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                                                                                   welcome  to this little cebit intro  !!! it was made in a quite  hurry and i had only 3 days to fix it  .... i hope you like it anyway !!!  you can stop the scroller by pressing the right button !!!  today is friday and the last preparations  are running for tommorow .... many guys from several countries will come to see the biggest computer fair in the world !!!  yo !!  you will see the credits above ... alsothe logos were made in a short time and i think they look quite nice !  kobold is too tired to type anything here !!! perhaps it is better so ,he he !    and now attention for a very important  meesage before the greetings come !        do not touch the commodore wall !!!!   he he he !!!!  okay here the greetings ...   the silents (rave and daryl)  paranoid (beathoven,gadget and dragon)  paradise (premium)  awake (art,protektor and jesus p)  pirates (spiritless)  arise (maverick)  trackers (adventurer)  exult (daddy-o)  d-tect (mr.x)  dual crew (tyrell)  micron  (mic and maverick)  lethal inferno (slaughter)  amaze (damion)  awesome (wonderboy)  taxon (butcher)  trygon (magician)  treacl (axel)  tri (scooter)  cult (zeus and mos)  visual bytes (saracen)  hypnotic (yogo)  equinox (maf)  armageddon (sos)      thats it !  okay see you in the prod. ...... ltd.        scroller restart               

              b  a  c  k  l  a  s  h         
                 p r e s e n t s             
                 a little intro              
                 for the cebit 92            
                   in hannover               
              11.03.92  -  18.03.92          
@            the credits for this intro       
                  are going to               
         coding ............. l.e + ltd.     
         logos .............. kobold         
         music .............. higa/triad     
         fonts .............. ??????????     
@           now upcoming is our little        
        ltd. ........... cracker,trainer     
                         swapper (some code) 
        kobold ......... cracker,supplier    
        skybird ........ composer,swapper    
        l.e ............ coder               
        rabiator ....... composer            
@            you see we are in need of        
                  more members               
            for joining and swapping         
                  contact us at              
         plk 094880 c                        
       3012 langenhagen   or  plk 157027 e   
           germany         6053 obertshausen 
@           now some special regards from     
            ltd. to some of his friends      
     micron          -----         cult      
     dual crew       -----         exult     
     awake           -----         treacl    
     trygon          -----         trackers  
     lethal inferno  -----         equinox   
               for the full list look        
                  in the scroller            
@        i hope you like this little intro    
       and i hope to see some cool friends   
                   at the cebit              
            and always remember ......       
         your poison for the fututre !