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     % BALANCE %      
 .. THE PARTY III ..  
   ANYTHING IN 40K    
   WE NEVER SEE 40K   
     INTROS FROM      
    LONE STARR...     

     I % TUNNELS!     

        Just another lightsourced cube?      

Noooope! A lightsourced SNOWMAPPED cube...   
Realtime calculated in one frame ofcourse..  


 ******* *    * *****   ***** *   * *****
    *    *    * *       *     **  * *    *
    *    ****** ***     ***   * * * *    *
    *    *    * *       *     *  ** *    *
    *    *    * *****   ***** *   * *****


        a BALANCE production in 1993

  Code:                               Coca
  Music:                  Terminal Silence
  Graphics:            Chagall, Coca, Cola

 Now just some text written to fill up the
  extra empty bytes... Partyarrangers can
          turn this crap off now!

   - Press right mouse to speed up text -

   Merry christmas everybody! I hope you
 enjoyed this small production.. I spent a
 lot of time the last days before the party
 to get it finished. If you think all that
 fading between parts, planes flying in and
   out revealing other parts etc.. looks
   easy, think again! It is REALLY time-
 consuming to make, it isn't just a matter
  of slapping together four-five routines
   and hope that it looks nice! It needs
  planning and patience, not to talk about
 all the fucking bugs that seem to creep up

 Dum di dum di dum... What should I write?
 Well, perhaps I should tell you that it's
 christmas eve, and I'm sitting here coding
 on this damned thing to get it finished in
           time for the party...

  By the way, did you notice the 'State of
 the art'-animation with Beavis & Butthead?
 That was no more than 23 lines of code!!!
 So please THINK the next time you vote for
             State of the art!

 Anyway, here is my adress in case you want
               to contact me:

            - Coca of Balance -

          Thore Bjerklund Karlsen
              Grasmyrveien 15
                 4033 Forus

    Bla bla bla...  Let's send out some
  personal messages.. In NO order at all.

           Mindfighter / Psionic:

    How is it going at Kungliga Tekniska
 Hoegskolan? Electronics rulez!! I'll code
              that part soon!

             Razta / Oblivion:

  Stinger RULEZ!! Please make the finished
               version soon!

             Tyrant / Cadaver:

  No no no no no no ... You know what I'm
               talking about.

               Kais / Platin:

     Hey Martin!  Nope, I haven't coded
 Bezier curves yet..  But as you can see I
  coded some splines!  Took me 1 hour for
        the whole jelly-cube part...

               Zapotek / ???:

   Sorry!! I will write soon, I promise!!
   My mother sold our VCR, and some other
  things got in the way.. I'll send soon!

            Backfire / Alchemy:

 Hey man!! I'm really sorry I couldn't make
   it to the party too meet you, but you
 know.. My mother can be a pain in the ass
            some (most) times...

              Virus / Zenith:

  Same to you!! And ofcourse I'll help you
 learning MC!! Who knows, perhaps I will be
   very kind and send you the sources for
              this intro too?

               Vin / Cadaver:


             Coke / Stone Arts:

     Helllllloo! Write soon, you thief!

              Cyde / Balance:

 Hey Steinar! I hope you recover from your
  illness soon! You are a really great and
    friendly guy, and a talented coder!

           Speed Demon / Decnite:

  Speed?! Speeeeed?! It's been over a week
           since I wrote to you!

        Major Asshole / Spaceballs:

 I really hope you win the compo with State
     of the art 2... NOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!

             Sylver / Solaris:

  I got a HD-crash myself recently! I lost
   all the newest versions of this intro
 plus some other sources, so I had to code
          it all again! Arggggh!!

               Khul / Defekt:

  Hey pal! You're a really great guy, and
 you answer really fast! Hope you like this
    intro! I guess you can see that it's
  pretty different from the preview I sent

              Thomas Johansen:

 Ha ha ... Boeee... Barf... Spy... Puke...
  Happy birthday on the 20th of December!
  I'm 6 whole days older than you! Anyway,
  you are a quite fast coder, and I really
 think you should join a group one of these
 days.. Or are you too busy with ALLMEN?!?!
                Mobb mobb..

