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 this demo was released at the party 2, 1992 from 27th december to 29th december, in aars in denmark.....                        

the credits for this

all coding by scope
all grafix by connor
music by      blue fox

all above persons from


this demo took about
2 months to create. 

demo informations:

sourcecodes:      269 k
module:           146 k
gfx in iff:       164 k
cylenders used:   31 cld
codelines:        16000

..and here is the
memberlist of balance..

blue fox     musician
connor       graphician
growl        swapper
motion       graphician
scope        coder
subject      musician
split        swapper
tricktrax    musician
wolfman      swapper
wreko        coder

scope send personal
greetings to:
(in no specific order)

  cool layout in your
  letters! how about
  this demo? don't you
  think it's a bit
  better than deepcore?

  how is it going down in
  africa? i'll send the
  copies as soon as

scope sends more
personal greetings to:
(still in no specific

  sad you coudn't come to
  the party 2, well see
  ya in my next letter!!

  got some beers lately??
  well denmark have a 
  very good beer storage!
  keep learn coding

scope sends more
personal greetings to:
(still in no specific

raw style/paradise:
  how is going with
  the balistos in

  how are you doing? i'll
  write soon.

uncle acid/defiance:
  thanx for the mailed

to contact
the coder of
this production.

write to:

scope of balance

jesper giørtz-behrens
gustav adolphsvej 11
dk-2800 lyngby

to contact
the graphician of
this production.

write to:

connor of balance

jakob steffensen
kildebakkegårdsalle 55
dk-2860 søborg

to contact
the musician of
this production.

write to:

bluefox of balance

thøger wessel
munkebakken 9
dk-3230 græsted

and at last after all
this crap. we arrive 
at the only good piece
of text in this demo

the connor greetings:

hosvi hvad er det for
noget har jeg glemt at

sorry for not writing.
i am just a little for-

hi tage.  we havn't
talked too much lately?

come visit willie, so
you can get more of  
the girls in his class

you will get a letter 
real soon (i hope) 

(nighthawk/majic 12)
im sorry i haven't 
returned your letter,but
timehas been sort lately

    this is the end of lost world by balance!!  we hope you have enjoyed the show!!               scope at keys. at keys?? am i sitting on the keys? noooo i am just typing.. this demo was really a wierd demo to make because it was kept sooo top secret. we didn't even tell it to the members of balance!! woouw, but why?? we don't no. but now it's no secret anymore, because you are watching it. here is some of my personal greetings, but don't forget that there're are also some in the textwriter scope's, my, greetz goes: to unique of trojans : naaah hvaa' kan du godt li' at faa dit navn naevnt i magasin???  to connor of balance : tegn nogen dobbelt v'ere, ja jeg maatte hellere skrive v isteddet for w, hoovv der var sgu et w... wooouwwww!! to my mom : thanx for always telling me to clean up my room!! to wreko of balance : oh, what do you think about my spacecut?..and story boards ya wanna contact me write to, no swappers pleese,  scope of balance * jesper giortz behrens * gustav adolphsvej 11 * 2800 lyngby * denmark|||||tak for informationen jesper. oh sorry. this the connor of balance also known as blomster connor.. who is now in charge of the scroller. and boy are we gonna have some fun, kids. hi mom, its me i'm inside the computer. no dn't turn of the power ....... so jokes over. not much fun, eh? or as wolfman alias willy the wombat would have said. it is not much really. i would like to pay a tribute to this fine young lad, whose work on the magbox has left all of us wondering. wether he is mortal or not. lord helmet go home. he is such a kind and tender person and he never complains about the mag gfx that i do. he speaks a perfect english and he scores an a in german language. so enuf of all that nice talk. let us greet some poor souls out there in the wide open. i'd like to thank the following people: scope of blc (for never distrusting my gfx), omar of ? (for  being such a splendid person), lpn (for lending me his mouse and giving me selfconfidence?), michael rookie deleurean of kefrens? (for being funny), lobo of stellar, for sending me some nice gfx and music, even though i forgot to send something to him), coke(for being my norwegiean inside contact, mum'n'dad (for giving birth to me), jean(for lots of strangeness), tricktrax of blc(for puking in my toilet), mister bjerg of parasite (for letting me do the eyes),kollaps of gfb (for liking star wars), blue fox (for making the music for this omed), trix of anarchy (for nothing at all)..... if i forgot anybody then you can complain at the following phone number: (dk) 112 or 31 67 04 87. or write at this address: connor of bvaderlance, jakob steffensen, kildebakkegaardsalle 55, 2860 soeborg, denmark. and i gues that about wraps it all up. oh yes one thing: mads er en nar!!!! op i roeven med dig dit svin. best wishes, connor ecnalab 23 dec 1992             hey... bonus text. did not want to dissapoint you. i hope that you all like the way this demo went.. and if you did not!! well the fuck you. i wrote my address earlier so you won't get it again, but a little reminder. if you want to get in touch with me for swapping gfx, or just other lower things, like demos, and that kind of swapper (oops mailtrader) crap. then don't hesitatre. write and be amazed? hexvraaaal!