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 this is   das schweigen der lamer   by beyond                  F logo by  ... aloy ...  see sum easy lines first                 F or a psychedelic circle                 F let it bounce !!!                 F    the 15 beyond members are    B aloy (gfx)   artline (gfx)   codex (coding, gfx, sfx)   jumping pixel (gfx   ex-flo)   magnum (modemtrader)   mr. king (swapping, coding)   neurodancer (sfx)   sin joiner (sfx)   skindiver (gfx, swapping)   smc (coding, sfx)   suffer child (coding   ex-mosher)   t. c. (gfx, sfx, coding)   the duke (gfx, swapping)   toxic (gfx, swapping)   zeroflag (coding, gfx)      Ai especially want to welcome our new members  artline, magnum, neurodancer and t. c.  and now an beyond vectorlogo                  F now lean back, relax, listen to the music and enjoy this beautifull analyzercube                 F uaarrghh --- only old and boring effects   let,s have a nice  beyond  logo now                F ... logo by toxic ...   smc just told me that this is an amiga machine and no pc and that this amiga is able to show 4096 different colors (wow - did you know that before ?!?)  and that i should use some others than the 16 grey ones --- so i did this   bavarian shadebob                F here come the credits      coding... zeroflag (father of perverted scrollers)      gfx...... aloy,  toxic and zeroflag       sound (no prayer) .... neurodancer       --- neurodancer is our new sounder from the agnostix.  he,s doing great tunes, but most of them are awfully long and there was no chipmem left, cause toxic said, noone is having an a500plus with 2 megs of chipmem nowadayz (except me - zeroflag) .    if everything,s alright this little demo should be released at the black monks - possessed party in fuerth on the 24.10.1992 together with a some other beyond products (moshgame - partyvideo - musicdisk - ...) but thats not for sure now     today is the 30.10.92 cause i came to the party at 9o,clock instead of 8o,clock , but the jury told us , that this demo would have made the 1st or the 2nd place - so the new release date is the  09.11.92  !!!     and here comes the ... greetinx list ...  Bagnostic front   arise   assault   black monks   cryptoburners   dark star   desert   digital   drifters   elicma   eremation   gothic   grace   infect   iris   manitou   motion   nuance   paradise   pleasure   public art   sceptic   scoopex   silicon ltd.   submission   subzero   tek   the clan   the dark demon   the organized crime   t.o.c.   trance   wizards   zenith       Azeroflag,s messages ...   cooper (elicma) --- thanxx for the cool stickers !!!     headline (submission) --- sorry for the megadelay (once again)     toxic (beyond) --- i hope you like my demo now !     codex 2005 (beyond) --- when will you send me some sources ?!?     alexander wolf (peutenhausen) --- take this and be quiet - you,re really lame !!!     all true metal warriors --- spread this demo of war all over the world         i think the sun will continue to draw her bloody line across the sky , but i can feel some kind of emptyness in my veins - there,s warm blood flowing across my skin - it,s the blood of the lamers - they will scream no more  ...  and i see  ...  the end is raising  ...  always remember  ...   beyond  - more than a group       b e y o n d   Z