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                      hey guys , contact us and write to :      avenger   ,   po. box 12   ,  ch-1605 chexbres  ,     switzerland  ...                          members of avenger are:                     metalwar                     daniel                     hardrider                     pgcs                     dead sector                     dreamer                     studio 3

                      demo coding and graphics by     metalwar       great music by      music-steve        

thanks to 'studio 3' for his honorable deed , for driving us to the copy-party of .... in switzerland ..  hellos to byte rider , tigger and mr.robotics .. for the great night with beer,smoking,coke,bad calling-cards,acid music,acid stickers,females,big macs,no beds (hum!!),and so on ...   in all point a hot and long night ...      excuse a man who pretends to be a funny policeman and who has disturbed all the people in lausanne ....        heeey ! don't buy more amiga 500 because they are very shity machines .. we have broken two amiga 500 in one night ...  but , peeeuuuhh !! we don't need more these crazy machines ....  hurraa for all amiga 1000 !!!        we organize soon a great copy party for zx81 (of sinclair) ...  with much originals to crack  like  'pac-man version 0.123456789' ... and perhaps (not sure) a zx-spectrum will be present .. (but really not sure , because it's very expensive !!!) ...         that's all folks , but we continue , aaaahhh !! yeaaah !! check this sound ...                don't worry ,                be an avenger fan ...  oh! yes , if you want restart the machine , press at the same time , on the a-left,a-right and ctrl keys ...   and you will be happy .....           no more crazy text ....            cciiaaoo  !!           

special fastlights greetings shoots to :                        double density crew                 beastie boys                 cpu-mgf-joy                 cosmos                 digi-tech and ibb                 deathstar                 digilogic                 northstar and silents                 vision factory and the beyonders                 spreadpoint-ccs-defjam                 tsk-crew                 trilogy                 amicom                 depeche                 zodiac                             fastlights greetings to :                             thorax                 aces                 the supply team                 the crusaders                 phalanx                 triangle                 phenomena                 rawhead                 the clan                 freedom force                 jungle command                 threat                 cascade                 warfalcons                 phoenix                 axenon                 exception                 ask                 atomic                 amega                 avalanche                 agents                 alpha flight                 sargon                 powerboys                 boonfire                 byterapers                 crionics                 zigag and destiny                 epsilon                 fbw                 hac                 network                 no name team                 razor 1911                 delta line             and all other we know ...  sorry , but we don't have enought time ...  party is coming !!