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 presents upstream 8  released the 1st of april at the gathering , 1994 in olso ____________________________
  upstream no. 8 - headlines  ___ new member in balance ___ uk division of blc ___ a bigger and better upstream ___ a test _________________________@ a test ___ a test ___ a test ___ mac - machine always crashes ___ ibm - incredibly bad machine _________________________@ sensation.. it can fly ___ it can walk ___ it's an alien ___ it a lot of crap from kata!! ___ hyg jer med nogle superfede udtryk i denne headline sektion opfundet af connor ____________________________@@\y080
\c--the credits--\n\n
\c--for this intro--\n\n
\c--goes like this--\n\n
\cbalance presents\n
\cupstream issue 8\n
\creleased the\n
\c1st of april\n
\cat the gathering '94\n
\ca few headlines\n
\cfrom this issue...\n
\c \n
\c \n
\ca nazi speaks out\n
\cread what a nazistic\n
\cscenemember has to\n
\csay about the scene\n
\cr.a.w lied\n
\clord helmet did not\n
\ctell the true story\n
\cabout andromeda in\n
\chis article in raw\n
\cissue 6\n
\cthe gathering 94\n
\cafter a massive \n
\csuccess in 1993\n
\ccrusaders made \n
\cthe gathering 94\n
\cturn out \n
\cthis was just a few\n
\cof many haedlines in\n
\cthis 8th issue of \n
\cupstream... we hope \n
\cyou will enjoy it\n
\ca lot...\n
\c \n
\ctext will restart\n
\cafter the coder add\n
\cwrite to kata for\n
\c"balance uk" at..\n
\cjacob refstrup\n
\cpachesham park\n
\csurrey, kt22 0dj\n
\cphone 44 372 843768\n