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              bounty, the genius team brings hot stuff to you, and it aint just hot, its burning            this piece is done by gizwiz of bnt in a few hours,    the quick one has notised that vixen of flash prod. has drawn the logo for us,  and is she a beuaty......            this is ment as a cry for grafix wizards . contact bounty if you are looking for a more potential group.    other credits for this .        coding by gizwiz,           music by jesper soundwave kyd         and charset by michael oswald balle.        hot swappers should consider contacting our swapper at this add.               flemming christensen           braarupvej one                    seven eigth zero zero skive              denmark          once again                 johnny jensen           olgavej one zero one                  seven eigth zero zero skive              denmark      for swapping latest stuff...        now for the greetings................first a super hallo to vixen and other members of flash production............        normal greetings to deathstar, the crusaders, polarbears, phoenix, cbb, beyond you know what, browbeatmystix, the wizards, the undertakers, d.mob, maffia, cryptoburners, ibb, ahead, tacs, belgian brains, aces, titanics, ironman, triumph, kefrens, arcane, amitech, diskrunner, eternity, expose, impact inc., laserbrain, prowerdrive, sos, supreme, the dual crew, the supply team tartan army and kefrens, tomcat f,zenit system, heartbeat, the new system, d.a.s.h., chain, los amigos, vision, the flash team, extreme, orion five, sokrates, the maltese hackers, accession, predator, defiens, jesper soundwave kyd.......                signet gizwiz of bnt....