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Mixx1                      Rocco
Soit Ite Kitaral             Ale
Sammakoiden Joulu            Ale
Dindin.daa                  Zach
Electric Organ          Stuntman
15 Seconds Tilt    Zach,Stuntman

mod.soit ite kitaral.pp
mod.sammakoiden joulu.pp

 They are back?               
-The Bold And The Beautiful!- 
@   OPEN  YOUR  MIND  # 6   @ 
What happened to Open Your    
Mind #5, you might ask...     
we decided to do a SPECIAL    
collectors item of it, so you 
need to write to Bill if you  
want to have it... address is 
coming up soon...             
   Write to our f[niklubi:    
@ Bill/B&B                  @ 
@ Vanha Littoistentie 49b   @ 
@ 20540 Turku               @ 
@ Finland                   @ 
@  ! Don't drink and fly !  @ 
I (Ridge of the bold and      
the beautiful) am in vappu    
fiilis, so I'm outta here...  
Ok... now I will leave        
the keyboard to Zach...       
Zach? Zach? Zach?             
          Vappu mode enabled  
          Zach activated....  
Remember our 16-bit sound     
player? No? Well, anywayz     
we designed a 16-bit software 
based sound player for a500   
but it doesn't work. So       
you may as well forget about  
it. Anywayz. Let's go on!     
Actually we didn't go on and  
you can be sure that we won't 
go on.                        
We never go on.               
Maybe you have noticed that   
the whole world hasn't been   
going on since 1978...        
That's true. Yep. We were     
very depressed after we found 
out that our 16-bit sound     
player doesn't work... But    
then our scientist member -   
yes he really is a scientist  
 - found out this amazing     
discovery - the world really  
stopped going on on the year  
1978. Yep. that's true. yep.  
Actually it isnt' true.       
Yes, yes, I made up the whole 
Ok, im sorry that I lied.     
yes, we don't even have a     
scientist member. well, can   
you name a computer group     
that would have a real        
scientist in the group?       
Yep, that's what I think. No. 
So we are no lousier than     
any other computer group.     
But you can't deny that we    
could have a scientist as a   
member. And actually the      
world could have stopped      
going on.                     
Who cares anyways? Who reads  
these texts anyway?   Nobody! 
Can you possibly imagine how  
it feels to write a text that 
nobody will ever read?        
I feel so frustrated.         
I'll probably kill myself.    
No, just kidding. I wouldn't  
shoot my brains out. No no.   
Actually I love myself.       
oh my god, i love myself.     
i love. yes, i love. actually 
i am the god. no that would   
be too much. i am not the     
god. But close. yes very      
close. MAybe not.             
But our theory could have     
been true. You can't deny