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                                                                                                                                                                        AVALON IS HERE AGAIN WITH A NEW                                               - - - - - - I N T R O - - - - - - -                                              RELEASED IN THE END OF JULY 1992!                                                                                      RIGHT MOUSEBUTTON TO FREEZE THE TEXT                                                                                              ** CREDITS **                                                        CODING BY:                                   MR.COOLLY - INTRO                                 - BOBS                        SNORE     - ENDPART                GFX BY:                                      TYPHOON   - LOGO                                  - BOBS                        CUBE      - FONTS                  MUSIC BY:                                    HIGHLANDER                                                                                                                                                     AVALON REGARDS THE FOLLOWING:                                                ANDROMEDA,ATOMIC,AMEGA,ARC EMPIRE       AWE,BYTE BUSTERS,CAPITAL,CATASTROPHY    CRIME DEVILS,CRB,CRYPT,CYBORGS          DELTA FORCE,DEVILS,EOC 1999,EON         ENCORE,EXILE,FAIRLIGHT,FRAXION          HYSTERIC,IRIS,HOAXERS,MAJIC 12          OFFENCE,PHANTASM,PMC,PARAGON,RAZOR      SEQUENCE,S!P/SCOOPEX,SUPERNOVA          SYMBIOSIS,TALENT,TMG,TRSI,TSB           VISUAL BYTES....                                                                                                        SWAPPERS SHOULD CONTACT SCENTEX FOR     TRADING HOT AND LEGAL STUFF AT....                                                        SCENTEX/AVALON                          SEV.BROENS GT10                         7500 STJORDAL                           NORWAY                                                                DISK, NAME, COOL LETTER AND YOUR        GROUP IS MY ANSWER!                                                                     !!  ONLY ELITE  !!                                                                                                                                      IF YOU WANNA JOIN US, THEN WRITE TO     THE ADDRESS BELOW...    CODERS CAN      WRITE OR CALL FOR MAILTRADING ETC!                                                        SNORE/AVALON                            OLE VIGS V.16                          N-7600 LEVANGER                       +47-76-80594 (ELJAR)                                                                                                                                                                             THE DELAY OF THIS INTRO WAS CAUSED      BY A SHORTAGE OF MEMORY AND A VERY      CHILDISH ACT BY SCENTEX/AVALON!         AFTER HOURS OF CODING, SCENTEX FOUND    THAT HE WAS REALLY BORED, AND           STARTED TO PLAY WITH A FUCKING FLY!     AFTER SMASHING THE FLY INTO THE WALL    4-5 TIMES, HE FOUND THAT HE WANTED      TO CUT ITS HEAD OFF...                  HE TOOK A DISK, (MY SOURCEDISK,         FUCK!) REMOVED THE COVER, AND PRESSED   THE FLY INTO THE DISK! AFTER THIS, I    SPENT HOURS RUNNING AFTER HIM TO        KICK HIS ASS!  STUNNING, HEH??          SOME MESSYS ARE COMING UP FROM          SCENTEX...                                                                      EL LOCO/PARAGON:                        YO MAN!! SO YOU ARE GOING TO USA...                                             MYSTRA/EX.PARAGON                       NICE MUSIC YOU COMPETED WITH AT THE     SYMBIOSIS PARTY...KEEP ON!                                                      DR.DOOM/AMEGA INDUSTRIES:               NICE TO MEET YOU AT THE SYMBIOSIS       PARTY.                                                                          SHADE/DEVILS:                           COOL TOOL PACK YOU RELEASED AT THE      SYS PARTY...NICE TO MEET YOU!!                                                  KYLE/TSB                                HOW WAS THE TRIP TO FRANCE?                                                     JOKER/PHANTASM                          YOU MUST BE THE SLOWEST CONTACT I       HAVE...SEND SOON.                                                               THATS ALL FROM SCENTEX...                                                                                               STAY TUNED FOR SOME PERSONAL GREETS     FROM SNORE/AVALON.......:                                                       ZATAN: SORRY YOU COULDNT MAKE IT TO     THE PARTY, MAN! START CODING OR DIE!                                            FREAKY ANGEL/DLN: NICE BOARD YOU        HAVE! SORRY I HAVENT CALLED FOR A       LONG TIME... PLEASE DONT REMOVE ME      AS A USER! (SAME TO YOU BUZZ)                                                   HEADACHE/SUPERNOVA: LETS MEET AGAIN,    SHALL WE?? JOIN AVALON...!?                                                     FULCRUM/AMEGA INDUSTRIES: THANX FOR     LENDING ME YOUR 1MEG/CHIP-A500+ AT      THE SYMBIOSIS PARTY!  REALLY NICE       TALKING TO YOU! YOU SEEM TO BE A        NICE CHAP!                                                                      JEFF - S!P/SCOOPEX: LOOKING FORWARD     SWAPPING SOURCES AND OTHER STUFF        WITH YOU! SAY HI TO OLE FOR ME...       CANT REMEMBER HIS HANDLE! HOPE YOU      LIKE THE INTRO!                                                                 JPO: HOW WAS SPAIN? HOPE YOU HAVE       BOUGHT ME SOMETHING REALLY NICE!         THIS IS RASTLIN OF AVALON TYPING..                                              MY PERSONAL GREETINGS MUST GO TO        EVERYBODY AT THE SYMBIOSIS PARTY        IN MANDAL, SPECIALLY TO SYMBIOSIS.      YOUR PARTY WAS VERY GOOD ORGANIZED      BUT UNFORTUNATELY THERE WASN'T TO       MANY PEOPLE THAT SHOWED UP.                                                     ALWAYS REMEMBER:                        WHEN IT'S UP TO GRAVITYFORCE            T H E   A N N E X   R U L E S           HAVE A NICE SUMMER EVERYBODY                                                                                                    MY ADDRESS:                             RASTLIN / AVALON                        CHRISTIAN FLORENES                      VILLAVEIEN 16                           4816 KOLBJORNSVIK                       TLF. 041-10905                                                                                                                                                                                               BYE!                                                                                                      HELLO.. THIS IS MR.COOLLY OF AVALON.                                            I JUST WANNA SAY HELLO TO ICE OF        ATOMIC!! NICE TO SWAP WITH YOU...       IN THE END OF JULY, I'LL BE OFF TO      THE USA FOR A YEAR. I AM GOING TO       STAY AS AN EXCHANGE STUDENT, AND        I'LL HAVE ACCESS TO A COMPUTER...       BUT WHAT KIND OF COMPUTER?? I HOPE      IT IS AN AMIGA, AND NOT A PC!!          WELL, SEE YOU LATER...                                                                                                                                                                                   SORRY DUDES AND LADIES...THE SHOW             HAS COME TO AN END!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       * * * * TEXT RESTARTS * * * *