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bastards are really proud to present musicdisk 5 - maybe the finest disk we have ever made.       if you like 
this disk then consider buying the original for only 9999.95 kr. in alleroed foto svindel a/s. we can give you 
3 good reasons not to buy your amiga-equipment there...   1. it costs too much     2. it probably wont work 
anyway     3. if it works, it will probably break in a few weeks     4. it takes more than 3 weeks to get it 
repaired     5. and when you get it back, it probably doesnt work anyway     6. goto 3rd reason (this is a 
viscious circle).   now back to business...   this musicdisk will only work on kickstart 1.1, sorry about that.
    and now to the 1st record attempt...  blind-typing on a computer for the first time in computer-history :   
 it takes a lot of programming but it is worth the hard work.    2nd record attempt...  we will for the first time
 use all the keys on the amiga at the same time in a single demo.   a special price on the screen for the person 
who manages to press down all of the keys in one go at the same time simultaneously...     3rd record attempt... 
we have managed to do nothing in only a few seconds. (nice going eh?)    now to something different - greetings :
   abusive          ache          action          addonic          admirals          agony          alpha flight 
          amega          amonia          anarchy          andromeda          antiriad          argon          
armada          aurora          bacteria          barbarians          bass          black robes          brainstorm 
         brainwave          bronx          byte busters          byterapers          cave          chrome         
 coma          complex          coral          crusaders          cybervisions          cytax          dazzle     
     d-mob          decay          defcon 1          deserters          dimension 4          dual crew          
equinox          exort          extreme          falcons          firegroup          flash production          
future crew          hardline          hypnosis          iris          italien bad boys          kefrens          
kgb          light          magic pixels          majic 12          massive          mechanix          mirage    
      network     nike force          nightbreed          noxious          offworld          omicron          
palace          panic          paramount          paranoid          phenomena          quartex          ramjam    
      razor 1911          rednex          reacion          reflectors          relax          royal amiga force   
       satbards          scoopex          scorpion          scrapers          sharks          silents          
skid row          snugs          society          spirit          strangers          style          supplex      
    symbiosis          terradon          the risk          the special brothers          the zapp/ibb         
 titus          tristar - red sector          unicorns          vertigo          vision          vogue        
  vox dei          warp inc.          wizzcat          zenith          zero defects          schalke 03         
 sidewinder          razor           gigicar          scott          orson          zodiac         sorry to all 
we have forgotten.         credits : coding - the judge      music - melf      graphics - pma     blind-typing 
programming - melf       you can contact us on this address : henrik pontoppidan (tmt), takshaven 6, 3450 alleroed,
 denmark.     you can call our board on : ($0031)-$02850723 ask for ibrahim salalaikum III                      
                                                                                 oh, we almost forgot : have a 
nice day !!!