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Jilted People              Rocco
Energian Pursuminen          Ale
5-yp                        Zach
Quatro                      Zach
di 63011 a 42               Bill
Bleep Voyager               Bill
mod.psycho kong.pp
mod.energian pursuminen.pp
mod.bleep voyager.pp

 Sell your bananas. We are    
 here again.                  
 @   OPEN  YOUR  MIND  # 4   @
 This time we have new        
 absolutely cool design!      
 it is designed just for this 
 issue of the legendary open  
 your midi series!            
 if you wanna buy a design    
 for your demo, contact us!   
 We have also a new sound     
 player routine. It enables   
 us to use 16 bit sound in    
 normal amiga! If you wanna   
 know more about our code,    
 contact our coder, Bill!     
 Buujaga. Buujaga.
 Our routine also supports    
 136 channels. Unfortunately  
 we have no tracker that      
 supports so many channels.   
 Actually we don't even have  
 musicians. So who cares.     
 Fuck. Forget it.             
 We need more members!        
 Especially dancers and       
 violin players! Contact us   
 and we'll arrange a chance   
 for you to show your skills. 
 Buupiduu. Music, music and   
 more music. Beautiful music. 
 Beautiful music played       
 boldly. .. To boldly play    
 what no saxophone player has 
 played before. . .. Actually 
 we have a techno band. If you
 can make funny sounds with   
 your body, dont hesitate ... 
 to contact us. maybe you'll  
 become the star of our next  
 world tour. We have no money 
 for those expensive machines.
 Actually all our members left
 us to join Scoopex. Actually 
 I made this text with a      
 joystick. Here's our new     
 bulletin board systems:      
 - Jack changed his handle to 
 - Caroline (finally) died    
 - Negrocop changed her handle
   to Sheila                  
 - Konsta changed his handle  
   to Ganz                    
 - Caroline died.             
 - Faith (SysOp,Trader) joined
 - Hermunen (CrashTest Dummie)
 - Caroline died.             
 @T[m[n viikon Jorma arvoitus@
 Kuinka monta jorma introa    
 tarvitaan jotta joku ottaisi 
 yhteytt[ dj hoffiin?         
 a) 44                        
 b) 444                       
 c) ei siihen introt riit[    
    Write to our fanclub:     
    Vanha Littoistentie 49b   
    20540 Turku               
 Greetings to The Horse Jormas
 toivottavasti tapaamme joskus
 Greetings to The Hormas      
 toivottavasti tapaamme joskus
 It's time for new recipes... 
 @ Finland @                  
 Ridge      - Whq, Swap, Trade
 Mick       - SysOp           
 Ganz       - SysOp, Utils    
 Faith      - SysOp, Trade    
 Mark       - Code            
 Brooke     - Code            
 Eric       - Music, Code     
 Bill       - Music           
 Rocco      - Music           
 Zach       - Music           
 Stuntman   - Music           
 Blake      - Music           
 Sally      - Music           
 Sheila     - Music           
 Stephanie  - Music           
 Old Thorne - Music, GFX      
 Old Clark  - GFX             
 Storm      - GFX             
 Angela     - Swap            
 Donna     - Swap             
 Katie     - Swap             
 Steve     - Swap             
 Taylor    - Swap             
 Julie     - Spirituaali jutut
 Juhan Af G- Ufot ja semmoset 
 Hermunen  - Crash Test Dummie
 @ Holland @                  
 Thorne      - Hq, Swap       
 Jake        - Music          
 @ Denmark @                  
 New Clark   - Hq, Gfx, Swap  
 Mark        - Swap           
 Macy        - Music          
 @ Germany @                  
 Saul       - Music           
 this really isn't the end.