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                  -- The SuperRadium Tapes --

       (NAME)                   (DESCRIPTION)

 '1'-  Aardraving               (Original Magic Mix)
 '2'-  Magnetron Fabels         (Herry Mix)
 '3'-  Only Chipping 	        (Tricky Tracky 4 Fun!)
 '4'-  Floating On A Cloud	(Made For The Applause Intro)
 '5'-  Syntroduction 1	        (Cyanide Packed Jawohl)
 '6'-  Memento Mori		(Carpe Diem Trilogo 3th)
 '7'-  Chinese Juggler 		(Radium & Sascha )
 '8'-  Concordia		(Between The Nipples Mix)
 '9'-  XTC 414           	(Zulu Mix)
 'A'-  Sound Of Utopia   	(Carpe Diem Trilogie 2nd)
 'B'-  Jungle Panic      	(Made For S&M's Gifpack...)
 'C'-  Applause!                (Nana Mix)
 'D'-  CCCP	                (Poepsex Is Lekker En Gratis Bovendien Mix)
 'E'-  Move The Madness	        (Radium & Magic) 
 'G'-  Dikke Gabber             (Adios MotherF**ker)
 'H'-  Absolutely Nuts!         (Relaxed Dance Music Mix)
 'I'-  Is This Heavy            (Lekker Uit je Dakkie Mix)
 'J'-  The Fridge Part 2        (Made For S&M's Gifpack)