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·²¢2MAGBOX #2

¢1Hello and welcome to the second issue
of the amazing BALANCE "¢3Magbox¢1".
This time as you have probably noticed
there are loads of new features.I'm way
too lazy to write a complete list, but 
if you read the next article you will
be fully satisfied. 
Well, the editorial staff this time
consists of 3 guys! ¢3Wolfman¢1 (me) as the
maineditor, ¢3Split¢1 and ¢3Scope¢1 as co-
Because of technical difficulties 
¢3Eddie¢1 didn't get his stuff included 
this time, but next time he'll be here!
Hmmm, I really haven't got much to say
because we are really busy by now put-
ting this shit together. 
As an end I just wanna say: SUPPORT US!
Hope you enjoy this issue....

²3rd-September 1992



To change the page you can either press
the ¢7¤¢1 on the keyboard to go back a page 
or press ¢7¡¢1 on the keyboard to go one 
page forward. You can also press the ¢7¤¢1
on the menupanel to go a page back or
press the ¢7¡¢1 on the menupanel to go back
a page. 
To go to the first page of an article
just press ¢7F7¢1 or press the ¢7B¢1-sign on
the menupanel.

To get to the next article you can 
press the ¢7¦¢1 on the keyboard or to go to
the previous articles you can press the
¢7¥¢1 on the keyboard.  You can also press 
the ¢7¦¢1 on the menupanel to go to the 
next article or press the ¢7¥¢1 on the menu
to go to the previous article. Please
note that it's not possible to select
the next article in the advertisments
cuz the next article there is the exit-

To turn of the music you can either use
the ¢7DEL¢1-key on the keyboard or press 
the ¢7ï¢1-sign on the menupanel.

To reach the menu you can do 3 things!
Either press the ¢7HELP¢1-key on the key-
board, press the ¢7MENU¢1-sign on the menu-
panel OR press the ¢7fire¢1 button.

Okay, this is a newie so let's check it
out shall we?!
To start a search press ¢7F9¢1 or the ¢7S¢1 on
the menupanel.
To continue a local search (that is in
ONE article) either press ¢7F10¢1 or press
the ¢7C¢1-sign on the menupanel.
To continue a global search (search for
string in ALL articles) just press ¢7F8¢1
or press the ¢7C¢1-sign on the menupanel.
When specified string have been found 
it will be highlighted or if it's the
big letters it will change to colors in
a noticeable way...

Even though there is loads of fun in
this magbox one will be wanting to get
out of here sooner or later. Well, to
exit just select the ¢7EXIT¢1-article which
is the last article on the menu.
New features
·²¢4New Features¢1

¢81.¢1  Extra  big  proportionel  font with
auto calculated sizes.

¢82.¢1 Auto center is easy.

¢83.¢1 Start at Welcome article

¢84.¢1 Push-in Animated buttons.

¢85.¢1 Menu headlines.

¢86.¢1 Capabilites  to  use  more  than one

¢87.¢1 Auto continue on title screen.

¢88.¢1 Background gfx removed instead
there's capability of 15 diffrent

¢89.¢1 All the 15 text colors can be
changed in each article induvidually,
and the background color can as well be

¢810.¢1 A Search function has been imple-

¢811.¢1 A ¢5"Go to top of article"¢1 button
has been implemented.

           ¢:Signed ¢7Scope¢1 of ¢8Balance
                     ¢5Coder of this mag¢1
Funny characters

·²¢1F¢2u¢3n¢4n¢5y ¢6c¢7h¢8a¢1r¢9a¢:c¢;t¢<e¢>r¢!s

¢1This mag makes it possible to make real
¢6funny¢1 characters, like skulls,
confusion, notes, smilie etc. and you
can included'em in your articles. Here
is how you make'em. Just enter
ascii-code in ¢3CED¢1 ¢4(or another Text-
Editor)¢1, and you'll get the chosen
character in your article.

¢9Here they are:¢1

Ý   = 221          ¢5a bottle¢1

Þ   = 222          ¢5a smily¢1

ÿ   = 255          ¢5a saddy¢1

éêë = 233,234,235  ¢5hand to the left¢1

ìíî = 236,237,238  ¢5hand to the right¢1

ýè  = 253,232      ¢5a disk¢1

ï   = 239          ¢5a node¢1

É   = 201          ¢4a heart¢1

Ë   = 203          ¢5a snowcrystal¢1

Í   = 205          ¢5a pattern¢1

Î   = 206          ¢5a waterdrop¢1

ÓÔ  = 211,212      ¢6a skull¢1

Õ   = 213          ¢5The knife¢1

Ð   = 208          ¢5Confusion¢1

Ù   = 217          ¢8"Rundetårn" in
¢4                    More ---------->¢1
ñó  = 241,243      ¢5Lightsourced cube¢1

ô   = 244          ¢4Ëa magical potionË¢1

§   = 167          ¢:A Cannula¢1

¡   = 161          ¢5Arrow ¢2right¢1

¤   = 164          ¢5Arrow ¢2left¢1

¥   = 165          ¢5Arrow ¢2up¢1

¦   = 166          ¢5Arrow ¢2down¢1

Ï   = 207          ¢5a cross¢2 (Group
                   dead sign)¢1
*   = *            ¢5Stjerne¢1

× ¢5Here is a box¢1    ×

¢;And here is how you do it:
°   = 176          

®   = 174

þ   = 254

±   = 177

×   = 215

ç   = 231

¢:ìíî ¢3Do use'em alot ¢:éêë

             ¢;  -Signed ¢1Scope¢5/¢3Balance
                 ¢4   Coder of this mag¢1







¹¢7Flip page for more--->


¹¢7Flip page for more--->¢1


¹¢3Mr. Pixel¢1/¢2FI-RE CREW¢1
¹¢3Flesh¢1/¢2MAJIC 12¢1
¹¢3Digital Master¢1/¢2SOLARIS¢1
²Send your messages, advertisments, 
²articles or whatever concerning 
²the magbox, to this addy:

²¢3Wolfman ¢1of ¢2BALANCE¢1 (Maineditor)
²William Henrik Olesen 
²Brønshøjvej 64
²2700 Brønshøj
²PHONE: ¢:(+45) 31-281118¢1
²To contact ¢3Scope¢1 concerning the
²coders corner or anything else concer-
²ning code, just write to this addy:

²¢3Scope ¢1of ¢2BALANCE¢1
²Jesper Giørtz-Behrens
²Gustav Adolphsvej 11
²2800 Lyngby
²PHONE: ¢:(+45) 45-874829¢1
²To contact ¢3Chyle¢1 concerning the music-
²corner or anything else concerning 
²music, just write to this addy:

²¢3Chyle ¢1of ¢2BALANCE¢1
²Kristoffer Schultz
²Ålykkevej 2, Esrum
²3230 Græsted
²PHONE: ¢:(+45) 42-290015¢1
Send also your messages, advertisments,
²articles or whatever concerning 
²the magbox, to this add:

²¢3Split¢1 of ¢2BALANCE¢1
²Niels Kvaavik
²Græsager 203
²2980 Kokkedal
²PHONE: ¢:(+45) 42-241969
¢8--------------------------------------¢1¢,,,,48F¢Our prices...

·¹¢3The ¢2prices ¢1of ¢2the

·¹¢3advertisements ¢2are 


· ¢4FFF        ¢5RRR  RRR  ¢4EEE      ¢5EEE

· ¢4FFF        ¢5RRR  RRR  ¢4EEE      ¢5EEE


· ¢4FFF        ¢5RRR  RRR  ¢4EEE      ¢5EEE

· ¢4FFF        ¢5RRR   RRR ¢4EEE      ¢5EEE




Okay here's all the fuckups from the
last issue, we're really sorry that
there was so many, but it were the 
first issue so you'll just have to
carry over with us...
This is NOT written in any particu-
lar order...

1: In the interview with Silents-
Crionics when we asked about the party
there is a danish word, it was HYGSOMT
and that means coozy...

2: The demo from Analog which we did
not have the name of was called:

3: Maybe someone got a version where
the textscreen was quite incomplete
and the releasedate didn't show. Well,
Magbox #1 was released 20/7-1992...

4: Some maybe experienced that the
type-command we used in the beginning
to type the textscreen, didn't work
on Amiga's woth a kickstart 2.0, well
we're really sorry about this, but it
wasn't OUR type-command, anyway this
should be fixed now.

5: The version spread on Anarchy's
pack might not work for some. It 
just loads and dechrunches and then
suddenly the packmenu loads and 
shows up again! Well, this COULD be
my (Wolfman) computer, but if not
you can allways decrunch the file.
By the way I spread a version of
the Anarchy-pacl where the magbox
was packed with ¢7Crunchmania¢1 and it
works there, also the packing is 
more effective and it decrunches
faster with ¢4Crunchmania¢1...

6: In the interview with ¢2SILENTS¢1-
¢2CRIONICS¢1 we talked about there
second video as ¢2Ghando DANCE¢1, well
it was not!!! It was:¢2 Ghando TRANCE¢1!
Well, sorry about that ¢2SILENTS¢1...

7: In the news-section it was stated 
that ¢3Nexus 6¢1 had left ¢223CC¢1 to form the
Hungarian division of ¢2ANARCHY¢1. This was
NOT true! ¢3Nexus 6¢1 have never left ¢223CC¢1.
This is clearly a fault from one of our
newssources, anyway everything should 
be settled by now.


They have stopped releasing ¢7Scene-ry¢1!

Two Amigos left ¢3ALTAIR¢1 to join up
with ¢3WIZZCAT¢1.

¢3Ronan¢1 is coding the sooncoming slide-
show from ¢3Zoom¢1!

They are back with the old members. 
Their next release will perhaps be:
"¢7Substance II¢1" or a funny demo...

Toastmaster is 2.20 high and has got
the biggest overarms anyone has ever
seen (Steroids.-Ed) and he's got 
long hair and besides that he's Gay!
¢3BACTERIA¢1 is slowly Decomposing....

Some lamer claimed that his cosum had
helped our musician ¢3Chyle¢1 with all
his tunes. The only thing he had ever
helped him with was some samples and 
no more! We say: ¢;FUCK IT!!!!¢1
We have got a new board! It's called:
"¢7GATEWAY¢1"! The sys-op is: ¢3Imortal¢1 and
he is also a musician! The number for
"¢7GATEWAY¢1" is (+45) ¢442-393013¢1! The
board runs on 2400 Baud and is open be-
tween 07.00 - 17.00!

They got a new musician called ¢3Rolex!

¢3Dr.Bench¢1 (ex. ¢2BRONX¢1) joined and changed
his handle to Goose.

¢2DAMAGE INC.¢1 joined up so now they both 
go under ¢2DAMAGE¢1!
¢2Look out for many productions from 
them in the future!!!
¢3Futura¢1 is the new organizer after ¢3Flesh¢1
(now: ¢2MAJIC 12¢1) left!

¢2DEFIANCE¢1 is the old ¢2DEATHDEFIERS¢1!
¢3Sputnik¢1 (ex. ¢2QUARTZ¢1) joined!

¢3Deicide¢1 formed the german division!
¢3The Invisible¢1 (ex. ¢2LSD¢1) joined
the german division!
¢3Shade¢1 formed the norwegian division!
¢2BLIP-VERTS¢1 had a delay on about 3
The beachparty was cancelled!
¢3The Invisible¢1 joined as a graphician!

¢2DUAL CREW¢1 message-box is DEAD, since
they want to put effort in their
other disk-mag! (Maybe we can get 
some more support - he he.-Ed)

²¢2END OF CENTURY 1999¢1
Rumours say that they will die after 
their new demo!!

¢3Maniac¢1 left to join ¢2CHROME¢1!  
¢2FALCONS¢1 is dead!! Ï             

They got a ¢2Turkish¢1 division, the only
member is called: ¢3Blaze¢1.         
¢3Neptun¢1 (ex. ¢2GRACE¢1) joined!   
¢3FFC¢1 (ex. ¢2CRACK INC.¢1) joined! 
¢3Stacker¢1 (ex. ¢2CLASSIC¢1) joined!
¢3Ringo Star¢1 (ex. ¢2CLASSIC¢1) joined!
¢3Mightymuz¢1 left to join ¢2LEGEND¢1!

Soon coming up from ¢2GENOCIDE¢1 is a
¢3DJ.Pee¢1 is going to the army.

¢2GOTHIC¢1 is a new group in Germany 
with old members from: ¢2BLOODSUCKERS¢1,
¢2SILENTS¢1, ¢2DESIGN¢1, ¢2REBELS¢1 and ¢2SOON¢1!
¢3Adventurer¢1 (ex. ¢2ADDONIC¢1) joined!

¢3Slicer¢1 changed his name to: ¢3Fancy¢1...
¢3Pepe¢1 (music) left ¢2LSD¢1 and joined...

They will soon release the new issue of
A new demo by ¢3Ace¢1 will be released soon

Is a new cool french crew.
¢3Gengis¢1, ¢3H3O+ ¢1& ¢3Von Bubble¢1 (ex. ¢2SOLARIS¢1)
A mini musicdisk will be released soon
in cooperation with 2 other crews.
A trackmo from ¢3Gengis¢1 will be released
in Septemper 1992!

¢3Lord Zero¢1 left the scene for good.

²¢2MAJIC 12¢1
No new division will enter, since Zozo
(the mainorganizer) is visiting England
for 10 months!
¢3White Ninja¢1 (ex. ¢2EON¢1) joined!
The danish division is preparing a 
trackmo for release in about 2 months!
¢3Flesh¢1 & ¢3Exxon¢1 from Norway will start up
a new packserie soon!
The french division joined ¢2PMC¢1 (but not
all of them)!
A BBS-intro will we released soon for 
the norwegian board "¢7Jungle Fever¢1"

They are almost dead,since most members
joined up in ¢2SHINING 8¢1, ¢2NOXIOUS¢1 and 
¢2MAJIC 12¢1!

GOTHIC is making crack intros for them!
They are more or less in war with:

¢3Logic¢1 left to join ¢2REBELS¢1!

Roumors say that ¢3Lord Helmet¢1/¢2PMC¢1
joined, because most of the other
elite members joined.

¢3Drain¢1 left (ex.¢2VIXEN¢1= to join.
¢3Drain¢1 is leaving the scene (ROUMOR!!

A demo from the french division will be
released in Septemper 1992!
¢3Thanatos¢1 have re-joined!

¢3Zob¢1 (ex. ¢3Aqua¢1/¢2VISION¢1) joined!
They will soon release a new demo!
A new division is born in Denmark!
¢3Executioner¢1 (ex.¢2REDNEX¢1) joined!
Mogole (ex. ¢2PARASITE¢1) to join....
They have released they're first 
Intro caled -¢:IT'S TRICKY¢1-.

¢3Microchip¢1 left!

¢3Speedhawk¢1 (ex. ¢2REBELS¢1) joined!
¢3Zephyr¢1 (ex. ¢2RAZOR 1911¢1) joined!

They will son release a slideshow with
pictures by ¢3DGM¢1 and others. Further-
more they will also release a trackmo

¢3Electron¢1 joined after ¢2FANTASY¢1 died!

¢3Chucky¢1 of ¢2SILICON LTD.¢1 joined
¢2TMG¢1 is planning to do a chart called

Roumors say that ¢2VIXEN¢1 is DEAD

¢3Leon¢1 & ¢3Todd-1¢1 formed the ger-
man division!
¢3Monster ¢1& ¢3Lord Incognito¢1 (ex. ¢2Xzess¢1)
left to join the german divison!
¢3Rackblaster¢1 joined the german division
as a modemtrader and he will soon open
a board!
¢3Alex¢1 (ex. ¢2SANITY¢1)joined with his board
''¢?Base Line¢1''!
The german division now counts 6 

¢3Sputnik¢1 left and joined ¢2DEFIANCE¢1!


²¢3Wolfman ¢1of ¢2BALANCE¢1
²William Henrik Olesen
²Brønshøjvej 64
²2700 Brønshøj


      Written by ¢3Wolfman¢1/¢2BALANCE¢1

To tell the truth, aren't you  getting
red  spots  by  all those intros being 
released  these  days? Well, I'll tell
you  one thing! I AM!!!! Loads of dif-
ferent (and useless) introes are being
released  in mighty bunches so all the
packdiskmakers  (not  one  vicked word
about  them)can put them on their poor
Wouldn't  it be nice if people instead
of  only  thinking of to get something
released, actually took their time and
made proberly worked thrue productions.
I  mean: Just releasing something wont
make  you famous  or  whatever you are 
up  to.  Just  look  at  groups  like: 
just  t o  take  a  few good examples. 
They  are  silent for a long time, but 
when  they  finally release soemthing,
it's really stunning!! 
I'm  not  saying  that all productions
from  now  on  should  be major track-
loaded  productions,  but   1   screen 
introes  saying:  ''There's  no  real
purpose with this intro, we just feelt
like releasing something'', really ma-
kes me ¢2SICK¢1!!!
Groups  with  not  so  skilled  coders 
should  at  least try to release their
shit  with  better  graphics  and more 
parts,  instead  of  one  lousy screen
with an ugly logo and an accient text-
writter.  Groups  with really talented
members  should  really  start to make
more ¢3DENTROS¢1  or even trackmoes or
something  like  that. I mean it takes 
so little  to  make a really nice pro-
duction.     Some    nice    graphics, 
cool'n'funny  details,   nice sounding 
music   and   then  the  code  doesn't 
even  have  to  be  very  advanced  or 
complicated.  Well,  if  people  began 
to  think  of  this and  actually  ¢2DID¢1 
something, it would be a true paradise 
for  all  on the scene. Packdiskmakers 
would release  fewer,  but really nice 
qualitypacks   with  lotsa  cool stuff 
on them. Okay, there would be a little 
less stuff  on the packs, but then the 
packdiskmakers  could  make  even more 
packs to please  themselfes. For swap-
pers  it would mean paradise. Suddenly 
it would be something new to be a swap-
per not  receiving  a sending with 2-4 
disks  containing  one  boring  intro 
each... No, it would really mean chan-
ges! Okay, one would maybe not be able 
to receive/send so often because there 
would  be  fewer productions, but that 
would  mean  one  could have more time 
for  each sending  and  even have more 
contacts  and  not  having to spend to 
much on stamps etc.
Hmmm,  I  know  that this would really
change  the  scene  if  it really hap-
pend,  and  there  would  probarly  be
some  disadvantages  as  well.  Anyway
if  you  have another oppinion on this
subject then please write it and we'll
put it in this mag. 
You  should  send  such  article to me
(Wolfman), and you can find my address
a couple of places  in  this mag, well
live swell and have a nice day as well


       Written by ¢3Wolfman¢1/¢2BALANCE¢1

Well,  I  guess  many swappers already 
does  it,  but  in case there still is
some  who  could  learn, anyway try to
read on!
Would  you like to be more populare in
group  as a swapper? Don't your fellow
groupmembers find any use in swappers?
Well,  if  so,  then  read on here and 
find  out  how to make everyone happy.
Okay,  sending  new stuff to your non-
swapping fellow groupmembers is a rat-
her difficult  thing to do if you have
70 contacts or so, but it's really the
money  that  counts, copying the disks
and  mailing  it, is not much, but the 
money  is  a  problem.  Okay, first of
all  you should talk with the interes-
ted in your group and make a deal with
them.  Every  time  you have something
worth  to  send  you  just  mail it to
the  different  groupmembers. Remember 
to  make  a list of how many money and 
disks  you  have  spend  suppling  the 
others.  Then  every  time there is an 
internal meeting or so claim the money 
and  disks from the ones you have send 
to  over  a period of time. To make it 
easier  and  quicker  when sending you 
can eventually make  envelopes  ready 
and write  the  names and addresses on 
each  envelope,  in  this  way all you 
have  to  do  is  put the disks in the 
envelope  and  send!  Remember to make 
a  list  where  you write it all down, 
it's very unlikely that you can remem-
ber  how  much  you  have send to each 
groupmember.  Well,  that's  all! Easy 
isn't  it?!  Well, go on and make your 
friends happy!!!

·²¢3WE ¢2DO¢3 NEED GROUPS!!¢1

²Written by ¢3Wolfman¢1/¢2BALANCE¢1

Well, this is a reaction to the artic-
le written by ¢3Simpson¢1/¢2EQUINOX¢1 in
the ¢2European Top 20¢1 by ¢2EQUINOX¢1.
Okay ¢3Simpson¢1 (I hope you read this),
your idea was certainly one of the most
orginal ideas for a long time. And 
without doubts the most foolish idea 
ever as well! Okay I'm not just gonna
say that the idea was shit and that 
you're an asshole (I'm not gonna do
that AT ALL). 
Well man, if you think it over would
it not be quite boring to be in such
swappergroup? I should think so! First
of all the real enjoyment and the real  
PURPOSE of being a swapper in a group 
is to spread your groups productions,
chanching the scene like that would
really make it booooring. The guys ma-
king the productions would maybe know
that their productions would be spread
like hell, but would they get other
things themselfes? There could maybe
be independent traders but still how
would it be? How should it be organi-
zed?! Under all curcomstances it would
mean that the ones getting the demos
would almost ony be the swappergroups
and that would truely be boring eh!?
Said in shorter terms the scene would
simply be veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery
boring and in the end die...
Making such a scne would also kill the
real groupspirit. I mean: It would be
a bit boring for swappers just meating
and copying as they probarly all had
the same stuff. The producerteam would
not have much fun either. You men-
tioned an example of a team, ¢3S.L.L.¢1,
¢3Courgar¢1 and ¢2Performer¢1. Okay these
guys lives in Denmark, Germany and
France. It would be very difficult for
them to be together and make a demo or
something like that. Productionteams
would therefor most likely be placed
in the same country and even the area
and always work together and then it
would just be a group without a name!
Okay, I admit it working cross country
IS possible. ¢2ANARCHY¢1 did it with:
¢2DIGITAL INNOVATION¢1, but that's one
of the very few groups who have re-
leased a demo with stuff from more 
than one country.
Well, I think I have made myself quite
clear. The idea would first of all
(as you said yourself) probarly be
a dream for you, cuz it would be so
hard to organize and second would it
not last for very long if it ever
should come true (god see too that it
WONT). Well, okay ¢3Simpson¢1 I think
you got my message, if you (or anyone
else) have any comments to this, you
should either send the text to our
magbox or publish it your own chart.
Well that's all for now, byeee!!



·²¢2(Part 2 the final)¢1

²Written by ¢3Wolfman¢1/¢2BALANCE¢1

Well, this is what you (and us ) all
have been looking forward to, the ama-
zing follower of the best party ever,
said in short terms: THE PARTY '92! Or
if we say it right (We do!-ed.).......:
¢?THE PARTY (Part 2 The final)¢1. As we 
supposed there would be a lot of inter-
rest around the party, so we decided to
call ¢3Trix¢1/¢2ANARCHY¢1 for some more info on
the next superparty, here we go!!
(¢?A ¢4= ¢3Trix ¢1of ¢2ANARCHY¢1)
(¢?BLC ¢4= ¢3Wolfman ¢1of ¢2BALANCE¢1)

0¢>BLC:¢< Hi, I was wondering if you could 
give some info about the next party?¢1

¢5A: ¢1Well, I'm not really the ''mainman''
behind the party this time, but I'll 
fill you in with what we got so far!¢1

¢>BLC: ¢<Not the mainorganizer anymore?!

