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Sexual Attracktion         Rocco
Kolinaa Vajassa              Ale
Mind Frame                  Eric
Sleep With Me               Zach
Turbopuuro                  Zach
Hiv 28                      Bill
mod.kolinaa vajassa.pp

 Hei hai hou!We are b[ck! This
 @   OPEN  YOUR  MIND # 2    @
 stay tuned for more...       
  If you want to sell vinyl,  
  or join to The Bold And The 
  Beautiful or just to swap   
  with us, don't hesitate     
  to contact Bill Spencer Of  
  The Bold And The Beautiful! 
    Write to our fanclub:     
    Vanha Littoistentie 49b   
    20540 Turku               
 We released our first amiga  
 production 3.4.93, so it's   
 been almost two years since  
 we jumped to amiga scene from
 VIC20 scene... wait for our  
 birthday intro!              
 Greetings to the following   
 legendary Amiga groups:      
 Punikit, Pumpkin Brothers,   
 Anchovy Sisters & Ksylitol...
 We are you? We miss you all! 
 Also greetings to the second 
 best group of the amiga scene
 @      The Horny Jormas     @
   - Keep up the good work! - 
 Our AMIGA members are:       
 @ FINLAND @                  
 Ridge      - Whq, Swap, SysOp
 Bill       - Tekno, Trade    
 Angela     - Swap            
 Rocco      - Music           
 Donna      - Swap            
 Katie      - Swap            
 Brooke     - Code            
 Eric       - Code            
 Mick       - SysOp           
 Steve      - Swap            
 Storm      - GFX             
 Taylor     - Swap            
 Sally      - Music           
 Old Thorne - GFX, Music      
 Old Mark   - Code            
 Old Clark  - GFX             
 Pierre     - Music           
 Stuntman   - Music           
 Zach       - Music           
 Julie  - Spiritual ceremonies
 @ Holland @                  
 New Thorne  - Hq, swap       
 Jake        - Music          
 @ Denmark @                  
 New Clark   - Hq, Gfx, Swap  
 New Mark    - Swap           
 Macy        - Music          
 @ Germany @                  
 Saul        - Music          
 Our PC members are:          
 @ Finland @                  
 Ridge       - Hq, Trade      
 Charlie     - Code           
 Adam        - Trade          
 Eric Junior - SysOp          
 Most of us are active on     
 VIC20 scene,so I don't bother
 to write our VIC20 members.  
  Nothing more to say, see ya!