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   jcs of barrufet crackers present another fast import ---barbarian ---
we are a spanish group if you want contact with us please write to :
jesus castan sanchez  c.dos de mayo 20  atico 1  hospitalet de llobregat
barcelona spain or call to: 93.3330411 for new programs (amiga or c64)
and now the greeting: b.c.a,fred,defjam,tristar,mystix,air crackers,alien,
golden minds,superfrankie,oink,jr predator,jr,jlr,the transformer,b.k.s,
joseangel (reus),roger,and all crackers.....another fast imports are:
manhattan dealers,bionic commandos,buble ghost,rockford,etc.....   special greetings
to iceman because he is a new menber of barrufet crackers.

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The Bangles Thanx Haller CHR