¢5A: ¢1Well, before the first party, I 
received so many phonecalls and so much
mail each day so I was getting rather
tired and so was my parents, so now the
phoneline is not any of my concern and
all post should be send to a postbox
which I have nothing to do with, in
that way I will have less hard work,
but I still work at the party and I
also arrange much this time as well,

¢>BLC: ¢<I see! What can we expect this 

¢5A: ¢1Aaaah! It'll be much greater than
the first time! We have already made
some huge improvements, there's so
much new, just ask!!!¢1

¢>BLC: ¢<Right! Which equipment do you have
this time!¢1

¢5A: ¢1Well, first of all we have improved
the TV-transmitter! It can not send
clearly out to a range of ¢;50¢1 kilomters
¢2(!!!-ed.)¢1 so the signal within the par-
typlace will be VERY sharp, much much
better than last time.
Then we have the different TV-channels.
This time we will have 4 ¢2(yes 4)¢1 diffe-
rent channels. 2 for for movies, 1 with
demos and some infos and then a info-
channel genlocked on to ¢6MTV¢1 as last 
time ans as said the sharpness of the
signal will be PERFECT! While we're at
picture quality I can say that the big
screen will be about 6*4 meteres and 
please notice that the PICTURE will be
like that as well, not as at the Hurri-
caneparty (¢2OH! Don't mention that!-ed.¢1)
where the screen was 6*4 meteres, but 
the picture was only about 2*1 meteres
and even in a lousy qual, NO the 6*4
meteresPICTURE will be in cool quality
for all the compititions!!!
Then we have the soundequipment which
someone said was to low last time, this
time the sound is even more powerfull
and I guess that says a LOT! (It sure
does to ME!-ed.) Well, that's all to
say about equipment....¢1

¢>BLC: ¢<How much room do you have this 

¢5A: ¢1A LOT! Ofcourse we have the hall
that we used last year, then the hall
used for sleeping and finally another
hall, so that's what we got!!!!¢1

¢>BLC: ¢<WOW! How about booze? Will it
be allowed this time?¢1

¢5A: ¢1Eeeer, most likely NO! I took the
chance last time even though I had 
arranged another party where the booze
messed things up a little, but as I
said we took the chance and we really
couldn't control it (A bit hard with
1300 people). It's a bit sad, cuz at
some other partys like the Anarchy-
party in Barnsley/England, they ac-
tually had a bar and was able to con-
trol the whole thing, don't know why we
weren't able to...¢1

¢>BLC: ¢<How do you expect it to be your-
self this time?¢1

¢5A: ¢1Great! Humongous! I guess that most
freaks that was here last time would 
want to come again, then all those guys
friends and then all the one who have
seen all the partyreports, so I suppose
it will be much bigger! Oh! Finally you
have to think of the dudes about to 
quit the scene. They probably wanna at-
tend to their last party. I guess you
can think yourselfes to the rest ¢2(We
sure can! Can't we!?-ed.¢1)...¢1

¢>BLC: ¢<How big will the prices be this 

¢5A: ¢1MUCH BIGGER!!! We thought of giving
prices to the 5 best, but haven't quite
figured it all out yet, but I CAN tell
you that the prices will really be

¢>BLC: ¢<Who's the organizing groups this

¢5A: ¢1The same as last year! ¢2CRYSTAL¢1-
¢2ANARCHY¢1-¢2SILENTS¢1 okay maybe ¢2CRYSTAL¢1-

¢>BLC: ¢<When will the party take place and
when will the invitations be released?¢1

¢5A: ¢1Well, the party will be held in the
X-mas as last time, but the date is 
slightly moved this time. It's from:
the 27th of December to the 29th. The
reason for this is that some guys 
couldn't make it because of the X-mas,
but that should be fixed now!
The invitations will be released in the
beginning of septemper so look out for

¢>BLC: ¢<Let's change the subject a little!
Why do YOU - as the organizer of the 
most succesfull party ever - think that
the ¢?HURRICANE¢<-party was such a failure
or should we say disaster!?¢1

¢5A: ¢1Uuuh, that's a tough one! I really
can't pick out any particular reason,
but generally spoken I'd say that they
betted to big and then it fucked...¢1

¢>BLC: ¢<To get back to the nainissue here,
what other things do ya have in store
for the partydudes?¢1

¢5A: ¢1Oooh, we have thought about some 
show of some kind, but we don't know, 
we have some other really cool ideas as
well, but it's really a secret, but I
can tell you that it will be ¢;GREAT¢1!!!!¢1

¢>BLC: ¢<Well, I think that should be about
it, ya got any last words for our dear¢1

PARTY... Well, okay nothing serious
really, is that all?¢1

¢>BLC: ¢<Sure is pal, thanks for the good
answers, bye!!¢1

¢5A: ¢1Yeah, bye......¢1

¢2FROM THE MAINEDITOR¢1: Well, this goes
for rest of the editorialstaff as well!

We would strongly advice you to attend
to this party! In case you have never 
heard about THE PARTY '91 you must have
lived on some deserted island with no 
contact with the outer world. Anyway,
for many freaks ¢?THE PARTY '91¢1 will be
remembered as the ultimative party!!!!
We in ¢2BALANCE¢1 really thought it was 
great and I guess all other present on
the party must have thought so too.
Well, what we are trying to tell is 
that you just HAVE to attend this time!
As far as we can see it will be some-
thing never to forget, it'll simply go
over in scenehistory (?) as the grea-
test party ever. Well, what can we say

·²¢2ASSEMBLY '92¢1


²Written by ¢3Reaper¢1/¢2DIGITAL ARTISTS¢1

This is a report of ASSEMBLY '92-party
held on 24th July to 26th July by 
¢2Rebels¢1 &¢2 Complex¢1. The party was for 
C64's and PC's too and also was the
biggest one ever held in Finland.
About 700 freax showed up...

Here starts the story..

I met my friends ¢3Shaddock¢1/¢2DICTATORS¢1 and
¢3Zenox¢1/¢2DAI¢1 at the trainstation. We had
quite lot stuff with us, all the bags,
my tape recorder, one Amiga with all
the expansions... We began the journey
listening to the sound of ¢2SEPULTURA¢1...
Some other freax came to the same train
with us. ¢3Kissarobotti¢1/¢2PARALLAX¢1 and
his pals were already boozing and made
some noise on the train... The journey
went quite fast so nothing special to
say about it. 

We came to the partyplace in time,about
10 o'clock when the doors should have
opened. Bullshit! There were already
lots of freax and we all had to wait an
hour before the doors opened. And then
we had wait another hour to get through
the chaos because they had to take all
the information from everyone... The 
much presented 'Great organization' 
seemed to not be that great...

Well we made our place somewhere
waiting for other ¢2DAI¢1-members to come.
They came by car with some ¢2REFLECT¢1-
guys. It was nice to meet first time
the guys you have been dealing with the
last half year... 

The following hours went along by
inspecting the partyplace and meeting
some friends and contacts. There was
quite a lot people from many different
countries. We built our 'base' in a   
small hall. There was about 20 class-
rooms in use. The main action was in a
big hall (That's where the democompo
was held). Even all the corners and 
passageways were in use...

Crowd started to become more active
and boozing began after some hours.
(Well nothing special about that it 
was friday evening and a party...!) 
Boozing in the school area was not
allowed so we had to go to the edge of
a forest next to the partyplace. There
was several guys boozing. There was 
some organizer-guy wandering around and
collecting 'taxes' of bottles! Well we
hide our bottles when he passed by so
there was no problems of him.There was
also a test in the front of the doors
so you wouldn't go in if you're drunk.
Some of the guys had problems there so
they had to wait outside... I guess
they had nice time...

A small conflict was fought outside
between an ¢2ACCESSION¢1 guy and a ¢2BLACK
ROBES¢1 member. ¢2Accession¢1 guy had some-
thing to say about the color of the
skin. As the ¢2BLACK ROBES¢1 guy is black
there was some misunderstanding...
Later a sign appeared reading:



...and below the sign was a tuft from
the ¢2Black Robes¢1 guy's hair that the 
Accession guy had torn during the

Well the saturday went along by copying
some stuff and trying to get food. Two
things I was missing during the party 
were F.O.O.D. and S.L.E.E.P. But that 
didn't matter that much as the democompo
started... We found our place in the
front and it was worth that! The demo-
compo was ¢;MINDBLASTING¢1 with great demos
¢2PARALLAX¢1. Those were the best of them,
of course there was some others... 
Quite intereseting introcompo and of 
course GFX- and music-compos were shown
before the democompo. There was shown 
a PC-democompo, too.

But... Once again the organizers showed
the might of 'great' organization. We
had to wait about 1,5 hours or more 
before the compo started. And there was
hot as hell in the big hall! You know,
700 people and not a single breath of
wind... Phew!

After the compo lots of guys left with 
hurry. And along them went the thieves.
There were stolen lots of disks and 
other hardware like Hard disks and 
Action Replays during the democompo.
(The people were all watching so no one
was watching over the computers) We
survived with only few bottles of drink
and several disks stolen. Slumlord/DAI
and some others were quite angry of
their disks stolen and wandered around
searching for suspicious looking guys.
None of the disks they found...

Overall the party was quite an 
experience with the great democompo.
But the organization would have been 
better... But it would have been worse
too... It's not so easy to handle 700
people gathered to have fun, is it?

Here are the only results I remember
from the party:


1st place - ¢2REFLECT¢1: '¢3Sound Vision¢1'
2nd place - ¢2COMPLEX¢1: '¢3Delirium¢1'
3rd place - ¢2NIKKI CORRUPTION¢1S: 
                        '¢3Piece of Mind¢1'


1st place - ¢2VECTRA¢1
2nd place - ¢2COMPLEX¢1
3rd place - ¢2VECTRA¢1 (They released two
different intros)

I hope you enjoyed my article.
I'm searching for some new contacts
so my address is found around...



²Written by ¢3Wolfman¢1/¢2BALANCE¢1

As the most of you might have noticed
there have been relesed a hell of a lot
charts the past months. The ones I'm
thinking of here is the "new" Euro-
charts. The 3 I intend to take a look
at here is the charts that have most
relation to the old ¢7Eurochart¢1 from
CRUSADERS. Now that one, as I suppose
most of you know, have been taken over
by STATIC BYTES. Well, we'll take a 
look at that one too.  Well, the 3 we
are going to take a look at is as fol-

²¢3The Official Eurochart¢1 ¢2issue 15¢1 

²¢3The European Top 20¢1 ¢1issue 1¢1

²¢3The Acopylyse Eurochart ¢2issue 1

²Well, first we'll take a look at:
²¢3The Official Eurochart¢1 ¢2issue 15¢1 

After ¢2CRUSADERS¢1 couldn't take the it
anymore, the danish group ¢2STATIC BYTES¢1
took over the chart. In the beginning 
in cooperation with ¢2KEFRENS¢1, but as 
¢2KEFRENS¢1 didn't feel it would improve
their skills, they left it all over to
¢2STATIC BYTES¢1. And now, after 6 months
since the last ¢7Eurochart¢1 from ¢2CRUSADERS¢1
was released, ¢2STATIC BYTES¢1 strikes back
with issue 15. And how did they do then?
Well, the first thing that hits you 
when you have loaded the chart is that
the old design from ¢2CRUSADERS¢1 have not 
been thrown away. It all looks the 
same. It's important to mention that
¢2STATIC BYTES¢1 have not gotten the code
from ¢2CRUSADERS¢1, but have done it all
from the bottom, and the result is 
quite good. 
Well, let's take a look at the charts
itself. The chartsystem is very nice 
and userfriendly also this is like the
old chart. Well, then we have the vo-
tings, and like in every other chart it
surely stinks, to understand what I 
try to read Wreko's article about 
charts, THEN you'll know what I mean.
Well, let's go on to the news-section!
It is all a very nice layout and the
news it parted in groups like in RAW,
McDisk, MagBox etc. The news section
contains cliparts and it's all very
nice to look at. There's no real ar-
ticles, but just the normal advertis-
ments, news, editorial stuff etc. NO
real articles to read, but nobody said
that it should be like that. 
The galerysection is also cool enough.
The digits is of a quite nice quality
and the system looks fine, very nice.
Well, all in all the new ¢7Eurochart¢1 from
STATIC BYTES, is very nice and I don't
think that I miss the old one anymore
cuz it has just been reborn.

²Well, now let's take a look at the
²next one, or to be more precise:

²¢3The European Top 20¢1 ¢1issue 1¢1

Well, this is defenatly something new!
When entering the menusystem you see a
totally new menu! The different charts
is parted up in small sections, that
means that there's a section in the 
menu for persons, demos and all of it 
is quite nice. When entering the charts
themselfes it's also quite different, 
but the first thing that struck me was
the incredible low amount of votings.
No more than 10 people have voted and
that AIN'T exactly a lot is it? Okay,
this isn't ¢2EQUINOX¢1's fault, but I do
hope they will arrange for more people
to vote, I know I have already send my
votes in for that one, and all you out
there should certainly vote as well!
Well, when we enter the "magsection" of
this one everything is quite normal, 
but unlike the chart from ¢2STB¢1 there's 
some few articles. Entering the news
makes me choked! It's all just put to-
gether in random order. No grouporder!
No nothing. This should really be chan-
ged cuz it really is irritating to 
read. Well all in all this chart sure-
ly contains some newthinking, but it
still needs some shining up such as the
news-section, I really think that
¢2EQUINOX¢1 have got something good going
here, all they need to do is to get 
more votings and that shouldn't be so

²Well, let's go on with:

²¢3The Acopylyse Eurochart ¢2issue 1

When the disk has finished loading you
have 2 choices, to enter the magsection
or to enter the chartsection, almost
like in ¢7NORDIC REPORT¢1. Entering, the
chartsection will make you face a menu
almost like the one in ¢7NORDICREPORT #1¢1.
Well, when chosing a point and selec-
ting it, for example best megademo,
you will get utterly choked! The things
voted for is absolutely crazy!!!! about 
60 people have voted for the chart and
I could imagine that they picked those
people up up in some mental hospital or
something like that, I wont mention any
of the positions, but the ones who have 
seen this chart will agree with me. 
This is not ¢2ACOPYLYSE¢1's fault ofcourse!
Well, choked we leave the chartsection 
to enter the magsection!
The magsection consists quite a few ar-
ticles about all kinds of stuff, but 
many of them is quite out of date!
The newssection is also a mess and many
of the news are accient. Furthermore 
the tune used in the chart is ripped
from ¢3MTX¢1-¢3TIP¢1/¢2PHA¢1 and I must say that
if they couldn't have the music made by
someone they should just cut it, okay
maybe they got permision from ¢3MTX¢1-¢3TIP¢1,
but I doubt that. This is probably the
badest chart released in newer times..

Well, this was it! The best chart in 
this little review is without doubt 
but I would say that the one from 
¢2EQUINOX¢1 really have a good future and
maybe the one from ACOPYLYSE could be
made a lot better....


²Written by ¢3Wreko¢1/¢2BALANCE¢1

 Yes !! One more time I have a message
for all the editors of the known      
disk-mags. It's not a secret that I   
don't like the charts. The reason why 
I dont't like the charts is all the   
"out of date" persons, groups, or what
ever there is at the chart. Lots of   
groups and persons is there only      
because of their names, and things they
made 1-2 years ago, and i think it's a
mistake. Instead you should make a e.g.
old demoes chart and a new demoes
chart. It's right that both ¢2Enigma¢1,
¢2Mental hangover¢1, ¢2Substance¢1 etc. is
cool but not compared to many of the  
releases today. I personally think    
that the most "Fair" chart would be if
only coders could vote for best coder,
only Musicians could vote for best    
musician, graphicians for best        
graphicians etc, and then ofcause     
everybody could vote for most popular 
tool, games, and what so ever there   
are presented in the chart. Ofcause   
there wouldn't be as many voters on   
each category as there are today, but 
I still think thats the only way to   
the "REAL" chart. I think that most of
the voters today are swappers (Nothing
against them at all), but anyway they 
usually don't know much about code,   
graphics, and music, and I think that 
they most of the times rely on the    
"overall" impression they get from    
a demo, what I mean is that, if they  
see a funny or an extremely well      
designed demo, they will automaticly  
vote for the coders, graphicians,     
musicians. But still, because a demo  
is funny or have an extremely cool    
design, it doesn't mean that the      
people behind it are very skilled.    
It's okay that the demo get a place in
the charts, because the main event in 
making a demo is the combine good     
ideas, new ideas, music, graphics,    
code in the most well designed way.   
 The last thing I have to say is that 
I really hope some editors at the     
disk-mags have the guts to expience   
with some of the ideas above ,or at   
least give it a try, just for one     
issue. Another idea is that some of   
the onefile "charts-only" give it a   
try, there's lots of one-file charts  
which easily could give it a try,     
because allmost every month a new     
disk-mag or chart show up, therefor a 
final message to all who is planning  
to do a chart, try to use some of the 
ideas above, you can't loose anything 
and maybe it'll be a succes, who      
 OK, I have to end this article, and  
one more time, this article is about  
MY personal opinion, but I know that  
there's lot's of other freaks that    
show this opinion with me...          


¹Hello ! I hope NOT you have read this short-Articel in a another Disc-Mag,
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¹its died,becoz of no Supporting ! But,I hope the Film-Mag will have many
¹Supporter to help this Mag ! In these Mag will been really cool and nice
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¹Stars,We have some Advertisements Part like Video,Hardware,Music and many
¹more,We will testing cool Soundtracks from cool Films,We are hope to have 
¹soon a sponsor,We are contacting some Fan-Clubs to made Interwievs with
¹the Leaders,We are want selling the Films,we are presented and many more..
¹I can said to you,its had a really cool Coing and really cool Graphic !!
¹When you will contact our Team to join,swap,buy or anything else !!!!!

¹Manfred Buchholz 
¹4100 Duisburg 28
¹United Geramny

¹Thanx,to the Disc-Mag to made a little Adverts !!! To all wait for the
¹great coming Mag from me !!! 
¢,,F76,67F,A5F¢A500 & A500plus out of production!

·²¢3Commodore¢1 has kicked

·²¢2A500¢1 and ¢2A500Plus¢1 out!!

       Written by ¢2Mr. Zen¢3/¢4A.L.F.
            and ¢2Teak¢3/¢4A.L.F.

¢3Commodore¢1 has stoped producing their
major source of income, namely the
¢2A500¢1 and the ¢2A500Plus¢1.

It has been in the air for a couple of
 weeks now, because leading British
Mail-order companies had allready
stopped selling the ¢2A500¢1 and ¢2A500Plus¢1.
But now ¢3Commodore¢1 has officially
announced that the ¢2Amiga 500¢1 series is
no more..... history.....fini......!!!

What will this mean according to

¢3Commodore¢1 has launched the new 'and
stupid' ¢2Amiga 600¢1, and this is now the
replacement entry-level machine.
The ¢4A600¢1 will be supported by a
astonishing range of new peripherals
:says ¢3Commodore¢1.
They also admit that the ¢2A500Plus¢1 is
infact a discontinued product.
"We are switching emphasis on to the
¢4A600¢1 for some very good reasons -
probably the right reasons" ; commented
¢3Commodore¢1's Andrew Ball.

What will this mean for us:

Well, all the ¢2A500¢1 and ¢2A500Plus¢1 owners
(like me) are settle up now with a
machine that is no longer supported by
it's manufacturer.
The machines are no longer being made,
in the very near future, stocks will
run empty, and at that time the machine
 will be no longer sold either.
This will mean, that third-party manu-
facturers will more and more let the
¢2A500¢1 drop, and concentrate on the new
¢2A500¢1 Harddisk manufacturers might con-
sider the ¢2A500¢1 a dying market, and stop
their development for new products (GVP
,MacroSystems,Supra,Protar, etc.)
Firms like KCS, Vortex, and the like,
 may stop their development for ¢2A500¢1
emulator cards on the long run.
KCS just invested a lot in making a
¢2A500Plus¢1 version of their PC-Power Board
and now has to hear from ¢3Commodore¢1 that
the Plus is no longer made, imagine
their frustration.

What will it mean for these third party

Firms I named before like Macrosystems,
GVP, Supra, ect. all these firms who
make SCSI controller cards for the
¢2Amiga¢1500 will probably suffer an enorm
loss because ¢3Commodore¢1 (idiot's as they
are) chose to put an IDE HD
interface in their new ¢4A600¢1 series, and
these interfaces will be included in
the new ¢2Amiga¢1 models as well.
Firms like KCS will also be in for a
shock, as their PC-Power Board does not
fit with the very reduced internal-slot
of the ¢4A600¢1.
So, when they want to make an ¢4A600¢1
version of their PC-emulator card, they
will have to develop a whole new card,
which will cost a lot of research.
(if it is even possible of making an
¢4A600¢1 version, because of it's very
restricted expansion capabilities).
Furthermore, Commodore are now using
SMT in their new ¢4A600¢1 (and probably in
other new ¢2Amiga¢1's), SMT stands for Sur-
face Mount Technology and these are
expensive words for simply soldering
every single bits and chips directly
onto the motherboard (except the Kick-
start chip).
This means that non of the ¢2A500¢1 Turbo-
boards can be fitted in the ¢4A600¢1,
neither can the Vortex ATonce MS-DOS
Emulator card, neither can any of the
third-party display-enhancers (flicker
-fixer), or simply a faster CPU,
because all the chips are soldered in
the motherboard and can not be pulled
out to fit anything else.
This also means, that whenever Com-
modore might release a new Chipset, and
believe me they will very soon, the
¢4A600¢1 will be left in the cold, because
non of the chips can be replaced except
for the Kickstart ROM.

So it will be very bad for a lot of
parties who made the ¢2Amiga¢1 for what it
is today.

After all the ¢2A500¢1 has allways been the
moneymaker for ¢3Commodore¢1.

It seems ¢3Commodore¢1 lacks everybit of
respect for their customers:

First they bring out the ¢2Amiga¢1500Plus,
which is offcourse a good thing, they
sell it as the ¢2Amiga¢1 500 of the future,
they offer KS 2.0 and WB 2.0 upgrade
kits to KS 1.3 owners for absolute Ripp-
off prizes, then they make it appear
the ¢2A500¢1 will be continually supported
by ¢3Commodore¢1, by making lot of hype
about a A570 CD ROM drive for the
machine against a fair prize, and then
they release an absolute obsolete
machine called the ¢4A600¢1, and suddenly,
as if lighting stroke the ¢3Commodore¢1
executives, they decide to drop the
complete ¢2A500¢1 line, and call the new
¢4A600¢1 the new entry-level machine.

¢3Commodore¢1 finally took revenche on all
those firms that supported the ¢2Amiga¢1
500 with lot's of fine peripherals,
better than those from ¢3Commodore¢1 and
with much better price-tabs on them.
Now they have dropped the main income
source for all those firms, and I
think a lot will be doomed to die.

Well, ¢3Commodore¢1 should be proud of them
selves, they finally made a joke out
of all of them, including us !!!

Thanks a lot for nothing............

²A really pissed ¢2Mr.Zen¢3/¢4A.L.F.¢1

²-*- Nasa Headquarters BBS -*-

²Added by Teak/Anti Lamer Force:

Well, this shit really makes me angry
too and i think i'm not the only
one who gets pissed off after reading
this news (it's true what mr.zen
writes cause, if you don't beleive it,
look at the latest ¢2Amiga¢1 Format
issue at your local book-store/news-

So, what are we going to do now ?
Leave it the way it is, be angry on
¢3Commodore¢1 but don't do anything
about it and let the ¢2Amiga¢1 fade away.

THAT'S NO STYLE !! in an article i read
i also saw that ¢3Commodore¢1 was
planning to --> DROP THEIR A1500 and
A2000 SERIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's try to do something about it,
lets try to force ¢3Commodore¢1 to
produce those machines again, if we
succeed (and i need everybody's
the danger that the whole AMIGA (all of
them!!) fall apart after this
major error of ¢3Commodore¢1.

²What's there to do ?
Well i wanted to try it with an post-

Please persuade/ask all your friends
that own an ¢2Amiga¢1 (or that haven't
got a computer at all, that doesn't
mind) to buy a postcard at the post-

Put your name (and adress) on the back
and write at the other side (where the
big empty space is) the following line:


Or something like that.

Then write down the date (of the moment
you wrote it) and sign the postcard.

When done that, send all postcards to
this adress:

²Po box 317
²NL-2910 AH  Nieuwerkerk a/d Yssel
²The Netherlands

Then i will collect all the postcards
and send them in one huuuuge
envelope to ¢3Commodore¢1 itselves, with an
angry letter included
Well i hope you like this action and
take part in it, what is $ 0,30/DM
0,50/HFL 0,60 when you can save the
hardware production of harddisks/
accelerators/YOUR AMIGA'S VALUE with
it !!

Thanx for your attention and feel free
to contact us.
(by modem it's +31 (0)1803-20437)



                         - ¢2Teak¢3/¢4A.L.F.

¢3To ¢2Teak ¢3and ¢2Mr.Zen:¢1
We (BLC) found this text on a BBS, and
then we thought it would be a good
purpose to included this article in the
Magbox, so more people could know about
the disaster, and then more could also
send you postcards. So Teak and Mr.Zen
please don't consider this text as
stolen from you.


