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we did it but we didn%t get caught...  booze bros.E present our contribution to the analchy fag compo in nykuking..  E credits for this superious gigademo: code by vixen, gfx by rap d   murk and vortex..   wonderful voices by vixen.   notice: all this production were created with the power of vodka...oh yeah...heeeeman....uuah...this is vixen speaking...special greetings to allyou guyz there who know how to party...let%s give some applauses to fellows in accession and bloodsuckers..great muzak, maso...keep goin%n guyz...E       ok...let%s give the gayboard to the rappy man rap d...    youppi douppi funky feeling inside me. one messy to floora hear of auroraE  nice bang, try butter for a while.. jeah vodka rules in my head natrylich finlandia the booze. nykoping is laaaamaa town, no party places. last night in this town, tomorrow to the boat and yeeesss finkku rules. someone else fucks now.. .... hi. this%s murk.. i just wanna say that it is very lame that analchy took our $peacemaker$..aaarghh.. anyway, sliming off..   this is vortex jumping on board..i just want to say some mesages to analchy: keep your anals open for a while.. aurora: i%ll never gonna call your fuckin%n bbs, coz your members are so lame...  frantic: nice gfx wedge... d mob: you are fucki%n cool... shurigen of horizon: i hate your power light... finish guyz: you%re just fuckin% lame.... ok, maybe a joke, maybe not... ok, vortex singing koff, finland yer vodu is best what you can get with money.. naah....let%s start all over again..