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a gmn production
made for fourty kb
intro compo
held at assembly
programming and
both fonts by gmn
rest of the visuals
  and audials by  
we greet everyone
we have been in
contact with
and everyone we
have known on amiga
and sixtyfour
a flashy
coming up
in realtime
of course
three dimensional
sinewaves have
become pretty
popular lately
so here are some
shadowed in four
well nothing
too exceptional
in fact
let us move
on to something
more interesting

just some more filled?
not quite!
filled vectors with metamorphing...
this 40kb intro is also a celebration
for our 5 years existence in scene...

 the end
  you finally made it to the very last
    screen of this small competition
   production released at assembly 93
 arranged in kerava, finland.
   from here you will find just some
    messages and a contact address.
 i will start with some technical info
   ...metamorphing filled vectors...
    it naturally runs in every frame
    and in 2 bitplanes.  the area is
  not that big though, 112x112 pixels
   but therefore it consists of 12544
    dots. each dot is transfered to
   the corresponding dot of the next
    object in 22 different stages...
   this one is a color effect running
   in 4 bitplanes, i.e. 16 colors and
  on a 160x120 screen. it is of course
   realtime calculated, but it is not
   very fast due to several things...
   a few effects are also included as
 there are 9 variables...
  ...rotating and zooming bf signs...
effect contains 12544 dots running each
 frame giving an impression of zooming.
the dots are mapped from a rotating area
 of graphics in 1 bitplane.
 whole thing runs in one frame and there
  could not really be anything else but
 music included...
   ..well if you feel like contacting
    the coder, just send a letter to
 gmn of beyond force

 olli auvinen
 annikinkatu 23 b 9
 57200 savonlinna
 no games wanted!
 ohhoh.. after all bugging and crashing
  it is finally finished.. i am really
  happy that i got this ready in time,

 not ready before deadline but
  ready before my fat agnus crashes for
many thanks has to go to the elysionists
  for supporting us with a logo you can
see up there and for this piece of music
  as some of you might know, this is my
first ever amiga release. i used to be a
  coder on the best and also the first
   scene computer, that box called 64
  actually i still managed to find some
    old parts for a one more 64 demo
 now it is really the end since this is
 the last textpage.. see you in another

	 beyond force productiong!