²By: ¢?SpLiT¢< oF ¢9BaLaNcE¢1

Recently 4 new members joined ¢2SILENTS
DK¢1, from the now deceased group ¢3AERO¢1.
They released a Demo at the ¢>HURRILAME¢1
summer-flop-conference here in Denmark
called ¢2X-POSED¢1, which got some bad 
critisism - so I (Split) decided to 
give the guy I knew best a call - The

(¢?BLC¢1: + -Ed = Split/BLC)
(¢9TSL¢1: = The Master/TSL)

¢?BLC¢1: Howdy Rene - How bout' that 
interview we talked about?

¢9TSL¢1: Yep ok, let's go!

¢?BLC¢1: Well first you have to tell our 
readers who you are, what you do etc..

¢9TSL¢1: Well, my real name is Reme Vindum
I am 20 years old and live in Viborg,
Denmark where I study to become Info-
rmative Assistent. 
We really learn nothing (Yep we've 
noticed.-Ed -JOKE!) and school SUX!!!
I have a standard A500, 1meg, 2 drives
,printer and a PC (he he), Oh and I 
have a Keyboard to, coz I also do some
music you know.... Thats IT!

¢?BLC¢1: Ok, now then... Some Info about
your scene carrier - Groups etc....

¢9TSL¢1: Hmm... Thats not so hard, as I've
only been in 3 groups, and two of them
I started myself. First group was- ¢<THE
FABOULOS TEAM¢1, don't wanna talk much 
about them. Then I founded ¢3AERO¢1 aprox.
3 years ago, and things just got 
better and better all along until most
recently - but I guess you'll have 
that in some other question. 
In Febuary 1992 I joined up with 
¢2THE SILENTS¢1, but nobody was supposed
to know until the Hurrilame party ...
but you know how roumors fly.....

¢?BLC¢1: How and why did ¢3AERO¢1 Split-up??
Also tell about the problems you had
with (ex.) ¢<REDNEX¢1 and now ¢<PARASITE¢1....

¢9TSL¢1: The reason why ¢3AERO¢1 split-up was
because some lame member (The names 
have been changed to protect the
innocent (????).-Ed) started to spread
roumors about us which was not true -
and then little by little the group 
fell apart and died after we (Bionic,
John Doe, Cyborg and myself) left.
There was really no point in keeping
it going....
Well the guy that spread the roumors
had a few minor disagrements with 
(ex.) ¢<REDNEX¢1, and then it spread 
around to the whole group. Later we 
became friends.....(how sweet.-Ed)
The reason why we have some trouble 
with ¢<PARASITE¢1 is because of the same
guy (NO SHIT.-Ed), who still thinks
it's quite fun spreading roumors!
This ofcoz doesn't mean we've got 
anything against the rest of 

¢?BLC¢1: Tell us how you got in ¢2SILENTS¢1...

¢9TSL¢1: I just called ¢3KYD¢1+¢2BALLE¢1 and asked
them... ofcourse they wanted to see 
some stuff first, but ater that it was
OK! I wanted to join an elite crew so
I joined ¢2SILENTS¢1....

¢?BLC¢1: How is your relationship with Kyd
and Balle? (I know they're anal freax,
he he, just check out the interview in
the previous issue of this ¢>MAG-BOX¢1!).

¢9TSL¢1: Quite good actually, Kyd made the
music for our demo... Oh, yes before I
forget the music in our demo ¢2X-POSED¢1 
is ¢4NOT¢1 the final version, we didn't 
manage to put it in before the 
deadline.....(Kyd has released the
final version now.-Ed)

¢?BLC¢1: Talking about ¢2X-POSED¢1, you havn't
got very good critisim in the mags and
us that haven't even seen it yet....

¢9TSL¢1: We have got a lot of critisism, 
but they haven't told us anything
koncrete (e.g. in ¢2TOP SECRET 11¢1 - 
they have 2 reviews of it - one of 
them say's the music and graphics are
bad and in the other one they say it's
the coding thats bad - but the music 
and gfx are good....etc.
As for ¢3KYD,¢2BALLE¢1 + the others I don't
know what they've been smoking (Hmm
disks maybe - again refering to our
previous issue.-Ed), coz they saw it 
before the party.

¢?BLC¢1: Well, alot of people thinks it's
a total rip-off of ¢>HARDWIRED¢1....

¢9TSL¢1: Well I admitt that some of the
design is inspired from ¢>HARDWIRED¢1, but
I have talked to a lot of guys that
have liked the design and the demo
alot. Another thing that really plays
a part when people judge the demo is
that they really expect to much.
Many think of ¢>HARDWIRED¢1 when they hear
the name ¢2SILENTS¢1 - and of course you
have a lot of expectations....

¢?BLC¢1: Yeah, I know....
Ok, over to somthi.......

¢9TSL¢1: HEY - FUCK my cat just puked all
over the floor.... Oh ¢?SHIT¢1, just a
moment while I remove the puke from
the carpet (¢3YUM YUM¢1.-Ed).

¢?BLC¢1: Cool, save some for me...

¢9TSL¢1: Yeah - now my dog left the room
to, couldn't stand it I guess

¢?BLC¢1: He he, what have you been feeding
the cat lately??

¢9TSL¢1: Secret Ingredients!!
Ok, lets get on....

¢?BLC¢1: OK, what are your future plans 
and projects??

¢9TSL¢1: Well there are no demo projects 
at the moment, but I am coding a game
together with Bionic, we'll also do 
the gfx and music for it. Then I am 
working on another game project - here
I'll do the music. I have also got  
some other offers for making music. 
I've even got an offer to make some 
gfx on the PC... but that'll probably 
not be done.

¢?BLC¢1: I know you are an active musician
- will you have any tunes on the
fourthcoming ¢?SOUNDS¢1 ¢3OF ¢2SILENTS¢1 ¢>II¢1 or
any other music project??

¢9TSL¢1: No, not on the music disk, but we
will make an Intro soon where my music
will be in.

¢?BLC¢1: Hmm.. I guess this is it then, 
but you will of course have the chance
to say some last remarks....

¢9TSL¢1: Yep I'd like to send some hello's

Bionic, Cyborg, John Doe + Kyd&Balle 
of ¢2SILENTS¢1

TTM and Ground Zero

Greg of Alcatraz

And thanks to you Split for the 

¢?BLC¢1: My pleasure, have a nice day and
don't abuse your animals to much, OK

¢9TSL¢1: Bye

¢?BLC¢1: ¢2Dut!¢1 .. ¢3Dut!¢1 .. ¢2Dut!¢1INTERVIEW WITH ROOKIE/UPFRONT





²Made by ¢3Connor¢1/¢2BALANCE¢1
²(¢4CON¢1 = ¢3Connor¢1/¢2BALANCE¢1)
²(¢7ROOK¢1 = ¢3Rookie¢1/¢2UPFRONT¢1)

¢4CON¢1:  What's your real name? Your age?
And what do you do these days?

¢7ROOK¢1: My real name is Michael, I'm 19
years old. I'm at my last year at 
Tradeschool (in all 3 years).

¢4CON¢1:  When did you start your GFX-

¢7ROOK¢1: I first started in a group cal-
led ¢2Atomic Intelligence¢1, together
with ¢3Milkshake ¢1and ¢3Icronite¢1 of
¢2ANARCHY¢1, but when ¢3Icronite¢1 and ¢3Milk-
shake¢1 joined ¢2Kefrens¢1. I, ¢3Alien¢1,
¢3Deatur ¢1and ¢3Domination¢1(now marshall
the owner of ¢7Static Chaos¢1, a danish
bbs)formed a group called ¢7Humanoid¢1.

Our most know prod. was ¢7Bob Mania¢1 
which we did together with Upfront.
Another known prod. must  have been
¢7Plasma World¢1..
(The first plasma demo ever). 

We had some members in Norway, but
we had comunication problems with

Then ¢3Marshall¢1 (the leader) dropped 
out of ¢2Humanoids¢1 because of to 
much work and to few releases and
joined a cracker group.

Then ¢3Alien¢1 joined ¢2Upfront¢1 and 
after a little break I joined
¢2Upfront¢1 at the ¢2Silents¢1/¢2Red Sector¢1
party in Denmark.

¢4CON¢1: What demos have you done GFX for
(in Upfront)?

¢7ROOK¢1: ¢7Cool Frigde¢1 (the first amiga 
demo from ¢2Upfront¢1)

¢7Plastic Passion¢1 (Released at 
The Party '91)

I also did a picture for the GFX 
comp at the ¢2Hurricane¢1 party wich 
was held on Samsø/denmark.

¢4CON¢1: Is ¢2Upfront¢1 doing anything right

¢7ROOK¢1: We have been a bit lazy after
THE PARTY 91(Forever??), but now 
I've got the shovel under the 
others and we are working on a 
music disk and a little demo at
the moment.

We are planning to release a big
demo at THE PARTY 92(NOT ¢7Plastic
Passion 2¢1)

¢4CON¢1: Who are the current members in

¢7ROOK¢1: Einstein    coder
      Alien       coder
      Tech        coder
      Zarch       coder
      Spike       coder
      Spaceman    coder
      Stargate    coder
      Robotron    coder
      ASC         coder
      Zoro        coder
      Gnort       Textwriter
      Infinity    Lazy Musician

I haven't talked to the bottom 5
guys(I hope) and I dont't know
what they do. 

(Some of the members are from the
old C64 group Bones)

¢4CON¢1: From where do you get your
ideas, and how do you do your GFX?

¢7ROOK¢1: I get ideas from the TV,(MTV)
and from Computer magazines.

The time I use on gfx varies depen-
ding on what I am drawing (e.g. Logos
take less time than Pictures).
I use a lot of time at  pictures
and draw other things while doing

When we are planning to release
something before a deadline I 
always sit down and work hard until
my graphics are finnished.
Sometimes I spend a lot of time on
details because I want things to
look as good as possible.

¢4CON¢1: Do you have any interest besides

¢7ROOK¢1: I have thought of becoming a
comercial artist, because I like to
do drawings by hand and because I
like to do comercial projects.

I watch a lot of MTV, and listen
to CD's.

-I also drink a lot of Coca Cola,
Milk and beer.

¢4CON¢1: What kind of music do you like?

¢7ROOK¢1: I listen to SNAP, Doctor Baker,
and typical MTV music.
I use a lot of time at my homework.
+ I party when I get the chance. 

¢4CON¢1: Do you want to express your 
oppinion on any demos, group etc..?

¢7ROOK¢1: A demo with a cool overall value
is allways nice..
e.g. ¢7Guardian Dragon II¢1
I like ¢3SLL's¢1 tunes a lot.

¢4CON¢1: What about Graphic Guys?

¢7ROOK¢1: I like ¢3Facet¢1, because he has
done so much good work, but also
¢3Cougar¢1 from ¢2Sanity¢1 and ¢3Iridon¢1 of

-There are also many good artists 
in Denmark, like you ¢3Connor¢1....

¢4CON¢1: Well thank you!!!

¢7ROOK¢1: That's OK. 

¢4CON¢1: Well then bye..

¢7ROOK¢1: Sure, bye..

Eh.... ¢3Connor¢1... will you mail me
the 10 dollars you promised 
because I said something nice 
about you?

¢4CON¢1: Shut up, they can hear you....

¢7ROOK: Click..duut....duuut.

¢4CON¢1: End of Interview.





²Made by ¢3Wolfman¢1/¢2BALANCE¢1
²(MF = ¢3Mad Freak ¢1of ¢2ANARCHY¢1)
²(BLC = ¢3Wolfman ¢1of ¢2BALANCE¢1)

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<So what is your real name? Age?
Hobbys ¢5(besides computing)¢<?

¢5MF¢1: ¢1:Well, my real name is ¢3Martin 
Schiøler¢1! I'm 19 years old! I like to 
play golf and then some soccer with my
friends now and then...

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<What education are you taking?

¢5MF¢1: ¢1Well, I'm gonna be educated to a
datamatician at the ¢2Businesschool¢1!

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<When did you start at the scene?

¢5MF¢1: ¢1Well, for about 3 years ago when I 
bought my computer! I saw some demos
(it was in the ¢?RSI MEGADEMO¢1 time) and
I thought it looked quite exiting and
I began to make some music!

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<In which groups have you been?

¢5MF¢1: ¢1Well, this is not in any correct
order, but I have been in ¢2Exellence¢1, 
¢2Legion¢1, ¢2Deadlock¢1, ¢2Brainstorm¢1 and now
I'm in ¢2ANARCHY¢1 as you know.

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<How do ya like being in $2ANARCHY¢1?
And what do you think of the members?

¢5MF¢1: ¢1It's great! I really don't know 
many members, but I do know ¢3Hannibal¢1
and ¢3Trix¢1 who is a very nice organizer!

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<What kinda ¢;REAL¢< music do ya like?

¢5MF¢1: ¢1Huh, it's really kind of mixed. Hm,
¢?Front 242¢1, ¢?Front Line Assembly¢1 is quite
nice to listen to, it's industrial 
music, but that is far from all that I
listen to. I really like all kinds of
music. To say it I even like classic 
music as well, so I'd say that my taste 
of music is rather undefinable!

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<Do you play any instruments? And
which ones?

¢5MF¢1: ¢1Well, I have a keyboard which I
play on, but it's really nothing spe-
cial, I don't play anything like piano
or anything...

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<When did you begin to be interes-
ted in music?

¢5MF¢1: ¢1When I was 7 years old I began to
listen to a lot of music, but I never
played any instruments at that time!

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<From which non-computer com-
posers do you get your inspiration?

¢5MF¢1: ¢1HHM, eeer! Well, I don't really get
inspiration from anyone, when I listen
to some music I maybe hear something I
like. Then when I make music I unaware
of it, use a chord or something like
that, but never anything direct, like
some others do...

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<How much time does it take you
to make tunes, like the ones in ¢?3D-Demo¢<?

¢5MF¢1: ¢1Hmmm, about 2 months. I guess that
it's quite a long time

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<¢3Hannibal¢< said in some interviews 
that you are very lazy! Is that true?

¢5MF¢1: ¢1Eeeerm, I guess so. I really work
quite slow, I'm gonna have to improve 
that cuz if I'm gonna work at some 
gamemusic it must necessarely go quite
fast, so I will improve (I hope)!

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<Who's your favorite computermusi-

¢5MF¢1: ¢1Well, that is an easy one! It is
without doubts ¢3Chris Huelsbeck¢1. He is
VERY skilled and makes brilliant mu-
sic, so that's who I like...

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<There have been a lote of discu-
sion about ¢3Mantronix ¢<& ¢3Tip¢</¢2PHA¢<! How do
YOU like them, I mean their style of
music and behaviour?

¢5MF¢1: ¢1Well, I gotta say that I have ab-
solutely nothing against them. I know
them both quite well, and I have only
had good experiences with them. Many
say that they can't make nothing than,
disco and things like that,
okay maybe that's what we mostly
have heard from them, but one gotta ad-
mit that they are good at it, I also 
know that they both are really skilled
and is able to make much more than
disco or whatever people say.

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<Will you quit the ¢?Amiga¢< sometime
and begin to compose professional, or

¢5MF¢1: ¢1I wont quit the amiga in any way, 
but I'll begin to make music for games
and stuff like that, that's what I've
always wanted to do and I already have
some things going...

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<Will you go to the musicschool?

¢5MF¢1: ¢1NO WAY! I do like music very much 
and I really take it seriously, but I
don't beleive that going to school
would really make me much better, nor
would the music I'm making now help
me, I would maybe learn some more stuff
about music and learn to listen to it 
in other ways, but no! I really 
wouldn't like to go to school for seve-
ral years for it, so that's that!

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<How do you like the other musi-
cians in ¢2ANARCHY¢<, like: ¢3Nuke¢<, ¢3NHP ¢<&
¢3BKH¢<, ¢3Maestro ¢<etc.

¢5MF¢1: ¢1Well, I can't say anything bad 
about any of them. The French guys
are very good and very productive, I
guess that ¢3Nuke¢1 is the coolest musi-
cian in ¢2ANARCHY¢1, he first of all makes
faboulous nice music. Further more, he
makes his music as HE likes it, he ne-
ver says like: "NOW I wanna make a 
great piece of music that everybody
loves!" he never really makes the music
for the listeners, he makes what he 
likes him self, and everyone else likes
it as well I guess (I know I do)...

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<So! What do you think about the
scene these days?

¢5MF¢1: ¢1UUH! I'm afraid I have some bad
words for that. I think it kinda stop-
ped! It's like there's nothing really
new going on. It started to stop for
about 1 and a half year ago, just when 
the vector began it's entry for real.
After that it was almost all vector,
vector, vector! Okay now and then 
there were new ideas like plasma and
other small things, but there have been
vector in all demos, maybe not the same
all the time, but vector. I really 
can't say that there's any really re-
volutionary new ideas or legendary de-

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<Then what about ¢?HARDWIRED¢< from

¢5MF¢1: ¢1Okay! That's an exception, ¢?HARDWI-
RED¢1 is really great! There's vector in
that too, but then there's many other
great effects and new ideas, furthermore
the demo is really brilliantly designed
by ¢8Kyd¢1/¢8Balle¢1!

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<What do you think about computer-
music nowadays?

¢5MF¢1: ¢1Hmmm, much of it is really nice, 
but a lot of it is really the pure
effecttrip! Like some music from ¢3Man¢1-
¢3tronix ¢1& ¢3Tip¢1, they have a tendensy to
sometimes shadow the melody with all
kind of effect and stuff. It's not
only ¢3MTX ¢1& ¢3TIP¢1, there's people doing 
it always!
I think that's just what I like about
¢3Chris Huelsbeck¢1! He really makes the
melody and he doesn't hide it in ef-
fects you really get the music and no
more, so that's it!

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<Well, I think this was all for now
have you got any words for out honered
readers before you say goodbye?!

¢5MF¢1: ¢1Word for your readers?! Well, I....
Uuuuh, Eeeeer...Hnmmmm, NO I wouldn't 
say that, I'm sorry I haven't got any
last words!!

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<Well, okay we'll survive without,
see ya and have a nice day! Byeeeee!

¢5MF¢1: Yeah bye!
Interview with a c64-owner

·²Interview with

·²a ¢3C64¢1-owner

²Made by ¢3Scope¢2/¢>Balance
Well i thought a lot people are pretty
mad at the c64-owners because they
always walk around saying their comp
is better than the Amiga, well here we
picked up a random C64-owner and gave
him som questions. The C64-owner is by
the way a swapper/musician. 

  (¢3BLC¢1: ¢5Scope¢6/¢>Balance¢1)
  (¢8C64¢1: ¢5Twist¢6/¢>Dominators¢1)

¢3BLC:¢1 What Computer is the Best C64/

¢8C64:¢1 Well, it realy depends on how you
look at it.

¢3BLC:¢1 What an intelligent answer!!?!?
Please go deeper, thanx!

¢8C64:¢1 I mean, Sure the Amiga has stereo
sound, a larger memory etc. but my
personal opinnion is that the demoes,
realy sucks on the Amiga, They're not
doing the best they can, on the other
hand, I think that most works on the
C64 is improving to the optimum.

¢3BLC:¢1 What is good about the C64?

¢8C64:¢1 Like I said we're doing the best
we can.

¢3BLC:¢1 What's bad about the C64?

¢8C64:¢1 Due to the high quality, there's a
long time between the productions.

¢3BLC:¢1 What's good about the Amiga?

¢8C64:¢1 Great games, Neat grafix.

¢3BLC:¢1 What's bad about the amiga?

¢8C64:¢1 Lame Techno-samples, shitty
demoes, too expensive and there isn't
any real music on the amiga. I also
think a bad thing is that it's too easy
to make demoes on the Amiga, no talents
are needed!!! 

¢3BLC:¢1 Have you ever tried to make an

¢8C64:¢1 No!!

¢3BLC:¢1 How do you then know that it
doesn't need any talents to code demoes
on the Amiga?????

¢8C64:¢1 (Refused to answer the question.)

¢3BLC:¢1 ..And how can you judge a ware on
the price, when we are talking these
small numbers. For example Senna won't
drive in a F:1 from 1972, he would
ofcourse considder to use the F:1 from
1992, because he realize that it's the
best!!! Do realize that products gets
better by time!!

¢8C64:¢1 Well, i think prize/Quality and
Quality/Age are two important factors.

¢3BLC:¢1 What scene is the best: Amiga or

¢8C64:¢1 How should I know!! 

¢3BLC:¢1 What demoes are the best ones:
Amigademoes or C64-demoes?

¢8C64:¢1 The c64 Rulez!!

¢3BLC:¢1 Ok, as I said in the start let's
get deeper. Why does the "c64 rulez" in

¢8C64:¢1 Like I said we optimize our work.
Amiga coders just produce some shit
that most peaple don't care about!!
Only one in hundred demoes are worth
looking at, for example: Red Sector,
Silents and a few others. Sometimes
produce something worth remembering!!

¢3BLC:¢1 Isn't the c64 pretty slow???

¢8C64:¢1 Nope

¢3BLC:¢1 Isn't the c64 pretty ugly??

¢8C64:¢1 Nope

¢3BLC:¢1 The 64K which a c64 contains don't
you think that it's totally little??

¢8C64:¢1 The C64 needs alot less KBytes
than the Amiga does to run a realtime-

¢3BLC:¢1 Well don't you think that the
realtime raytrace is a precalculated
raytrace? A Silicon Graphics Can't even
make Realtime raytrace!!!

¢8C64:¢1 It is Realtime raytrace on the
C64, here's some dudes who have done
it: Walt/Starion, Tron/Flt and MANY
others, or look at Legoland, a nice

¢3BLC:¢1 Legoland??? What a high IQ those
C64 owners have got??? Well back to
questioning: Tell about the c64 scene.

¢8C64:¢1 You got to live it to know it.

¢3BLC:¢1 Tell about the Amiga-scene.

¢8C64:¢1 Too many lame wares, poor quality
of cracks!!

¢3BLC:¢1 What do you know about the amiga?

¢8C64:¢1 The amiga is too expensive?

¢3BLC:¢1 DON'T you know any thing else
about the amiga???? Well then you
shouldn't critizise it that much!!

¢8C64:¢1 I know ENOUGH to critizise!!

¢3BLC:¢1 What comp is the fastest, Amiga or

¢8C64:¢1 It depends on the function!

Well this was an interview with a
C64-owner, and A lot Amiga-owners
probably feel their soul and amiga very
harassed, but when i asked him if i
should write his a adress in this
article then he said: "Ehm, don't", so
I don't, but he is probably pretty easy
to trace his handle is ¢5TWIST ¢1of
¢>DOMINATORS¢1, and dominators should be a
very wellknown group on the Commodore

                 Signed ¢5Scope¢6/¢>Balance




²Written by ¢3Wolfman¢1/¢2BALANCE¢1

In ¢3TOP SECRET #11¢1 there was an ar-
ticle about the danish SAPU organisa-
tion who, like FAST, would pay a con-
siderable amount of cash for help with
busting pirates. The letter written by
some danish sceneguy or whatever made
some attacks against SAPU saying that
people who actually tried to help SAPU
getting pirates would be convicted 
them selfes as well. In this article
we have made an interview with someone
in SAPU, this probably mostly concerns
the danes, but as this probably also
will actual in other countries I would
advice ALL to read what the guy has to
say, well let's see if we can get him!

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<First of all I wanna ask if the
rumours about that one self can get 
convicted is true?¢1

SAP: No not at all, that is NOT true!¢1

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<Did you get any reports yet?¢1

SAP: Yes we had about 1000 reports 
¢2(!!!-ed.)¢1 since this campaign started!¢1

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<Why can't people be anonymes if
they want to?¢1

¢7SAP¢1: When a man phones and want to make
a report and says that he wants to be
anonomys, we really can't take it seri-

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<Do you think the fight against
pirated will be any good?¢1

¢7SAP¢1: I believe that if will have some
effect, if not a great deal, so YES I
do think so!¢1

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<WILL piracy ever stop?¢1

¢7SAP¢1: It's hard to say, we can't really
stop "Jimmy" and "John"* exchanging ga-
mes, but we can sure reduce the more 
heavy piracy a great deal!¢1

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<In which other ways do you get the

¢7SAP¢1: Well, I can't really tell you, but 
what I CAN tell you is that we have 
control with about 95% of the market!
¢2(Quite a great deal!-ed.)¢1

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<Would you report a pirate that was
a friend of yours?¢1

¢7SAP¢1: That's hard to answer! It's a mat-
ter of moral! Would you for example re-
port your best friend if you knew he 
had just robed a bank ¢2(HEY! I'm asking
the questions here!-ed.)¢1, it's all a
matter of moral!¢1

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<Which ones are you after?

