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   Hello again. Here you see a new intro of AXENON  Coding and music this time by Fire Mouse of course from.  AXENON.   Before I start the normal scrolly here the greetings.  Yes, i is right. The greetings at first, because it is the only interresting thing in every scrolling. So lets start.    7'UP      7TH HEAVEN      ACCESSION      ACID      AMIGA GANG      AMIGA INDUSTRIES/WOW      ANC EUROPE      AXION      BAMIGA SECTOR ONE      BLOOD SUCKERS      BYTERAPERS INC     CASCADE      COOL      COSMOS     CRAY Z      DEATHSTAR      DEFJAM AND RED SECTOR      DEXION      E AND K      ESCAPE      EXPERT SYSTEM      FASHION      FEMALE INVASION     FREE ACCESS      FREEDOM FORCE      GAME FORCE      GENISIS PROJEKT     GREMLINS      HAC      HELLCATS      HI TECH      IPEC ELITE      ITALIAN BAD BOYS      JEWELS      KEFRENS      KILLERRATS      LEVEL 4/ALPHA FLIGHT      MEGAFORCE     NEMISIS 2001     NEONSOFTCREW      NEW ACCES     NORTHSTAR AND FAIRLIGHT      PEGASUS     POWERSTATION      PROPHETS AG (TAR)      QUEST      RED SECTOR     RFW TEAM     ROLEX     SAD      SAVAGE      SANXION      SCIENCE 451      SIMON AND SIMON INC.      SOLFIGHTER      SOULKILLER CREW      SUBWAY AND THE DREAM TEAM     SWISS AMIGA DUO      THE ELECTRONIC BOYS      THE FLY      THE LAW BREAKERS      THE LIGHTFORCE (BUSTED!! WHADDA PITY)      THE NEW VISON      THE SCREAMING BEAST      THE SEX BOYS      THE SUNRIDERS      THE SUPERVISORS & DOUBLE DENSITY CREW      THE SUPPLY TEAM      THE TOP BOYS      THE WIZARDS INC.      TEAM X      TILT      TIP     TRIAD      TRIANGLE (CFF)      TRIOLOGY      UNHIP AND THE FLOPPIES      VISION FACTORY AND THE BEYONDERS      VISITORS      WIZZBRINGERS      WONDERBOYS      WORLD OF WONDERS      X AMPLE      X BEAT      X MEN         Puuuhhhhhh   geschaft. Now the real scrollmessage.        Jeeepppalllaaaa  e voulle vouuuu       Hupppallla e muschi buuuhhhhh    Youpiii Dupiiiii rupppiii klupppp muppiiiii lupiii  rupiiii dupppp            Happa Happa lappa sapp     rappa  mappa  tapppa klappp        Hui und pfui            Blubber di Blubber di Blubber di Blubb   .......................... (to be continued)   ................. (in the next demo) ................. (of course by A ....    A        mmmmhhh ??         oh yes !!    AXENON.          YEEEHHHPPP !!!!       End of transmision  ......                                                                 Still there ??!!     Read the scrolly in the other demo guy. Only LOOSERS are still reading ........