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The Punisher's (Beyond 2000) Compact Demo-Disk#25
With Only The Shit You Wanted.
(And No Unnecessary Crap....Good Excuse For Easy Coding Ehh???)

Anyway, the buttons are as follows:

F1  - Fl0deskum				Atomic Intelligence
F2  - Group Work			Alive
F3  - Intro No. 1			Robot Session
F4  - No One Beat Us Intro		TACS
F5  - Part 1 Demo Arendal-Party		Cartel
F6  - Third Demo			Abandon
F7  - Xenon II+++ Intro Long		Bamiga Sector One
F8  - Zephyr Demo w/'Z' Vector		Mechanix

HELP - This menu back with a clean screen & new stars
DEL  - Greets & Adresses