¢7SAP¢1: Ofcourse we are after the biggest
ones. The REAL hardcore pirates making
30.000 a month that's the ones
we're after!¢1

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<How about th other anti-piracy-
organisations, like FAST and SUS, what
are they doing?¢1

¢7SAP¢1: Well, SUS haven't been active in
3 years and FAST is only in England,
France and some other countries.¢1

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<Do you cooperate with any other
antipiracy organizations around the

¢7SAP¢1: Yes, we cooperate with several 
other organizations around in Europe...¢1

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<How much damage does the software-
companies get from piracy?¢1

¢7SAP¢1: Well, we have figured that every
time we sell one original it get's co-
pied about 20 times, then you can think
for yourself how much we loose...¢1

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<Well, when you bust someone, what
will it cost the guy in bills and all

¢7SAP¢1: Well, we figure out how much we 
have lost in cooperation with the tax-
department, then the tax-department
should have about 50% in taxes for what
they lost, so if we say that the guy
has cost us 2 millions then the tax-
department should have another million
from the guy in taxes and that makes
3 millions so that's quite a hard punch¢1

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<Hey noone can pay this amount, 
what do you do then?¢1

¢7SAP¢1: Well, then the guy will have to 
sit the money of in jail and the penal-
ty in jail is up to 6 years!!!¢1

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<Then what if it's some guy who is
only 15 or 16? Will he have to go in
jail as well?!¢1

¢7SAP¢1: Ofcourse we can't make people THAT
young to go in jail, but the money will
never be forgotten. I really can't an-
swer that. you'll have to ask a jurist
about that!¢1

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<Do you cooperate with the postde-
partment like in other countries?¢1

¢7SAP¢1: Yes we do and we also coperate 
with the taxdepartment and other in-
stitutions which piracy concerns!¢1

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<Do you think there's other ways
to stop piracy?¢1

¢7SAP¢1: Well, maybe! But it wouldn't have
the same effect as this does!¢1

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<Do you have any last words before
we end?¢1

¢7SAP¢1: No!¢1

¢4BLC¢1: ¢<Well, thanks for the chat! Bye...¢1

¢7SAP¢1: Yes, goodbye!¢1

¢3The Master¢1/¢2SILENTS¢1: Så så! Rolig nu! Da jeg skrev noten til dig havde jeg
kun set X-Pose een gang, så på DET tidspunkt syntes jeg den var fed, men
efter at have set den et par gange....Okay, den er god, men IKKE ¢2Silents DK¢1
standard, så bare rolig, man har jo iøvrigt et standpunkt til man tager et
nyt, ikke?

¢3Apollo¢1/¢2MIDNIGHTSUN¢1: Hmmm, it took quite a while I think, but was it
a writeback or a contactletter, anyway I hope to have a cool swappingtime
with you in the future...

¢3Reaper¢1/¢2DIGITAL ARTISTS¢1: Thanks a lot for sending me the demos...

¢3Twix¢1: Hi man! I don't know if you remember me. I swapped with while you
were in ¢2TRACKERS¢1 and also a little when you where in ¢2DELIGHT¢1, well I
don't know which group you are in now, but if you are still in the scene and
want to restablish our swapping just contact me (my address is several places
in this magbox), I have lost your address as well. Well, I think our swapping 
ended after I had send you SOFTWARE FAILURE from us, I have the feeling that
it never reached you, anyway just write if ya wanna recontact...

¢3Microchip¢1/¢2SEQUENCE¢1: Hi mate! Sorry, but we only take danish members,
but very nice graphics anyway, keep it up...

¢3Conquest¢1/¢2ANARCHY¢1: What's that ''Bloody'' buisness in your name, is it
''Bloody Conquest'' or just ''Conquest''?!?

¢3Powerswap¢1/¢2HARDLINE¢1: Hey pal! Nice sendings and letters too. I'm 
lookingforeward to the next ¢2HARDLINE¢1-production...

¢3Blizard¢1/¢2CRUX¢1: Sorry man I ¢2~DO NOT~¢1 have any list over my demos, cuz
I have no time to update such list, besides it's a hell of a job to do that
when one is deleting and getting so much as I do...

¢3Skillimoes¢1/¢2ORIENT¢1: Hi budy! Thanks for the cool calls and the postcard,
we have to meet again some day either in Copenhagen or Malmø...

¢3Bjarke Mønsted¢1: Tusind milliarder utrollioner mange tak for at du sendte
mig ¢2GLOBAL TRASH II¢1...Håber at se dig snart igen...

¢3Leon¢1/¢2ZENITH¢1: Hi man! I'm sorry that I didn't use all of your adds, but
we DO have a limit ya know! (That goes for everyone else!-ed.) Anyway I'm

¢3Red Knight¢1/¢2The Electronic Knights¢1: I think the intro you made was
a good example of how good an intro actually can be made, KEEP IT UP!!!!

¢3Speddy¢1/¢2QUARTZ¢1: Nåååå, bli'r du i ¢2QUARTZ¢1 eller hva'?!

¢3Ben¢1/¢2SOC. BRIGADE¢1: Well, I suppose you must have returned from yoru holidays
by now. I hope you will good usage of the tape! Cheat! Cheat! Cheat!

¢3Jean¢1/¢2S!P¢1/¢2SCOOPEX¢1: Hi I don't know if you're reading this some utterly place
or what, but do write me when you (or if you already have) return home,
anyway I hope you had a good trip around Scandinavia!!!!


·²                      ¢2 TO ¢3ALL¢2 CONTACTS¢1

Okay fellas! I've started in highschool, and as you might be able to figure 
out that involves quite a lot of homework. That means that, I have less time 
to really make my sendings good for ya, well the speed will not change to 
much, but the length of letters might not be the same as some are used to. 
I really hope you all will be able to accept this as the good and cool 
contacts you are, okay that's all, seeee yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, before I forget! Please remember to write my REAL name and NOT my
handle on the envelope when sending. Some of the replacements (for the normal 
mailman) in the weekends get confused when it says Wolfman/BALANCE and rings
the doorbell early in the morning. Now, to help the poor little mailman and
help me to get my beautisleep, JUSt write my REAL name (William Henrik Olesen)
that would please me quite a lot...
              ¢>SoMe SpAsMo MeSsY's FrOm - ThE oNe AnD OnLy -

·              ¢2Split ¢<of ¢3Balance¢1 

¢2CRUX ¢</ ¢3DUAL CREW¢1   - Howdy Michael, to bad that your message-box died, but 
                     good luck with the new mag. Mega greetz pal.

¢2DARKWALKER ¢</ ¢3PMC¢1   - Hi Gunnar how is your new pack coming along? I'll have
                     mine ready soon, so look out! See you in Aars (?)

¢2DR.VOODOO ¢</ ¢3PRG¢1    - Yo Dag!! Hey what kinda slow speed is this?? Send a 
                     bit faster please. Anyway nice sendings, what about 
                     your pack ? Look out 4 mine.....

¢2ELECTRON ¢</ ¢3REFLEX¢1  - Well, Tobias good luck in your new crew - let's see
                     those productions..... Thanx 4 the photo, now I can 
                     maybe recognize you in Aars!

¢2MESSY ¢</ ¢3GENOCIDE¢1   - Thanx 4 supporting our mag, but could you please send
                     your ASCII on a disk ? instead of on paper.....
                     Anyway always nice sendings from you - MORE CANDY!

¢2CRUISER ¢</ ¢3MAJIC 12¢1 - Hey Erik, where are you - dead or zumthin' ? If not
                     send back soon! Aars (?)

¢2OXIDE ¢</ ¢3SONIC¢1      - Hey Dude, always nice cippers + gfx from you. Send 
                     soon pal!

¢2DRAIN ¢</ ¢3ORIENT¢1     - Hmmm... So you are thinking about leaving the sceene 
                     for a while - A good Idea ... NOT! (Wanes World Rulez)

¢2NALCOM ¢</ ¢3CASCADE¢1   - So you don't have greasy hear.... he he! Well, you are
                     always fast and cool - so keep it up, nice 
                     letter-paper, send that photo, I'm dying to see what
                     you guyz look like..... Will you be in Aars ?
¢2SKIMMER ¢</ ¢3CASCADE¢1  - Let's swap TECHNO! - But first send my tape back! 

¢2HURRICANE ¢</ ¢3NXS¢1    - I luuuuuve yar pack! Look out 4 mine, commin' right up
                     Anyway always nice sendings, hmmm... we ought to start
                     swapping chewing-gum again! See ya in Aars (?)

¢2CHUCKY ¢</ ¢3TMG¢1       - Yeeeaaah! I like all the candy you are sending me....
                     candy must be real cheap in Holland, since you send 
                     that much - keep it up! Good luck in TMG!

¢2DR.POISON ¢</ ¢3ATNC¢1   - Hey Jan where are you ? I seem to have lost sight of 
                     ya. Send soon or call me!

¢2CHEAD ¢</ ¢3CAPITAL¢1    - Well, not really any productions form you lately...
                     Hope you enjoy your sabbat year, while I have to work
                     my ass off. See you in Aars, if not b4.

¢2THE MASTER ¢</ ¢3TSL¢1   - Hope you enjoyed beeing interviewed - and hope you
                     enjoyed the PUKE aswell(he he) - Well I'll, definately
                     see you in Aars......

¢2MONGOLE ¢</ ¢3S!P¢1      - Hey atlast you managed to join a power-group (he he), 
                     well I liked ya first prod. - cool. Make some more....

¢2TOASTMASER ¢</ ¢3BCT¢1   - Howdy Ronnie, JA JA syge unge, jeg skal nok ringe 
                     snart...... Ka' du li denne issue (SUPPORT!) Vi
                     ses i Aars din Jordbaer plukker......

¢2MR.SPIV ¢</ ¢3MORGUE¢1   - Hey Jouni! Are you DEAD (Already ?) Please send soon
                     I was on hollidays you know.....

¢2THUNDER ¢</ ¢3WFMH¢1     - HEY HO! You crasy polish dude... Hope you like this 
                     issue... Nice prods.  Spread this!

¢2DECLEAN ¢</ ¢3VIXEN¢1    - Sikke en masse I har at lave I Vixen.... Jeg glaeder 
                     mig til din nye Pack-menu - Look out 4 mine!

¢2DALMAK ¢</ ¢3STELLAR¢1   - Send me a photo, dude - did ya like mine ? Send Soon

¢2TORNADO ¢</ ¢3CHROME¢1   - Nice packmenu - but just wait to I get my own (he he)
                     Did you have a nice vacation! sTaY KeWl.....

¢2XENDI ¢</ ¢3DEADLINE¢1   - Thanx a lot for the support dude, keep it up Mikko!
                     BTW: Thanx 4 the photo - you look kinda pissed though
                     (he he) OK, hope ya like the BOX!
¢2MOSHER ¢</ ¢3EON¢1       - Thanx 4 the nice stuff Roar. Send looong letters - I'm
                     sure we'll have a nice time swapping together....

¢2DR.GASSON ¢</ ¢3EYN¢1    - Hope to hear from you real soon, coz I'm really sorry
                     for not replying so fast last time - but you know I 
                     lost ya addy.... Keep the HST running!

¢2BENDER ¢</ ¢3MYSTIX¢1    - To bad you didn't have the time to write sum stuff for
                     this issue..... but maybe next time, OK see ya later..
¢2ECHO ¢</ ¢3PARAGON¢1     - I sure hope you will support us as much as ya said, 
                     that would be really cool... Send soon!

¢2SHINE ¢</ ¢3AVALON¢1     - Nice letter + stuff - Keep it up Espen-boy! L8R

¢2WOLFIE ¢</ ¢3BAELANS¢1   - Din lille combat swapie doodle LETS KILL EM'!!

¢2MOTION ¢</ ¢3BALANCE¢1   - Hey Anders din sygelige knaegt - Skriv mere om KAJ,
                     det gaelder ogsaa dig PUSSER! (TOBBER)

  ¢<To all that are not mentiond here... I'm really sorry but I have to go, 
 coz my mother is eating our DOG, and I wanna have a bite..... Next time!!

¢3Oliver¢1/¢2LIVE ACT¢1: Nice swappin' with you. Why don't you send some
of your graphics???

¢3Flesh¢1/¢2MAJIC 12¢1: Congtatulations with your GVP!! Cool to work with you
on this ''project''...

¢3Bootbuster$1: Heisann, heisann! Kvisleis qfeng det? Cool musikk...

¢3Orion¢1/¢2???¢1: Have you found yourself a new group? Isen't it time to
come home now??!!

¢3Wolfman¢1/¢2BALANCE¢1: Cool sendings!! Can you send me some danish sweets?

¢3$dff180¢1/¢2CRYPTOBURNERS¢1: Great swappin' with you!!!

¢3The coders of ¢2SEQUENCE¢1: C'mon suckers!!! Produce something!!!!

¢3 My brother ¢2Erik¢1: FUCK YOU! And get out of my room!!!

¢2Skipy¢1/¢3ANALOG¢1: I have not seen anything from you for a long time!
Are you dead?!

¢2The Godfather¢1/¢3RAMJAM¢1: Well, you are a sysop now now, but we can still
swap, or what?....

¢2Coon-O¢1/¢3GRACE¢1: I like reading your letters, that's always good!

¢2Vampire¢1/¢3DAI¢1: Hey girl! Don't you want to join ¢3FIRE-CREW¢1?

¢2Blaze¢1/¢3FIRE-CREW¢1: It's really cool that we got a Turkish division!

¢3MONOTONE ¢1OF ¢2CALIBRA   ¢;---> ¢<Hi Pal! Thanks for always cool Sendings!
                           I ¢?(Flash)¢< really enjoyed your new tune,
                           its just great! Greet Juci from me!¢1

¢3DASCON ¢1OF ¢2HARDLINE    ¢;---> ¢<Hum,Hum... I ¢?(Spherical)¢< like your samples!
                           Just great... but why only Percussions ?¢1

¢:NIGHTGAUNT            ¢;---> ¢<Hoooo Mate!!! Thanx for all stuff from you!
                           I am very sorry that you left ¢2Gothic¢<!!
                           Anyway... see you soon...¢1

¢3PSYCHO-DEMON ¢1OF ¢2NUANCE ¢;--> ¢<Hi! Okay, I come to ¢2Arise¢< and I really hope
                           to meet you! Also thank to you for great 
                           stuff!!! Hope you have a good time in ¢2Nuance¢<!¢1

¢3VIPER ¢1OF ¢2PARADISE     ¢;---> ¢<Hooo?? DU kannst 150k Modules in dein Pack
                           reinhaun?? Toll... just wait!¢1
¢3KILLRAVEN ¢1OF ¢2PARADISE ¢;---> ¢<Bulla,Bulla... Huga,Schna Mu Ka, lo?? Buha!
                           Akhi Bhal Takki rulez! Solider C sucks,wa?
                           Immer, nicht immer... aber immer oefter sind
                           deine Packs ganz gut! (Hahahaha??!!) 
                           Oehhh... wooo isss meine Adyyy aus deinem Pack?¢1
¢3GENIUS ¢1OF ¢2MAGIC       ¢;---> ¢<Thanx for your coooool sendings!! 
                           I visit you once again, soon!!!¢1

¢3SANE ¢1OF ¢2LUNATICS      ¢;---> ¢<Yooooo! Thanx for being one great Contact!!!
                           What did you do with my Batman Car??

¢3SOLDIER C ¢1OF ¢2EPIC     ¢;---> ¢<NEVER SEND MY OLD STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!
                           Anyway see U!

¢3STRANGER ¢1OF ¢2HEMOROIDS ¢;---> ¢<YOO MAN!!! Thanx for all your nice sendings!!
                           I am still waiting for your trackmo!


¢3TEDRIC ¢1OF ¢2PARADISE    ¢;---> ¢<I ¢?(Spherical)¢< like your Kühlschrank, because of
                           Katzen sitzing around! Code 22157162 ! We are
                           schon gespannt auf dein Trackmo! Ja, der Tedric
                           macht nämlich n Trackmo.. ey du, schon gehört
                           der Tedric mach nn Trääääccckkmmoo !!! Ey Mann
                           Fritz, hasse schon gehört, der Tdrc macht n Trackmo
                           Hey, hast du auch schon gehört daß Tedric 2 Trackmos
                           macht! Was, 3 Stück, Kuhl Ka Uh Ha eL !
                           Hey, Tedric macht jetzt ne Trackmo-Collection von
                           SPaf! Was, von Saft? Kuhl, 2 Trackmo-Collection vom
                           Safthaus in Nürnberg. Kuhl schickmal, ach ne, hab
                           ich schon! Was hast du, 3 Schrekmo-Sobrektions of
                           Schmierescheiß vom Safthaus in Nürnberg ! Ich auch
                           ,a ich habe auch 4 ... to be continued ! Watch out
                           for Part 2 in the next Diskmag of ¢2Balance¢<! Was,
                           ¢2Balance¢< hat 2 Diskmags gemacht... Ruhe Fritz !

¢3STRANGER ¢1OF ¢2HEMOROIDS ¢;---> ¢<YOO MAN!!! Thanx for all your nice sendings!!
                           I am still waiting for your trackmo!

¢7Okay... also hellos to all guys we know (sorry to them, but I lost my list!)¢1

¢2Saxon¢1/¢3ByteBusters¢1     Hey pal!, don't keep my disks, send 'em back!

¢2Wolfman¢1/¢3Balance¢1       Thanx for the warez!, I enjoyed reading the mag, it's
                      a very good one (We know! Hehe!-ed.)! Well, I hope 
                      you'll come over here sometime.

¢2Dillion¢1/¢3Centura¢1       See you soon, and keep up the good work!

¢2Jim¢1/¢3Infinity¢1          My second video exploded so, I can't swap video's
                      at the moment, if we get a new one, I'll send you
                      a message, O.K? Remember, friendship rules!!!

~¢3EVERYBODY¢1~             Mr. Nuke/Centura almost lost all of his contacts,
                      cause they've dropped him!, that's too bad for him,
                      and that's because he has lotsa disks with all sorts
                      of wares on it! If you feel sorry for him, be quiet
                      for one minute, and remember FRIENDSHIP RULES!, you
                      don't have to swap, you just can be good friends.
¢3Conrad..¢1  Nice of you to call me all the way from  Australia to Norway.

¢3Eagle¢1/¢2Crypt¢1..  Nice to hear that you liked the GFX I made for you...   
Looking forward to you demo.

¢3Echo¢1/¢2Paragon¢1..  Allways looking forward to you letter there is 
not many of my contacts have that kind of humour.

¢3El Loco¢1/¢2Paragon¢1..  Hope you`ll have a great time in the USA dude.

¢3Equalizer¢1/¢2Chrome¢1..  When are Digital Disco III coming, I love 
the second Digital Disco.

¢3F.J.R..¢1 I LOVE you short letters... "Thanx for thestuff..  Here is 
something for you.."

¢3Fulcrum¢1/¢2Amega Ind¢1..  To bad you didn't wanna join us we do need 
some more coder.

¢3Gamma¢1/¢2Byterapers¢1..  Long time no hear, Where the fuck are you dude.
¢3Green-Beret¢1/¢2Frogs¢1..  My Irish friend..   How are thoose
packs going...  Long time since you sent me something.

¢3Index¢1..¢1  To bad Addonic broke up, coz your packs were allways cool.

¢3Khorne¢1/¢2Paragon¢1..  Long time you have sent me something, I may call 
you some time in the near future...  How are the gfx going.

¢3Mongole¢1/¢2Illusions¢1..  I am really looking forward to the new 
production Illusions are working on..  With all thoose new rutines 
and all you cool gfx.

¢3Slimeball¢1/¢2Paragon¢1..  Keep your cool coding up dude.

¢3Spikehead..¢1  Loong time now see...  But i know you are sending some-
thing soon...   And know you can use your excuse again...   Now that the 
school is starting again.

¢3Syntex¢1/¢2Atomic¢1..  Looking forward to you demo....   (That was not a 
¢3Trix¢1/¢2Grace¢1..  Where the hell are you dude...  I know that Grace 
Norway isn't anything anymore, but thats no reason to quit swapping.

¢3Visage¢1/¢2Deadline¢1..  Back to Deadline again...   Thanx you, now 
I have to print out a new list of all my contacts again.  (THANX YOU VERY 

¢3Wolfman¢1/¢2Balance¢1..  I really like you Magbox...   Hope you are
going to continue making it (I sure will!-ed).

¢3BEATHAWK ¢1/ ¢2ADDICTS¢1 : Always nice phonecalls with you ! Good luck with your
new group !

¢3RAVE ¢1/ ¢2SILENTS¢1 : I am really sorry for my short letters and long delays
but I try to write longer letters in future.Send soon !

¢3SHADE ¢1/ ¢2DEVILS¢1 : Keep up your good sendings !

¢3POWERSWAP ¢1/ ¢2HARDLINE¢1 : Thanx for fast answer !

¢3SKYFOX ¢1/ ¢2AGNOSTIC FRONT¢1 : You too !

¢3EFFENDI ¢1/ ¢2DELIGHT¢1 : I am sorry for my delays, I'll send faster in future !.

¢3BAD CAT ¢1/ ¢2I.B.B.¢1 : Thanx for contacting me !

¢3KILLRAVEN ¢1/ ¢2PARADISE¢1 : Keep on doing your great packs !

¢3GART ¢1/ ¢2BRONX¢1 : When is next issue of Connections coming ? Well,stay cool !
¢3MR NIKKO ¢1/ ¢2ACUME¢1 : I lost your addy,contact me again !

¢3WOLFMAN ¢1/ ¢2BALANCE¢1 : I am sorry for my delays,but I will try to be faster !.

¢3THE MODEL ¢1/ ¢2SONIC¢1 : Stay cooooool !

¢3AMATEUR ¢1/ ¢2EON¢1 : Are you dead ? Try to send soon !

¢3NETRUNNER ¢1/ ¢2FLASH PRODS.¢1 : Good luck with your new group !

¢3MOP ¢1/ ¢2ALCATRAZ¢1 : Always cool sendings from you !

¢3PROTOPLASM ¢1/ ¢2???¢1 : Try to join some cool group !

¢3R.T.F ¢1/ ¢2DRAGONS¢1 : I hope you will send soon !


¢3Rhod ¢1/ ¢2ANARCHY:¢1 Yo ¢3JC¢1 ! Nice phonecalls ! I call ya very soon guy your 
Infestations are really cool ! Bye Bye

¢3KOUGAR ¢1/ ¢2DREAMDEALERS:¢1 Yo ¢3Clement¢1 ! Please send me a loooong letter ! 
Write soon ! Bye

¢3THANATOS ¢1/ ¢2PMC:¢1 Hello ¢3Dan¢1 !... That's all hehe bye

¢3FLETCH ¢1/ ¢2TSB:¢1 Yo ¢3Jerome¢1 ! I Hope to see very soon your message-box ! 
What's new about graphix ?

¢3Hello Libert Eric:¢1 Sorry for my long delay ! I send back your disks soon ! 
Hope to see another production from you on the Amiga soon ! Bye

¢3NIGHTMARE ¢1/ ¢2ELICMA:¢1 Yo ¢3Mandfred¢1 ! I hope to see a new production from your 
team as soon as possible! Hope to have news about you soon ! bye bye See Ya !

