by Scattergold

                        Dealing out the agony within
                     Charging hard and no one's give in
                      Living on your knees, conformity
                      Or dying on your feet for honesty 
                       Inbred, our bodies work as ONE 
                      Bloody, but never cry submission
                    Following  our instinct not a trend
                    Go against the masses till the end...


                       ***  B R A I N S T O R M  ***