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WELCOME TO dragon intro...  CREDITS: gfx, music & coding by  ...   TAKE A LOOK AT THIS 'copper'coloring & animation (PRACTISING FOR MY FORECOMING GAME>crubmetal.... IM NOT SURE ABOUT THAT NAME YET...BUT IT'LL BE JUST great!  SO, IF YOU WOULD LIKE MIXUP OF xenon2 & breakout! YOU'D love my game!)      ...HERE COMES BLACKLIGTH INC'S GREETINGS IN ALPHA ORDER> admirals, airwalk, armageddon, artemis, black ropes, bytebusters, cave, dolby, dualcrew, euphoria, exoticmen, fod, framtic, genoside ,grace, heavyduty, image, iris, jetset, loctite, masquerat, nikki corp, parallax, prime sf, scrapers, titus & vectra. (SORRY, IF I MISTYPED)   ...DO YOU LIKE THIS NICE GUITAR MUSIC? THE NAMEOF THE MODULE IS waooh guitar men!!  ...BUT NOW ILL TYPE A SPECIAL D&D STORY! AND AS THE NAME OF THIS INTRO IS dragon SO IS THE THEME OF THIS STORY...   HERE GOES...        % the tale of magical fruit %      once uppon a time lived an evil dragon. it's cave was dug deep in mountain doom. near villages were terrozed by the dragon and the king of that land offered a great prize to one who kills the dragon. but the quest was too hard and everyone who dared to take it got killed or quited the quest. but then came SHAMAN THE WIZARD with his pet demon 'LEVIATHAN THE EVIL AND WICKED' alias 'LEVIS'. king was very happy about that because SHAMAN was his worst enemy after THE DRAGON. 'NO MATTER WHICH OF THEM DIES. NOBODY KNOW WHICH OF THEM IS WORSE...' he thought. so, they showed SHAMAN the entrance of the maze. (THIS STARTS TO SOUND LIKE HACK...) well as we know SHAMAN'S evil pet LEVIS could find the shortest way to the dragon with it's UNnatural instingts. the dragon was the biggest and meanest SHAMAN had ever seen... 'HA HA HAA...FOOLISH OF YOU TO COME HERE MORTAL!' it boomed 'ILL EAT YOU AS BREAKFAST HUMAN!'.   'OH, GREAT DRAGON DON'T DO THAT...' said shaman 'INSTEAD EAT THIS MAGICAL FRUIT'. 'OK. BUT THEN I'LL EAT YOU AS DINNER' the dragon laughed and swallowed the %fruit%... 'WHAT IS THIS?' the dragon cryed 'I AM FEELING SICK...'    ...and then it died. 'HA HA HAA THAT WAS A NICE TRICK... WASN'T IT LEVIS.' said shaman. 'YESSS MASTER YESSS IT WASSS...LEVIS LOVESSS TO EAT DRAGON MEAT FROM INSIDE...'   %the end%     EH, WHAT A STUPID STORY...  blah blah                           REPEAT FOLLOWS > > > > >