¢3Chris ¢1/ ¢2IRIS:¢1 Yo Man ! Do your best for the return of ¢7D.I.S.C !!¢1
Learning to code part II
·Learning to code ¢4part 2¢1

Written by ¢3SCOPE ¢1of ¢3Balance

If haven't read the article in ¢4Magbox
#1¢1 then I highly recommend that you
read that one if you are interested to
Learn to code. 
 Last time I ended up to tell about some
¢3MOVE¢1-commands, but MOVE isn't
ofcourse the only command therefore I
will in this article tell about some
more commands. And I will tell the
commands in a referenceable way, thus I
will seperate one section of this
article to one command as much as

¢3Purpose of this article
  Yes, a thing I forgot to tell about
in the "learning to code"-article was
what the purpose was of this article,
and here it comes: 
  When you buy a book about machinecode
of the amiga, then you will only learn
about the commands or about some silly
system-commands. But the purpose of
this article is that you shouldn't 
learn coding system-programs, no here
you'll learn coding demoes. And remem-
ber without your help this article will
maybe be a bit hard to understand,
because I know about coding, so I can't
see what you have problems
understanding in this article. So i
highly recommend that if there are ANY
things you are just a single bit unsure
about then DO grap a pen (or CED) and
write to me (My adress is in the end of
this article).
  In the first articles #1 to #5 (I
think), I will only tell you about the
commands in assembler. Afterwards I
will begin telling how you get
something up on the screen, and when I
have learned you all about getting
things on screen, then I will start
another article-serie which each
article will be about a specific
subject, which could be: scrollers,
sinus-scrollers, filledvectors,
plotbox etc. There's a possibility that
I will start the "Getting something on
the screen"-articles a bit before I end
the commands-articles, so make sure you
have ALL the magboxes. But now to the
serious stuff...

¢3How to add 2 numbers
¢1  If you want to add two numbers then
you use the ¢3ADD¢1-command in the way that
you write the following:

        ADD.W   #430,d0

And here you will add the number 430 to
register D0, thus if register D0 before
the execusion of this command consisted
320 then after the execusion D0 will
contain 750 (320+430). And if you look
there is the #-sign infront of the ¢4431¢1,
and thats actually like the MOVE-
command that you use the exact number.
You could also write:
        ADD.W   430,d0

But here you will not add 430 to d0,
but the WORD which is on adress 430, if
for example the number 4201 was on
adress 430 (including 431 because it's
a word, which contains 2 bytes/adress-
cells) then it's 4201 you will add to
D0 and NOT 430, just like when you used
the MOVE-command and didn't put the
#-sign infront of the number. And
remember is I told in the last article,
that .W has a very important meaning,
remember that it's only the word part
of D0 register which is add, thus if d0
contained $C0492003 and adds 430 to d0
and only the word part then it's only
the most left 4 nibbles which is
inflicted thus $2003 and $c049 is
untouched. If d0 contained i.e. 65500
and you added 1000 then result would be
66500 BUT that number is too high for a
word!! But wat happens is that the
word part of d0 just start over, thus
the result wouldn't be 66500 but 964.
See 65536 is the highest which a word
could contain and when you add 964 to
65500 then the result is HIGHER than
the maximum, and then the excess is the
result! 66500-65536 = 964, which is the
result. If we only had add a byte and
d0 contained 97 and add 200 then the
result would be 297, but thats too
high and the result is then 297-255 =
42. And d0 contains 42, BUT only the
byte-part has been inflicted. 200 in
hex is $c8, and let's imagine that d0
(the whole d0) contained $c93870¢3c8¢1 and
add the 97 then d0 would afterwards
contain $c93870¢32a¢1 ($2a = 42 decimal).
If you want to add a signed number is
actually very simple because you just
use the same command. If d0 contains
-403 then -403 is the same in hex
$fe6d, and if we then add 500 to $fe6d
which also in decimal is -403 but also
65133 (You know that there's both
signed and unsigned numbers in a
register or adress) then we get 65133 +
500 = 65633 which exceeds the word
maximum (In our case we use words) but
65633-65536 =97 that means that d0 now
is 97, but hey how amazing -403 + 500 =
97, here you see how effective the
signing and unsigning is in a computer!
Our example in assembler would look
like this:

        move.w  #-403,d0
        add.w   #500,d0


line 1: puts -403 word into d0
line 2: adds 500 to d0
line 3: returns to the assembler

Try to enter the program in an
assembler and see how the d0-register
is inflicted.
 But as in the MOVE-command there is a
lot of adress-ways, you can for example
        add.w   (a0),d0

..then the contents of the adress a0 is
added to d0, if for example a0
contained $30000 and on adress $30000
were 4902 then 4902 is added to d0.

you can also write:

        add.w   (a0)+,d0

..then it's just as the above, except
that after the excusion a0 will be
added with 2, thus a0 contains
afterwards $3000¢32¢1 (it would had
added 4 if it was ¢4add.l¢1 and 1 if it
was ¢4add.b¢1)

here is a lot of ¢4add¢1 ways:

add.w   d0,d1
add.w   d0,d2
add.w   a0,d4
add.w   (a0,d0.w),d0
add.w   -(a0),d3
add.w   d3,(a0)+


but you can't add 2 memory-references:

add.w   (a0),(a1) is illegal
add.w   (a0)+,(a3) is also illegal

As you can add then you can ofcourse
also subtract and you do that with the
command SUB. For example:
        sub.w   #98,d0
This command will subtract the number
98. Here is an example
        move.w  #200,d1
        sub.w   #92,d1

line 1: puts 200 into d1, d1=200
line 2: subtract 92 from d1, d1=d1-92
line 3: returns to assembler

I don't want to tell more about SUB
because it's exactly the same as ADD
except it doesn't add it subtracts

Well, labels is not a command in
machinecode, but it's a way to tell the
computer where in the memory you
dealing. When we assemble our code the
the code will be placed somewhere in
the memory and each command is started
in a spicific adress, each command
fills a specific number of bytes in the
memory. If we for example write
        MOVE    d0,d0
This command fills 2 bytes and if the
assembler located it at adress $30000
then the next command in your code is
located in adress $30002 but ofcourse
you shouldn't keep an eye on how many
bytes each command fills, and where in
memory you are. Therefore labels are
created. labels are a word (not
starting with numbers) for example
¢3loop:¢1 is a label, the colon in the
end of the word is standard (Not
always, but let's go back to that in a
later article). Then when you assemble
the ¢3loop¢1 is like a number, and the
number is the adress where loop is
placed. For example: (i have placed the
adress in the right)

        MOVE.W  #40,d0  $30000
loop:   move.l  d0,a0   $30004
        add.l   d0,d1   $30006
        rts             $30008

Now the assembler now that ¢3loop¢1 means
$30004. One of the thing you use labes
for is to make jumps, and jumps is a
way to to other places in your code, if
you ever have worked with BASIC, Comal,
Pascal, AMOS etc. JMP is like GOTO in
one of those languages. Here is a
little example of JMP:

        Move.w  #40,d0
        jmp     cont
        move.w  #20,d0
cont:   rts

if we runs this code then line 3 will
totaly be ignored, and here is the line

line 1: puts 40 into d0
line 2: tells the computer to continue
the executions in the line where the
label ¢3cont¢1 is placed. And it's
placed in line 4, so line 3 is NOT
executed in our example
Line 4: returns to the assembler
¢3Dc.b, dc.w and dc.l
As I have mentioned during the article
i've have told about adding without the
#-sign and moves without #-sign, for
        move.w  4302,d0

..This routine means (as told in
article 1) that the contents of adress
4302 is placed into d0. But how should
we know what could be on 4302, and how
should we know if this adress is free?
Well, therefore we have got labels, and
Dc.w. Here is a little example:

        move.w  xpos,d0
xpos:   dc.w    304

when we assemble this code then xpos
is a specific adress if the first
command is at adress $30000 then xpos
would be something like $30008, and
what happens in the program is that the
value on adress xpos is placed into d0.
Dc.w is used to free a word where an
adress could stay and the computer now
knows that 304 is placed on the
specific adress where xpos is placed in
the code. It's very usefull because you
only have 8 data-registers and therefore
you would really need some more,
therefore you just uses memory
declarations (DC is an abreviation of
declare). Here in the above example we
used xpos as a memory declaration. We
spared a word (2 bytes) in the memory,
where we in our program can place
numbers, and get numbers back. Here is
another example

        move.w  #40,d0
        add.w   pos,d0
pos:    dc.w    100

Line 1: places 40 into d0
line 2: adds the value on adress ¢4pos¢1
to d0, and on adress pos is placed 100.
Line 3: Returns to the assembler
Line 4: Declares 2 bytes that means a
word which consist 100.

You can also use dc.l and dc.b, but
with dc.l it's not a word which is
spared but a whole longword that means
4 bytes. and dc.b is only a byte.


1.What will d0 contain after this
execution of this code:

        move.w  #300,d2
        move.w  xpos,d0
        add.w   d0,d2
        add.w   ypos,d2
        move.w  d2,d0
xpos:   dc.w    100
ypos:   dc.w    310        

Answer: 710

2.What will d0 contain after this
execution of this code:

        move.w  score,d0
        add.w   #209,d0
        move.w  #98,d2
        add.w   d2,d0
score:  dc.w    1000

Answer: 1307

What is very important to know is how
to make conditions. If you know
anything to BASIC, COMAL or another
high level language then you probably
know the wellknown IF ... THEN
...sentence. To the ones who don't
knows it means it something like this:
If d0 contains 98 then do something
somewhere else. In machincode we can
compare two numbers and the find out
how they react to each other. Let's
give you a BASIC example:

IF d0=d2 then goto cont

This BASIC line says that if d0 equals
d2 then the program should go to the
line with the label "cont". If we
should make this routine in assembler,
it would look like this:

        cmp.w   d0,d2
        beq     cont

cont:   ...

the ... just means nothing special. The
Amiga compares d0 and d2 and if d0 for
example contains 983 and d2 contains
1009 the Amiga will just continue. But
if d0 contained 1000 and d2 also
contained 1000 then the Amiga would
jump to the label "cont" and continue
from there. "Cmp" is an abreviation of
CoMPare and "beq" is an abreviation of
Branch if EQual. You could also say in

IF d0<>d2 then goto cont

..Now the program should only jump to
"cont" if d0 NOT EQUALS d2. Here you
just replaces the BEQ with BNE which is
an abreviation of Branch if Not Equal.

You do it in this way:

        cmp.w   d0,d2
        bne     cont

You can also make like:
IF d0<d2 then goto cont
you do it in this way:

        cmp.w   d2,d0
        blt     cont

cont:   ....
Blt is an abreviation of Branch if
Lower Than. Notice that I wrote d0<d2
but with the CMP i wrote d2,d0, it's 
the opposite. It's a good rule to think
backwards when you use CMP. 
 But there's a little problem if d0
contains -30 and d2 contains 983, which
one is then the largest? As we know -30
also can be look at unsigned and -30 is
also 65506, so which one is biggest???
Therefore we can use two diffrent lower
than Branches theres BLT or BLO. BLT is
with signed numbers, thus -32768
through 32767. BLO is with unsigned
numbers (BLO=Branch LOwer), thus 0
through 65535. And remember that if
it's bytes it's not 0 through 65535 but
ofcourse 0 through 255. you MUST be
sure that you can see the diffrences
between bytes, words and longwords, if
you can't the read again the "learning
to code part 1"-article in magbox #1.

Here is a list of some Branches:

BEQ     Branch if equal
BGE     Branch if greater or Equal
BGT     Branch if greater than
BLE     Branch if lower or Equal
BLT     Branch if lower than
BHS     Branch higher or same
BHI     Branch higher 
BLS     Branch lower or same
BLO     Branch lower

Here is a workable example:

        move.w  #100,d0
        move.w  #40,d1
        cmp.w   d0,d1
        bhi     bigger
        move.w  #100,d4
bigger: move.w  #200,d4

Here d4 will end with 100 because:

line 1:   d0=100
line 2:   d1=40
line 3-4: if d1 is higher than d0 then
          goto the label: "bigger"
line 5:   execuses this if d1 wasn't
          higher, and sets d4 to 100
line 6:   goes back to the assembler
line 7:   sets d4 to 200
line 8:   returns

Try to run this code and see what
happens, try for example to change line
2 to : move.w  #300,d1, now the routine
will end with 200 because d1 is higher
than d0.

  You can also use cmp in this way:

        CMP.W   #493,d0
        BEQ     loop

These two commands do the following: If
d0 equals 493 then the program will
continue at the label "loop".

I think it's enough for this time but
if you have troubles about anything
in this article then feel free to give
me a question, and I will answer it in
the next MagBox which we will be 
released about 20th September 1992. My
adress is:

²¢3(Scope ¢9of ¢3Balance)¢1

²Jesper Giørtz-Behrens
²Gustav Adolphsvej 11
²DK-2800 Lyngby



       Written by ¢3Wreko¢1/¢2BALANCE¢1
 Yes, I'm back, and this time I have a
few constuctions for you all, you     
might already have some of them,      
but how should I know, sadly I'm not  
able to put graphics in this mag (hey 
Scope you lazy coder, get your finger 
out and get that fixed), anyway here  
is the first construction.            
 The first thing I will give you is an
extra expansion for the ¢2Kanal 2¢1       
decoder, I don't think that any one   
outside Denmark will have any use of  
this, but thats not my fault!¢3(No?-Ed.)¢1
with this little construction you will
be able to watch Kanal 2 without      
paying for it, and it works fine,     
there is only one little disadvantage 
you will not be able to record the    
movies at your video, because some    
times it will start up with a negative
signal at the screen. It doesn't      
matter when you are sititng and       
watching it, then if it starts up with
the negative signal then you just     
switch to another channel at the      
buttons at the decoder and then back  
again, and within 1-3 switches you    
have the right picture, it's about 6-7
out of 10 times it'll start up with a 
negative coded signal. But don't cry  
because next time I will give you the 
full solution of this problem,        
actually it's already finished, but I 
still have a few problems with the    
heat inside the decoder, the CPU gets 
very hot. OK I think it's time to give
you the details about this expansion. 
 The only komponent you have to use is
a counter, I've used a HEF4040, which 
is a 12 stage counter, but you can    
easily use another counter (I advice  
you to use a CMOS, beacuse the TTL    
IC's use a lot more current than the  
CMOS do). But here I'll give you the  
details only for the HEF4040. Connect 
Pin 16 to Pin 3 of the 7812 voltage   
regulator, which is placed near the   
trafo in the upper right corner of the
decoder (it's called IC801). Then     
connect Pin 8 and Pin 11 to ground,   
I've connected them to the Cathode of 
D810, which is placed right behind the
7812. Now you have to cut the left Pin
of R592 and connect the left Pin to   
Pin 9 at the HEF4040. The last thing  
you have to do, is to connect TP 43,  
which is located in the middle of the 
decoder, to Pin 10 at the HEF4040,and 
then you're finished. If the LED at   
the top of the decoder, is flashing   
then you have 2 oppotunities, either  
you place a piece of black tape over  
it or you can short circuit the two   
Pins which is most to the right of the
screw in the corner of the little PCB 
which is placed in the top of the     
 By the way this construction also    
works at Filmnet.                     
 If you have any questions, or want to
contact me for any thing about the    
things written above, then get my     
addresse at the address pages in this 
magbox, but now I'll go right down to 
the next construction.                
 Lets start with this one, it's a     
filter-construction, and I think most 
musicians could use this filter.      
 The filter is able to remove a range 
of frequencies, e.g. the voice in a   
song or the bass or what ever. It was 
one of our musicians who asked me if I
could make such a filter for him,     
because that would help him a lot when
he sampled from his stereo. After that
I started to think about how to do    
such a filter, first i thought about  
using normal low and high-pass        
filters, but that wasn't smart, then I
read in a book of mine about some     
Double T-filter, which was able to do 
the things I wanted, so I started to  
experiment with them and it worked.   
Here's how they look like.            
¢6IN¢1  ¢3|         ¢3|           ¢3|  ¢6OUT¢1
¢3----¢2*         ¢3|           ¢2*¢3---¢3
    ¢3|         |           |         
             ¢3|  |¢2                 
             R  C                     
             3  3                     
             ¢3|  |¢3                 
 ¢2*¢1 means that there's a connection.
 Formulas: At the desired frequens,   
           you must set,              
           R1=R2=Zc1=Zc2, and         
 that means that R3 must be half as   
little as R1 and R2, and C3 must be   
half as little as C1 and C2.          
 I suggest that you use some OP.AMPS  
as buffers between the filter and the 
input of the next device, and perhaps 
between the input of the filter and   
the output of the device before, LM324
are good enough for this purpose.     
 Well this was all for this time but  
I'll be back again next time, with    
more fun, and once again if you have  
any questions then contact me, or if  
you have made something usefull ,     
which you want other freaks to know   
about then send it to me...           
 OOPS I'm back for a few minutes, coz 
I'm just finished with a little expe- 
riment, and I thought that other people
have the same problem.                
 The problem was that I wanted to get 
the sound from my amiga out of my     
loudspeakers, no problem I thought,   
but I saw that I had a problem, I had 
no more free CD or AUX inputs at my   
amplifier, only a PHONO input, so I   
tried to use it, but ARGHH!!, it      
sounded terrible, the bass was extrem-
ly distorded and I hardly couldn't    
hear the high frequencies, HMMM!! I   
didn't knew much about the PHONO input
but I realised that I was very dif-   
ferent from a normal AUX input or a   
CD input, then I started to find some-
thing at my bookshelf, and I read that
the amplifier amplifies the bass 20 DB
and it lower the high frequencies     
20 DB, that done because when they    
make records they have to lower the   
bass 20 DB, otherwise the tracks in   
the record have to be about twice as  
wide. So I made a filter wich ampli-  
fies the high frequencies 20 DB, and  
lower the bass with 20 DB. After I    
had made the filters (one for each    
channel), I connected them and it     
worked absolutely fine, I had reached 
the end of my problem.                
 Here's a little ASCII drawing of the 
circuit for one channel, you have to  
make one for each channel..           

¢6Input from Amiga¢1                  
        |    |                        
        ¢2R2   R3                     
        ¢3|    |                      
        |    +----+------ ¢6Output to 
        ¢3|    |    |       ¢6Phono   
        ¢3|    ¢2R4   C2              
        ¢3|    |    |                 
 Okay, goodbye, one more time, and    
this time I WONT come back until      
next issue..                          
           SEEEEEE YAHHH Wreko        


·²Part 1

       ¢1Written by: ¢3Chyle¢1/¢2BALANCE 

          ¢2** PREFACE **¢1

 Nowadays most musicians on the  Amiga
are using the one and only  musicmaker
¢2PROTRACKER¢1. And why is it so  popular?
I think it's because  that  ¢2PT¢1  is  so 
easy to learn, and  the  userinterface
with lots of icons and  the  4-channel
 The Trackerprograms have  improved  a
lot since  the  mother  of  them  all,
¢2SOUNDTRACKER¢1 was  released.  A lot  of
clones were made  by  several  groups:
New  versions  of  ¢2ST¢1,   ¢2NOISETRACKER,¢1
¢2STARTREKKER¢2, ¢2TRASHTRACKER¢1 and  finally
¢2PROTRACKER¢1. There  were  lots  of  new 
commands  and  improvements  in  every
version, and there was a fight between
the Coders to make  the  best  tracker.
In the end, ¢2PROTRACKER¢1 by Amiga  Free-
lancers won. Everyone is using it now,
and I think it would be very  hard  to 
improve it as it is right now. At this
moment ¢3Cryon¢1/¢2NOXIOUS¢1 has released some
new versions of PT, but in my  opinion
without any revolutionizing news yet.
 I made this article for beginners who
might need some help or tips n'Tricks.
I hope you'll find it useful  in  your
search for  the  ultimate  control  of 
your tracker. 
 ¢2PROTRACKER¢1 features several  new  op-
tions, and will be  the  perfect  tool
to accompany  our  future  music  fea-
 ¢3Note¢1: This is ¢2NOT¢1 the  Doc's  to ¢2PT.¢1 
It's only a text  where  you  can  get 
some help and so on. I  hardly  recom-
mend you to read the  original  ¢2PT¢1-Doc
before reading this add.
 It's also neccesary to have a  little
knowledge of octaves, notes and so on.
Have a good time!


 ¢3What is a chord?¢1

 A chord is a united sound of  several
notes with different pitch. 
 The two most used  chords  are  ¢2Major 
¢1and ¢2Minor¢1 chords. 
 A ¢2C-Major¢1 chord looks like this on  a 
 ¢3C ¢1- ¢3E ¢1- ¢3G¢1

 And a ¢2C-Minor¢1 chord:

 ¢3C ¢1- ¢3D#¢1- ¢3G¢1

 These are to two  most  used  chords,  
but there are lots of other  and  very
advanced variants which I'll  discribe
in a later issue of our Magbox.
 ¢3How to make Chords.¢1

 Simple, you just play the  chord  you
want on your keyboard, while you samp-
le it. 
 It's a little more  specific  if  you
don't own a keyboard. But the  problem
can  be  solved  with  the   excellent 
chord-function in ¢2STARTREKKERV1.3¢1.
 This function is also included in the
new version of ¢2PT¢1(2.2A) from  ¢2Noxious¢1.
Here yor are able to create  your  own
chords in a highquality sound.
 It's best to make  chords  with  long
stringsamples,  which  can  be  looped
 This is not the only way to create  a
chord. The command I'm  going  to  de-
scribe now, is mostly used  for  chip-
music. It  gives  a  synthetic  sound,
like in  the  good  old  days  on  the 
C64. I'm using it myself,  and  it  IS
possible to create a cool sound.  I'll
make a further  discribtion  of  Chip-
music sometime in the near future.
 Anyway, the command  is  called  "¢3Ar-     
peggio¢1" and you can  make  any  chords
you want with three notes.

 A ¢3C-Major¢1 chord looks like this:
 (In the tracker)

 And a ¢3C-Minor¢1 chord:

 Mabe you  wonder  how  you  can  find
the difference between ¢2Major¢1  and  ¢2Mi-
Minor¢1 chords. Simple, if you are using
this fomula:

 ¢2X¢1 + ¢24¢1 + ¢27¢1 = ¢2X¢1-¢2Major¢1 chord
 ¢2X¢1 + ¢23¢1 + ¢27¢1 = ¢2X¢1-¢2Minor¢1 chord

 ¢2X¢1 = Root keynote 

 ¢3Note¢1: It's best to use string-samples
in a high pitch, when using the Arpeg-

               ¢2* * *¢1

 If you are a big  fan  of  Amigamusic
(like me) then let me  give  you  this
little  tip:  Record   your   favorite 
songs on a blank  tape,  and  you  can 
use it in your walkman or stereo.
 I can only recommend these  composers
 ¢3Mantronix¢1&¢3Tip¢1/¢2PHA¢1 (even if they  brag 
like hell!)
 ¢3Bit Arts¢3¢1/¢2Sanity
 ¢3Mad Freak¢1/¢2ANARCHY
 ¢3Chris Huelsbeck¢1/¢3Rainbow Arts
 ¢3Tim Wright¢1/¢3Psygnosis
          ¢2** LAST WORDS **¢1

 Well, it's time  to  say  goodbye.  I 
really hope you've enjoined this  add.
Next time we'll take a closer look at:

¢1+ ¢2More

 If you have any  questions,  suggest-
ions, or  even  contributions  to  ¢2THE 
MUSICIANS CORNER¢1, then  you  are  ¢2VERY
¢1welcome to contact me.
 Here's my addy:

 ¢1Kristoffer Schultz
 Ålykkevej 2, Esrum
 3230 Græsted

 ¢3Phone¢1:¢2 +45 42 29 0015


·²SOLOUTION part 1

²Written by ¢3Guybrush¢1/¢2UNDERGROUND¢1

 Goodevening and welcome to "The
complete Monkey Island II Solve"(tm)
written by Guybrush of UNDERGROUND
(who else?) 
It's going to be in 3 parts, and this
is of course the fist. The next parts
will probably be found in the next
MAGBOX's if I can put myself together
and write them.
Thanks must go to some PC-dudes called
USA-DoX and IDD for writing the
original solve whitch this text is
partly stolen from. Thanks must also
go to another PC-freak called "MUS"
(?) for getting it for me.
Well I should think that's enough
crap and greetings to PC-owners (I
woulden't want it to become a habit)
so let's get on with it....

          Monkey island II:
         Le CHUCKS REVENGE!!

²PART I: The Largo Embargo

 Well, you start at the bridge. Go
somewhere and Largo will show up and
steal all your money, no matter what
you do. When he leaves you should go
to the sign on the right. PICK UP
SIGN. You devastate it and picks up
the shovel. Exit right and you will
find yourself at the overhead view of
the island. Go to the swamp, and USE
COFFIN. Row to the shack and you will
enter the house of Mojo. In the first
room you should look at the table and
pick up the small string. Now check
the jars on the shelves untill you
find some ASHES-2-LIFE(tm) Now go
right and talk to Mojo about the
ASHES-2-LIFE stuff and about making a
woodoo doll of Largo! You will be
given a list of ingredients you will
need to make a woodoo doll. If you
give it a look, you will see that you
must get something of the head,
something of the thread, something
from a dead relative and some body
fluid. (Yes, that's right, some CHYLE)
Now leave, row back to the shore and
go back to the overwiev map, and find
the cemetery.

