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     F1  :  'The Black Hole'       Composed By        D-LUXE of EQUINOX 
     F2  :  'Bubblegum'            Composed By	      HEATBEAT of REBELS
     F3  :  'Kortecool'		   Composed By	      MICKE COOL of AFL
     F4  :  'The Anvil Chorus'     Composed By        MANTRONIX of RAZOR 1911
     F5  :  'Transylvania'         Composed By        XENIO of ZERO DEFECTS
     F6  :  'Intro-Ducti'	   Composed By	      DR. JIVE of VECTRA
     F7  :  'Knulla Kuk !!!'       Composed By        MOBY of ALCATRAZ
     F8  :  'Back From Blue'	   Composed By	      4-MAT of ANARCHY

          If you get a memory problem,please re-load.The reason is that
          I have put some commands in the ram,to speed up the selector.