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well here they come up    the credits         main coding by pentangle   design coding improved by doc.t and daryl and a little bit by mr.soundwave       muzak by mindstorm and drum beat and gfx by daryl           now some contact addresses     call the friendship bbs in belgium     plus   three   two     eight   seven   eight   six   six   eight   zero   eight   or write to    plk  one   eight   five   nine   nine   six  e in three zero zero zero hannover in frg    now if ya wanna swap with apex chose one ofthis addresses   plk one eight six zero seven two e  in three hannover in frg   or   plk zero nine four seven nine zero in three hannover   or   plk zero two two nine five four d in three two five zero hameln   or   plk zero one eight four five two d  in two four luebeck  for mr. turnips address look in all well known disk mags       und tschuess   ÿ the art to search and to find things that all people in the world like is the best way to find and to save friendship   ÿ now some apex advertisements    apex der kotzreflex    apex das beste am norden   apex  we lame haters    apex  oft kopiert nie erreicht    the boys in apex are always fucking hot   apex  geiler than the geilest apex  fuer das beste im mann      apex be cool and be fast than you are one of the stars   apex  find ich gut    erstmal sehnwas apex hat   apex generations ahead    apex  germanys most wanted    apex you can erase our name but you cant erase our fame   apex did it again     and last but not least apex   zement  only comment   apex   und tschuess    ÿ d e n m a r k     i s    s h i t                ÿ u  n  d      g  e  f  u  r  z  t                ÿ fuck offÿ cocaine is geiler than the geilestÿ