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B A R N A      B Y T E      B U S T E R S      PRESENTS ANOTHER HOT-STUFF IMPORTED BY   BLACK NINJA z             BARNA BYTE BUSTERS MEMBERS ARE:        EPSILON   z  ( SWAPPER AND MUSICIAN )  ,  GEMINY DREAM z  (CODER.)  ,  BLACK NINJA z  ( SWAPPER AND GRAPHIC DESIGNER )  ,  WANTON PRICK z  ( CODER. )  ,  POWER BRAIN z  ( SWAPPER.)    AND    QUESTRON   z  ( CODER. )        IF YOU WANT A HOT CONTACT IN SPAIN WRITE US TO:           (NO NAME)   z     PO BOX 14112 z       08080 BARCELONA        SPAIN    z                             DONT BE A ASSHOLE SUCKER AND DONT REMOVE THIS INTRO !!!  NOW SHOW THE GREETING LIST !!!                                                                                                                      BYE BYE.

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