 Enter the cemetery and go to the top
of the hill. Find the grave of Largo
la Grande's grandfather and USE SHOVEL
ON GRAVE. You will get yourself a nice
bone. That was the first ingredient.
Go back to the overview map.

 Go to the beach and look at the
ground. You will see a small stick.
PICK UP STICK and go back to the map.

 Go to Woodstick town. Go to Wally the
cartographer's pad (second door from
right) Talk to Wally about things.
Take a blank sheet of paper from the
pile at the bottom right side of
screen. Watch Wally closely. He will
place his monocle on the table and rub
his eyes from time to time. When he
do, quickly PICK UP MONOCLE. Walk
outside again. Look near bottom of the
screen and you will see a hatch
leading to the "Bloody Lip" bar(tm) 
You also see a window, and this is 
where you want to go. WALK TO WINDOW 
and you will find yourself in the 
kitchen. There's a knife on the table. 
PICK UP KNIFE, and leave trough the 
window again. Walk left untill you
reach the farthest ship. Enter. In
here you see a little alligator named
Pegbiter. Pegbiter is tied to the
post, but USE KNIFE ON ROPE (no, not
"use knife on Pegbiter") and the
little bastard runs away. The
innkeeper freaks out and goes after
Pegbiter. Check the bowl and get some
cheese squigglies. Now enter the door
at the left. This is Largo's room, and
you better hurry and grab his toupee
off the styrofoam head on top of the
desk to the left, before he catches
you in here. Well you got the second
ingredient now, leave or get thrown
out. Go outside again, and go right
and up where the three pirates and the
lanundry dude is (and the rat). See
the bucket under the pirates? PICK UP
BUCKET. The pirate on the left will
tell you not to take the bucket, but I
think you can convince him. Well you
should also be able to see a box, and
I really think you could use a rat to
help you in your quest, so OPEN BOX,
BOX. Leave this screen for a moment.
When you return the rat will be under
the box. PICK UP BOX and PICK UP RAT got a rat! Leave this
place and enter the hatch leading to
the "Bloody Lip" bar(tm) Talk to the
bartender and ask him for a drink. He
wont give you one, but pretty soon
Largo will show up. He orders a drink,
and spit on the wall, before leaving.
DRIPPING SPIT and you got yourself
some chyle. That was the third
ingredient. Leave the bar via the
stairs, and go to the kitchen via the
window. See the soup? USE RAT IN
VISCIOSUES (the soup). Exit trough the
window again and return to the the
Bloody Lip the normal way. Talk to the
bartender and ask him to get you some
soup. He goes to the kitchen, checks
out the soup, and then fires the cook.
Now, why did he do that? Hmm...   Well
anyway, he tries to serve you some
soup, but I don't think you want it.
Then he offers you a job instead. Take
the job and get your weeks wages in
advance. Now go to the kitchen and
begin on your new job...NOT! You
already got the money, so just jump
out the window as you'r used to. Go
right and back to the map.

 Go to the swamp and USE BUCKET WITH
SWAMP. You now got a bucket of mud.
Back to map.

 Return to the town and go to Largo's
room. close the door and USE BUCKET
WITH DOOR. Largo la Grande will now
enter and guess what happens then...
You can now follow Largo to the
cleaner if you want to, just make sure
that he's been there. Return to
Largos's room and CLOSE DOOR. You will
see a laundry claim ticket at the 
other side of the door. Pick it up and 
go to the laundry dude and ask for 
some clothes. He will ask for a claim
ticket, give him Largo's and you
recive some of Largo's clothes. That
was the last ingredient, so now it's
woodoo time! Go to map.

 Go to the swamp and row all the way
back to Mojo. Give her the four woodoo
ingredients, and she will make a doll
and give it to you with some pins.
Now head back to Largo's room.

 Here Largo will begin to yell at you
and wanting to throw yuo out. While he
is doing this, quickly USE PINS ON
WOODOO DOLL and banish Largo from the
island. Go to map.

 Go to peninsula (down left corner)
and go to the boat. Talk to Captain 
Dread about hireing a ship. He tells 
you that he can't sail without his
necklace. Give him Wally's monocle and
it will suffice. He'll give you a map,
and you will soon find yourself on the
boat. Pick up the empty bag of parrot
chow and go inside. Dread will ask you
where you want to go. Select PHATT
ISLAND and prepare yourself for part

²PART II: The Four Pieces

 When you arrive at Phatt Island you
get arrested by the guard no matter
what you say to him. After the
conversation with the Phatt pig you
find yourself behind bars. PICK UP
MATTRESS and you will find a stick,
witch you would like to pick up. Now,
see the skeleton in the next cell? See
its leg bone? USE STICK ON BONE. You
flip the bone over to your cell. PICK
doggy will now go for the bone and
drops the key. PICK UP KEY, USE KEY IN
CELL DOOR and your free. Now go to the
shelfs near the door and pick up the
two envelopes. One is the manilla
envelope and one is the gorilla
envelope. The manilla envelope
contains all your stuff, the gorilla
envelope contains a banana and an
organ. Open the envelopes to obtain
the items, and leave the jail. From
the jail head right. You will see a
long path going off into the distance.
Along this path you see a few alleys
and a library on the left and a pier
on the right. Go to the pier. Talk to
the fisherman and tell him what a
great fisher you are. He will
challenge you to a contest about
catching the biggest fish. You can get
his fishing pole if you win. Accept
the challenge and then go to the
library. Inside the library, to the
left is a model lighthouse. OPEN
LIGHTHOUSE. You find a lighthouse
lens. Pick it up. Now go talk to the
librarian. apply for a library card,
ask her questions, and get the
temporary card. Your limit is four
books, and you allready got one (the
one Mojo gave you). You can deliver
that back if you want to, but you
might want to keep it, coz there's
interesting information in it. And you
only need three other books, so don't
worry about it. Go to the card
catalouge and check it out. The books
you need is: THE JOY OF HEX found
under R for recipes and GREAT        
something like that) under D for
dicasters. The thrid book you can 
choose yourself, you just need any
book. Remember the books and go to the
librarian and ask for them, and she
will get them for you. Leave the
library and go back past the jail and
left untill you are at the overhead
wiev map of PHATT ISLAND. Go for Phatt

 Enter the mansion trough the front
door (how boring) and try to go up the
stairs. The guard will stop you. Tell
him that he must have confused you
with your cousin Guybrush and then
tell that you think there's a fire in
the kitchen. He will leave and you can
proceed up the stairs to the
Phattboy's bedroom. He is asleep, and
you will notice that there's a book on
his fat belly called FAMOUS PIRATE
QUOTES. Now you will need the third
random book from the library to offset
the weight of his book. use book with
book and play Indy(tm) as you take it.
Go back to the map and return to the

 Go to the path with the library is.
Here you will see two alleys. Go to
the nearest alley where a dude is
gambling on a roulette wheel. He win,
get his money and leave. Quickly
follow him to the next alley, and hide
behind the crates. Watch him ask for
the next winning number. When he
leaves go to the door and OPEN
PEEPHOLE (you knock). Ask for the next
winning number, and you will be asked
about the password. What this guy will
do is hold up some fingers and for
instance say: "If this is three..."
-and then hold up an other amount of
fingers and say: "...then, what is
this?" There seems to be no system at
all in this kode, but here's the
secret: When he holds up his fingers
the first time, be sure to count them.
When he holds up his fingers the
second time and ask for the right
number, simply tell him the amount of
fingers he showed you the first time.
Everything else he says is just
designed to throw you off. You have to
get it right three times, then you get
the next winning number. Now go back
to the first alley and tell the dude
that you want to play. Place your bet
on the number, you know is going to be
the winning number. Surprice, you win.
Choose the invitation and go to the
second alley again. Ask for the next
winning number, do the test and go
back and win again. Take the money, go
and get the next number again, return
to wheel and win again. Now there's
only the ticket left to choose. Whith
all the prices won, the wheel of
fortune has to close for today. Go
back to Dread's ship and ask him to
take you to BOOTY ISLAND.

 When you arrive at Booty Island go to
the small house on the left, the
antique dealer. Buy the ships horn and
the saw (pick things up in order to by
them). Also pick up the sign about the
parrot. The antique dealer will tell
you that it's not for sale, but on
second thought he just might sell it
to you anyway. Once you got the sign,
you will see a small hook on the wall
where the sign was. Now, USE EMPTY BAG
the parrot chow bag on the hook,
attracting the parrots attention. You
will now also be able to buy the
parrot's mirror. Do so and then take
an extra look at the counter. The
antique dude has a map piece! We would
really like to get our hands on that
woulden't we? Yes we would!
Unfortunately he wants millions for
it, but if you could get him something
really rare, he would trade it for the
map piece. The figurehead of the "Mad
Monkey"(tm) for instance. It's a
sunken ship so it might be a bit hard
to find, but worry about that later,
coz I think it's time for a party now.
Leave the shop, go right and enter the
costume shop. You need a costume, but
the costume dude will not give you one
unless you have one reserved. Give him
your invitation and he will provide
you with a costume. Unfotunately it's
not just your style, but there's
nothing to do about it, so just take
it and leave this place. Outside
again. Go left and talk to Kate, who 
is standing near Stans previusly owned
coffins and yelling. Ask her if you
can get one of her leaflets. Take it
and say goodbye. Walk to the far right
side untill you enter the overwiev map
of Booty Island.

 Find Governor Marley's (!) mansion.
This is where the party is held. On
your way you are stopped by a guard
dressed like LeChuck. Have a
conversation an put on your costume.
When you arrive at the mansion you
should start by noticing that there's
two paths leading to the back of the
house. Take either one of them in
order to arrive at the back door. See
the garbage cans? PUSH GARBAGE CANS.
You make a loud noise, and the cook
get's way pissed and comes out yelling
at ya. Run away from the cook, using
the right path. He will chase you to
the front, so don't stop, just keep on
running down the right path (the one
that was the left before) and quickly
enter the back door. You find yourself
in the kitchen, grab a fish and get
outta there, before the cook returns.
Run back to the front still by the
right path and enter the front door.
Welcome to the party (the music in
here is really too much). Look at the
left side of the room. See nice
painting? I see a piece of the map
stuck in the corner! PICK UP PIECE OF
MAP and go outside again. You will be
stopped by the gardener and taken back
into the mansion to see Governor 
Marley. She's pretty mad at you, so 
you better select all the polite, 
grovelling dialogues. Still, she ends 
up taking the map and tossing it out 
the window. Leave the room, go 
dovnstairs and out and try to pick up
the map piece. It will float away and
get carried by the wind to the
cliffside at the other end of the
island... Go back into the maniac
mansion and go upstairs to Marley's
room. She is not here now. See the oar 
mounted above her bed? PICK UP OAR. Go
outside again. The dog will bark at
you again and you tell the shithead to
shut the hell up! When he does PICK UP
DOG, and you will take the dog
Guybrush and stuff him in your pocket.
I think you've had it with this place,
so follow the path back left to the
map, and go to Dread's ship. Ask him
to take you back to PHATT ISLAND.

 Well, that was that kids! End of 
first part. The next parts will be 
just as long, so just keep an eye on 
the MAGBOX. See ya...

Coders Mailbox


Well, thanx for selecting this article.
I am ¢8100%¢1 sure that not all coders
knows all the good tricks in optimizing
routines. So therefore I want to start
a kind of mailbox article, where all
should do write and tell about there
optimizing methods. You probably know
lots of optimizing but don't just lean
back and just hope that others would
write some tricks, remember if every-
body say this!! So do grap a pen and
write to me. Just send a simple
handwriten paper, disk aren't nesces-
sary. I will ofcourse write the handle
of the authors of ¢8EACH¢1 optimizing
tricks who will be sent. If you aren't
quite with of what I mean it's like
this (an example of what you could
¢<        SWAP    d0
        CLR.W   d0
        SWAP    d0

        ¢3is much faster than

        ¢<AND.L   #$FFFF,d0

        ¢34 cycles faster!!
Just do sent a lot of tricks, it
doesn't have to be directly 68000
tricks, it could also be tricks in how
to use the blitter in a faster way
like: Clearing the screen with blitter
while clearing another part of the
screen with the 68000. You can also
write if you have got an excellent way
how to code a wellknown routine, for
example the fastets way of coding
¢6vectors¢1, ¢6zooming¢1 etc.
  A lot of you out there probably
thinks that you won't spread YOUR
specific ideas, but remember if YOU
write a lot of tricks then this article
will be a succes and OTHERS will also
write tricks which you could learn of.
So DO write to me at this adress:

²Jesper Giørtz-Behrens
²Gustav Adolphsvej 11
²DK-2800 Lyngby

·²¢2X¢3X¢2-¢3W¢2A¢3Y¢2¢3S ¢2T¢3O 

·²¢2G¢3E¢2T ¢3H¢2I¢3G¢2H¢3!¢2!¢1

      Written by ¢3Wolfman¢1/¢2BALANCE¢1

¢31.:¢2 Burn of your Amiga ¢1(NO! NOOO!-Ed.)¢2
¢3OR¢2 other computers (Atari) and snif 
all the nice gas and smoke coming from
the silicon chips and the plasticca-

¢32.:¢2 Clime on the top of a chimney
where they leave out burned chemicals
and similar nice things and take a
DEEEEP breath....

¢33.:¢2 Take 4 tubes of glue with all
kinds of nice and stinky chemiclas in
it, then use 2 tubes to block the ears
1 tube  for the mouth and the last tu-
be to empty up your nose ¢1(¢2W¢3w¢2W¢3o¢2A¢3a¢2A¢3w¢2U¢3h¢2O¢3-

¢34.:¢2 Burn of 3 kilos of hash in an
airproff room and be there yourself...

¢35.:¢2 Mix a drink containing Vodka,
Whisky and many other alcohlic drinks
and use an injectionspray to put it
in your blood ¢1(R.I.P.-Ed)¢2.

¢36.:¢2 Go to a public toilet and take
a light breath...

¢37.:¢2 Get hold of a computerfreak
who have just come from a party, then
smell his armpits-gases...

¢38.:¢2 Mix all your mothers parfume,
hairspray etc. and smell it...

¢39.:¢2 Smoke a piece of plutomium!

¢310.:¢2 Take all available colors and¢2
¢2painting materiel put it in a fire and¢2

¢311.:¢2 Take a deodrant (WITH freon) and
just spray it all up in your nose...

¢312.:¢2 Cut a disk in small little pie-
ces mix it in the tobaco of a cigaret 
and smoooooooooke ¢1(Read/Write error 
on volume ¢3Wolfman¢1...-Ed.)¢2.

¢313.:¢2 Sit in a corncontainer  and and 
make some fire, then lean back and 

¢314.:¢2 Put fire on a carwheel and snif
untill you faint...

¢315.:¢2 Take your plasticcards, put a
plasticback on your head, then set fi-
re to the plasticcards and put them in
side the back with your head...

¢316.:¢2 Take a walk in a major metropo-
lis then begin to hyperventilate (We 
can warmly recommend Tokyo)...

¢317.:¢2 Invite all your friends to din-
ner, serve yellow beens for them and 
wait a little. You should secure that
all ventilation is closed...

¢318.:¢2 Take some hobbyglue for kits
and so on, then just snif it...

¢319.:¢2 Spend a day with our coder
Wreko and just follow his advices...

¢320.:¢2 Peasuade your friends to a
long walk in the summerheat, then af-
ter a couple of hours insist of giving
then intense footmassage and frequent-
ly take long deep snifs. You can also
steal their socks and smoke them later
on ¢1 (Well, the socks that is!-Ed.)¢2.

¢321.:¢2 Eat snowberrys...

¢322.:¢2 Inhale jetfuel-steams...

¢323.:¢2 Burn of a little plasticpaint 
and inhale 

¢324.:¢2 Use a gasburner to inhale (NO
matches or fire should be involved)...

Okay this is the end! You can still by
veery cheap drugs from ¢3Wreko¢1 and it's
really quality warezzzz, believe me, 
I've tried it all, well SeEeEe YaAaA!!!

(-ED: The editorialstaff takes NO re-
sponability for whatever happends if 
the mentioned metoths is tried out!)


·²TO ME!?!?!?!?¢1

²Written by ¢3Wolfman¢1/¢2BALANCE
²(¢4Me¢1 = ¢3Wolfman¢1/¢2BALANCE¢1)
²(¢4Me¢1 = ¢3Wolfman¢1/¢2BALANCE¢1)

¢4ME¢1: HI there! how am I?!

¢4ME¢1: I'm just feeling like shit and
it's all my fault!!

¢4ME¢1: MY fault what do you mean by MY
fault I didn't do anything or what?!

¢4ME¢1: Yes I did, I ate that 2 weeks 
old chicken I found in the fridge! I 
really told me not to, but I just HAD
to get it did I?!!

¢4ME¢1: Do I didn't! It was me who in-
sisted. I said that I was so hungry and
that I could eat anything!

¢4ME¢1: Well, yeah and so I did didn't 

¢4ME¢1: Yeah, but if I could have 
waited a little I might have been able
to find some chinese barbeque where I
could get something!!!

¢4ME¢1: Hey, the food there would pro-
bably have killed me...

¢4ME¢1: HA! I can eat anything and not 
feeling bad afterwoods!

¢4ME¢1: Oh yeah!? But how about that
chicken I ate?! That one didn't seem to
please me a lot, DID IT!

¢4ME¢1: HEY! Don't you DARE yel at you
GOT IT budface!?!

¢4ME¢1: Don't you call you budface! 

¢4ME¢1: SHITBRAIN! Why you have never!

¢4ME¢1: Well, you guess it's about time
for you to do something about it isn't
it??!! DUMFUCK!!!

¢4ME¢1: DUMFUCK! Don't I dare calling 
DUMFUCK!!!! You'll god damn kick get 
the guts out me!!!!

¢4ME¢1: OH YEAH???!!!!

¢4ME¢1: YEAH!!!

¢4ME¢1: YEAH?!!

¢4ME¢1: EAT THIS! (BONK!!!)

¢4ME¢1: AUUUUU! Knock it off!!! That

¢4ME¢1: You're saying knock it off to
ME?! It was me who began!!!

¢4ME¢1: MEEEE!!! No it was ME! Not ME!

¢4ME¢1: Hey don't you fucking lie to
you, I'll blow ya fucking brains out
ya got that!!!!????

¢4ME¢1: HA! I wouldn't dare that in a
million years!!

¢4ME¢1: OH NO???!!!

¢4ME¢1: NOOO!!!!

¢4ME¢1: Well, watch this suckar!!! I'll
step on my grave!!!!


¢4ME¢1: NO I WONT!!!






¢4ME¢1: OOOH! I shot me!!!!

¢4ME¢1: No I didn't it was I!!!!

¢4ME¢1: No it WAS NOT!!!!!





¢4ME¢1: Hey say something! I didn't
mean to shoot me, please forgive you!


¢4ME¢1: OH NO! What have I done?!
I can't live without me!!!



²Written by ¢3Wolfman¢1/¢2BALANCE¢1

''The Bean-law''? yes what the hell is
the beanlaw? Well, this is problaly 
not know so much for non-danes, in da-
nish it's called ''Janteloven''! It's
a good example of peoples arrogance 
and way of acting towards other people
so this little so-called ''law'' sort
of relates to the scene even though
it's written for many many years ago.
The law consists of 10 points which I
finally managed  to get a hold of!!! 
Well, I knew the exsistance of this 
law for a long time and also knew it's
mainpoints, but I wanted this law com-
plete, so I went to my local bookstore
and asked: ''Hi do you have a collec-
tion of danish lwas and etc.?'', 
''Well ofcourse!'' said the rather 
large lady behind the counter! ''which
kind and what point would you like?''
''Well, I need a copy of the beanlaw''
I said quitely. The ladies face looked
strange and I could see she was trying
to hold back a gigantic laugh...''Well.
...'' she said totally red in the head,
''The beanlaw isen't really an official
law, it's just written by some writter
that...'' ''Yes?'' I said, feeling a 
bit foolish...''...Well, we haven't 
got it here. Try to go to the library
and look it up in lexicon''. ''Hey,
thanks!'' I said and began to walk out
the door, I don't know if it was me, 
but I think I heard someone laugh as
hell...Well, on the library I asked 
about the shit and the nice librarian
showed me a huge enclopydia, whiched
she claimed the so-called law was ty-
ped in. And quite right, here it was,
it didn't look of much, but the dif-
ferent points contained some serious
stuff. Let's see the different points,
and after that we'll comment each 
point...Anyway, let's role......

¢21:¢< You shouldn't think that you're 

¢22: ¢<You shouldn't think you're as much
as us!

¢23: ¢<You shouldn't think that you're
smarter than us!

¢24: ¢<You shouldn't think that you're are
better than us!

¢25: ¢<You shouldn't think that you know
more than us!

¢26: ¢<You shouldn't think that you more
than us!

¢27: ¢<You shouldn't think that you're 
good at anything!

¢28: ¢<You shouldn't laugh at us!

¢29: ¢<You shouldn't think that anyone li-
kes you!

¢210: ¢<You shouldn't think that you could 
teach  anything to US!¢1

Yeah, it sure sucks doesn't it?! Well, 
let's take a closer look at the diffe-
rent rules...

¢21:¢< You shouldn't think that you're 

¢3 You get the point? You're nothing!
you have nothing to say! We're cool, 
but YOU're NOT...

¢22: ¢<You shouldn't think you're as much
as us!

¢2We're the best! You'll never get bet-
ter or even as good as us. Some guys on
the scene seems to live on behalf of 

Hey! What's the gig? Only few comments,
yes that's right! And I'll tell you 
why: It's simply because the 10 points
all reminds us of the same, but surely
tell us that we're really nothing, a 
zip, a meaningless person etc. Yes, but
what's the point of this crap? Well, in
the last issue I wrote the leader, whe-
re I wrote about different peoples be-
haviour and stuff like that. Well, when
I read this, it simply reminded exactly
of that. Some in the scene still act
like they're kings and even treat 
people as they're nothing compared to
themselfes! It can be explained with
one single word: Racism! It's not the
same I admit, but it's the same pro-
blems. It's like the treatment of the
black people in South-Africa, where
black people for just few years ago 
couldn't use parks where the white
people were, there was even benches
ONLY for white people with a sign 
saying: NO BLACKS! It's simply like
actually like saying ''they're 
NOTHING! Don't let them come near us''
Like the people who was poore was even
less worth as a human. Well, think of
this in everyday life, and don't act
like a complete idiot and thereby sup-
porting the nasty ''bean-law''...
See you less worthy person! (Hmmm!-Ed.)


¹Written by ¢3Mc Metal¢1/¢2PARAGON¢1

As many maybe know, "THE NORWEGAN ASSHOLE UNION" started this summer,
and in this intervju i MC METAL/PARAGON has been so lucky to get an 
interview with one of the leaders in the union. His name is 
Vandal Pedersen Jr. and he is 34 years old.

 - ¢<The first question poped my mind was of cause..."Why did you assholes 
   find it necessary to start your own union?"¢1

  Because we assholes are a minority-group here in Norway.
  People has always looked down on us because of our behave and judges
  us - without thinking that assholes are human to.....¢1

- ¢<But do you think it is strange that people look down on you when you
  act like.....   Yes, assholes?¢1
  Yes, but I think it because they dont know us. Many of us has had a 
  tough time in school.......I remember one time in school, I fell were 
  ugly in the schoolyeard in the 4th grade - my knee got all fucked up

- ¢<But most kids have had these experience in childhood....¢1

  Yes, but instead of comfort and a plaster on the knee, the teacher
  sent me home - just because I spittle on her and called her a fucked
  pussyface!...  And thats just why we started this union..  To make 
  people respect that we go around, breaking beerbottles, crush things 
  and hit people.....

- ¢<Are you serious?   You can say that....¢1

  But we know how to deal with people animadverting us..  If somebody 
  tells me i am wrong i usually hit the bottom of an beerbottle and 
  screw the rest around in his face....    What were you about to
  say, bye the way?????
- ¢<Eh...  Nothing....   absolutely nothing.....¢1

  I tought I heard you start saying something....