           Necro / Banana Dezign:

 You are a totally crazy guy! I like that!!
  But you can't compare with me... When I
   want to be crazy, that is! Isn't that
               right, Thomas?

                 3M / TCA:

   Hey, cut off that long hair of yours!
   Necro thinks so too, don't you Necro?

               Kim / Asylum:

               What happened?

           Fizban / Compact Inc.:

 What can I say, it's christmas eve and I'm
     writing messages to my contacts...
                  Sad, eh?

        The Occupier / Trance Inc.:

  Hey, did you get mad at me because of my
 delay? Write back and I'll teach you some
                  more MC!

             Capman / Majic 12:

   You haven't written in ages! Write!!!!

           Lorimar / Trance Inc.:

 I'm sooorry!! I'll write soon, I promise!!

             Cesium / Balance:

  Do you think you can boss me around like
  you want?! Do you?!!? Do you?!?!?! OK...

              Nastro / Agency:

 Stig Are! I know a guy called Are, and he
     has an Atari! Boy, that was saklig

  I'm sorry if I forgot anyone, but it IS
 christmas eve, and it is 2:39 in the night
  so I am very tired.. I'd better get some
 sleep before I open up ALL those big, hard
    presents waiting for me... (Who said
        dreaming wasn't allowed?)...

   I'll give you a full report tomorrow!
      Ehrm.. Make that: later TODAY...
     (I said it was christmas eve, and
  technically it IS, but THE christmas eve
 with dinners and presents and stuff is in
           a couple of hours...)

  Ahh.. Fuck.. I have to write something,
 because I have nothing to do... The coding
 is finished, so I just wanted to relax and
 write this scrolltext. I still have about
  5000 powerpacked bytes to fill... I must
   surely be the first one to complaining
         about 40k being too much!

 Even though I used a picture from Chagall
  which was med-res 16 colours, AND a logo
  from Cola which was lowres 32 colours, I
          still have more space!!

   By the way, the unpacked size of this
 intro is about 100,000 bytes... Long live

 The size of the source is 78764 bytes, and
 I ran out of HD-space LOTS of times during
  the making of this intro! I only have 37
   different versions of this intro on my
        harddisk... (This is true!)

  Crap.. I won't write more until after I
 have opened up my presents (judging by the
   size and shape of one of them, I think
 that I'm going to get a monitor! If it is
            for me, that is...)

 I'm baaa-aaack! I was right.. I did get a
   monitor! A brand new Philips 11342 (or
 something like that). About bloody time I
   got a monitor! Trying to make a decent
   design on a portable TV is impossible!

    Other than the monitor I didn't get
  much... Two books, a sweater, some disks
 and a diskbox. But I won't complain.. For
   the first time in my life I have been
      satisfied with everything I got!

  But seeing that my mothers boyfriend is
 the owner of Netto Norge and Amiga Shop, I
 think the least he could have done was to
              get me a 4000...

    Anyway, over to some info about this

 Burning logo: Nothing special... About 300
               shade-dots and extensive use
                  of the VHPOSR register...

 Jellycube:   Consists of 4 REALTIME calced
                splines controlled by three
              vector planes for the control
                    points of the splines..

 Twistpyramid: OK, OK... I DID rip the idea
                          from 'Extension'!

 Linetunnel:        Would have taken 180224
              bytes to precalc, so needless
               to say: it is NOT precalced!

 Beavis-anim:   I just had an old digitized
                anim of Beavis and Butthead
               lying on my HD, so I thought
                              'why not?'...

 Snow-cube:   REALTIME calculated and drawn
                   in only 1 frame! A world
                      record!! Oh yeahh....

  Ahh... Nothing more to write today.. I'd
  better quit CED and assemble the shitty

 By the way: the intro fully supports AGA,
 and you can ofcourse run it both from CLI
   AND from an icon on the WB... Nothing
   much, you might say, but try it on any
        other intro from the compo!

  And: this intro contains NO special AGA
  features, simply because I don't have an
        AGA machine myself (yet)...

   That's it from me! See you in another
   production... If you can't wait until
        then, just drop me a letter!


             Text restarts ...