- ¢<Nooooo, i dident say anything!!!  word of honour....  just go on....¢1

  Ok, the unions main tart is to make propaganda and make the people 
  understand that we assholes are OK!!
  By making an union, our arguments will have bigger power - we just
  hit and hit until they understad!!!    Do you understad????

- ¢<Yes...  yes i understand...  But...  what kind of peoples are members
  in this union??????¢1

  All kind of peoples: bikeholligans, teachers, cups, politicians, 
  rapers the list is endless.....

- ¢<Even politicians???¢1

  Yes, Carl I Hagen are the chairman.   There are many ways the be an
  asshole you know............¢1


      Written by ¢2Wolfman¢1/¢3BALANCE¢1

Yet another fihght for justice and 
better life for the scene.
I don't really know if it's the same
in other countries, but one thing is
At the place where I live one can de-
liver mail up to 23.30 o'clock and
still have it delivered. Anyway
yeasterday I delivered the post in
good time, I checked the postnumbers
and the times for emptying of the
boxes, and it all was okay. Well, to-
day I called Scope who I had send some
disks to, and guess what! ¢3HE HAD RE-
CEIVED NOTHING!!!!¢1 It was one single
disk which should have come thrue 
their machinery without problems, but
NO! Once again the post had done it
again! Okay, this sending wasn't very
important, but other sendings like
code, scrolls and etc. is quite un-
lucky to be delayed or even ¢2LOST¢1,
okay I expect this sending to reach 
him tomorrow or should we say that I
hope, there have been times when the
sending never reached the person. I'm
still expecting 2 sendings to reach
me which was both send from Denmark
yeasterday, the postman have already
been here so yet again there is a
delay or worse: It's lost! 
I think this development in the da-
nish postdeparment is really shitty,
they have just got new machinery and
recently they have raised the prices
on stamps!
Hmmmm, even on the postoffice they
can't tell how much to put on the let-
ters. for some days ago I went up to
the postoffice and asked for some
stamps to send to Europe (Germany,
Holland, France), ''okay!'' said the
postlady, ''for this weight you need
8.75 stamps!'', ''Only 8.50''
I thought wouw great I usually had 
paid 9.75 to send that much that far,
so now I could save money, well I
bought the stamps and mailed the 
mail, but 2 days letter the first
thing that dumps in by the mailslot
is a bill, on 46.50 It was for
4 letters which didn't have enough
stamps on them. WHAT WAS THIS?!? It
was the 4 letters which I (or the
POSTBITCH!) thought only needed 8.75 HHMMMM! What a way to start the
day!!!! I went up to the postoffice to
complain about it, and after a lot of
arguing they said: ''Okay, we'll just
keep this and check it out and if you
don't hear anything from us you wont
have to pay.'' Okay, at this time when
I'm writing that is 4-5 days ago and
I really don't expect to pay the money
(I REFUSE!!!!). Normally I just throw
the smaller bills out, but I knew that
they wouldn't forget this one so I
just complained and it seem to have a
Well, it really seems that the post-
department really wanna maake money on
the customers bill. Normally they were
quite effective, but after the raise 
of prices and new equipment it seems
that their effectiveness have fallen!
I don't think it's the deliveres them-
selfes that are shitty, no not at all
i think we had the same postman for
about 10 years and his effective, you
can take a walk early in the morning
and if you meet him he recognizes you
and gives you your mail, he's quite
a nice guy as well and HE is really
fast, when there is replacements it
sure as hell takes a while ans some-
times the new ones even come and ask
because they are confused that there's
no name, but only handle and group, 
but okay that's surviveable.
If ¢3YOU¢1 have had bad experiences with
yout mail then send an article to us
and we'll publish it and all feel 
sorry for you...




       Written by ¢3Wolfman¢1/¢2BALANCE¢1

I  think that most football interested
people on the scene know it. This year
and  up  to   1996 Denmark carries the
title:  European Soccer Champion. Yes,
the amazing story of the team who came
in the last week because of the civil-
was  in Jugoslavia, which ment the Ju-
goslavian team was closed out from the
championship. The  story  of  how  the 
most underrated team in the Tournament
knocked  the  oppsition  senceless and 
brought home the gold! Well, let's all
(especially  the  danes)  relive these
glorious days.
Well,  the first match Denmark had was
against  the  faboulous team from Eng-
land.  With England as the major favo-
rite  the  proud danes faced this ter-
rific challenge.
With  England  putting preasure on the
danes  almost  from  the  start in the
first  half,  it  seemed like the Eng-
lish  team  was  set up to win, but as
the  first  half went foreward the da-
nes  fought  like hell, and even mana-
ged  to  lay  pressure  on the English
team.  And  in  the  second  half this 
was  only  millimetres  from a lead in
danish  favour.   John  "Faxe"  Jensen
shot  the ball past the English  goal-
keeper  and  hit  the innerside of the 
post. Unfortunaly the ball bounced the 
wrong  from  the goalline and England 
was saved from the humiliation!

    ¢4Denmark¢1 vs. ¢1England¢1 = ¢40¢1 - ¢10¢1

The next match for Denmark was against
the  old  ''enemys''  from ¢4Sweden¢1.
This  time  the danes didn't play good
enough.  The  wellplaying swedish team
punished  a  fatal  midfielderror  and
the  score  was  in  Sweden's  favour!
To  bad  for  the  danish team, but we
were  playing  against one of the best
playing  teams in the tournament, any-
way  a wellearned victory for the Swe-
dish team.

    ¢4Denmark¢1 vs. ¢3Sweden¢1 = ¢40¢1 - ¢31¢1

With  one  draw and one lost, the only
way to continue was to beat the France
team which was at that time considered
to be the best playing team in Europe.
Some  days before the match the french
politician  Delore  had stated that if
¢2Denmark¢1  wouldn't  join  the Union 
they  should be punished by loosing in
football. The danish team didn't quite
agree  with this, and that showed that
night  where  the  danes for the first 
time  in the tournament won a glorious
The  first  goal was scored by the da-
nish  player Henrik Larsen, but just a
few  minuttes  after  this  the french
starplayer  (sorry I couldn't possible
spell his name)  seem  to turn out the
glorious hope  for Denmark with a ter-
rific goal! But despite this the danes
keept on fighting and finally it paied
of! After  a  remarkable pass by Flem-
ming Povlsen the other danish attacker
Lars Elstrup managed to score the goal
of  victory.  Yet  again  the ''danish
dynamite'' had banged!!

    ¢4Denmark¢1 vs. ¢3France¢1 = ¢42¢1 - ¢31¢1

After  the  remarkable  victory   over 
France it seemed that Denmark was get-
ting  very  strong,  but strong enough
to  beat  the  Dutch team who had just
beaten  the  strong germans? Well, no-
body  really  didn't  believe that the
danes  should  be  able  to  beat  the
mighty  strong  dutch  team,  but  the
ones  who thought that were to be very
wrong!  The match surprisingly started
when  the  danish player Henrik Larsen
headed  the ball into the goal after a
marvelous  pas from Brian Laudrup, but
only  few  minuttes  later  the  dutch
player  XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX took away
the  danish lead, but again after much
fighting  the danish player Henrik An-
dersen  was  able  once  again to take
the  danish team in the lead, but only
few  minuttes  before  games  end, the
dutch  team scored again! The team was
drawed  into  extraplay,  but  nothing
could  set  the game except a penalty-
match.  This  was  the major horror of
the  game,  all  danes  were   bitting 
there  nails,  but the terrific danish
goalkeeper  Peter  Schmeicel   managed
to  save  a  penalty  kicked  by Marco
Van  Basten  and finally Kim Kristofte
settled  the  game   by   kicking  the
ball  in the goal past the dutch goal-
keeper!  A  marvelous  performance!!!!
Unfortunatly  the danish player Henrik
Andersen  who  had brilliantly covered
up Marco Van Basten, got badly injured
when  Van B asten  stepped on his knee 
thereby  moving  it 2-3 centimeters up
and breaking it.

    ¢4Denmark¢1 vs. ¢;Holland¢1 = ¢42¢1 - ¢;2¢1
       (And after penalty ¢47¢1-¢;6¢1)

After the game against Holland much of
the  danish   team was in a horrorable
condition  and had minor injuries, but
luckily  the  danish team got ready to
play  against  Germany  in  the Final!
Right  from  the start the germans was
laying  a  big  preasure on the danish
defence,  but  again after 19 minuttes
John  ''Faxe''  Jensen  finally scored
the  goal  he  had earned in the match
against  England.  But  even  though a
goal  was  scored  the  germans  still
keept  pressing  the  danes like hell,
but  Peter  Schmeichel made some phan-
tom  saves  and  time after time saved
the  danes!  Also  in  the second half
the  danes  were under a lot of preas-
sure  and  every  single dane  present
at   the   Hurrican-party   (where   I 
watched  the  match) was bitting their
nails,  cuz  the  germans  were  still
VERY   dangerous,   but   finally,  10
minuttes  before  the  match  was over
Kim Vilfort  scored a goal and thereby
securing  the  danish  victory. Every-
body  (except  the  germans)   at  the
Hurricane-party  was  jumping  of joy!
Denmark  had  for  the  first time won
the  European  Championship (the first
championship   ever),  the   sensation
was a fact!!! 

    ¢4Denmark¢1 vs. ¢5Germany¢1 = ¢42¢1 - ¢50¢1

Well,  let's  see  what  happends   in
1994   when   the  World  Championship
takes  place in USA, are we gonna take
it home there as well? Well, as a dane
I truely hope so...
Well, on the next page follows some 

  Deutschland Deutschland!
  Alles ist vorbei!
                                        DENMARK RUUULEZ!!

    Tyskland er                                             Aufwiedersehn!
      et tegneserie hold!         ¢4ÍÍ¢1Í¢4ÍÍÍÍÍ¢1
                     ¢>ÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ¢1     ¢4ÍÍ¢1Í¢4ÍÍÍÍÍ¢1                        ¢5ÍÍÍÍ¢1
                     ¢4ÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ¢1                  ¢:ÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ          ¢5ÍÍÍÍÍÍ¢1
                     ¢5ÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ¢1   ÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ  ¢1ÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ         ¢5ÍÍÍ¢4DK¢5ÍÍÍ¢1
                                ÍÍÍÍÍ   ÍÍÍÍÍ  ¢4ÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ¢1        ¢5Í ÍÍÍÍÍÍ Í¢1
                   ÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ 1 ÍÍÍÍÍ                   ¢5ÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ¢1
                   ÍÍÍÍÍ 2 ÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ   ÍÍÍÍ          ¢5ÍÍ¢1

·²¢2WHAT IS 


Written by ¢3MTB ¢1and ¢3Mad Micro ¢1of ¢2Litany¢1

We are writing this article, bcoz we
want to make something clear about 

When people are hearing some music in 
the radio or at the disco and they 
don't like it or don't know what it 
is, then many just say: It's ¢4TECHNO ¢1&
¢5TEKKNO¢1!!! Even though it isn't!!!
Maybe it's just some kind of ¢8POP¢1 or
maybe it's something very different!!

Some people might say that the
difference between ¢4TECHNO ¢1& ¢5TEKKNO¢1 
isn't that big, but it IS!! We will
now explain these two terms 4 ur
pleasure. We will start with the term

¢4Techno¢1 is a kind of ¢8POP¢1, but with a
faster beat and a better rhythm. You
migth have heard a lot of this kind of
music at the discos and in the radio
all around the world. Here's a clue:
"2 Unlimited" is what we call Techno,
bcoz it have a fast beat (about 125
bmp) and bcoz the music is based on
samples and basslines. Another thing
about techno is that all the details
and samples are mixed perfectly
together. And the rhythms are nearly
allways smooth and soft. Techno is
also the most danceable kind of the
phenomenon ¢4TECHNO¢1!! Another example of
a group is:
"¢2Dr. Baker¢1" is also a kind af techno,
but he has also made some ¢5tekkno¢1. One
of his techno hits is: "¢?Turn up the
music¢1" which is the best mix between
¢8POP¢1 and ¢4TECHNO¢1, we've ever heard.

So the defination of ¢4TECHNO¢1 must be:

¢4Techno¢1 is a mix of ¢8POP¢1 and fast beats,
computer related samples and smooth &
soft basslines & rhythms and nearly
allways REAL song or rap!!

Now we're going to write about ¢5TEKKNO¢1:

¢5TEKKNO¢1 is very different from ¢4techno¢1,
bcoz here is the beat faster and the
rhythms are more violent and here it's
easier to hear that the music proberly 
was build up by samples and made on a 
computer or just mixed together with
samples from other records!! This can
HEAD!!!!!!! AND loudspeekers. Many of
the ¢5TEKKNO¢1-records which are being
released are very hard to get, bcoz
they are very limited. And limited is
¢;HARDCORE¢1!! Tekkno is to played at a
high volume!!!! We'll now mention some
groups and tell something about them:
"¢2L.A. Style: ¢?J.B. is dead¢1", you have 
all heard this one and all none
tekkno-freaks HATE it!! This record
was a pioneer in ¢5TEKKNO¢1, bcoz it was a
totally new style of ¢5tekkno¢1. This
started the wave of the forthcoming
¢;HARDCORE ¢5TEKKNO¢1 records.
"¢2Human Resource: ¢?Dominator¢1", was
another new style with "vacumcleaner",
and wild rhythms!! And a man who said
something very fast!
"¢2KLF: ¢?America: What time is love?¢1",
started the ¢5TEKKNO¢1-¢;HEAVY¢1 music. This
new style of ¢5TEKKNO¢1, mixes ¢5TEKKNO¢1 and
heavy-guitar samples together. And it
becomes rather wild!!
The latest hardcore-records we have 
heard are ¢;VERY HARDCORE-WILD¢1!!!!!!!!!!
They have a totally wild bmp and the
samples are just like cyber. Just
listen to this groups:
"¢2Brainstorm: ¢?EP¢1", this is like HELL!!
You don't believe how wild it is. All
the samples are mixed together with a
fast beat and a very raw rhythm. This
is almost cyber. (We'll explain this
in another issue!!)
"¢2Omniscience Sonic Surgent: ¢?EP¢1", here
you have the ultimate underground 
¢;HARDCORE ¢5TEKKNO¢1. It's hard to 
describe!!! There's a sound like when
to take your fathers "rundsav" and use
it on a fat table!! Still there is a
fast and wild beat and lots of samples
mixed together!!
Maybe you don't know anyone of these
groups, but they represents the hard-
core ¢5TEKKNO¢1!! Nearly allways remember
that in ¢5TEKKNO¢1 theres not song or rap
just a shout like "¢2KAOS¢1" or something
like that. Many of the hardcore ¢5TEKKNO¢1
tracks are in fact instrumental in the
way that theres even not a shout on it
,but that doesn't mean that it is
boring. Another thing is that you
are not supposed to dance to ¢5TEKKNO¢1,
you're supposed to jump, shout, move
your arms & legs in a mystic way and
do some headbanging, but remember to
take care of your head!! 

So the defination of ¢5TEKKNO¢1 is:

Tekkno is the raw and wild kind of 
this music-style. The bmp is about
130-220!!!! And that's very fast!!!!
The samples are very cyber-like and
there's no song or rap!!! Their are
allways some weird breaks!! THIS IS

That's all folks................

¢;PS:¢1 Next time (¢2ISSUE 3¢1) the subject
will be: ¢>TRANCE ¢1AND ¢;CYBER (We Guess)!
Two very different music-styles!!!!!!

If you have some comments or questions
then feel free to contact Balance or
us (¢4See adverts!!¢1).

Hope you enjoyed this boring article!!

      ¢2T ¢2E ¢3K ¢4K ¢5N ¢6O   ¢7R ¢8U ¢9L ¢:E ¢;S¢1
The real hardcore tekkno-freaks are
outta here.............

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      /  \       /  \  \__/  \___/ /   /___\   \ /  \  /  \ /  \/  \
     /   /      /   /    /   /    /   /____/   //   /\/   / \   \  /
    /   /      /   /    /   /    /   //___/   //   / /   /   \   \/
   /   /_____ /   /    /   /    /   /    /   //   /\/   /____/\  /
   \  /     / \  /     \  /     \  /     \  / \  /  \  //   /  \/
    \/_____/   \/       \/       \/       \/   \/    \//___/___/¢1

             ¢; - It's not what we do !! It's how we do it -¢1


  This is a sad story of my scenelife. I got my first Amiga in December '86.
It was a lousy A1000, but it was still a real fun machine. Infact I payed
about $2300 for it and it was a second-hand machine! I didn't know anything
about scene those days. So, time passed and my father promised to buy me
an Amiga 2000! I got it in March '90. I started to study some coding. I'd
got only a few demos then. I was very interested in coding such a nice 
programs. I programmed with C, Assembler and AMOS. I was 15 years old boy,
so all of my friends considered me mad. I didn't manage to code well...
Then, I changed my school and moved to an other city. 

  One of my schoolmates was a modemtrader (he's now in PC). I also had one
C64-graphician in my class. I got some very nice stuff from the modemguy.
So I decided to join some group. In October '91 I joined Grace SF as a
coder-practiser and a graphician. My handle was then Mickey. I got kicked
from the group one month later, because I haven't coded anything. Then I
joined Admirals SF, and changed my handle to Dino. I got some very nice
friends these days. BUT, I had a problem! I've been in scene for 3 months
and I haven't released anything! My gfx was quite nice then. I sended a
lot of gfx to our HQ (Hello, Holyone!). The Admirals split up and nothing
was released from me. All of my hard work was useless. I changed my handle
to Xendi. 

Then I joined Exile SF. They released a packmenu without my great graphics,
because they had it ready when I joined them. Time passed and nothing was
released, so i joined Zenith SF (Hi, Barrier!). We decided to join to
[L]egend with Barrier. He was not sure that he can get in it. I was
sure that I can get into [L]egend. Because we hadn't any coder then, I 
decided to stay independent. I hadn't released anything! I was miserable.

Assembly '92 was a great party. I got a lot of friends from there. I joined
Deadline SF there.(MEGAGREETS to VISAGE and NUTCASE!!!) Deadline SF released
an intro just after I joined it. So, none of my logos were released! And
it DOESN'T follow from their bad quality. Our coder went to army just after
releasing that nice intro.

--->¢< I've been in scene for over 9 months and NONE of my graphics were
     released. Every team I've been in (except Grace) have considered my 
     Gfx GREAT! You can contact me for being sure that I'm a good 
     graphician. And I'm not at all trying to boast: "I'm the best, fuck 
¢<     the rest!" I'm only miserable because of this shitty situation. If you 
     have anything to ask or have same kind of situation, CONTACT ME! My 
     address should be somewhere at the advert-section.

---> What can I do? If you are a productive elite group without a 
     graphician, ASK ME!         ----------¢1  
                                          SIGNED:  ¢3XENDI ¢</ ¢2DEADLINE SF¢1
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just keep it up. In the next issue we will have a special section for BBS
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    1  000 000 %  /         ¢=(  ¢3PoIsOn¢1/¢2CeNtUrA¢1  ¢=)¢1   1  000 000 %  /
   11  0 0 0 0   /          ¢=(     ¢1rAk 105      ¢=)¢1  11  0 0 0 0   /
    1  0 0 0 0  /   ANSWER  ¢=(     ¢18446 Nm      ¢=)¢1   1  0 0 0 0  /   ANSWER
   111 000 000 /  %         ¢=(    ¢1HeErEnVeEn    ¢=)¢1  111 000 000 /  %
                            ¢=(     ¢1HoLlAnD      ¢=)¢1
     ¢3O    ¢2N     ¢3L    ¢2Y¢1      ¢=(                  )¢1     ¢3O    ¢2N     ¢3L    ¢2Y¢1

  ¢3PlEaSe, SeNd As MuCh As PoSsIbLe 5,25" DiSkS, cAuSe ThEy'Re ChEaPeR!!!¢1
                   \\                                    \\
                   //      ¢2Gunnars     ¢3Farvebio(tm)¢1      //
                   \\                                    \\
                   //     Needs some one to get in       //
                   \\          trouble with.             \\
                   //                                    //
                   \\  If YOU wanna get in deep trouble  \\
                   //    and get REAL problems, then     //
                   \\                                    \\
                   //      ¢2GET IN TROUBLE WITH:¢1          //
                   \\     ¢3 Gunnars Farvebio(tm)¢1          \\
                   //                                    //
                   \\        P.O.Box  #$dff058           \\
                   //      #$abebad  Urinvildelege       //
                   \\      No disk = 100% trouble!       \\
                   //                                    //
                   \\      You can also call our bbs     \\
                   //      if you want a real argue.     //
                   \\   ¢2Call   +-*/(-14) #%011101000101¢1  \\
                   //                                    //

·¹¢2FI-RE CREW¢1

¹¢2FI-RE CREW¢1 is searching for more cool members
¹in all countries. Like: Swappers, sysop's, modemtraders
¹and graphicians. If ¢3YOU¢1 want to be a member of Hungary's
¹¢2No.3¢1 group, then contact us now at: 

¹¢2Mr. Pixel¢1/¢3Fi-re Crew¢1      ¢2Renegade¢1/¢3Fi-re Crew¢1
¹Budapest                Debrecen
¹Ulloi Ut 179            Jozsef Ae. 23
¹H-1091                  H-4032
¹Hungary                 Hungary
¹(¢2Membership¢1)             (¢3Swapping¢1)

*                                  *
*  ¢3***  ***  ***  ***   ***   *** ¢1 *
* ¢3**   **  * *  * *  * **  * **¢1    *
* ¢3***  **  * ** * ** * **  * **¢1    *
* ¢3 ***  ***  ** * ** *  ***  **¢1    *
*                                  *
*    If you do graphics and feel   *
*  like swapping it with me, then  *
*  contact me on the address below *
*                                  *
*    spagettien koger over, hvis   *
* i ikke snart slukker for pladen. *
*                                  *
*   ¢2-*  CONNOR OF BALANCE *-¢1       *
*         Jakob Steffensen         *
*       Kildebakkegårdsalle 55     *
*            2860 Søborg           *
*            ¢3Denmark¢1               *
*  la la la laaaa laa hi hi bøh !  *
*                                  *

********* ¢2T ¢3E ¢2K ¢3K ¢2N ¢3O ¢1*********
******* ¢2S ¢3W ¢2A ¢3P ¢2P ¢3I ¢2N ¢3G ¢1*******
* ¢3T E K K N O - S A M P L E S¢1 *
******** LET'S SWAP'EM ********
******** TEKKNO STUFF! ********
* <<< ¢3MAD MICRO ¢1OF ¢2LITANY ¢1>>> *
*   >>> TEGLVAERKSVEJ 6 <<<   *
*  <<< DK-5771 STENSTRUP >>>  *
*   >>>  ¢2D E N M A R K  ¢1<<<   *
* LETTER + DISK = ¢2200%¢1 ANSWER *

                             ¢4Z   ¢1E   ¢4N   ¢1I   ¢4T   ¢1H 
                            Call These Fine Boards:

               ¢8Damned Citadel WHQ Node1  ¢;+41 (0) 317217970
               ¢8Damned Citadel WHQ Node2  ¢;+41 (0) 317217971
               ¢8Damned Citadel WHQ Node3  ¢;+41 (0) 317217972
               ¢8Hallowed Point            ¢;+41 (0) 1 7861121
               ¢8The Electric Co.          ¢;+41 (0) 216352361
               ¢8Sudden Impact             ¢;+47 (0) 86 20834
               ¢8Base Line                 ¢;+49 (0) 217360852
               ¢8Satan`s Place             ¢;+ 1 313 217360852¢1
            ¢2Contact us for joining and swapping the latest !!!¢1

               ¢2Zenith WHQ¢1                ¢2Manfred Buchholz¢1
               P.O.Box 255               Molbergstr.37
               1814 La Tour      or      4100 Duisburg 28
               Switzerland               United Germany

  We are searching for Members like Coders,Musicans,Graficans,Modemtrader,
  Cracker,Orginal Suppliers and cool Sysops ! Write Today !! Stay Coool !!

 SEQUENCE   Do you always   SEQUENCE
 SEQUENCE need more samples SEQUENCE
 SEQUENCE         ?         SEQUENCE
 SEQUENCEThen contact me forSEQUENCE
 SEQUENCEswapping samples & SEQUENCE
 SEQUENCE     modules!!     SEQUENCE
 SEQUENCE                   SEQUENCE
 SEQUENCE   Engveien 14     SEQUENCE
 SEQUENCE  N-3060 Svelvik   SEQUENCE
 SEQUENCE      Norway       SEQUENCE
 SEQUENCE                   SEQUENCE
 SEQUENCE   Everyone who    SEQUENCE
 SEQUENCE sends a disk will SEQUENCE
 SEQUENCE get an answer for SEQUENCE
 SEQUENCE      sure!!       SEQUENCE
 SEQUENCE                   SEQUENCE

·----:  ¢2B¢3A¢2L¢3A¢2N¢3C¢2E¢1  :----

|                                   |
|     Hi ThErE! ¢3Wolfman ¢1of ¢2BALANCE¢1  |
| ¢1is still looking for some cool    |
| ~¢2ELITE~¢1-contacts, for swapping      |
|  demos and other funny stufffffff |
| If you're interested (and elite), |
| you should write me at this addy: |
|                                   |
|          ¢3Wolfman ¢1of¢2 BALANCE¢1       |
|        William Henrik Olesen      |
|           Brønshøjvej 64          |
|          DK-2700 Brønshøj         |
|               ¢2D¢1e¢2n¢1m¢2a¢1r¢2k¢1             |
| Well man! Don't hesitate to write |
| if you are a cool guy who likes   |
| LONG letters and REAL friendship! |
| LONG letter + disk(s) = ¢2ANSWER!!!¢1 |

   #    -/\-  ¢2FUSiON¢1  -/\-     # 
   #                           #
   #   WANNA BUY THE LATEST    #   
   #   CONSIDER WRITING TO:    #   
   #                           #
   #     ¢3MiGHTYMUZ¢1/¢2FUSION¢1      #
   #    HOFVERBERGSGATAN 6     #
   #    254 43 HELSINGBORG     #
   #         SWEDEN            #
   #                           #
   # SWEDEN'S ~¢2CHEAPEST¢1~ ABOS !!!#
   #                           #
   #    -/\-  ¢3FUSiON¢1  -/\-     #  

 *        ¢2POISON¢1/¢3CENTURA¢1          *
 *For joining and contact write to*
 *                                *   
 *        ¢3POISON / CENTURA¢1        *
 *            RAK 105             *
 *            8446 NM             *
 *          HEERENVEEN            *
 *            ¢2HOLLAND¢1             *
 *                                *
 *  If you want to join us, send  *
 *me an example of your profession*
 *                                *
 *      AlWaYs ~100%~ AnSwEr!       *
 *                                *
 *  ¢2I sWaP bOtH, 3,5" and 5,25".¢1  *
 *  ¢3DoN't HeStItAtE, jUsT wRiTe!¢1  *
 *                                *
 *  ¢2I aLsO sWaP mUsIc TaPeS, aNd¢1  *
 *  ¢2SoOn VhS, tOo!!!¢1              *

!+¢2LITANY¢1 are still looking for more +!
!+members like: Coders, gfx-artists,+!
!+sound-artists, modemtraders and   +!
!+swappers. So if you wanna join an +!
!+elite group where friendship rules+!
!+then don't hesitate to contact me!+!
!+Write to: ¢3MTB ¢1of ¢2LITANY¢1           +!
!+          Sognevej 66             +!
!+          DK-5771 Stenstrup       +!
!+          Denmark                 +!
!+                                  +!
!+or call:  ¢3+45 ¢262 ¢326 ¢230 ¢308¢1         +!

\            ¢3------------¢1            /
/   >*-*-*-*-> ¢2SEQUENCE¢1 <-*-*-*-*<   \
\            ¢3------------¢1            /
 /                                  \
/      Hello everybody out there!    \
\     ¢2SEQUENCE¢1 need more members!!   /
/    ¢2SEQUENCE¢1  are buildt up by old  \
\    ¢3GRACE¢1-members, write to us for  /
/      more info on this address:    \
\                                    /
/               ¢2SEQUENCE¢1             \
\            Hagaterrasse 8          /
/            N-3500 Hønefoss         \
\                Norway              /
/                                    \
/            ¢3------------¢1            \
\   >*-*-*-*-> ¢2SEQUENCE¢1 <-*-*-*-*<   /
/            ¢3------------¢1            \

        -/\-  ¢2FUSiON¢1  -/\-   
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  a) buying the latest amiga wares
  b) buying the latest movie hits 
         ¢2QUALITET DELUXE !!¢2
      Consider writing to :

       254 43 HELSINGBORG

        -/\-  ¢2FUSiON¢1  -/\-   


            ¢7RALF KAHLERT
             OSTWALL 38
          W-4270 DORSTEN 1
            WEST GERMANY

        ¢9NO -NORMAL SWAPPERS-¢?


¹¢4Yeah Videoswapper !¢1
¹This is ¢3Leon¢1 of ¢2Zenith¢1 writing to YA ! I am the Leader of ¢2Zenith¢1 
¹Germany.My Job is organisation and swapping Amiga Stuff and VHS!
¹Why I writing to ya,becoz I will released soon the ones Movie -
¹Mag in the Scene.Now,I writing to all VHS Swapper that they are 
¹supported these Movie-Mag with Articels and New Movies.Its cool,
¹when you send me your 2 or 4 latest Movies and I will the same,
¹of Course ! You can thrust me,I am NOT a Thief ! When you supported
¹this Movie-Mag is it released under his Name,too.I think these Movie
¹Mag is should NOT only to show that Zenith made this Mag ! It should
¹show that all the supported this Mag released,too.Well,you can type
¹a lots of Articel,but these Mag had a Advertisements Part,too.So,we
¹can all swap and life together like a BIG Family ! So,write today a
¹Article and send some new Movies,too.Well,you think is a cool Idea 
¹to steal Tapes !! No,I will NOT steal Tapes,I will swap with you and
¹made the ones Movie-Mag in the,contacted me now under my 
¹Privat-Addy,so that the sending will NOT lose and that you NOT think
¹that I am a Thief ! So,write Today !!!
¹No Video-Release ! Only the latest Cinema Movie ! Language: English

*                                   *
#  ####  ##  #     ## ####   # #### #
*  #    #  # #    #  #    #  # #    *
#  #### #  # #    ####  ##   # #### #
*     # #  # #    #  #    #  #    # *
#  ####  ##  #### #  #     # # #### #
*                                   *
#             WilL rEleAse          #
*                                   *
#          -   A TrAcK dIsK         #
*          -   A SlIdE ShOw         *
#                                   #
*      in September/October 92      *
#                                   #
*   DoN't HeSiTaTe To CoNtaCt uS    *
#   WaTcH  In ThIs IsSuE FoR oUr    #
*              AdDyS !              *
#                                   #

=+   ___ _   _    ___              =+
+=  /_  / \ / \ //_                +=
=+ /__ /__//__///__   oF BaLaNcE   =+
+=               /\                +=
=+ ······>»_/\  /  \  /\_«<······· =+
+=            \/    \/             +=
=+      SeEkS nEw CoNtAcTs :       =+
+=      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯       +=
=+    /   FREDERIK ESBENSEN   \    =+
+=    \    BOLBROVAENGE 35    /    +=
=+    /     2960 RUNGSTED     \    =+
+=    \        DENMARK        /    +=
=+                                 =+
=+  NiCe'n'FrIeNdLy eLiTe TrAdInG  =+
=+ ······························· =+
=+  AlSo 4 SaMpLe/MoDuLe SwApPiNg  =+
=+ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ =+
=+        SuPpOrT oUr PaCkS        =+
+=       - NeCeSsArY DrUgS -       +=

  *-*      LOOKING FOR......      *-*
  -*-      ¢3MC METAL¢1/¢2PARAGON¢1       -*-
  *-*        HAGAVEGEN 50         *-*
  -*-     5875  ÅRDALSTANGEN      -*-
  *-*           NORWAY            *-*

×                                     ×
×      Ë ¢2DIGITAL ARTISTS INC.¢1 Ë       ×
×                                     ×
×                                     ×
×   For cool ¢7ELITE¢1 trading, contact:  ×
×    Reaper of ¢2DIGITAL ARTISTS INC.¢1   ×
×            on this addy:            ×
×                                     ×
×           ¡ ¢3Reaper¢1/¢2D.A.I.¢1 ¤         ×
×             Helatie 3a2             ×
×            SF-90250 Oulu            ×
×               ¢:F¢1i¢:n¢1l¢:a¢1n¢:d¢1               ×
×  ¢5ñó¢1                                 ×
×                                     ×
×         ýè  ¢4SWAP OR DAI!!!¢1  ýè      ×

²¢3G  E  N  O  C  I  D  E¢1


²94100  KEMI

*                                                                           *
#               ¢2####    ##    #       ##   ####     #   ####¢1                #
*               ¢2#      #  #   #      #  #      #    #   #   ¢1                *
#               ¢2####   #  #   #      ####    ##     #   ####¢1                #
*                  ¢2#   #  #   #      #  #      #    #      #¢1                *
#               ¢2####    ##    ####   #  #       #   #   ####¢1                #
*                                                                           *
#                      ! iS SeArChInG 4 NeW MeMbErS !                       #
#                           We WaNt EsPeCiAlY :                             #
#                      A cOoL MuSiCiAn & A CoOl CoDeR                       #
*                                                                           *
*                         FoR MemBeRsHiP WriTe To :                         *
*                                                                           *
*         ¢3Silk ¢1/¢2 SOLARIS         ¢3Sylver ¢1/ ¢2SOLARIS      ¢3DGM ¢1/ ¢2SOLARIS¢1        *
*        GONTIER Frederic           DIRAND Aime        ROCHA  Daniel        *
*  1130 Chemin du mas de Campe     Les Gravieres     5 rue A. Franchot      *
*     F-13160 CHATEAURENARD       F-30131 PUJAUT      F-CHOISY-LE-ROI       *
*           FRANCE                    FRANCE               FRANCE           *
*                                                                           *
*            DoN't HeSiTaTe To CoNtAcT uS For AnY LeGaL rEaSoN !            *
*                                                                           *

*           Hello Freaks !          *
*                                   *
*  For swapping StIcKeRs & for what *
*   you want about GrApHiX contact  *
*                                   *
*      ¢3DiGital Master ¢1of ¢2SOLARIS¢1    *
*                                   *
*            WriTe To :             *
*                                   *
*           ROCHA Daniel            *
*        5 rue A. Franchot          *
*      F-94600 CHOISY-LE-ROI        *
*             ¢4FR¢1AN¢:CE¢1                *
*                                   *
*  ---¢3D¢1-¢3G¢1-¢3M¢1--of--¢2S¢1-¢2O¢1-¢2L¢1-¢2A¢1-¢2R¢1-¢2I¢1-¢2S¢1----  *
*                                   *


          YOUR ¢3DEMOS, ¢2UTILS, ¢3GAMES?¢1


  ¢<REMEMBER!¢1     ->    ¢2XENDI¢?/¢3DLN¢1
  ¢<YOU WILL NOT¢1  ->    TOIVONTIE 60
  ¢<CONTACT IN¢1    ->    90530 OULU
  ¢<VAIN!!!¢1       ->    FINLAND


  ¢:FINNS CAN CALL: 981-545590/MIKKO

¢3 /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

                          ¢<---> CODERS WANTED! <---¢1
                           ESPECIALLY FOR JOINING:
       ¢?XENDI¢1 (¢3GFX¢1)            ¢:NUTCASE¢1 (¢2MUSIC¢1)           ¢?VISAGE¢1 (¢3GFX¢1)
       Toivontie 60           Puolaharju 24 C           Vanha Sotilastie 13
       90530 Oulu             00930 Helsinki            00850 Helsinki
       ¢:FINLAND                ¢?FINLAND                   ¢:FINLAND¢1

¢>        *****   *****    *****  *****   **      ****** **   ** *****
        **   *  **      **    * **   *  **        **   ***  ** **
        **    * *****   ******* **    * **        **   **** ** *****
        **    * **      **    * **    * **        **   ** **** **
        ******* ******* **    * ******* ******* ****** **  *** *******
        ******  ******* **    * ******  ******* ****** **   ** *******
¢3 \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

           ¢3Call¢1             |\         ¢5SySoP¢6:¢7 THE IMMORTAL¢4/¢3BALANCE¢1
           ________________ | \  ______________________  ____
          /  _____________| |  \ \_____________________\ \   \ ¢7[¢5UnIqUe¢7]¢1
         /   |         _____|   |__ _____      ______  ___\__ \  _______
        /    | _______/ _   |     |/  __|___ _ |    | / _   |  \ |     |
       /     |_|     | /|   |   __|   |_\   \|\|    |/ /|   |   \|     |
       |             |/_|   |   | |    _|\          | /_|   |\         |
       |             |      |   | |    \__\   _     |       | \        |
       |______       |___   |    \ \      |\__|\    |____   |  \       |
             |_______|  |___|\____| \_____|     \   |   |___|   \      |
                    ____________________________ \  | ___________\     |
                    \___________________________\ \ | |________________/

¹¢6Tune into
¹¢1(+45) 4239 3013

¹Weekdays: ¢617:00 - 07:00¢1, Weekends: ¢6Friday 17.00 - Monday 07.00¢1 (24 hrs)
¢3=RuNNiNG - 213 MeGaS oNLiNe aT aN -=- 9 Mb System Mem -=- CuRReNTLy KiCK 1.3 =

¢2  .........oO  ¢3DEADLINE  ¢2Oo.........¢1
 .                                  .
.           ¢?XENDI¢</¢>DEADLINE¢1           .
.                                    .
.  Send me a long letter with disk   .
.  and you get an answer for sure!   .
.                                    .
.  ¢< --> Be legal, don't fake! <--¢1    .
.                                    .
.  You can also ask me for graphics  .
.  to your productions!              .
.                                    .
.          ¢?XENDI¢</¢>DEADLINE¢1            .
.           TOIVONTIE 60             .
.            90530 OULU              .
.             ¢9FINLAND!¢1               .
 .                                  .
¢2  .........oO  ¢3DEADLINE  ¢2Oo.........¢1

 =+    _  __    ____                =+
 +=   /_\/_//  / /                  +=
 =+  \_//  /_ / /    oF -¢2BaLaNcE¢1-   =+
 +=               /\                +=
 =+ ······>»_/\  /  \  /\_«<······· =+
 +=            \/    \/             +=
 =+    Is LoOkInG 4 nEw CoNtAcTs    =+
 +=    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    +=
 =+ 4 FrIeNdLy'n'eLiTe SwApPiNg.... =+
 += ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ +=
 =+      ···················        =+
 +=   -->  ¢3SpLiT¢1 / ¢2BaLaNcE¢1  <--     +=
 +=         GRAESAGER 203           +=
 =+         2980 KOKKEDAL           =+
 +=            DENMARK              +=
 =+      ···················        =+
 += CaLL mE  +45- 42-241969 (Niels) +=
 =+        SuPpOrT oUr PaCkS        =+
 +=       - NeCeSsArY DrUgS -       +=
                           ¢2<CaLL tHiS cOoL bOaRd> ¢1

  /\_______/\_____________/\ ___/\ _/\ _________/\/\____________/\___/\
 /        /   / /\          \     \   \         / \____    \|     \    \
/    ____/   /_/  \_______  /___  /_   \_______/   \  /    /|  _   \_   \
\____   \   / /    //   /_\/  /_\/ /   /   / /      \/    / |  /   /|\   \
 /   \   \  \/    //  ___/  ___/  /   /   /_/__      \   /  | /   / | \   \
/        /       //    //    /       /        / /\    \_/|  |    /  | /   /
\_____  /_____  //__  //__  / \_____/\  _____/____\    / |__|___/|__|/   /
-=====\/======\/====\/====\/==========\/===========\  /[SK/M12]======\__/=-
                                 BALANCE WHQ


                           Sysop - ¢4RaMiReZ¢5/¢6BaLaNcE
                     24 HoUrS - 14400 HST - 0-1 DaY wArEz
           52 Mb StUfF oNlInE, RuNnInG oN An AmIgA 500 wItH 3 mB rAm
            LoDsA nIcE cOnFeReNcEs, CoOl RaTiO aNd A fRiEnDlY sYsOp

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\NORWEGIAN TRAVELLOG   

Strange you might think, but this is a sick report from ¢2Split¢< and myself
(¢3Eddie¢<), 1 week vacation in the lovely country of ¢:Norway¢<.

Well, not that much to say, I arrived at 21.00, and was quite sleepy, so
nothing special happend, exept that Split showed me around....
The local pizza-hut (Good but expensive - and that goes for all the food 
prices here in Norway) and the local video-shop (We're going to whatch 
"Anal Magic" (Hi Wreko, you sick viking) and "Fuck the Animals", with a 
special guest star Wolfman, the only human sex animal on earth.....)
We forgot to mention that Split's dad lives a bit outside Oslo (Norstrand
for those who want to get more specific......)
BTW: Split has already been here for 2 weeks with his daaaadyyy!!
(So Eddie came and saved my ass frome total insainety.... 
(Hej ¢3MOTION¢<).-Split) Hmm.. we better get off to bed soon, and have 
a little pipe before anal-sleep-time.
PS: If you add both our ages you'll get 30 years (in prison??), so it's up 
¢<to you to guess which of us is 5 years old....
Well, goodnight norwegian (goodlooking) chicks and boys (anal rulez) where 
ever you are...... (Jack Kolliam nam is back!!)

Joop the time's 13.10, and we've just been taking a shower (together of
course!). We're going to ¢3Oslo¢< in about 1 hour. Yep were gonna have a look 
around - like going to the movies to get more inspiration for further abuse
of small innocent norwegian animals (Hej Birger!).
Anyway I slept like shit (yeah, thats no lie.-Split) this night, coz Split
is so heavy....
OK, we'll return after our (syre) trip......
Yeah, party on !!
We just came back from Oslo (and we're not impressed) - where it rained like
if Wolfman just drained "the lizard" over our heads (didn't have that rotten
stench though.-Split) Anyway all we did was visiting some shopping-malls 
where I (Eddie) found a little shop called "¢2Rock Shop¢<", which I liked a lot,
because the moment I entered they started playing my favorite album:
¢2Bolttrower¢:/¢3Warmaster¢< !!!    KEWL..........
We also went to the cinema and saw ¢?*WANES WORLD*¢<, an utterly sick but 
very entertaining movie (It was extremly good in my oppinion, but it can't 
¢<beat Wolfman running naked around equlizing to Enigma.-Split).
We've also rented a couple of horror movies (Santa as guest star this time).
Split wants to write some bytes, here you go Santa.
Well, ehhh......aaeehh I'm ... having a ..oeeh... great time ..... NOT....
Eddie's back... with a little homemade joke (OH NO.-Split)
¢1-¢< What do you call it when Wolfman/Balance takes out his Willy?????
¢1-¢< From beyond!! (HAHAHAHAH)
(Shit I better call a shrink HAHAHAH HE HE, Ups!.-Split)
Sorry guys here's a few lines of danish text (those who doesn't understand 
the language of THE European soccer champions 1992 - SKIP IT!!!)
William, du lugter (Hej Anders), du stinker (Hej Sandboef), du bruger ikke 
deo (hej Jakob), du har fedtet haar, (hej Laust), du tror du er noget 
(Hej Tobias) du tror du kan skrive interresante artikler (Hej Jesper) og du 
tror du er smart.... (Hej Per pophaar!)
Willy take the only solution, Suicide is the conclusion!!
(Fedt RAP... RAP ......RAPAND (?))
¢:Do we like Willy(s)................¢3NOT
¢:Do we like IC(fuuuut)3.............¢3NOT
¢:Do we like MA(HYYYLE!)DS...........¢3NOT
¢:Do we like Splat'n'Aeddi...........¢3NOT NOT¢< (I think (Hej Mia + Ollie) that 
we keder os en smule, how about that fedtmule!!?)
¢<(Og vi ka' stadivaek li' rapaender.-Split)

Hmm... we're back !!!
Well, we went to Oslo again, and to the cinema (again), this time we saw
"¢?Lethal Weapon III¢<", quite nice action movie (the best in the series 
of Lw's in our oppnion - not that it matters)
Anyway the daily quiz.... Do we like WILLY???  NOT!!!!
PS: Did you get our postcard ?? (I (Eddie) only used the word "!%$&#" $FFFFFF
times!!!!)   (NO SHIT?.Split) <-- Riming again!
We're off to the local (necessary) drug store to fetch some Coke (NO you
mother-fucker NOT pepsi..... (¢2sUx!¢<)), and something to smoke on (?). Anyway 
we might rent another movie or two (I guess this time it'll be Freddys Dead)
(Or even better "Cura.. Dead - Ups!".-Split) Kan it get mere pikant (M&R 
rulez)Puuh what a stench, my (Eddies) endetarm striked again... Endnu et 
EDDIE Rim: Gathul er top, Willy er et flop
We better get going..................................!

We went up north to a little town called (pssst Split, what's it called??)
- ¢3LYKKJA¢< (in hallingdal 4 freaks.-Split). (Greit.-Eddie)
¢<Well, we went fishing and Split cought a little fish (LITTLE???, it was 
fuckin' 30 feet, 50 kg etc...-Split), while Split's DAD and myself didn't 
get anything (exept Split's lizard......Nah)
Later Split and I fell in love with one of those "Red Cross" gambling 
mashines, which are all over the place in norway. It works this way:
You insert a coin in a slot, and then you have to shoot this coin into some 
holes (pikant!) with differet values on them. If you manage this you'll get 
the same amount of coins as the hole's value..... confused??
Anyway we got quite good at this (Yeah, after we spent 100 kr.-Split) so we 
ripped the whole thing for coins (well almost)....

The weather condition was very bad, so we drove back to Oslo (4 hours!) very
Split here.....
That was really too bad, coz we had planned to take a 3 hours trip on foot 
up to the highest peak (mountain) in the territory (¢?1728 m¢<). We had also 
planned a snowball fight there, but it rained and it cotinued to do that....
SHIT!! Anyway, that evening we called some of my (Eddies) contacts in 
Norway! (e.g ¢2Crocker of Paragon¢< and ¢3Moxy of Offence¢<!) (Hi Erik and Oejan)
Then we rented some more movies....
We got out of bed 1.30 after I had terrorized Split for about 2 hours 
(The Revenge is sweet, he he.-Split), quite funny......
Then Split's dad really wanted us to have some of his ¢:MONEY¢< (lovely word 
isn't it?), so life aint' so bad after all..... the only problem is that we 
have no idea what-so-ever to do with them........ Oh yes now we do, C ya coz
we're off to the Video-Bix (Hey, who said we were whatching 2 much Video....
MUM (knock knock!) are you in there.-Split).
Split here....
Well Eddie is quite facinated about the mountains here in norway (the 
highest "mountain" in Denmark is 200 m , but since I have lived in Norway a 
couple of years ago I'm used to them (NOTE: I (Split) am PURE DANISH, and 
I'm proud of it!!!))
OK, lets go whatch some horror....... ¢1WET DREAMS¢<

Oh ¢:NOOOOOOOOO¢< Today we have to go home..... SHIT! (I am looking 4ward to get
home coz I have been away for 3 weeks.....-Split)
We have calculated (Yes, We are able to do that!) that we saw an avarage of 
2 movies a day, quite nice....
But now 4 the conclusion, what have we seen here in norway exept mountains,
¢<Oslo and Movies?? - ¢3ABSOLUTELY NOTHING¢<, but it was realy ¢2GREAT!¢<, and 
we'll surely do it again next year. Norway isn't such a bad country after 
all.... Well, the trip with the plane home went Ok, exept for the lousy food
SAS serves......(And the numerous times we puked.-Split)

          Signed yours $:Maineditors¢<

                             ¢3Eddie ¢>& ¢2Split ¢>of ¢?BALANCE

¢<Ps: After this little sick travvellog, done partly in realtime, you might
that we're an unfreindly group, but don't take it serious - Infact I think 
it would be hard to find a group with a bigger friendship than ours!!!
¢1DO WE LIKE WOLFMAN.......... ¢:OK, THEN!¢< (Wanes World Rulezzzzz.....)
¢,F44,77A,BBF,FFF¢Messages from Flamerstrike/D.D.
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   call you..hehe)
   Let's do the fraggle...hahaha
   C ya friend

   I'm gonna' beat ya at pyra.!!
   Later pal
   Having fun with ya 2400 modem?
   I'll call ya soon!
   l8r dude

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   BUY A FUCKIN' HST...........
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